tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersIn My Dad's Panties

In My Dad's Panties


I knew my parents hadn't been getting along at all well recently and I had even begun to fear that they may some day be getting a divorce, but still the discovery that my father could be having an affair came as both a shock and something really quite distressing. It was the first time I had to confront the truth that my parents' split was a very real possibility but, worse, I also had to deal with the fact that this may in fact be preferable to what was happening, my dad cheating and lying to my mum. It started, as ever, with little things. He would show up home late after work and spend unscheduled nights away at "conferences". I honestly don't believe my mother even noticed these changes so wrapped up she was in her own business, but that's what made it worse for me to suspect it.

My suspicions were much further aroused by another discovery one day when I was alone in the house. I had recently graduated from university and had moved back to my parents' house while looking for a job, which mostly meant I was at home on my own all day not doing very much. One afternoon, I was bored and so I went into my parents' bedroom to try and retrieve a book I had lent to my dad to read. The book wasn't on the bedside table but I thought I saw something poking out from under the bed. I got down on my knees and looked under the bed and found the book but while I was down there, my eyes were drawn to something else. Stuffed down the back of the bed, there was a pair of sexy panties. They were red and lacy and rather thrilling, the kind of sexy lingerie a woman wears to please her man. Now, I knew better than perhaps I should just what the quality of my mother's underwear was like and there was no fancy,sexy lingerie, so I instantly thought that this must belong to another woman, that my dad had brought another woman home and slept with her right here.

Still, I didn't completely panic. After all, maybe I didn't know my mother as well as I thought I did, maybe she had bought these panties as part of an attempt to rekindle her failing marriage. Never the less, with my suspicions aroused, I spent more and more of my time worrying about my father's possible affair and trying my hardest to find evidence to confirm or, as I hoped but knew deep down would never find, deny my suspicions.

I got my chance one day when it was just me and him at home. We were sitting in the living room together and the phone rang. As I was about to get up and answer it, he said he would do it and dashed into the next room. Sensing something was up, I hurried upstairs to pick up the other phone and listen in on the line. What I heard was my dad talking to a woman, a woman with a deep, husky, sensual voice, a woman who told him in no uncertain terms that she needed him now and to come to her room at a certain hotel immediately.

As soon as I heard the click of the phone being hung up, I hurried back downstairs, just managing to beat my father back to the living room. He looked flustered and embarrassed as he came back in. He made excuses, something urgent at work, they needed him to come in right now (it was Saturday, this didn't seem convincing but he didn't seem to try and argue a convincing argument). Then he hurried upstairs and about ten minutes later had headed out of the house.

Once he was a safe distance away, I too left the house and headed for the hotel the sensual voiced woman had mentioned on the phone. I had no idea what I was going to do when I got there, come storming in and confront my dad with the evidence of his affair and break up my parents' marriage? That didn't seem like something I was likely to do but I couldn't help going, I had to know, I had to find out what was going on and then at least do something about it.

When I got to the hotel, I found the room easily but hesitated standing outside, my hand raised to knock but going no further. Putting my ear to the door, I heard muffled groans and voices but I could make nothing out, but the sense that it gave me was not of one that went against my earlier thoughts and fears. Still, like a coward, I waited. Too scared to leave but without any idea of what I would do and certainly not about to interrupt my father mid-sex with his mistress.

After some time of waiting and still not knowing what to do, I heard the turn of the door knob. Fortunately, I managed to hide myself in an alcove in time for my father to exit the room without seeing me. He looked even more flustered than he had when he left the house but also had a certain glow of pleasure. As he walked away down the corridor and headed back home, I knew I had to do something. I had to go back to the room and confront his mistress. I had to at least see her, find out what she was like, attempt to understand what it was about her that made my father stray away.

Well, it was now or never. I knocked on the door and in a few moments standing before me was one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever laid eyes on. She was probably about 35, tall and slender, towering over my slight frame, with long legs. Dressed in just a short white silk chemise that showed off those beautiful legs and clung around her massive round breasts. She had cascades of dark hair all around a strikingly gorgeous face with full lips and dark eyes with very long lashes.

For a few seconds, all I could do was stand there and stare open mouthed at her. I guess now I could tell at least a little why my dad had been tempted to stray from my mother to this extraordinary beauty. I was struck dumb, completely unable to come up with something to say. After a minute of this, she was forced to speak, smiling at me and using the same deep, husky tones she had used on the phone when I had listened in on her and my father.

"Hi there, what can I do for you?"

"I...er.." I couldn't think of what to say, and, in a moment of blind panic, I found myself unwittingly telling the truth, "That man who was just here...."


"That was my dad..."

"...Oh. Right," she replied, not seeming too surprised at this turn of events or too put out to be confronted by the son of the man she was having an affair with, "So you're Alex junior. Alex has told me so much about you, I've just been dying to meet you and find out if you're just like him! Come on in."

She stood out of the doorway and let me into the room. It was a typical, large-ish, uniformly furnitured hotel room just like thousands of others, with a double bed on which she sat down on, patting the spot next to her to motion me to sit beside her. Still a little in awe of this leggy, commanding beauty, I followed her unquestioningly and sat beside her on the bed.

"So, I guess you probably followed your dad here," she said, speaking rationally and in a friendly fashion that I had completely not expected, "You were bound to find out sooner or later....I'm Leah, in case you didn't know."

"Nice to meet you, Leah," I extended my hand for her to shake. What the hell was I doing? I had come here to confront the woman my dad was sleeping with and here I was, pleased to meet her, sitting on her bed having a pleasant conversation.

"So, Richard, what do you think?" she said, indicating herself, "Am I what you expected? Do you see what your dad sees in me?"

She gave me a cheeky, flirtatious smile. Was my dad's mistress trying to flirt with me? What was I supposed to do? I wasn't really in control of my actions, it was as if her incredible looks were making me lose track of my senses.

"I think you're beautiful, Leah," I found myself saying, "My dad is one lucky guy!"

"You're not so bad yourself," she smiled, moving up closer to me and running her hand up my arm, "A cute little thing like you. You obviously take after your dad a bit." She was now snuggling up very close to me, our faces were almost touching as she stroked her hand across my cheek with her gorgeous lips right next to mine, "Would you like to be getting a little of what he's getting?" she whispered saucily.

Before I knew what was happening, we were kissing, passionately locking our lips and her tongue had invaded my mouth. I did nothing to resist, throwing my hands around her and running them through her long, dark, shiny hair and down her back, feeling the soft silk of her chemise and the curve of her beautiful feminine body. I could feel an erection already growing in my pants. She slid the straps of her chemise down her arms as she broke from the kiss and let her great orbs of flesh that made up her breasts spill out. I buried my face in her delightful cleavage. Cupping a breast in each hand, I began to massage them as I covered them in kisses.

"Ooo, mmmm, eager little thing, aren't you?" she sighed, "Just like your dad, he loves to suck on my nipples."

As if this was a piece of encouragement for me to do the same, I took her nipple in my lips and sucked on it, flicking my tongue across it.

"Oh yes, that's it, that's the way daddy does it," she moaned, "You know what else he likes to get his lips around?" she asked as she slid the hem of her chemise up her thighs so it was all bunched around her waist.

As I took my mouth from her beautiful breast, I looked down and got the shock of my life. Leah's elegant long fingers were wrapped around a long, thick eight inch cock, slowly stroking it and making it harder. It wasn't mine either, mine wasn't even close to being that long. It was her own! My dad's hot mistress was a gorgeous shemale with a thick cock bigger than mine! Once again, I found myself staring open mouthed at her hot man meat, shaved completely hairless and cut with the purple head exposed and glistening with pre-cum while the thick shaft was becoming hard and veiny. Although I had never considered myself gay or attracted to other men or their dicks before, I couldn't take my eyes of this one, coming from the body of a beautiful woman.

"Oh God," I sighed, "It's sooo big....."

"Much bigger than yours, I bet, if your dad's anything to go by," she laughed, "I bet you'd like a taste too, wouldn't you honey? The moment I saw you I figured you for a cocksucking sissy just like your dad!"

As if in a trance, I bent over her and took her shaft in my hand, beginning to wank it as I licked my tongue along the underside of her thick member, running all along the length of it to the swollen head which I then licked all around in a circular motion. I'd never done this before yet every fibre of my being was driving me on to do it and I felt like I knew just what to do. I inhaled the musky scent of her hard dick and opened my lips to let the head into the wet warmth of my mouth.

"Oh baby, that's it, suck me, eat my cock," Leah moaned.

I let it slip from my mouth as I continued to stroke her long shaft.

"Mmmm, Leah, now I see completely what my dad sees in you," I sighed, "Your cock is sooo beautiful and tasty, all I want to do is suck it."

"Oooo, baby, so eager, so keen on a nice juicy cock, just like your pretty sissy daddy," she sighed as I went back down on her, this time suckling on her shaved balls before kissing all the way up her beautiful shaft.

From down here, the view was quite incredible, a massive, thick cock right before my eyes, smooth, feminine thighs beside my head and, stretching away from me, a hot feminine body wrapped in silk and with two incredible mounds for tits and a beautiful face with red lips open wide in an "o" of delight and dark eyes looking lustfully down on me as I took her cock back inside my mouth and started to bob up and down on it, before removing it to lick once more all over the shaft.

I continued like this, alternating taking a couple of inches inside my mouth with licking all around the shaft and suckling on her balls until her shaft was as thick and bulging as it could be. Meanwhile, my own cock was almost as hard and straining against my pants. It was amazing quite how aroused I was. I had never felt this turned on before and what was giving me that incredible hard-on was wrapping my lips around a gorgeous hard cock belonging to one of the most stunning women I had ever seen.

"Oh yeah, that's it, oh your a natural cocksucker," Leah sighed, "You just couldn't resist it. Such a little sissy, you've always wanted a girl with a thick, juicy cock, you just never realised it until now. Just like that sissy you call daddy. He couldn't resist either, the second he saw my hard meat then any thought of his wife went from his mind and all he wanted to do was suck dick. How does it make you feel to be just like him? To be sucking the same cock that your daddy loves so much. Oh and he's already sucked me sooo gooood today, what would he think to see his son sucking the same cock that's just been inside him? Maybe you can taste him on me. I stuck this meat deep up his arse too, fucked that sissy sooo hard and now you're tasting daddy's arse on my fat cock!"

God, it felt so naughty, so kinky, to be reminded by Leah that not only was she turning me onto sucking cock but that it was the same cock that she used my dad with less than an hour before. It made me even harder the thought of him being so enthralled by it and that the taste I was delighting in on Leah's cock wasn't just her but him as well. It was so wrong yet it made me feel even more excited.

As I continued to suck her off, my eyes glanced further around the room and alighted on something I hadn't seen before. Lying in a heap on the floor, there was some discarded lingerie, very sexy pink satin bra, panties and garter belt with a pair of sheer black stockings. They were so gorgeous, so sensual. They reminded me instantly of the panties I had found that time in my parents' bedroom. They were just the kind of thing I loved to see on a sexy slut, the kind who loved sucking cock as much as I was starting to.

"Mmmm, whose sexy panties are those, Leah?" I said, as I took my lips from around her cock, "Have you had another hottie in here with my dad?"

"Sort of," she giggled, "Those pretty panties are your daddy's! He's such a dirty sissy, he likes nothing more than to get dolled up in girly lingerie while he sucks cock just like a real slut."

I couldn't help myself. I got up from the bed and walked over to pick up the pretty satin lingerie and examine it. Leah laughed again.

"Wow, you've just gotta be just like your sissy daddy, don't you baby?" she said, "Well, why don't you put them on?"

I quickly stripped from my boyish clothes and dumped them in the corner. I lifted the pink satin panties and noticed they were stiff and sticky with a white substance. I sniffed at them.

"Ha," laughed Leah, "Your daddy was a little too eager, the sissy creamed inside his own panties!"

Far from putting me off, I found the smell of my dad's cum in his sexy panties to be intoxicating, imagining him dolled up and feminine, his cock stretching the panties as he soaked them with his cum, was an incredible turn on. I stepped into the panties and slid them up my legs, the satin feeling soft and sensual on my arse. My cock strained further to give them an entirely unfeminine outline.

"Ooo, you are a kinky one, baby, loving wearing his daddy's soiled and stained panties!"

With Leah's help, I slipped into the matching pink satin bra and filled the cup with tissue paper to give me some decent size breasts. I clipped the garter belt around my waist and then sat on the bed and rolled the sheer stockings slowly up my legs, fortunately I was mostly hairless so they made my legs look just like sexy girl's legs, they felt so good against my skin that I almost followed my dad's example and filled his panties with a cum load of my own. My girly look was completed as Leah applied some make-up and whorish bright red lipstick.

"Wow," she said when I was fully dressed in the pink lingerie, "You make a very pretty sissy slut. Just like Alicia. That's what I call your girly bitch daddy when he's dressed up for me. I see little Alicia's just the same, a sissy boy-daughter for a girly father."

I got up and stood in front of the mirror and was amazed. From behind, I certainly looked like a hot young girl. In the satin panties I was aware of what a cute butt and narrow waist I actually had, and my legs looked great in the stockings with the seams up the back. From the front, my made up face looked appealingly feminine but the illusion was shattered by the tent in my panties and the swollen head of my cock straining against, and pushing out of, the waistband, up against where my dad had already stained them that afternoon, a permanent reminder of the fact that I was stepping into my father's soiled sissy panties and becoming a cockslut for his tranny mistress.

"Now, stop admiring your girly looks, and come and satisfy me, little sissy Alicia," Leah commanded and I was only too eager to obey.

She stood in a dominant pose, with her long legs open and her hard cock jutting forward threateningly from her curvy female body. She pushed me to my knees in front of her and thrust her cock in my face. I opened my lips and let it slide inside my mouth, instantly swallowing almost six inches until it hit the back of my throat. I let it slide back out of my mouth and was aroused and excited as the lipstick smeared from my lips across the shaft, it really made me feel like a whore and a true cocksucking slut. I wondered if this was what my dad felt like in these sexy panties, on his knees with Leah's dick in his mouth. Dolled up as a girly slut, I had lost all my inhibitions and was able to eagerly slobber all over my shemale mistress' hard cock, taking as much of it in my warm wet mouth as I could, feeling all its throbbing warmth inside my throat.

"Oooo, oh, fuck, oh God, yeah, Alicia, you sissy whore!" Leah moaned and sighed, "Fuck you suck cock just as good as your daddy-slut, my other bitch Alicia. I bet your cocksucking whore-daddy would be proud of his slut daughter and her cocksucking skills. Mmmm, and it's turning you on too isn't it, playing the dirty slut, your girly cock soooo hard in daddy's pink panties, thinking of him being a submissive sissy just like you. It turns you on to think of him sucking my cock too, doesn't it, bitch? I know kinky sissies like you, little Alicia, you just wanna be like your sissy daddy, wear the same panties as him, drink the same cum as him, get fucked by the same cock as him! Just think of him watching, looking on as I feminise his son into a dirty crossdressing sissy bitch just like him, a girly whore who thinks of nothing but cock and satisfying her hung mistress!"

As I sucked and slobbered and drooled all over Leah's wet cock, I couldn't help letting it slip from my mouth and, as I eagerly licked up the salty clear pre-cum that shined on the head of it, answering her.

"Oh yes, Leah, my gorgeous mistress, I do want to be just like my sissy-daddy, I want to pleasure you just like he does, and be your bitch, your dirty boy-slut. It turns me on so to suck your cock just like he does, I want to be your Alicia too! I can be just as good a slut as him. I want your cock so bad, I want to be covered in your cum just like a good sissy slut should, just like my girly daddy does!"

As I continued to suck on her cock, I realised that there was something else I wanted to, something else that Leah liked to do to my slut dad, something else that a dirty whore bitch like me should have done to them. I was starting to long to get fucked, to feel her big hard cock penetrating my little arse. I don't know when this had happened, this morning I hadn't even thought this way at all about cock, in fact I was worried about my dad cheating on my mum, now I just wanted to be used like him, be fucked like him. As the desire turned into a deep yearning, there wasn't anything I could do but beg.

"Oh Leah, please would you fuck me!" I moaned, "Fuck my tight arse like you do with my daddy Alicia, I want to be made into a real girly slut just like him! I want to feel your big dick deep inside me, penetrating me while I lie there and take it like a whore!"

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