In Love. With My Mom.


"No, slow, take it slow. I like it slow..." She muttered.

And so I slowed down my pace, fucking her with more calculated, passionate thrusts. And I realized I preferred it like this, too. I felt the warmth of her pussy more, doing it slow.

And I noticed her pussy contracting and tightening up around my cock, the more deliberately I moved. It just felt so good, too, the way her pussy was reacting.

For the first time, I felt like I was really having sex, making love even, and not just fucking. And it was incredible.

Mom moaned and whispered in my ear: "Slow, like that. Just like that."

"Slow, just like that. This is way better. You're right. You're such a good teacher..." I replied and dipped inside for another few minutes before I couldn't handle anymore and came hard, shooting my load right up inside her.

My load blasting up inside her must have gotten her off, too, because she dug her nails into my back, clutched her legs tighter around my waist, quivered and screamed out in pleasure as she came herself, her pussy soaking the bed, our juices mixing together.

I kept going for a little after coming, because my cock was so hard- and because I didn't want to stop. Finally it softened and I kissed mom again, just like she taught me. It was a long kiss, too, and she again did stuff with her tongue I'd never imagined possible.

When I withdrew, I lay next to her and she held onto my hand.

"So, what next?" Mom asked as she wiped back a couple tears from her cheeks with her free hand.

"I don't know. Still want a man around the house?"

"Yeah, I could use one. For a lot of things."

"Then you've got one. Forever, if you want."

"Forever? Really?"

"Yeah, let's get married."


"Yeah. Let's do it. Be my wife."

"I don't think any church will marry us..."

"Then we won't get married in a church. We'll get married right here. Right now."


"Seriously. Be with me forever, mom. I love you. I don't want anyone but you. We're not too far apart in age. We can be together. We can make it work. Let's be married."

"Okay. I'll marry you."

"Then that's that."

"Then that's that."

"May I kiss the bride?"

"You may."

And we kissed for what seemed like hours and had sex again and again in every position and in every part of the apartment. We even snuck out to the beach again and did it there. And she taught me many, many things about sex, too, taking me to places I never thought possible.

Eventually, in bed one night, we decided a proper honeymoon was in order.

Our destination was decided when mom came home from work with a pair of airline tickets.

"Ever been to Hong Kong?"

"Mom, you know I've never even left Texas."

"Well, I got these free first class plane tickets to Hong Kong from a client. Vouchers for a five star hotel, too. Wanna go? Might be a nice honeymoon, what'd ya think?"

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So right.

Reading this story it really shows how right the son's love for his mother can feel. I always wanted to fuck my Mom's hairy pussy.

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