tagIncest/TabooIn Love with Lori Ch. 05

In Love with Lori Ch. 05


This is the last part of this particular saga, which I started out with every intention of dashing-off in a few weeks; more than a year later I finally crossed the last 'T' and dotted the last 'i', which serves me right for being so optimistic! I will miss Lori and her voracious sex-drive, but at least now the real Lori will get some peace and quiet...

As usual, my thanks go to Michael for liking this story enough to keep me at it, and Bonnie for being patient with me, and to everyone else who also liked this story and waited patiently for me to finish it.

I had great fun writing this, and to those who really want to know, the story Lori is physically almost a perfect double of the real one, my fabulous wife, but that's the only physical thing they share in common; story Lori's phenomenal appetites are entirely grounded in this story, and nowhere else, I'm sorry to say!

This segment follows on directly from Chapter 4, so I'd advise new readers to take that in first, to save themselves a mountain of confusion.

As before, I'd like to remind the reader that this is not reality, it's my made-up world, but you're more than welcome to roll-up your pants, suspend disbelief, and join me for a paddle; who knows, you might even like it!

If you like it, please rate it, if you didn't, please tell me why.



Back in the village, in the safety of her sprawling old house, Aunt Sybil was understanding, welcoming, and sympathetic, her motherliness making Lori break down in floods of tears, that and delayed shock, so Jimmy, Rosie, and I sat in the kitchen with our coffee while Sybil put her in one of the bedrooms and generally fussed over her. She rejoined us after about 20 minutes.

"Well she's asleep, David, and you could have told me she's expecting, you know! You're lucky I don't smack you across the back of your head! If you'd said something I'd never have let you take her back to that creepy horror-show! She's dog-tired, poor thing, she had hardly any rest last night, and then the shock this morning, well...anyway, let her rest for a few hours, and you can take us out to dinner tonight as your penance for dropping her unprepared into that horrible place! In the meantime, breakfast is going to be a little sparse unless you'd like to pop over to the shops, Rosie...?"

Rosie grinned and pulled Jimmy away from the table, 'to escort her' the hundred yards or so to the village grocery store. Sybil smiled after her, then turned to me when she and Jimmy had left.

"I'm glad she's met someone at last; after that idiot dumped her for that empty-headed so-called 'model', I thought the poor girl was never going out again. Young James seems suitably smitten with her."

I heard the question in her voice, and tried to avoid answering it, umm'ing and ahh'ing like an idiot; Rosie's business was her business, and I wasn't going to stick my tuppence-worth in, no sir, been there, done that, got the scars...

Sybil smiled at my hedging.

"I know where she spent the night last night, Davey, I'm not senile yet, you know! What I want to know is whether or not this young man is just playing with her or he means to stick around."

I thought I probably knew the answer to that one.

"Aunt Sybil, as far as I know Jimmy's sticking around; he works for me, well, Lori, and I couldn't help but notice that he can't seem to take his eyes off Rosie; that's all I can say, but it seems like a good start!"

Sybil smiled and patted my hand.

"Then we'll leave it there; you have good instincts dear, just like your father, and your Uncle Jerry, so if you feel good about him, then so will I; Daddy was a Royal Marine, and he turned out alright! James seems like a very nice young man. And speak of the devil..."

Rosie and Jimmy came in just then, with eggs, bread, bacon, orange juice, the usual breakfast essentials, and the some letters, mostly for Sybil, but one for me, from Boston.

I tore it open excitedly, and yes, it was from Sophie. I read it through, then grinned and passed it over to Sybil. She read it and smiled as well.

"How wonderful, darling, Lori will be so pleased!"

I was so pleased that nothing would do but that I had to run upstairs and wake her. She looked so angelic, so young and vulnerable lying there fast asleep, barely breathing, so I gently kissed her awake, licking her lips and giving her time to rouse.

"Davey, what...?" she smiled blurrily, still more asleep than awake.

"Good news, baby-girl, great news! Sophie's coming, look at this!"

Lori snatched the letter from me and quickly scanned it, tears brimming in her eyes, tears of happiness, her lips moving as she read through it again, then reached up for me and pulled me down for a quick kiss.

"Oh Davey, she's going to be here in just a few weeks, I can't believe it, it's only been a few days but I miss her so much, it feels like forever since I saw her last, now I can relax! She must have sent this right after we left; maybe we should have waited a few days!"

She read through it one more time, then folded it and slid it under the pillow, smiling happily. I lay down next to her and wiped the tears off her cheek while she stroked my face.

"She's so much like mom, Davey, it's uncanny; everything about her screams "mom!" at me, it's like having mom back when she's around! Maybe I'm getting a second chance, a chance to have my mom back; if that's the case, I'm not going to let a second go to waste!"

I smiled and held her hand, and stroked her hair until she dropped off again, that happy smile still on her lips when I left.

We'd just made short work of breakfast when there came from outside the throb of an immensely powerful car. Rosie looked up and grinned.

"Looks like all the family's here today!"

The sound of the back door opening was followed by a voice calling out.

"Rosie! Aunt Sybil? Anyone home? Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

"In here, dears!" called out Sybil, and two tall men, a little older than me, but with the Denham identity stamped all over them, tramped into the kitchen.

"Hello dears, pull up a pew," smiled Sybil. "David, meet Richard, and the pretty one over there is Hugo Denham-Grant, Sophie's sons. Boys, this is your cousin, David Denham."

The two of them came over to shake hands, looking at me curiously.

"Hello David, Richard, pleased to meetcha!" smiled Richard; his handshake was firm and definite, and I decided I liked him; he looked an awful lot like Uncle Richard, and a lot like my father, they both did. Hugo shook hands with me as well and gratefully accepted the mug of tea handed him by Rosie, tweaking her ear as he did.

"So you're the much-maligned David Denham, sole owner and proprietor of Hill House; Aunt Sybil says you had a run-in with Bella the Beast yesterday, sorry Rosie, I hope you gave her both barrels?"

I grinned back at his infectious grin.

"I certainly did! She came looking for a fight, instead she got an earful and an order to go away and stay away; I don't know why she persists in demanding that dreadful place; if she asked nicely I'd probably give it to her..."

Hugo looked sideways at me at that.

"Chrissake don't do that, David! All that land? The first thing she and that arch-bitch Maude will do is sell it for re-development; that's been their plan all along; 50 acres of prime development land in the middle of a Green-Belt zone? She'll think Christmas has come early, and so will the other developers once the word gets out. I don't know if you've been keeping current with land prices in this part of the world, so let me clue you in; around here, one acre of development land with Planning Consent is worth something under a million quid, that's why those two scheming harridans are so keen to get their hands on the place. Denham Hall and the village are out of the way and off the developer radar, I think we should keep it that way. I know there's no English Heritage listing on the place, even they think that eyesore has no historical, cultural, or architectural merit, so why don't you just tear it down and rebuild it the way you want?"

Richard was nodding as Hugo spoke.

"He's right, you know; once they've granted development access to Denham Hall, the rest of the area will follow; precedent will have been set, and the planning committee will bow to pressure from the developers. Leave it as it is, or pull it down and rebuild it, but don't sell up or give it away; Bella will probably drop dead soon, although I personally believe she'd survive an Apache attack, World War 3 and a direct meteorite strike, just like the cockroach she is. Maude doesn't have the brains to pull-off any schemes by herself; she's all ambition and no ability, she barely knows what day of the week it is on any given day. With Bella out of the way, Maude will have to try and marry those horrible daughters of hers into money."

He turned and saw Jimmy for the first time.

"I do apologise, I never saw you there, I was so fascinated meeting yet another Denham. I'm Richard, this is Hugo, you are...?

Jimmy grinned at his tone, and introduced himself. Richard noted the way Rosie slipped her arm through Jimmy's and winked at her before grinning at Jimmy. Just then Lori walked in.

"What's all the noise, baby, it woke me...oh!"

Richard and Hugo both spun and stared at her, Lori gradually blushing under their combined stares.

"Richard, Hugo, this is my wife, Lori. Lori, these are my cousins, Richard and Hugo, Uncle Richard's sons."

The brothers were looking sandbagged, and I couldn't blame them; Lori had elected to wear a figure-hugging top and her skin-tight leather jeans, complete with her silver-heeled cowboy boots, and she looked cute and wholesome, yet devastatingly sexy, like a Playboy centrefold before she starts the strip.

Lori came and stood next to me, her arms around my waist, looking from face to face and back at me.

"Davey, they look just like you; my God, they could be your big brothers..." she breathed.

Richard was the first to recover.

"Lori, hello, I'm Richard. Mother said you were...striking, she didn't say you were her double! I mean, look at you, bloody hell! Are you sure you're not our long-lost sister or something?"

Lori grinned, her beautiful violet eyes sparkling as the two of them admired her. Hugo recovered himself enough to also greet her and shake hands, then turning to nudge his brother.

"And to think we've been working our way through Estonia's finest! Maybe we should have followed David here to America if they grow them like that over there!"

Lori blushed at the compliments, and giggled when Richard asked her if she had any sisters or cousins she was willing to sacrifice to the cause.

"Mother said you were from Iowa, methinks we'll shortly be finding we have important business to contract over there; who knows, maybe we'll find a couple of black-haired, blue-eyed Iowa knockouts of our own!"

"I'm so glad I met you both!" she laughed, "Aunt Sophie was right, I think we're going to get along just fine; did you know David even has your names?"

They both looked blank until Lori elucidated.

"David's full name is David Richard Hugo Denham; he was named after your father and his brother, just like you, so you see, he's a close part of you two as well! No wonder Aunt Sophie and Uncle Richard took such a liking to him!"

Both men looked pleased, and Richard grinned at me.

"She's right you know; my middle name's David, after your father, I assume. Well, well! Now all we have to do is wait until Father and Mother return home, and the whole wedding thing can get into full swing. Mother said she's organising the whole thing; you have no idea what you've let yourselves in for; truly, may God have mercy on your souls!"

Hugo decided to chime in.

"Mother also told us about the baby, congrats by the way, cousin, and I'd like to thank you both for turning up the heat and tightening the screws even further. Once Mother gets her hands on that baby, she's going to be relentless; I can see it now, both of us drugged, clubbed senseless, and chained to the altar while she marries each of us off to some knock-kneed, mouth-breathing, horsey-type called Brenda, or Susannah, or Lucinda, perish the thought, complete with bad skin, bad breath, buck-teeth, big feet, and reeking of saddle-soap and horse liniment, but from an impeccable family!"

Richard was nodding in agreement.

"Three months ago Mother decided to do a little long-distance matchmaking with some random friend's daughter, and suddenly I'm fielding this girl, name of Tallulah Bartlett-DeVere, a made-up name if I ever heard one, who looked exactly like she'd been cursed by the 'My Little Pony' fairy. I kid you not, I've never had anyone look at me with their teeth before; the girl had so many teeth her mouth was jammed permanently open; it was frightening, like staring at a bloody marble cemetery. I swear, if she ever manages to close her mouth fully she's going to bite herself in the forehead! Really, if I wanted a wife who reeked permanently of horses I'd marry some steppe nomad, not Tallulah and her teeth. No, I think I'll stick to Ukrainian so-called models for now; at least they'll happily hitch their knickers back up, accept a Chanel goodie-bag, and bugger off into the sunset, never to be seen again!"

Lori, Rosie, and Sybil were laughing helplessly by the time they'd finished. I was frankly astonished at how quickly and easily I'd slipped into this side of my family; Richard and Hugo were bantering and ribbing us as though we'd known them all our lives, and I was glad Lori had met them; they really were the better side of the Denham clan. Her obvious attachment to Sophie was working for her; the boys adored their mother, and so they were completely taken with her, finally ending-up preparing to arm wrestle to see who got to be godfather of the baby...

Lori broke that up by averring that as it would be impossible and unfair to choose between them, both of them would be godfathers, earning herself a pleased hug from both of them. One day, I'd ask Aunt Sophie's permission to tell them just how closely related to me they actually were; that Uncle Richard was my father's half-brother, even though he was supposedly unaware of that fact, which made the two of them my first-cousins, along with Rosie absolutely the closest family I had (after Lori, of course, but I was never going to reveal that particular fact to anyone!)

During my conversation with my cousins the fact that we were house-hunting came up, and Richard had the number of an Estate Agent who he actually trusted, the man who'd arranged the purchase of his own house. Lori was adamant that she wanted to live near Sophie and Aunt Sybil, as she was going to need all the help she could get, but Richard didn't think that was a problem.

"This guy has properties all over the county, so he's bound to have a few near where the parents are going to be living, just give him a call, go and see him, and give him your wish-list; if he hasn't got the place you want on his books, he'll find it and persuade the owners to sell; I promise you, he's that good."

We sat around for a while longer, chatting about Lori's parents, both the boys offering her their condolences when they heard about mother and Charlie's passing. Both Lori and I had to tread carefully so as not to tip them off about our actual relationship, instead giving them the cover story we'd prepared, that Lori was a school friend and former girlfriend I'd met again while in Iowa for mother's funeral; it was a thin story, with more holes than an Agatha Christie murder mystery, and Richard gave me a very old-fashioned look when I sidestepped some of his questions about mother and my step-father, but it got me off the subject, much to my relief.

Hugo was curious what we'd do with Denham Hall, and I confessed I was stumped; I wanted to pull the creepy eyesore down and maybe build holiday cottages or something, anything to keep the developers at bay, but Lori was unconvinced; in her opinion, the place had stood for over 300 years, it deserved to stay up and in place, if only to serve as a reminder and an object lesson for future generations on how not to build a country retreat...

Hugo eventually took Jimmy aside and gave him some locations where Lori might want to start looking for her dream house while Richard teased and ribbed Rosie about her new man, the teasing revealing just how fond of her he really was; Rosie had been my best friend when I was small, almost like a sister, we were both roughly the same age, and that bond had started to re-establish over the last day or so. In light of what Sybil had told us about her former fiancée, I was glad to see she and Jimmy were becoming closer and more attached with every passing hour, the attraction between them was plain and obvious, and I was pleased for her.

Eventually, the brothers had to leave; they both had business to attend to in London they'd delayed in order that they could meet Lori and me, which I appreciated, and so, with hugs for Lori and Rosie, a handshake for Jimmy and me, and a kiss for Aunt Sybil, they left us to our own devices.

Now that Jimmy had a list of places that should yield some interesting properties, as well as details of Richard's pet realtor, we had some calls to make; I to let St. Giles Hospital know I'd be back on staff from the following day, and Lori to make an appointment to see the realtor and start plotting-out her assault on the Oxfordshire property market. I noticed she was looking tired after making her call, and I was certainly feeling the effects of a good breakfast after a disturbed night with little actual rest, so Rosie captured Jimmy to take him around and show him some of the local sights (and possibly the inside of a haystack or two...) while Lori and I retired to catch up on a little sleep.

In fact, though, tired as I was, sleep was the last thing on my mind; the sight of Lori in that clingy top and those skin-tight leather jeans outlining every wondrous curve of her spectacular arse was giving me ideas far above their station, and I was feeling the need for a little one-on-one with my beautiful wife.

Lori seemed to be feeling the same way; her walk had an additional sway, her hips had a little extra tilt to them, and her lovely bum cheeks seemed just that little bit more pouty, and when I tore my eyes away from them, it was to meet her frank gaze as she caught me ogling all her lovely, juicy, wobbly bits.

"No prizes for guessing what you want, Darling Boy!" she grinned, making me grin in turn at her use of mother's favourite name for me. I reached for her and pulled her closer, sticking my tongue in her ear to make her cringe and giggle while I squeezed those taut cheeks through the glove leather of her jeans.

"Bedtime, Mrs. Loretta Denham, I prescribe a couple of injections to help you sleep, I think I should administer them as soon as possible!" I breathed in her ear, Lori undulating against me the whole time.

"Why Doctor Denham, you aren't planning on seducing l'il 'ole me, are you? I'll have you know, I'm a respectable married woman!" she smiled back, her voice that sexy, breathy whisper guaranteed to turn me into a walking erection in a blink of an eye. She obviously felt it, grinding her mons pubis against the suddenly unruly bulge in my trousers as she licked and lightly kissed my lips, teasing me with her nearness.

"Land sakes, Doctor Denham, is that a stethoscope in your pocket, or do you just have a big ole hard-on for me?" she husked, grabbing and gently squeezing my balls as she rubbed her lovely bubblies against my chest; I could feel her stiff nipples through the material of her top and my shirt, so I knew she was building a head of steam, if all went well she'd pop that particular cork while I was in the saddle, a thought that made me hustle her upstairs as fast as we could; suddenly I had a burning urge to strip my girl and jam something hot, stiff and friendly inside her, and I knew she wouldn't be too particular about where!

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