tagIncest/TabooIn Need of a Brother

In Need of a Brother


Ever since that day Annie opened up to her girlfriends about how she had a secret lust for her brother, she couldn't stop thinking about Adam. It started with just some outrageous talk. Annie loved to shock her friends with her uninhibited disclosures. And she really enjoyed talking openly and vividly about sex to other women with whom she felt close. But when Tina, who could be even more outrageous than Annie, flippantly suggested that if Annie, who was dissatisfied with the sex life she had in her marriage, felt so aroused and attracted to her brother, then maybe she should just go and check him out. And find out for herself what he might think about his sister's sexual frustrations and her attraction to him.

And what would Adam think, Annie now asked herself? He was as sexy and frisky as she herself was. They always had that in common, both of them very bold, even lewd about sex. But how would he feel if she actually came on to him? If it turned out to be a matter of having to decide whether you could have sex with your own sister! And what did she really think about that? It was one thing to fantasize about something like this, but could she actually do it? Could she actually have sex with her own flesh-and-blood and violate that ancient, time-worn taboo?

And then there was also the matter of Adam currently going out with one of her best friends. True, Brenda loved to tease Annie about what a hot lover her brother was, well aware of how totally frustrated her married friend was in the sex department these days. But could she fool around with one of her best friend's boyfriends, quite apart from the fact that the boyfriend happened to be her own brother? So there were two things to inhibit her from turning her fantasies into anything more. If Annie needed some action, if she needed some raw, hot sex, then there were plenty of guys out there who could give it to her, she knew. She was well aware of just how attractive and alluring and seductive she was. So it wasn't a matter of opportunity for Annie, but of her own willingness. Despite the fact that she was getting little of what she so desperately needed from her husband, still, she had decided not to fool around on him, not to have herself an affair and maybe stir up a hornet's nest of trouble. Maybe it would in fact be safer to get it on with her brother, knowing it couldn't possibly lead to anything but the most secret of liaisons. And maybe it would be good for Annie to make it with a guy who happened to be Brenda's boyfriend, aware that for this reason too, she'd have to keep a lid on it.

But all this was idle fantasizing. The question was, could she really do it with her brother when it came down to the nuts and bolts of it? And what would he think if she actually tried to make a move on him? Adam may've been as horny and as sexually charged up as she herself was. But that didn't mean he would willingly take to having sex with his own sister!

Anyway, Annie knew there was only one way to find out whether any of this made sense or was just a dream. And that was to visit Adam and feel things out. Annie was aware that Brenda was out of town for the weekend visiting her parents in Florida, so she figured this would be an ideal time to see him. She'd call him and suggest coming over. Maybe she'd say she wanted to talk to him about some problems she was having in her marriage. After all, she and Adam had always been very open talking to each other about their relationships. So she'd open up to him again and confess how she wasn't getting any, how frustrated she was, and see how he'd react. Then maybe she'd start talking about him and Brenda, what Brenda had said about their lovemaking. After that, if it seemed like the right thing to do, she could bring up to him how she had heard from Brenda that he was hung really, really big. She'd watch how he reacted to that shocker... and then she'd take it from there.

So she called Adam up and asked if she could stop by sometime over the weekend, knowing full well he wouldn't be with Brenda. She had something she wanted to talk to him about, she said.

"I'm so frustrated," she said after they sat down together. "We hardly have sex anymore, me and Bill. I don't know what it is. I mean it's not like he was ever a sex maniac, you know that, Adam."

She'd talked to her brother before about her husband and his rather muted libido, complaining that she and her husband may have been sexually mismatched.

"But now he hardly ever wants to do it anymore," she continued. "Plus, to tell you the truth, Adam, he never really did it all that much for me. He never could give me what I really needed, in the bedroom that is."

Her brother looked at her with interest, sympathizing. He and his sister had joked often about what a pair of sex freaks they were, how horny they always seemed to be. Before her marriage she had dated lots of guys and Adam was well aware she made it with most of them. He still remembered one time coming home and hearing his sister in her bedroom wailing her lungs out in sheer ecstasy as she was being fucked. It gave him a hardon then, listening to his sister groaning like that, knowing she was being solidly screwed ten feet from where he stood.

"And I'm pretty sure it's not because he's fooling around with someone else," Annie went on. "I think I'd sense it if that were the case. No. It's just that Bill was never into sex too much, I'd always have to coax him. All my girlfriends, they thought I was so lucky to marry a guy like him. An executive with a six-figure annual income, good-looking too. And smart and funny. All that's true, Adam. But it ain't enough. Not for me anyway. Not any longer. I can't give up good hot sex forever just to feel comfortable and secure."

Adam knew exactly what his sister meant. Satisfying sex topped his list of requirements for any relationship he was going to have with a woman. But what was his sister getting at by saying she couldn't put up with it 'any longer'?

Annie took a sip of her coffee.

"Though Bill never did care too much for sex, I think that for the last couple of months it's like he doesn't fuck me out of spite. In many ways he's a great guy, but he has this little cruel streak too. I mean, he knows how much I want it, how much I need it, so he makes it a point not to ever give me any. He sees how horny I am all the time. I mean, believe me, I give out that message, I let him know. You know me, Adam, I've always been that way, real horny, and real expressive about it. Since I first started fooling around."

She wasn't lying about any of this. Adam was aware of her reputation and knew his sister had a very healthy libido.

Suddenly Annie looked at her brother, a curious expression on her face.

"Adam? Do I seem like the sort of woman a guy couldn't get it up for?" she asked, adjusting her skirt so he could see some of her thighs and even peek up between her legs. He figured she wasn't doing this intentionally, spreading her legs a bit so he could clearly see her panties. But in her need to convince herself that she was sexually attractive, Adam figured, she just did one of those things that women often do unconsciously to elicit a response, hitching up a skirt an inch or so, or separating their knees a little, or leaving a shirt unbuttoned on top so that a little cleavage was showing. Of course Adam was wrong. Annie knew exactly what she was doing when she spread her legs apart casually so her brother could look up her skirt.

"No, Annie," Adam said, trying to be reassuring. "Any normal guy would be crazy for you."

"Thanks, it's nice to hear you say that," she said, slapping him playfully as though he was just saying this to make her feel good.

"No, I mean it," he told her. "Most guys I know anyway, they'd figure it was their lucky day if you walked into their lives... or into their bedrooms."

"Really?" Annie said, loving this, and wanting to hear more, getting exactly the response she sought.

"Yeah, Annie, I'm sure you give the average dude walking down the street a hardon," he told her. They'd always been able to talk like this, frankly, even a little lewdly.

"Even you, Adam?" she asked with a seductive purr. "Have I ever given you a hardon?"

He set up the trap and now walked straight into it.

"Yeah, Annie, even me, I guess," Adam confessed.

"What do you mean 'you guess'?" she asked, laughing now, her mood quickly lifting with this flirtatious repartee. "Are you just telling me that to make me feel good?"

"No Annie, I mean it," he reassured her. And the thing is, he did mean it! Adam couldn't deny to himself that he'd entertained his share of fantasies about his own sister and there was even a period in his life when she was his prime fantasy material, when he'd go to bed at night, think about her, and jerk off. That's something Annie didn't know, but, if she did, it would only have delighted her thoroughly.

"Really? I'd give you a hardon?" she purred, leaning closer, her big blue eyes sparkling now.

Something was happening here, something strangely exciting. Brother and sister, both privately having entertained fantasies about each other for years, were now on the brink of admitting to those fantasies. And maybe even doing something about them!

"Yes, even me," Adam confessed as his sister edged closer.

"You know, Adam, Brenda's been telling me about how you two guys are really having a great time with each other in bed," Annie said.

"Oh yeah? Just what has she been saying?" Adam probed.

"Among other things, she says you're really hot, that you're a great fuck," Annie told her brother as he smiled, smiled the way guys do when they've heard that kind of thing about themselves, not in the least nonplussed that he was hearing this from his own sister.

"She ain't so bad herself," Adam said.

"I wonder if she's as good as me?" Annie said, looking straight into her brother's eyes.

"I'm the wrong guy to ask," Adam said, staring into his sister's eyes. They said nothing for a long moment, just looking at each other.

"I'll be right back," Annie said, "I gotta go to the bathroom."

Adam sat there, strangely aroused by all this. He could even sense the blood rushing to his cock. That made him feel a little weird, but he couldn't deny he was getting very turned on by this conversation he was having with his sister.

A minute later Annie returned and sat back down opposite Adam. And now, as she hitched up her skirt and spread her legs a little as she had done before, Adam noticed something new. He noticed that his sister wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt, she had taken them off. Instead the thick, curly matte of her pubic bush was clearly visible.

He held his gaze for a long moment, and Annie noticed. She didn't say anything, playing dumb, though of course she had taken off her panties knowing full well that when she returned from the bathroom her brother would have a good view of her exposed snatch.

"And you know what else Brenda told me about you, Adam?" Annie continued now.

"No, what?" he said.

"She told me you were really hung, that you had a huge cock," Annie said, leaning closer. "Brenda can't stop talking about it. The bitch loves to tease me, always telling me how big you are. We like to talk about guys' cocks and stuff, so since you've been balling her she can't help telling me all the time about you and your endowment."

Adam was well aware Brenda appreciated his thick nine inch cock, and it didn't really surprise him that she had talked about it to his sister. Brenda was like that, like Annie. She was frank and outrageous and she loved to talk about sex.

"And you know what else?" Annie went on. "She showed me that Polaroid she took of you."

Adam knew exactly the Polaroid his sister was talking about. Brenda had him stand up one day when his cock was erect and hold a ruler against it. That's how she photographed him.

"I almost fainted when I saw that. Nine fucking inches! That wasn't a trick ruler, was it Adam?" Annie teased.

"No it wasn't," he told her as he could feel myself swelling up and getting stiff down below. His sister exposing herself to him like that and now telling him she knew all about his big dick, had even seen a picture of it, sure seemed to be having an effect on Adam.

"I love the way it stood up in the photo, straight up like that, like a fucking flag pole or something," she added.

"Glad you liked the image, sis," Adam smirked.

"You bet I liked it, bro," she said. "After Brenda showed it to me I went right home. Bill was already asleep and snoring. So I went to the bathroom, took a piss, and then just kept sitting there, on the toilet, strumming my clit until I got off. And what I was thinking about, picturing in my mind while I masturbated was your cock, Adam."

Now Adam was finally speechless as he heard this latest confession from his sister. And, looking down, to his crotch, she could detect a big bulge, his cock hardening and thickening under the denim of his jeans.

"Look at you, Adam, I think something's growing down there," she said, pointing right to it, "I'd say something about nine inches long."

Adam was well aware he now had a hardon. How could he avoid having one with his sexy sister in front of him, spreading her legs to show off her beaver, admitting to him how she had beat off to images of his cock. Where was Annie going with all this? What was happening here? Confusion mixed with excitement and even a small measure of anxiety as Adam suddenly realized who it was that was provoking him like this, his own foxy sister!

Now Annie leaned over and rested a hand on his thigh, only inches from his cock.

"Adam?" she said, looking into his eyes with her piercing blue ones. "I've been thinking about it so much since Brenda described it to me, your dick. And you know how all I've had these last couple of years is Bill's measly tool."

She'd complained more than once to her brother that her husband's endowment was a tad disappointing and, even, more to the point, that his cock never became fully erect, truly rigid.

"So now Adam, after all that, I just have to see it. I have to see it in the flesh! You've got to show it to me. I know Brenda would kill me if she knew I was doing this, but you won't tell her I asked to see it, will you? I just can't help myself. Show it to me, Adam. Please show it to me. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it."

"But-- but I'm your brother," Adam lamely protested.

"I know," she said, "and don't think I haven't thought about that. I know I shouldn't be asking you to do that, to show me your cock. I mean, I'm not stupid. I know it's one thing when we were young and curious and stuff, all innocent, wanting to see each other. Now we're two adults, real horny ones too. Don't think I haven't thought about all that."

"I don't know about this," Adam said, but his cock sure wasn't losing any of its mass or its stiffness, if that big bulge down there was any indication.

"All I want to do is look at it," Annie said, not really surprised by her brother's tentativeness. Though she knew he was as hot and sexy as she herself was, and that he enjoyed sexual banter, this was different. Sure she wanted to do more than just look at it, much more. But she knew she shouldn't push her luck. Maybe she'd just have to make do with this, just having a peek at his big tool. Assuming Adam agreed to even that much."

"So you really want to see it, huh?" he said, smiling now, even teasing her a little with that roguish smirk of his she knew so well and liked so much.

"Yeah, I want to see it real bad," she said, sliding her hand even further up his thigh, her fingertips a hairsbreadth from the bulge. Then she hitched up her skirt even more and spread her legs further apart.

"After all, I've been showing off mine," she said, finally owning up to her ruse as she flashed her pubic 'V' for her brother.

"Well, I guess if you're going to show me yours, Annie, then I'll have to show you mine too," he drawled, slowly unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans, reaching into the fly, as his sister's eyes focused on the spot like two hot lasers.

"Here it is," he said, suddenly pulling it out.

"Oh my God!" she gasped as she laid her eyes upon it.

He just sat back and pulled his hand away now, letting it stick straight up, in full view, as Annie gazed at it longingly.

"Look at it, it's so fuckin' big!" she said, marvelling at the sight of it, though she had already heard and seen how big it was. Then she suddenly pulled off her T-shirt.

"Here, let me show you something else," she said, showing off a pair of beautiful, firm breasts. "I know you've always liked these. I've caught you staring at them."

Adam had to admit his sister was right. He had stared at them and he did find them lusciously perfect. Annie liked to wear tight, low cut sweaters and skimpy halter tops, so she was often showing off her bosom. Plus, a couple of times he had chanced to see those beautiful round globes in the flesh as he caught sight of his sister changing after a swim or leaving the bathroom.

"You've got great titties, sis," he said, staring straight at them, enthralled by the full, round firmness, by the sharply-etched nipples.

"And you've got a great cock, Adam," she said, staring at it with an intensity that matched his own gaze. Then she slid a hand up her own thigh, to her pussy.

"Looking at it makes me want to touch myself, just like when I saw that photo," Annie said. "Can I? Can I touch myself while I stare at your big, beautiful dick, bro?"

"Sure, as long as I can stare at your pussy and your tits."

"Here, how about you have a better look," Annie said now as she flexed and spread her legs wide apart, and lifted her skirt up to her waist. Now she was completely exposing herself, her pussy staring her brother in the face. He gazed at it, mesmerized, his breathing deep and raspy now with the growing excitement. With his eyes transfixed on her like this, Annie slowly brought a hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit, which, swollen and stiff, she knew would be clearly visible to Adam. Annie was well aware her clit stood out starkly as a sentinel of arousal at the top of the fold where her labia met.

Adam's excitement was palpable to his sister.

"How about you touch yourself, Adam? How about you hold it in your hand and stroke it up and down?"

Of course what she really wanted to do was to reach over and take hold of it herself, but she was afraid her brother might balk at that. Adam still seemed a little unsure about all this, Annie could tell, even though he was willingly exposing himself to her, showing off as he twisted his rigid shaft in his fist. But she didn't want him to suddenly zip up and tell her that they really shouldn't be doing what they were doing. No, she'd have to go about it more indirectly, more seductively. So asking him to stroke his while she fingered hers seemed like a good start.

In her mind she was fantasizing that her brother would suddenly beg her to suck his cock or throw her down on the rug, spread her legs wide apart, and fuck her with that monstrously thick cock of his. But for now all she could do was to fantasize. She figured they'd better stick to just this, at least for tonight. They'd masturbate right in front of each other. A brother and sister could do that without really going overboard in breaking that deepest of taboos. Or could they?

"Say, Adam. Since you're not going to be seeing and screwing Brenda tonight like you probably planned, how about you beat off for me instead? I'd love to see you jerk that big thing off and shoot a nice load for me. That would just flip me out!"

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