tagRomanceIn Plain Sight

In Plain Sight


Standing in the hospital waiting room Frank was unable to concentrate on anything. His mind was a cauldron of worry for the one he loved who was on the operating table. He was assured that everything was going well, but the nagging doubts continued. The room was empty but for two teenaged girls engrossed in their phones. He envied them knowing that in their youth they had no experience with how the world can seem ok at one moment then fall apart the next. He tried to distract himself by constructing elaborate fantasies involving the attractive newscaster on the waiting room TV, but his brain uncharacteristically refused to budge from the patient in the other room. Finally the door opened and a doctor in surgical scrubs came in.


In the empty classroom, the desk creaked rhythmically with each thrust of the teacher's hips as his cock plunged into his pupil's ass. Her uniform was still on and her panties were down at her ankles. She was lying face down across the table, her pigtailed hair held in his grasp. He began to groan and he let go of her hair and gripped her ass cheeks, his pace becoming more frantic. The girl opened her mouth and let out a howl of pleasure as she felt his body shudder and her rectum fill with his cum. Without pulling away, she turned to kiss him, his cock still inside her.

"Will I be able to graduate Mr. Williams?" She asked sweetly.

"Yes, I'll give an A for the ass you just gave me." He replied.

She laughed at his stupid joke and wiggled her butt. "You absolutely filled me up. Do you have some tissues?"

Frank cursed internally for this omission. "Samantha? We need to clean up." He yelled at the classroom door.

"Who?" The girl asked.

"My personal assistant." He said as the door opened and a woman walked in carrying towels. She was in her mid-thirties dressed conservatively like a business woman.

"Oh, you're the one who set this up huh?" The girl asked as Frank's cock finally dislodged itself with an audible pop. Samantha nodded and handed her a towel. She cleaned herself and then pulled up her panties.

"So Frank, was I good enough for a second date? I'll do any fantasy but incest and scat." She asked as she adjusted her uniform.

"Excellent, I especially like how your pigtails make you look so young, but I warn you there's much competition for the position of sugar baby. I'll let you know by Friday." He answered.

"Remember that I dance at the Pink Puppy Thursdays to Sundays." She said.

"Of course." He answered.

With that, she gave him a quick peck on the lips and left.

Once they were alone, Samantha pulled out a tablet and touched the screen. "Lulu 5'1" 95 LBs, petite build, B cup, age 22." She recorded the information.

"22? I thought she was 18." He complained.

"Her birth certificate says otherwise. She also fibbed about her education level. High school drop-out and a few months of beauty school and that's it."

"Tramp stamp on her back and some zits on her butt. Why do only the dumb girls like me? In all these years I've never gotten past the second date with the smart ones that truly excite me." He complained. She opened her mouth, then reconsidered.

"You were going to say something?" he asked.

"Pass or Fail?

"Fail but put her on the 'I'm desperately horny and there's nobody else' list." He answered.

She sighed and tapped in a few notes before closing the screen.


The carriage lurched forward as the horses responded to the driver's command. A man was standing next to the window holding a woman's gloved hand.

"Please hurry back, I can't bear being without you my dear." He said as his wife's carriage pulled away. He stood dutifully as it went down the gravel lane and through the gates. He took out a silken handkerchief and dabbed his brows as he waited for it to disappear from sight. Once free of his husbandly duties, he turned and walked quickly back to his mansion.

"Isaac! Where are you?" He yelled as he walked inside.

"Here master." Said a dignified older black man wearing a butler uniform.

"Where's Shareese?"

"Taking a bath as you ordered sir."

Frank darted past the patient servant and bounded through the kitchen then out the back door. The backyard was spacious and large designed for the outdoor social life so loved by his wife. Frank continued along a path that disappeared through the trees and ended at a storage building. He stopped and looked around to see if anyone was watching before quickly darting around the corner. Behind the building was a small cottage nestled among concealing bushes.

Unbeknownst to his wife, this small building housed his favorite slave, Shareese. Only two keys were made for this door and he had one of them. He quietly inserted it and slowly opened the door. Inside he could hear the sound of water splashing and a melodic voice singing. There was only one room with a crude curtain drawn across it. He crept up to the curtain and peeked through its coarse fabric. Her room was not fancy but certainly better than any of her compatriots with a bathtub, coach, bed and dresser. She was in the tub with one leg up and was running a razor carefully down its length. Her coal dark skin nearly flawless yet shiny in the light of a lantern, Frank had to admit they were better than his wife's before she bore his children. She received the best food and her job as a seamstress minimized her exposure to the soul crushing labor of the fields so her body was fresh and soft to the touch. Finished with her task, she stood up. Frank was transfixed by her heart shaped ass and bountiful breasts that seemed to beg for his mouth. She continued with her soothing song as she toweled off the moisture. Satisfied, she dropped it and walked over to the sink naked her butt moving like salt water taffy. Sitting on the sofa with her legs slightly askew, she picked up her shaving kit and applied shaving cream to her pussy. Franks pulse jumped and his cock began to harden as she took out her straight razor and began to very carefully clear away her pubic hairs. Impressed by her sure handedness, he thought that maybe she could be his barber. The room was quiet but for his breathing and the scraping sound of the blade. His dick now completely erect, he fished it out of his pants and slowly stroked it.

Once done, she relaxed a bit relieved not to have cut herself. She leaned back and her hands playfully explored her pussy. He moved over so he could see as her fingers pushed aside her lips exposing her inviting pink hole. With one hand on her nipple the other rubbed her clit, her eyes closed in concentration. Frank's fapping got more frantic and he paid no heed to the fact that his efforts were causing the curtain to shake. She stopped and dipped two fingers inside and pulled them out glistening wet. Opening her eyes she smiled and addressed the bouncing curtain. "I'm ready master."

Frank pulled aside the curtain with his free hand and hobbled awkwardly toward her as his pants began to fall down. He kneeled in front of her as if he were about to worship at the altar of femininity, but stuck in his cock instead. She hooked her legs around his back as he began thrusting and moaned in pleasure. He put a stop to her vocalizations by leaning in to kiss her.

Both caught up in the moment, neither of them noticed the door opening and a figure stepping inside.

He continued to pummel her pussy until he announced he was ready to cum.

"Fill me up master!" she cried looking disappointed when he pulled out.

"Get on your knees slave." He ordered.

She got into position and obediently waited mouth open and face tilted back. She didn't wait long before wads of white goo shot across her nose and into her hair. Subsequent blasts went into her nose and eyes before the last spasms landing on her tongue.

Footsteps behind them and several clicks of a camera announced the arrival of Samantha who came in close for a few shots of Shareese's ruined face.

"Good shot." Samantha said.

"Are you done sugar?" Shareese asked.

"Yeah. I didn't jack off for a week. Is that the biggest load you've ever taken?" He asked.

"Uh, yeah I guess." She said as she wiped her eyes with a towel offered by Samantha.


Later as Samantha drove him home, Frank took out his tablet.

"Nice shot of her shaving." He said.

"Taken with a real camera." She said.

"Flawless skin."

"You told me that was important."

"Are you actually screening them in the nude?"


"You continue to impress me."

"Thank you. Is she a keeper?" Samantha hoped he didn't see her slight embarrassment.

"Borderline. Great body and nice skin, but she doesn't like cum. Did you see her flinch?"

"Ah, what shall I tell her?" She asked.

"We'll decide in two weeks. Now about that Star Wars Jedi girl, we need to schedule a make-up artist and costume designer... "

"Could I ask a favor?" She interrupted.


"My daughters' team has made the state playoffs and will be travelling. I'll need some time off."

"I guess so. Playoffs? They must take elementary sports real serious these days."

"That was 10 years ago. They're in high school now."

He shook his head theatrically, though some of it was a real attempt to loosen the cobwebs in his mind.


Frank stood at the podium and looked out at his audience of mostly women between the ages of 18-22. Glancing down at his notes, he found his place again and continued. "That is why it is important for me to continue supporting Western California University women's sports programs. I'm proud to have this award named in my honor and look forward to meeting this year's winner, someone I've watched over the past year grow to become the conference's premier pole-vaulter, Mindy Wilson." He picked up a trophy and waited for a young woman dressed in an evening gown to arrive and accept the award. "Look at her in the eyes" He thought as he fought the urge to scan her head to toe. Free of his obligation, he escaped into the crowd. As he made his way back to his table, he inhaled the fragrances and imagined what it would have been like if this multitude of fit young women were to do a monkey pile on him. He sat at his assigned table with coaches and administrators making conversation until it was ok for him to excuse himself. Outside the hall he found Samantha.

"Oh man, all that pussy." He whispered.

"You did well on that speech." She said while straightening his lapel.

"I almost blurted that wanted to fuck them all." He worriedly.

"You didn't so everything was good." She reassured him.

"Any leads?"

"One freshman on the golf team and two juniors on the volleyball team." She answered.

"They were ok with wearing their uniforms?"

"Yes. We're just ironing out the details. The golf course will be fine, the gymnasium rental will be tricky. We do have to be careful because the NCAA would not look favorably on this arrangement."

"God I love you." He said grabbing the sides of her head and planting a kiss on her forehead. He returned to the banquet. She waited until he was out of sight before touching the spot and smiling.


Frank stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Not bothering to wait he walked into his bedroom dripping water on the carpet as he haphazardly dried himself. A ray of sun peeked through the heavy curtains and played across the room.

"What time is it?" he said to himself pushing back the drapes.

"Late afternoon judging by the sun's angle." He continued his monologue. He stood there feeling the heat of the sun on his skin, strangely fascinated by the yellow/orange color of the light.

"Huh, what a nice view, I've never noticed before." Looking down at himself he realized that he was still nude. "Maybe the neighbors would agree?" he said backing off from the window. Returning to his bureau, he found clothing neat and folded waiting for him. Noting his reflection in the mirror, he dashed off a quick message to Samantha asking for a haircut. Almost instantly she responded "Tuesday afternoon." He dressed and headed down to the kitchen for an extremely late breakfast.

In the kitchen he grabbed a fresh pastry and a cup of coffee that had just finished brewing. As he was eating, he noticed two young women sitting at a table in the dining room. Both of them wore tight blue jeans and t-shirts featuring the name and logo of a local high school. Spread out on the table were notebooks and textbooks, the two had on their ear buds and were engrossed in their studies. He admired their slender athletic figures and good sized busts. He patted his pockets and realized he had left his cellphone upstairs, so he had no way to check if this was part of a scheduled fantasy or something spur of the moment. Maybe they were potential WCU recruits looking for financial assistance. He just couldn't recall.

"Oh well, I'm sure it's a good one. I need to be more spontaneous anyway." He thought to himself.

He sat down at the table and smiled.

"Hi girls." He said.

The two looked up surprised.

He waggled his fingers at them and scooted his seat closer to one of them.

"Oh, you must be Mr. Williams." The closet one said.

"You know who I am?" His right hand dropped below the surface of the table and crept towards a luscious thigh.

"Of course, our mother works for you." His hand stopped inches from its target.

"Sara and Jenny right?" He said suddenly seeing the resemblance in their faces.

"We're having our last practice tonight before the playoffs start this weekend. Mom's going to drive us when we finish our homework."

His hand sheepishly returned to the table's edge.

"Wow it's been a while. Well, don't let me interrupt your studies." He stood up awkwardly hoping that they didn't see the bulge in his pants.

"Help yourself to anything in the kitchen." He said as he beat a hasty retreat back into the kitchen and into a hallway.

"I was inches away from becoming a sex offender." Visions of prison showers and bars of soap danced through his mind. Disgusted with himself, he retreated further to outside and into the backyard. The sun's angle was a little lower and now the color was reddish orange. Still feeling some residual guilt he dropped his head. Staring at the light patterns on the ground he noticed that the color reminded him of their hair, the exact same as their mother's.


Frank set a slow methodical pace on the treadmill, not really interested in getting a cardio workout. His reason for this rare excursion into the world of physical fitness, was the location of his treadmill right behind the bike of a fine looking young woman. Her hair was long and blond in a single braid down her back. She wore a tight t-shirt over an ample bosom that swayed rhythmically to her supple thighs peddling. His attention, which he made no effort to disguise, was on the magnificent ass clad in black yoga pants. The fabric stretched thin enough for him to see the outline and color of her panties. The seat wedged in her crotch, ass cheeks shaking, he lost himself in the sight not aware of the large bulk standing near him.

"You sick fuck." A muscled man growled at Frank.

"Huh? Oh that." Frank pointed at her ass.

"Yeah, ya fuckin' dweeb. You got no right to that." Muscle man said.

"Oh you bet I do."

"Neck beards like you got no place here drooling over our women. Go back to the comic shop and wank off there."

"I disagree. I had her last night and I'll have her again tonight." Frank responded matter of factly.

"Bullshit." He yelled causing the young woman to stop and turn.

"Dan, stop it." She said getting off the bike.

Frank smiled. They say money can't buy you love, but you can sure have lots of fun with it." He walked over to the bike, leaned over and sniffed the seat theatrically.

"Ah as always, a lovely bouquet Lisa. Come over here." He beckoned. At first she hesitated and looked at the muscleman with a slightly pained look before complying. Frank grabbed her ass and nuzzled her ear.


Franks eyes opened. He was on a gurney in what appeared to be the back of an ambulance. A medic crouched next to him relaying information to the ER. On the other side was Samantha. She had a worried expression and her mascara was streaked. He realized a great pain in his chest and head. His eyes closed.


Sunlight poured through a window next to Frank's bed. It bathed Samantha in brightness and warmth as she was engrossed in the display on her laptop that showed a read out of his investments. She did not notice that his eyes had fluttered open and were looking at her.

"I know her. She works for me. What's her name?" His brain struggled through the fog of painkillers.

"She's worked for me a long time. She handles my finances, she gets me girls." He tested his fingers and toes finding that they were in working order. He attempted to move his body and was rewarded with a wash of pain. He relaxed and looked at her again, admiring the way the light made her hair appear redder. His eyes marched downward. "Nice figure, she could be a dancer. No wait... she was a stripper. I remember now." His attention returned to her face, her eyes grey blue moving back and forth as she scanned the text. Unable to say anything he watched her in silence. A strange feeling of contentment spread through his body as he felt secure knowing she could be trusted.

"Samantha." His lips and tongue finally worked.

She looked up and smiled bringing another twinge of pleasure to him that he had not felt in a long time.

"The doctor said you should be coming back by now." She said as she walked up to him.

"How? How? Oh I remember some of it now." He croaked. She fetched a cup of water and held it to his parched lips.

"Little did you know that he was her recent ex-boyfriend." She said while holding the cup. Frank could smell her scent and feel her warmth. He wanted more. As if hearing his silent plea, she began to brush his hair gently.

"Crap. I would've done it differently." He said finished with the water.

"Lisa's not cooperating with police either." She continued.

"That figures." He said.

"He works at a vitamin shop, so suing him won't get you much." She said.

"Yes, that figures too." He said paying more attention to her touch than her words.

"On a better front, the doctor says you will make a full recovery." She assured him.

"As long as my dick works."

"The day that stops working, will be your funeral." She said.


"Ok Mr. Williams, I'll sign you out and you are good to go." The doctor smiled and offered his hand.

"MMMM?" Frank turned his attention away from the Asian newscaster on the TV.

"I'm signing your release." The doctor said.

"Ah, yes of course." Frank shook his hand and the doctor left.

"What is your fevered libido coming up with now?" Samantha asked as she gathered up his belongings.

"I can't decide between the blonde on channel 3 or the Asian on channel 6." He admitted.

"Newscaster fantasy? Like the ones from Japan?" She asked.

"Sorta, I'd be the only one though. You know don't like being around naked men." He said.

"I'm sure we can find a set and a girl for you. What part will you play?"

"Either the producer or a cameraman. I'll write a script later." He said.

"It'll probably take a couple of weeks maybe longer to set up."

"Damn. Well I guess I can find a simpler scenario while we set this one up. What about that Catholic school senior?"

"Sorry, she's a trap."

"She has a dick?"

"Worse, she's only 16."


"Fake ID. I did some digging and found out that at age 14 her parents agreed to a large out of court settlement with a rich man they had set up." She revealed.

"They must have spent it all and were looking for a new mark. How did you find out?" He asked.

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