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In order to properly tell this story, I have to take you back in time. We must travel back to a dark age when 28.8 k dialup was state-of-the-art and unlimited long distance calling was not even dreamed of. It started in a chat room where advanced graphics were smiley symbols and ASCII graphics. As a divorced thirty-something, I wandered into this world looking for a way to pass sometime after work. I had no idea what this simple diversion would lead to.

I met her and her sister along an extensive cast of characters in a Christian chat. Conversations ranged from the smallest of small talk to deep discussions regarding God, The Bible and denominational differences. At the time, I had given up on sexual relationships and the possibility of marriage. Gender was not an issue; all that mattered was interesting chat.

When we first met, conversations were mostly about denominational differences and the interpretation of Bible passages. There was nothing special about our chats, or the topics we discussed though she always seemed to be able to bring me around to her way of thinking. One night our relationship dramatically changed direction.

On this night I logged in, saw she and a few other friends were in the room, so I said individual hellos to each of them. The others responded but she did not. I didn't think much of this and figured she was in a private chat. I engaged in some general conversation in the room, and after a few minutes I noticed that she was typing in the main chat, so I said hello again. She still did not reply. A little bit latter I logged off for the night.

When I logged onto my account the next night I noticed she had sent me an e-mail. It wasn't long she just said hi and apologized for not having said hello the night before. I sent and equally brief reply telling her she had nothing to apology for. When I entered the room that night she said hello before I even had a chance to see who was in the room.

After a few minutes she invited me to a private chat, I agreed. For the first time we shared personal information. I found out that she was two years younger than I was and lived about eight hundred miles away. We chatted about our parents and brothers and sisters, and she asked me about my ex-wife. From that point forward we would private chat almost every night.

This went on for several months while we talked about our jobs, hobbies and pastimes. For some reason I was very open to her and told her things that not many others knew. One night she asked if I would like to talk to her on the phone. I was happy to say yes and soon I had her number and found myself dialing the phone.

Her voice was sweet and soothing. She told me how nice it was to hear my voice, and I said the same. She thanked me and told me that she had been told that her voice was relaxing and pleasant. I told her it was. She talked about how it was nice to relax at the end of the day, and I agreed. She said it was nice to unwind and get comfortable at the end of a long hard day, and how important a good night's sleep was. I don't remember much else about our conversation, but I must have been pretty tired because I woke up the next morning on my couch with the phone lying on the ground. Not even the disconnected beeping had woken me up, but I was refreshed and felt great.

When I logged onto my computer that evening, I had and e-mail from her. She told me I must have been very tired because I fell asleep on the phone. She suggested that I not login to the chat room, but call her at 8:00 PM her time so we could pick up where we left off when I feel a sleep. I immediately logged off of my computer and anxiously watched the clock waiting for 9:00 PM since she lived in a different timezone.

As soon as my clock struck nine, I dialed her number, and found myself relieved and relaxed as soon as I heard her hello. I apologized for having fallen asleep while we were talking. She stopped me mid-sentence and when she told me I was a very good boy for having called her on time. I was thrilled to have pleased her and it was not long before I was in the same wonderful relaxed state I had been in the night before. I was about to nod off again when she suggested that I go to bed and call her after I was in bed the next night.

She said she understood it made me tired to work soooo hard, and that she was glad that talking to her helped me relax. She suggested that in the future that I should call her from my bed; after all, it was much more comfortable to fall asleep in my bed than on the couch. She loved the thought that her voice would be the last thing I heard before I fell asleep. I don't remember much more of our conversation, but at least I woke up in my bed the next morning.

Though I tried my best to stay busy at work the next day, time seemed to crawl. Finally the day was over and I found myself undressed and in bed by 8:00 PM. I couldn't wait and called her. I was surprised that her answering machine picked up and told me that good boys were patient and would call at the proper time. I hung up and watched the minutes slowly tick by on my alarm clock. After what seemed more like a year than an hour, it read 9:00 PM. I dialed, and was pleased when she answered after the second ring. She explained that since I had called an hour a head of schedule that I had to be punished and that I would have to wait until 9:00 PM the next night to talk to her, but that she was sure I understood since she knew I wanted to be her good boy then she hung up.

I was devastated. She helped me relax. I needed to talk to her. I needed to hear her voice. I needed to please her, and I most definitely needed to be her good boy. I found I couldn't sleep, and by the end of the night I promised myself that I would always do what she said, so I could be her good boy. I called in sick the next morning, and spent the day moping around the house. I didn't dress, shower, eat or even drink a cup of coffee. I just watched every clock in the house as seconds turned into hours and hours into days.

Finally it was 9:00 PM and I was in bed dialing her number. As soon as she picked up, she said good boy you called at the right time. I was immediately relaxed and happy. She asked how my day had been, and I explained that I had called in sick and had been miserable because I had disappointed her. She told me that she was very sorry to hear that, but as long as I did what she said it wouldn't happen again. I promised that I would remember to do what she said from now on. I don't know how long we talked after that. Being awake for more than twenty-four hours left me beyond exhausted, so I was not surprised to find that I had fallen asleep while on the phone. I felt very refreshed and was determined to make up for my missed day at work. I imagined that everything I did that day was done in her service and before I knew it the day was over and it was 9:00 PM.

Now I was in bed by 9:00 pm every night talking to her. She said that it might be easier for me if I worked late so that I did not have to wait so long at home to call her. Like all of her ideas this was a good one, and I began working late every night. I even began working some Saturdays. I looked forward to our phone call all day and woke up refreshed every morning. I soon realized that I had fallen deeply and completely in love with my phone goddess. Soon I could not remember not ending my day on the phone with her.

One night we got into a discussion about knights and queens. She explained that good knights always obeyed their queens. She said that knights were good little boys that always did whatever their queen told them to do. I had never thought about it that way, but before long I completely agreed with everything she had to say on the subject. She asked if I wanted to be her knight. Of course I said yes. She told me to kneel by the bed and repeat her knight's oath for her:

I here swear fealty and do homage to my queen;

I will forever be her good and true knight,

I will shield her from all adversaries,

I will be her steadfast devotee,

I will provide for her comfort and sustenance,

I swear this with my whole body, mind, and heart.

She told me to get off of my knees and to get into bed. She explained that now that I was her knight that she would have to send me a token and that we should exchange pictures. She told me to send a picture history of myself and to be sure to include a baby picture. She said that I had to remember not to open her packages until we were on the phone.

The next morning I was going through my baby book and photo albums putting a picture history together for her. Once at work I put them in a FedEx package and shipped them out. She received my photos the next day. She told me I had been a cute baby and little boy. She could still see the little boy in my current pictures. She explained that because of the token that she could not send an overnight letter. She assured me that my patience would be rewarded. I was thrilled to find a box on my doorstep Friday when I got home from work, but I was a good boy and the box was unopened when I called her from my bed.

She told me to carefully open the box and take out the envelope on top. She told me to be carful when I took the pictures out and to only look at each when she told me. Of course I was carful and soon had a stack of pictures in my hand. There was a blank index card on top, and she told me to move it to the bottom of the stack. The first picture was her as a little girl. She was very cute. The next was of her as a young teenager. She asked if there was anything I noticed about the picture. I had to admit that I noticed that she was rather well endowed for a young girl.

She explained that she had been an early bloomer; but that she was sure I had no problem with that. The next picture was her around twenty years old wearing a bikini on the beach. I thought she may have blossomed early but she had not stopped growing. Her breasts were huge. I don't know how long I stared at them before her voice brought me back into focus. She warned me that the next picture was a bit risqué, and that she hoped I wouldn't think she was too forward for sending it. I promised I would never think that.

The next picture was amazing she was turned in profile and was holding her left breast towards the camera. It was dazzlingly white with a beautiful brown areola and erect nipple in the center of the photo. She asked if I thought that it was too much. I was so entranced that I could barely reply that I thought it was perfect. She said I was a very good boy. I don't remember the rest of our conversation, but I must have hung up the phone at some point because it was the ringing of the phone that woke me the next morning.

She had never called me before, but I was thrilled to hear her voice. She told me that I should get up and relief myself and then call her back. When I got to the bathroom, I was very surprised that I had not noticed that I was wearing a pair of electric blue lace panties. I don't know why I did not take them off, but I was soon back in bed dialing her number.

She asked if I was pleased with her token, and asked if I was still wearing them. I said I was, but before I could ask why I was wearing her panties she said I was a good boy. She explained that as her knight that I should wear her token everyday. She told me to look inside the box she had sent me and to take out the long package and open it. Inside was a container of lingerie soap. She explained that I would wear her token everyday, and that when I got home I would take them off, wash them and hang them up to dry, so that I could wear them the next day. She said that this way she would be on my mind all day long. I didn't mention that she was already on my mind all day long.

She told me I should take off her token so it would not get soiled and then I should go back to bed. I remember her telling me to look closely at her last picture, and the next thing I knew the phone was ringing again. She asked if her little boy had made a mess in his bed. I noticed that my sheets were covered in dried cum. She told me that she was going to help me to be a good boy and clean up after myself. When I woke up later that afternoon there was a strange aftertaste in my mouth and dry cum in the corners of my lips. I got up washed up and put my sheets in the washing machine.

I guessed I must have had a wet dream, but how had my cum ended up in my mouth? The whole day was a blur, but I was sure she would clear things up when I talked to her that night. I fixed myself something to eat, moved my sheets to the dryer, and checked my e-mail. I deleted everything that was not related to work. I read my work e-mails and composed a few responses, but there was nothing that could not wait until Monday. While I was putting my sheets back on the bed, I noticed there was one more package in the box she sent me. I knew I would have to wait until I called her to open it, but I wondered what it could be. I found her panties on my nightstand with the special soap and took them to the bathroom to wash them.

When it was 9:00 PM, I called her hoping she could explain what was happening to me. She started by telling me there was one more gift for me to open. I told her I had noticed it while I was cleaning up, but that I had not opened it. She said she was sure that I had not because I was such a good boy. I forgot all of my questions, and wondered why I had had any questions at all. She told me to open the last gift. It was a portrait of her in nice silky blue top that showed just a bit of her wonderful cleavage and a crown pendant suspended just above it. She told me that it was for my desk at work so that everyone could see my queen, and know I was her knight.

She reminded me of the oath I had taken, and asked if I wanted to be released from my vow. I told her I never wanted to be released. She told me I was a very good boy and now that I would be wearing her token I would refer to her as My Queen, Your Majesty, Mistress or simply answer yes or no Ma'm. I answered "Yes Ma'm."

Again she called me her good boy, and she explained that by touching myself at her command then licking my cum off of my hand that I would both please her and become more devoted and subservient: She was sure I wanted these things too. She explained that my penis was my sword that should be used only in her service and that when she allowed me to cum that I would repeat my oath and always clean up my mess. Once again I answered "Yes Ma'm."

She told me to get out her last picture and stare at her breast. She told me that when I saw her breasts clothed or naked that I would remember that I was her good little vassal boy and that I must obey her every command. She then told me to draw my sword and sharpen it while I listened and stared at her picture. I don't remember what else she said, but I remember repeating her oath, doing my best to catch all of my cum and licking every drop off my hand. She told me I was a very good boy and that I should hang up the phone and go to sleep.

She woke me the next morning, told me to get up shower and get dressed remembering to wear her token. Then I should check my e-mail follow the instructions she had sent me, and that she would talk to me when I called her that night. I said nothing but "Yes Your Majesty."

In her e-mail she explained that her knight needed to wear her colors which were bright royal blue and black. She especially loved loose fitting lightweight silky tops. I had to pack up and donate any of my cloths that did not contain these colors. I then needed to get myself a proper wardrobe. I had quite a bit of black in my wardrobe including my best suit, but I had very little royal blue. I packed up most of my suits, slacks, shirts, all of my non-black socks and shoes and all of my underclothes. I dropped these at the goodwill except for the socks and underclothes that I threw away, and then I went shopping.

I found shopping at her command very stimulating. My only regret was that I could not model them for her. After I had visited seven different stores, I felt my wardrobe was at least a good start. When I got home, I found that she had left me a voice mail. She hoped I had fun shopping because I was not done yet. She had forgotten to tell me to get a new bedspread, satin sheets and towels, but she was sure that I would forgive her. I put down my packages, packed up my old bed cloths and towels and set out once again.

I easily found a bright blue down comforter, and blue and black satin sheets. Black towels were easy to find but finding the proper shade of blue was a bit harder. I never realized how tiring shopping was, and I was glad to get home. I fixed something to eat, hung up my new cloths, made my bed and washed my special panties. I crawled into bed at 8:30 PM. I was already relaxed and comfortable when I called her at 9:00 PM.

She asked I had enjoyed shopping at her command. "Yes M'am" was my only response. She told me that as a good boy I would enjoy shopping for her even more. We talked about how happy it made me to obey her commands, but the rest of the conversation was hazy until it was time for me to repeat her oath. She reminded me that every time I repeated her oath that I would become more devoted to her. Then she said good night and told me to dream of her.

The next day at work my supervisor called me into his office. He mentioned that he had noticed my extra effort over the past few months. He then explained that he was being promoted to a regional supervisor's position and then he offered me his old job. I was thrilled, and knew that this news would please my queen. As soon as I left his office, I sent her and e-mail with the good news. She replied later that afternoon and explained that this was great news especially since she had another shopping assignment for me. She explained that her knight should have a proper steed, and that she thought that a bright blue Mustang GT convertible with a black top and interior would be the perfect choice.

I did not stay late at work that night. The local Ford dealer did not have the car I wanted in stock, but told me he could have one shipped in by the end of the week. We negotiated a trade-in on my old car as a down payment I had no problem getting financing and we arranged for me to pick up my new car Friday after work.

She was very pleased with me when I called that night. She said that I was such a good boy that I should be rewarded. Since it was going to be a holiday weekend she suggested that I pack a suitcase and drive my new car to her apartment as soon as I picked it up. If I drove though the night I could be with her early Saturday Morning. She said she would send me very special panties for the drive. I was ecstatic I would finally get to be in her presence.

It helped that I was busy at work staying late and adjusting to my new position. I don't remember much of our nightly conversations, but when my new panties arrived Thursday I couldn't wait to put them on in the morning. I was packed and ready to go when I talked to her that night. By the time I repeated her vow that night I belonged totally to her, and I knew that I would spend the rest of my life in her service.

I called to dealer to check on my steed and to tell him I would pay extra if necessary to be sure that the gas tank was full when I picked it up that afternoon. We had already signed all of the appropriate paperwork including my vanity plates HRKNGHT. I arrived on the lot at 5:15 and I was on the road by 5:20. The drive went by in a blur, and by 7:00 AM I was being buzzed into her apartment building.

I knocked on her door and her sweet voice bid me to enter. She was seated in a high backed black leather winged chair. She was wearing a royal blue corset that accentuated her cleavage. Sheer black silk stockings were attached to the garters of the corset and visible above the top of her thigh high black leather boots. Her royal garb was completed with long satin glove and a diamond tiara. I was too weak to stand in her presence, and I fell to my knees before her.

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