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In Memory of Bernard Schwartz


He came into this world as Bernard Schwartz but he left this mortal coil as Tony Curtis, a man's man that all the women loved. My story starts in the early eighties when I worked in a small grocery store on the edge of Bel Air, California. As you may guess due to our location we had many celebrates stop by our store, so many that most were hardly noticed. However, one day I looked up to see Tony Curtis walk in the front door, he had always been my hero and I thought of him as the number one ladies man in Hollywood. It turns out he had just separated from wife number two, Leslie Allen, and had rented a nearby condo until he could get situated. Tony was very gregarious to everyone, he always insisted to be called Tony and with that wide friendly smile of his, he was liked by all who met him.

Where I worked was located on a busy boulevard but there was a small local street behind it. I remember one day, I went out our back door just in time to see Tony drive down the street. He was in a two-seat convertible, one of those fancy ones they make in Europe and I swear it looked like a movie scene. He was wearing a fur coat with a matching large brimmed hat; he had his arm around a very pretty blonde and holding a martini glass in his hand. Although he was in his late fifties at the time and the young blonde couldn't have been a day over twenty they looked to me as the perfect couple. Both he and she had big smiles on their faces as if they were having the times of their lives. He happened to glance up and see me standing there so he raised his glass in a toast to me as he gave me that big smile of his. Tony loved the ladies, they loved him, and he was always talking up the women who shopped or worked at our little market. He was not a masher and he only flirted with those who enjoyed his banter but of course, that appeared to be every woman he approached. I'm sure he was seldom serious because there was just no way, one man could take care of all the women he talked to, and yet maybe he could.

One day my wife stopped by the store to say hi and Tony happened to come in. He came up to me like an old friend and when I introduced my spouse to him, she gushed like a schoolgirl. Tony said that he was having a barbecue that afternoon and invited my wife and me to attend. When I said I had to work a few more hours, he said he'd take my wife and I could come on over after work. Although this made me feel uneasy, my wife thought this was a grand idea and left without waiting for my approval, they went off arm in arm.

The rest of my shift I spent in a daze as I worried about my sexy young wife. Was there any way she could resist the charms of Tony Curtis if he decided to pursue her. At my request, my wife always dressed sexy but in reality she was very innocent in the ways of the world and I was sure that if he wanted Tony could talk her into anything. After what felt like days, my shift finally over I rushed to Tony's condo but after his aide let me in I found it empty. I went to the patio sliding glass doors and the first thing I saw was my wife's clothes sitting on a bench. Next, I looked in his hot tub to see them sitting close together with his arm around her. I could see her cute little tittys just above the water and Tony nibbling on one exposed nipple. Even from where I was watching I could tell that she was turned on as she had that glazed over look in her eyes and her mouth open as if she was moaning. He raised his lips to hers and she kissed him passionately, I wondered what they were doing with their hands under the water.

I was so full of mixed emotions I felt frozen in place, I was angry, I was afraid and yet I felt pride at how sexy my wife looked as she made out with a movie star. I felt a lump in the pit of my stomach that felt as if someone had punched me and I worried about losing my wife but I also had an erection as I watched the erotic scene before me. I jumped at the sound of a feminine voice behind me,

"Don't worry sweetie, they all fall for Tony, they just can't resist him."

I turned to see the girl that had been in Tony's car that day behind the store. She was in a short robe and it was oblivious she was naked underneath it. When I turned around, she noticed my erection and teased me about liking what I saw. I admitted that I was aroused but said nothing about the other emotions I was feeling. However, she saw right through me and again she told me not to be jealous with Tony, he just likes to be with pretty girls. She put her hand on my dick and asked if I would like to get even by making love with her. She let her robe fall open exposing her large breasts and shaved lower region. Her skin so white it looked like alabaster and I was defiantly tempted but I kept glancing back outside to my wife,

"OK baby, what if we do it this way, I'll just crawl up in this chair, and you can do me from behind as you watch Tony through the window at the same time."

The girl, whose name I have now forgotten, and I proceeded to fuck doggie style while we watched my wife and the girl's boyfriend do the same less than twenty feet from us. Tony was sitting on a bench and leaning back against the hot tub while my wife was straddled across his lap. While she rode him, I pummeled the blonde from behind as I watched them. One time Tony looked up and I swear he smiled at me even though I knew they couldn't see us through the curtains on the window. The blonde turned and looked at me,

"Look at how Tony is fucking your wife; you just know she's loving every second of it."

I couldn't believe what she was saying to me but it was turning me on, it was like my own private porno staring my wife playing before me as I tapped the sexiest woman I'd ever seen.

I came all too soon and after we had finished and cleaned up the blonde suggested, I leave and come back later to avoid embarrassing anyone. I could only agree, as I was sure I could not face either my wife or Tony. When I came back, everyone was sitting in the den drinking martinis from a pitcher sitting on the bar. I noticed my wife was sitting on the very chair where I fucked the blonde. Although my wife was unusually quiet, everyone else acted normal. Tony told me I was still in time for the barbecue but my wife said she felt we should go home. I thanked Tony again and he gave me a hug and kissed my wife on the cheek, then we left.

Once we were on the road, she broke down and while sobbing she confessed her transgression. I pulled over and parked then I took her hand and magnanimously forgave her for cuckolding me with a famous movie star. I told her that I understood that he overwhelmed her and I could forgive her. I never did tell her about what I was doing as she was doing him, I guess I really am just a rat.

As for Tony it wasn't long after that evening that he moved away, I'm not even sure where but the next time I heard anything about him was when he married wife number three, Andria Savio. I know it's strange but I just couldn't resent Tony fucking my wife. I guess I knew it wasn't personal or a conquest it was just Tony be Tony and who could hold that against him.

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