tagBDSMIn John's Playroom

In John's Playroom


"Hello? John? Are you here? Hello?" Elizabeth found it odd that the bedroom door was left unlocked. The instructions in John's email were specific. 'Use your key to let yourself in. You will blindfold yourself and strip naked, in that order. Leave your heels on. Once you are naked, you are to be on all fours, your forehead on the floor. Your cunt should be facing the door so that it is the first thing I see when I enter.'

Without giving it another thought, Elizabeth dropped her overnight bag on John's bed and sat down beside it. She opened the bag and pulled out her black silk scarf. She drew the folded scarf around her eyes and fastened it tightly behind her head. Robbed of her sight, her other senses heightened immediately. Her breathing deepened as she began to unbutton her blouse and contemplate the lustful evening that was about to unfold. The arousal had started to build. What did John have in store for her tonight? She draped her blouse neatly on the bed beside her. Reaching around her back, she unzipped her skirt, stood up and let it fall to the floor. She cleverly scooped up the skirt with her foot, folded it and placed it with the blouse. Elizabeth was never to wear panties or a bra unless told to do so.

Now completely naked, except for her blind fold and heels, she got down on hands and knees and crawled across the floor to position herself in the centre of the door; her slightly moistened cunt was front and centre. She made one final adjustment to her blindfold, ensured her legs were spread wide enough apart to John's liking, and then laid her head down on the floor and waited. In this ultimate submissive position, her most private and intimate parts were totally exposed to anyone coming through the bedroom door. That thought, together with her mind's eye of what was about to transpire this evening was incredibly stimulating. John gave no indication of what time he would be arriving, just that she should be ready by 7:00 p.m.. And of course, she was exactly where he wanted her to be.

Unsure of how much time had passed, she guessed it was maybe ten minutes, she heard a car pull up in the driveway. She heard his footsteps getting closer as he left the car and made his way up the stairs to his bedroom. He's here. A blast of excitement shot straight to her belly. The butterfly sensations in her stomach intensified. The anticipation was bordering on unbearable. She sensed every tiny hair on her body coming to life through gooseflesh. Elizabeth heard the creaking of the bedroom door as the sound of footsteps entered the room.

The bedroom door opened. There wasn't any greeting. Elizabeth would not dare remove the blindfold or speak without being spoken to. She remained exactly as she was. She heard John throw his suit jacket over the wingback chair, and other rustling, and still no greeting. His scent had put her at ease. It was John. Without being able to see, she knew that it was him.

She heard him move toward what was once his walk- in closet. He spent the last two years transforming the large space into a mini dungeon. Once inside, she heard the roller mechanism of the drawers opening and closing and then nothing, except the decent of his zipper and his clothes hitting the floor.

The lubricant was cold when it hit her tight ass opening. The hands that massaged the oil on her delicate hole were very warm, very strong. Not a word was said as he guided the head of his hard cock into her ass. The pressure there had her pussy creaming. Inch by inch he pushed inside. He wanted her to feel all of him gradually enter her rear.

"Oh, you're so fucking tight, Baby." His words, the things he said to her, so illicit, so explicit: she loved how it aroused her.

" I love taking you in the ass," he said as he picked up his rhythm. He thought about coming home to this all day.

"Ugh: ugh: ugh: ugh," he moaned aloud with each thrust into her.

He watched his cock disappear inside of her. The grip on her hips tightened, his cock shoved into her ass harder and faster, she knew he was going to come.

"Ah, yeah: oh yeah, Baby, I'm gonna blow in your ass," he grunted through deep breaths.

"Ugh! Oh! Oh fuck yeah! ," he shouted as he came into Elizabeth's ass.

John enjoyed being vocal. He said that it enhanced his orgasm similar to a martial artist using their vocals to strengthen their blows. He especially loved when Elizabeth tried to remain quiet. It made him feel like the Master and that Elizabeth was his slave.

Milking all of his sperm out of his deflating cock, he slowly pulled himself out. With his hands on her ass and thumbs spreading her cheeks, keeping her hole open, he watched as his cream dripped out of her and slowly ran down her cunt. He smeared and rubbed it all over her pussy.

"Oh, that's so hot, Elizabeth. Look at you. You look so fucking beautiful like this."

Elizabeth could hardly contain herself. He made her so fucking horny, as if she were an animal in heat; as if no amount of fucking would satisfy her sexual hunger. She loved the way he made her feel; beautiful, sexual and uninhibited.

"Shower," he commanded as he leaned over and removed the blindfold, placing a kiss atop her head.

She knew better than to make him wait and immediately proceeded to the en suite bathroom and started the water. John came up behind her and spun her around. Looking her up and down, he drank in the sight of her naked body. He kissed her softly on her lips.

"I love the way you look after I just fucked you. I like your hair long and curled the way you have it so don't get it wet. Join me when you're finished pinning it up," he said to her as he disappeared behind the shower curtain.

After their shower, John threw on a pair of navy pajama bottoms. Elizabeth toweled herself dry, and stole a glance at her lover. At forty-two, his abs weren't what they used to be but, still defined nonetheless. His pectorals bulged off his chest in perfect formation, and made an excellent back drop for his very sexy, pierced nipples. His tats were tastefully done decorating his twenty inch biceps and shoulders. His stature alone exuded dominance and power.

Professionally, John owned his own manufacturing company and arrived at work in a suit every day. Naked, he looked like a UFC contender; well built and intimidating. He wore his hair short, yet stylish and would occasionally have highlights done at the salon. He sported a neatly groomed goatee on a gorgeous, blue-eyed face. To look at him, especially naked, would make any pussy drool.

Elizabeth was tall at five feet, eight inches. Although she had never seen the inside of a gym, she was physically fit largely due to the grueling labour of her landscaping business. Her chestnut brown hair fell just below her shoulders and her eyes were dark to match. A lovely woman; intelligent and very passionate. She was strong and dominant in her professional life, but here with John, she was his; to be controlled and dominated by him, to feel pleasure that only he could provide.

Just knowing she would do whatever he wanted excited him. Knowing he could punish her and discipline her without her being bound got him hard. However, he also knew that being restrained was one of the many things that excited Elizabeth. Often he would just bind her wrists, or just her ankles or sometimes one of each. He wasn't quite sure what their session was going to entail this evening. What he did know, was that he had a horny little bitch, whose pussy was dripping wet with need, and ready for his undivided attention.

John's mini dungeon, or playroom as he liked to call it, was full of make shift and home made equipment. In his line of work, he was easily inspired, had access to materials and the know how of building an apparatus that would custom fit his needs and would be safe to use. He converted a barber's chair, complete with stirrups, tie downs and propping pillows, into the ultimate fucking chair. There were eye bolts at various locations around the room drilled securely into support beams or wall studs. He constructed his own spanking bench and added padding and vinyl so he could fuck the shit out of her on it. There were various straps, chains and other materials for suspension play and one of his favourite pieces of equipment was his slightly modified inversion table. The inspiration came from trying to hold her cunt at his mouth with the tops of her thighs resting on his shoulders while she sucked him off. Although he could still do it, he much preferred his table doing all the work.

John and Elizabeth's relationship was unique. They had decided early on that nobody and nothing was going to dictate the rules of their D/s relationship. John was naturally dominant and Elizabeth, although not naturally submissive, responded to John slavishly. He wasn't her master, nor she, his slave and he certainly didn't like being called 'Sir'. However, he did have all the control and all the power. He also had Elizabeth's trust and respect and most important, her love and he reciprocated those to her as well.

Naked and dried off, Elizabeth was going to put her heels back on. She knew John loved her in a pair of heels. "Leave them off," he instructed on his way into the playroom.

"Come here, Baby, Johnny wants to play with you tonight," he called out to her, in a corny game show host fashion. She smirked and made her way in to join him.

"Wrists," he demanded.

She held out her arms, bent at the elbow while he attached a pair of padded leather restraints. She watched as he buckled them snugly and clasped them together. He attached her bound wrists to the chain hanging from the centre of the ceiling. The length of chain was set so that she would have to be on her tip toes.

"You can enjoy this aloud if you wish," he assured her, and began his deviant punishment upon her.

He placed his hands on her breasts, feeling how plump and full they were. He admired how well she could mask the fact that she didn't wear a bra with her thirty-eight C's. Pinching each of her nipples with his thumb and forefinger, gently at first, quickly increasing the pressure, resounded a tiny gasp from her lips, and earned her a kiss. Then suddenly, he pinched them so hard she cried out in pain, and that earned her the flat of his hand coming down hard on her bare ass.

He turned her around to inspect the redness on her behind. Pleased with the results, he fetched a pair of nipple clamps hanging on the wall, and his wooden spatula. Pulling her nipple out while squeezing down hard he attached one clamp and let its mate hang from the chain that secured them together. Standing behind her, slightly to her left, he raised her left leg with his left hand and spanked her pussy with his spatula. Elizabeth breathed in deeply at the pleasure and pain of it; then another smack between her legs, and another. She could feel the heat from the stinging blows, the swelling from being ultimately aroused, this was delicious torture.

"Face me, Elizabeth, and spread your legs as wide as you can," he said casually.

As she was already on tip toes, straining to even touch the floor, she could only get her legs maybe eighteen inches apart. She watched him as he went to collect a giant dildo and some lube. Not giant in terms of length, but in terms of girth. He reached down to feel her pussy, pleased at how creamy her cunt was. He shoved his fingers up inside of her, lifting her off of the ground. From there he brought them to her mouth. She immediately sucked her juice from them. With his other hand he began to work the thick dildo into her. As wet as she was, he was going to need lube. After drenching his favourite tool of the night, he began to work it into her.

She could feel herself stretching to accommodate this large intruder between her legs. John applied just enough pressure to let Elizabeth feel the sensation of being grossly penetrated, yet was careful to keep the pain portion minimal. He massaged the outside of her opening around the toy, helping her to relax and self-lubricate. John was getting anxious to see this inside her.

"You like this in your cunt, Elizabeth? You want to take it all don't you? If I can't get it in here, I'm going to bend you over and shove it up your ass. You don't want that in your ass now do you, Baby? You want this in your tight little cunt. You want me to shove this in your hole. Tell me how badly you want this in you."

Elizabeth could barely get any words out. She was moaning at the pleasure she was feeling. She did want it all inside her. She wanted him to get it in and start fucking her hard with it. Her hips were grinding onto the phallus and John's hand.

"Mmm, Baby, that feels so good. Oh, yeah, shove it in me, fuck me with it. It feels so good." Elizabeth barely got the words out.

John was trying to push it in further and he wasn't being gentle about it. Short, hard strokes in and out, with two hands had her whimpering in pleasure.

"Yeah, you're going to take all of this, Elizabeth. The whole thing is going into your cunt. Yeah, look at that. That's it, open up for me. Oh that's hot, Baby. It's almost all in. Come on you can take it all, that's it."

She felt her muscles stretching, grabbing, lubricating. She wanted more. Her moans and groans and heavy breathing were all indications she was nearing orgasm. John had the dildo fully inserted up to its lifelike balls. He got down on his knees to see Elizabeth's pussy swallow the rubber cock. Her cunt lips spread, her clit exposed, her hands bound in shackles, John could barely stay coherent at the sight of her. His cock was so hard, he thought he would pass out. It was time for her to come.

With one hand on her hip and the other working the dildo, he expertly stroked her clit with his tongue. Elizabeth felt the heat from his mouth and cried out.

"Oh God, Baby, yeah! You're gonna make me come," she whimpered out along with a variety of other fuck noises.

"Mmm, yeah, Baby. Oh fuck my cunt, lick me, yeah, you're going to make me come, Baby".

He pumped the dildo ever so slightly in and out of her as he tongued her clit.

"That's it, Baby, come for me," he encouraged.

"Oh God, here it comes! Ugh, oh yeah Baby . . . "

As she began her orgasm, he slowly pulled the dildo out while continuing to pump it slightly, prolonging her bliss. When her body finally finished its wave of pleasure spasms, the dildo was removed. John was still on his knees examining how big her cunt hole stretched. He entered four fingers into the gap. Moving them in and out, he folded his thumb into the middle of his extended fingers and pushed up into her. He pumped his large hand in and out to the row of knuckles. He knew he could get his whole fist in there. As he applied pressure, he lifted her off the ground. The sight had him so excited, so turned on, so aroused. She was so wet, so willing, he rammed his fist into her. Elizabeth cried out, still recovering from her release. He pumped his fist in fast little strokes inside her. She felt so full, so much pleasure, so much desire.

"Oh Baby, look at that. My whole hand is in your cunt. How does it feel Elizabeth?" he asked, not knowing how long he could hold off fucking the shit out of her. "Mmm, Baby that feels so good," was all she managed to get out.

Slowly and gently, he pulled his hand out. He stood in front of her, his hands in her hair and he bent down to kiss her; hard, claiming her mouth, taking her, owning her. His tongue delved deep inside her mouth. Her moans encouraged him. Elizabeth arched, what little she could, into him; offering herself to him. She was physically pleading for John to take her again.

He reached down and grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist. He held her under her ass to support her weight. His cock found it's own way inside of the warm, moist haven and he began to fuck her.

"Oh God, Baby! Your cunt feels so good," he said as he watched his cock entering and exiting her. " I love doing this to you. You like my hard cock inside you, don't you Elizabeth? Put your legs down on the floor for me."

As she did, his engorged cock fell out of her. He released her suspended hands and uncuffed them.

"I think you enjoyed that a little too much, Elizabeth, assume your position," he said with a devilish grin.

Elizabeth moved to the spanking bench and draped her naked self over the padded top, spreading her legs as wide as possible, as was expected. There was no need for John to restrain her, he knew she would not move. He loved the bench he made. When Elizabeth was bent over it, it provided a profound view of her ass and pussy. It allowed him to visually distinguish the effect he was having on her.

He grazed her entire bottom with the palm of his hand, feeling how full and soft her plump globes were. He smoothed his hand over the crease where her ass turned into leg; her sweet spot and where he would begin.

John's hand came down hard across her ass, not once or twice but, four consecutive smacks. Elizabeth's ass was on fire. She didn't know which she loved more, the sound or the sensation. She felt his gaze on her pussy and shortly thereafter felt his hands there. They were spreading her open. This made her so hot; him looking at her like that. John placed clothes pins on her pussy lips and gently stroked them with his crop. As soon as she moved, as small a movement as it was, he brought the whip down hard on her ass; which caused her to flinch again. And then he dealt another hard stroke to her ass. John enjoyed seeing the marks he left there. He stroked the clothes pins again, and this time no movement from Elizabeth. He smiled. He brought the whip down across the back of her thigh, and of course, not expecting it, she flinched and another hard whip to her ass.

John removed the clothes pins and spread her open as he mounted her once again. He tried to tap her slowly, but he couldn't restrain himself. He had to fuck her hard. His lust for her demanded it from him. He delighted in the skin slapping skin sound, the squishing sound of his cock in her juices and her moans, he couldn't get enough.

Her cunt was throbbing and her release was ready to burst. It was apparent to him that she was ready. He felt her muscles clampdown and spasm on his cock. Elizabeth felt his finger massaging her anal opening and begged him to insert it. He did and rapture consumed her. She arched back into him and he embraced her with his free arm.

"Come for me, Elizabeth. Come for me now," he whispered in her ear, his hand coming up to her throat, his finger plunging deep into her ass.

She came harder than she had ever before. She moaned and whined loudly in an effort to heighten her orgasm, and it did. Now it was John's turn.

He pumped her faster and faster, the pounding got harder and harder, his breathing was deep and intense, his body was drenched in sweat and finally . . .

"Ah! Oh my God! Yeah! ," he gritted out between clenched teeth, the muscles in his neck bulging as he spewed into her.

He slowly rocked himself inside of her until his cock finally went limp. He was bent over her, careful not to lay his full weight onto her. He was panting, exhausted and knew she was too.

"Oh man, Baby, that was fucking incredibly," John said, still trying to catch his breath. "I'm going to run you a hot bath. I'll order take out and we'll hang out tonight, sound good? ," John asked, hugging her naked body to his.

"Have you got bubbles?" she asked, as she thought about how perfect the night was.

John smiled, a heavenly smile, as he looked into her eyes and said, "I love you, Elizabeth. I absolutely love you."

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