tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn Over His Head Ch. 04

In Over His Head Ch. 04


Mavka had been watching the entire proceedings from her balcony perch with some amusement. Her keen senses picked up everything. She could hear every whisper as the girls gossiped and debated the odds and placed bets on each other. She could easily read the marks on the large scroll, even from such a huge distance. The tallies of the odds, the failed results of each attempt. Now the girls were getting desperate, placing side bets on how LONG before someone failed, or even if anyone would win at all. She silently cursed herself for not getting in on the action when they had started betting that Bernadette would be disqualified for trying to mount him. That would have been easy money! The twins had been very clever as well. Upping the buy in as each girl entered, because they had set the ante as a percentage of the total pot, which climbed of course with each new girl. Very clever indeed. Being one of the highest paid girls at the Boar, she would still easily be able to buy in, but the pot had grown so considerable now, nearly 2 months of earnings, she was now interested in actually winning.

Mavka had been born brilliant but rather plain. But she was anything but plain now, and she had been calculating and scheming ever since this whole thing started. She knew what had failed previously. Each girl had foolishly given everyone else all the details of their failed attempts.

For her part, Mavka had her own unique talents. She was the least called for but highest paid girl. Catering specifically to wizards and sages, she could hold her own with them in conversation thanks to her own extensive education and personal research. They found her intellect stimulating and her body... Well some would say her body could stop a charging army in its tracks. While she discoursed with them her sharp mind was filing away and categorizing and analyzing them. She quickly deciphered what made each client tick and what their innermost secrets and desires were, and how she could satisfy them in a way no one ever had before. She liked to think she was helping them psychologically and the majikal and alchemical research she was learning about was invaluable! And if they had fun in the meantime and she got paid, so much the better!

The little mouse was an interesting case that had her personally intrigued. She had to admit even without the bet she wouldn't mind getting him on her specially made, custom sized couch in her chamber for a session or two. There was something strange about him and the effect he was having on the women. On her even! She had seen him that first day from her perch above as she was people watching. Trailing in behind Yagaritte. He was so small and cute. She remembered Bernadette attempting mount him against the wall yesterday and how she had suddenly found herself wondering what it would feel like to have him under her skirts. She looked down at the bottom of the black leather dress she was currently wearing. It would have to be quite a bit under. The dress she was wearing now had very little skirt to speak of.

Six more had gone and returned since a naked soaked and shivering Bernadette had emerged from below, trying to look composed and in charge as she stalked off to her room. Mavka had just watched the last girl come back upstairs almost instantly. Barely any sand had run out of the timer since she had gone down. That was new.

There were no other challengers left! It was time to make her move.. before they wrapped the whole thing and called it quits. She slipped into her room and grabbed a soft silk rope, a gossamer thin sheet and headed downstairs in her high heeled boots.

Mistress Mavka was about to show these plebeians how it was done. Work smarter, not harder!

* * * *

Edovan looked a little worse for wear. His hair was only beginning to dry from Bernadettes assault , he was covered in lipstick marks from his face to his belly button, and he had more than a few red stripes across his skin where feminine nails had drug across him in various places. But, he had held his ground. Near as he could tell they were having some kind of contest to see who could bed him or something, and for the last 6 girls at least, he had to managed to keep his pants on and his manhood inside his pants. He'd tried reasoning with them, running from them, hiding in the laundry room (she found him) putting on multiple layers of women's clothes (mistake, he found the one girl turned on by that) and just asking them nice to stop (she did not). He finally realized that if he let them approach and start talking to him he found it all but impossible not to comply with whatever they asked. The word "no" was there banging around in his brain but he just couldn't force it out of his mouth when they were all over him. Margara's words echoed in his brain: Did you ever think to say no?

He took no chances by the sixth. The second he saw her slinking around the corner in her black lace nightie, he stood to his feet and yelled as forcefully as he could "NOOOO!"

It had actually caused him considerable physical pain to do so.

He was suddenly nursing a bit of a migraine and his stomach felt strangely uneasy as if he had violated some rule of the universe against telling pretty girls who want to bed you to "fuck off." It had worked though. She had stopped in her tracks, stunned. Not sure what to do next. And the second she took another step forward he had shouted it again, stronger and more forcefully, this time almost doubling over with the force of it. Like someone had punched him in the gut. The pretty blonde had blinked twice like a stray cat you meet in a back street that can't decide if you are its last hope or last sight... and then turned on her heels and fled.

He had just picked up his soap and started scrubbing again to take his mind off the migraine and the other pains when he heard loud heavy footsteps approaching. Someone was coming, Walking with confidence and purpose. He was suddenly very unsure if his new found resistance would be enough to save him from whoever was coming down that hall. With footsteps that confident, he assumed the woman who was making them was a force to be reckoned with, one that wouldn't take a simple no...

He steeled himself for inevitable, bending down further into his work, scrubbing the soap more furiously. Maybe if he looked busy she would change her mind...? That was a futile hope and he knew it. He decided since he knew she was coming to turn away from her and just ignore her. Just lose himself in his work and focus on the laundry. Will himself not to look or stop.

The footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs, the sound echoing and fading around Edovan. He didn't want to look up from his work, didn't want to see what woman had come to claim him this time. He was tired, his body was sore, his head was aching. Maybe it would be best to let this one win. Let her have her way with him. At least then, it would be over, wouldn't it? He would be afforded some small amount of peace.

"Darling..." the voice purred from behind him. "You are in a right state..." she said, the sound of her footsteps echoed out again as she descended the small flight of stairs. He could hear her fingernails pressing against the bare stone, scratching it as she walked. There was another sound as well, a soft, fluttery sound that followed behind her, dragging on the floor. He could hear her making her way around the room, achingly slow. It was torture. But he didn't dare look up, didn't stop scrubbing.

She went all the way around the room, finally coming up behind him. She was tall... he was swimming in her shadow, which seemed like it took up most of the room. She bent low and whispered in his ear, "Do you want a break from all this hard work?" she said against his neck, her breath hot and sweet. He could feel a slender piece of fabric skim across his shoulder, as it began to dangle down his chest. He looked down. It was a silken rope. He swallowed. Oh boy...

Mavka grinned, licking her teeth. This might be easier than she thought, though she wondered why, especially after the last girl came slinking shamefully back after a mere ten seconds. Of course, nobody else at the Boar had anything on her, not even Bernadette, no matter how big of a show she put on. She reached down and cupped Edovan's chin, her nails sliding gently upward and across his cheek. "Do you know what a safe word is, love?" she asked him, still bending low to speak into his ear. From behind, her fingers traveled down his cheek again, then further down still, as she walked them across his neck, his chest, his stomach. She went down on her knees behind him, spreading them apart as she slid lower. She leaned down over him and grabbed the silken rope and pulled it down, tying one end around Edovan's left wrist.

"Ah...!" he intoned softly, dropping the soap he was still gripping onto for dear life. "Please..." he begged softly.

"Call me Mistress Mavka," she growled in his ear. "And remember... no...means yes..."

She spun him around abruptly on his stool, shocking him into opening his eyes. She was tall, as he had suspected, even as she was crouching, he could tell that. But even coming face to face (in this case, it was simply an expression) with her was a shock. She was impossibly huge. Standing full height she would have towered over Yagaritte, even. Kneeling as she was with her long legs spread wide apart she still towered over him. Each shapely thigh was almost as long as his whole body! She had shimmering dark purplish black skin with red markings, and hair the color of dark berries. She was beyond shapely. Her gigantic breasts hung heavily above him. He could almost sense the weight of them. They were being held up by the smallest, most obscene piece of clothing (and that was a term he used lightly here) he had ever seen, a painted on dress, with a skirt so short it was barely covering her nethers. And he was immediately aware she wasn't wearing anything underneath it because her slightly parted purplish labia, glistening, dark and hungry, were hovering just beyond and above his face. Logical brain was praying to whatever gods that would listen that she not have have the same proclivities as Bernadette. Lizard brain was also on his knees, praying the gods would ignore the prayers of the first.

She was shaved bare, save for a small tuft right at the top, a matching deep red to the hair on her head. She also had a menacing set of horns with a tail to match, and sharp fanged teeth which she licked hungrily as she looked down at Edovan, holding the other end of the rope between her taloned hands. Her eyes were two deep, dark pools of blackness.

She was a gigantic dremora.

Panic struck him as he stared into dark, thick slippery looking lips as big as his face. Dremora weren't human, Nord or any of the mortal races. They were Daedra. From the planes of Oblivion and beyond. All mages knew of them. His clannfear was one of the lower forms. But female dremora were rare, and usually much higher ranking. And worse... it was rumored that if you accidentally had the misfortune to summon a female dremora, she would ravage you and suck out your soul and take it back to Oblivion with her. He began to wonder now if the enormous cleft inches from his face would be the path his soul would take, or would it be a more traditional route? Was your soul in your head? If so, he figured he was in for a world of hurt.

Kneeling over him now, his small lean form between her thighs... this close to him, she could feel it even stronger...this strange attraction. No... it was a compulsion! She felt a hunger stirring in her loins that she had never felt before. It was a dull ache of emptiness. She wanted... no... she needed him inside her. Needed to fill herself with as much of him as she could. He looked so tiny and helpless it was all she could do not to simply just press down on his tiny head and keep going till she hit the floor, and strangely she knew with certainty that she could have, somehow. It was a sexual urge certainly, but there was something else... something primal, something deep. She wanted to swallow him whole, to consume him till there was nothing left. She felt herself inching downward against her will. He was right there, just a few scant inches away. The ache inside her was desperate now. A hollow hunger only he could satisfy. She struggled to maintain control and gasped as she felt her labia parting in front of him, somehow of their own free will, as she lowered herself, shivering, as she anticipated that first electric spark of pleasure she knew she would feel when his tiny face first brushed against the slick inner walls of her now quivering lips. He was between them now, his face in her yawning maw, but not touching, like the beast tamers in the royal circuses. All she had to do was drop one tiny centimeter...

No! She took control back, rising to her full height suddenly, still holding the rope, pulling his wrist up with her over his head. Her mind was strong. She wanted that money. She would not lose this bet. She would make him cum for her, and more. She was smart and patient. After she had collected her winnings, there would be plenty of time for her to revisit these strange feelings that were washing over her, and possibly even act on them, but for now she had work to do.

Edovan looked up at her in confusion, as he realized his head was safe. She was like, and unlike, Bernadette. Where Bernadette had impulsively driven her loins towards his head with a ravishing hunger, Mavka had done the same... but there was a hesitance there, and inner turmoil that only she understood. There was a small sliver of disappointment that shot through him, but it faded quickly as his wrist was yanked up as she righted herself. "Ah..." he murmured softly. It didn't hurt, but it was clear she could easily control him this way.

Mavka, back in her right head space, grinned down at him. "The other one," she motioned, towards the hand that wasn't yet bound.

Edovan looked down at his hand, then back up at her, and with a soft sigh, complied, holding his arm up. She looped the rope around the other wrist and secured it. "You look like a package that wants opening," she purred, looking at how helpless he seemed. The ropes seemed to be just for show, as she knew he wouldn't fight her, with or without them. She dragged him across the room where, she picked up a chair from the wall. She turned it around and sat Edovan in it, only a little forcefully. She dropped down to her knees, her breasts swinging into his face. "Bite them," she demanded, flicking a nipple carelessly. She wrapped her other hand around Edovan's neck and pulled him forward, brushing her other nipple against his lips. They were all but popping out of the top of her dress.

"I... I don't...!" Edovan squeaked. But his ability to resist was greatly diminishing, and he was finding it harder to say no, to not comply with each wish. Not that he didn't want to please Mavka, he just... he didn't know what he wanted. All he knew was that his mind swam with thoughts of Yagaritte- her smile, her laughter, the rhythm of her heartbeat as they had lain together the night before. That was what he wanted. He wanted her body, he knew that, and so much more. But Mavka... she was here, she was now. He squeezed his eyes closed and parted his lips. He pressed his mouth against the fabric of her dress and bit down on the nipple that was hard underneath it.

She moaned softly, her fingers gliding through his hair. "Harder..." she whispered. She was usually the one doing the dominating, but every now again, she liked to treat herself.

He bit down harder.

"Oh..." Mavka groaned softly. She pulled his head back by his hair and leaned her face close to his. "You're very compliant," she mused, her finger sliding across his cheek. "And so handsome, too..." she noted. She reached behind him and slid the rope around the back of the chair and tied it together, securing him there, in the chair. "Promise me you won't run away?"

Edovan looked down, realizing how vulnerable he was now. Legs spread, shirtless. She could do anything she wanted to him, and he wouldn't be able to stop her. Wondered if he even wanted to. Lizard brain decidedly did not.

Mavka got back up and sashayed over to the bottom of the stairs where she had let the gossamer sheet she'd brought with her slip to the floor. She bent, carefully, slowly, to pick it up. She made sure to give Edovan a show, her lips glistening between her thighs. "Mmm..." she moaned softly, sliding the sheet between her breasts. "The girls tell me I can't touch you, but. I think I'm smarter than that," she continued, coming back over to him. She whipped the sheet around him and covered him with it, bending low again. She danced her fingers across his growing erection under the sheet, so he could understand what she meant.

Edovan groaned softly, closing his eyes.. He bit his lip, trying to hold in a louder cry. He was yearning for release, to finally be freed of this burden he had carried for over a day now. It was long, far too long. And though Mavka looked every part the dominatrix, her touch was deceitfully gentle.

Mavka got back down onto her knees in front of him, watching his face with pleasure. This was probably going to easier than she imagined, especially since all the girls before her had given him just that much more incentive to go over the edge. She could see it in his face, feel it in his muscles. He was tense, holding himself together- but barely. She leaned in, her mouth against his ear. "Why won't you let this end?" she asked him in a gentle whisper. She could make it so easy for him. She didn't only just want the money now, or to study him, she wanted to end his suffering.

Edovan opened his eyes again and looked directly into her own; shining, black, and deeper than anything he'd ever seen, including the sea. Colorless though they were, he could tell they hid some sadness, that behind them lay a deep heartbreak.

He nodded.

Mavka licked her lips. "Now wasn't that easy?" she said, and pulled gently on the rope the tighten the binding around his wrists. "All you have to do it sit back and enjoy," she said, standing up to her full height again. She put a hand on his head and walked around the chair, looking down, admiring him. She could see the growing bulge of his erection just under the sheet. "What shall I do first?" she mused aloud. "Shall I have a little taste? Or should I give you a few moments of ecstasy, a release?" she wondered. She only had seven minutes, so she had to choose her torture wisely. She could make a man last all night and into the wee hours of the morning with barely a touch, but that wouldn't do here.

"Only I see one problem..." she purred, stopping in front of him again. She dropped to her knees in one swift motion and disappeared underneath the sheet, crawling between his legs.

Edovan panicked, struggling, fruitlessly, against the bindings around his wrist. He couldn't see what she was doing, and a surge of self-preservation jolted through him. He protectively squeezed his legs closed tightly. "Aww... that's no fun," he could hear her speaking from beneath the sheet, her face close to his crotch, her breath hot and wet, heavy against his skin. It prickled in response. "Come on, let me in, I'll be gentle..." she promised. She ran a hand up his thigh, reaching for the band of his pants. He tail curled up behind her, out of the sheet, and stroked Edovan's cheek gently.

Edovan swallowed, but relaxed, letting his legs loosen up at her request. He closed his eyes leaning into her tail. It was a gentle caress, and he was so tired...

Mavka reached to pull his pants down, letting them fall to his ankles. In the dim light filtering through the sheet, she admired his manhood for a moment, and indeed he was a perfect specimen. She would love to have a little more fun with him someday, but she had other things to worry about now. She licked her lips. She wanted it so badly...

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