In Quest


I place my journey, throughout the ancient ruins, within the heart of the Egypt. She was called the wife of pharaoh. Her name is etched upon the pillars, ever so high. I visit the site of the Aztec, her name is written on the temple. I am in awe. The ancients speak of her as the beauty of life. She is the beauty to be, the beauty of old, and the one to come, once again. Her image is carved upon stones from around the four corners of the earth, until now. I visit the ruins at the temple at Athens. Artifacts do arise in her glory. I find both her image and her name, written on the walls of many temples that do stand the sands of time. I have spent an eternity, in search for my love. I travel in time, seeking the one female, to bear my child. My name is Nisu. Many kings of Egypt bore my name as their title, until the nation became perplexed and faltered.

My father was Seth, son of Adam. I studied and developed mathematics and science. Products the ancients could not understand. I wrote geometric evaluations and finally after two years, I understood time travel. I left a log of my experiments daily. I spoke to my father about the value of time travel. "My child, no mere mortal should be aware of your discoveries," my father spoke in a whisper. My father ordered me to be silent, as my mother approached. I secretly wrote to my father, only after his approval of my discoveries. He called me the child of destiny, and he said my name would be etched upon eternal pillars. After the year of eighteen summers, I traveled and brought back information of my journeys. My father informed me of life after each return. Life changed with them each day. Science and mathematics increased. Finally, he told me, these remarkable explorations will be only known, to a unique group of people. He called them, the Seth, after his own name. So, my journey with the ancient people of the Seth, became aware, and defined.

A favorite among the thoughts of the followers of Seth, was Horus, an Egyptian. He read my geometric calculations and understood. My skills and thoughts were used to create the pyramids of ancient Egypt, and in the Aztec empire. I traveled to many points of time and I finally realized that I was giving, a certain feedback to the people of Seth. The only thing missing was a mate. I truly needed a partner to spread my seed across the earth. A woman, that I could both generate a loving relationship with, and release my thoughts to this world. I calculated, if I only spent three days among a mission, seeking a mate, I could live for an eternity. I only gave myself three days to find the mate of my soul, during each time travel.

If Cleopatra only knew, my lust was so complete. I would have sucked lightly, upon her large breast. Her milk chocolate nipples would stand erect. My tongue would bring her to her knees. I would match the strokes of her thrust. I would taste the wetness of her desire. She would need no other. I would swallow her sexual fluids. A drink of passionate wine, mingled with the juice of my tongue. Many shakes of lustful thoughts would entertain her body. No other man would enter her mind, as I moved forward to her sweet tunnel. My bronze soldier would pump her clit, as she tightened her muscles on my phallic entity. Her womanhood would devour my hardness, until I released my soul, within her willing body. She would have opened her eyes, and howled to the full moon. Like an owl of lust, in the moons of glory, upon the final stokes of her mate. She would then close her eyes, until his juices become hers.

The creature of an owl is a nocturnal beast, ready for a good mate, to shake the branch hard on a special night, and impregnate her with a child. On the night of her greatest passion, I would devour her with my beast. She would have spent a lifetime, looking for a mate, until tonight. I only have three days and three nights to find a woman that holds my lust, and has no love for another. I set my timeline to Helen of Troy. I have reached my objective. My father would be proud. She is the daughter of Zeus and of Leda. She was the wife of a King of Sparta. I breathed unto the soil of her homeland of birth. I spoke to the earth and conjured her name and the ground shook before me. A mist fell upon the land. A rushing wind in a swirl of force, re-creates, this woman, Helen of Troy. She is complete. I stole a DNA sample during my travels. I used science as an instrument for my own purpose.

She awakens. Her hair is in her eyes. I kiss her full lips. I can tell she is a virgin. Her tongue duels with mine. Her nipples become hardened, as I stroke her inner thigh. She moans as I suck lightly upon her breast. My tongue and lips become suction cups, she can't resist. Her body takes over, as I work my way down to her clit. I suck her juices, and she becomes a living sexual being again. She moves her hips, stroke, by stroke, with my wet tongue. She orders me to suck it stronger and faster. She calls out my name in the shout of a warrior. Her body trembles, as she becomes one with me. She loses herself in my raw silk. Now I am her slave of desire. I know, I must inject my life immediately into her, and she will bear my child. After the coupling, I asked her if she would become my wife. She whispered in my ear, "give me, what I know not, and I will follow you to the gates of heaven."

I made it so, to the timeline of my father. My father welcomed her, with my mother at his side. He as an elder and judge, declared a national day of joy. We held a re-union of our family and friends. Upon the ceremony, my father asked what her new name would be. I whispered to him, "Elena of Troy, because our honeymoon will be in Spain." He did not understand, yet he allowed it to be so. This time we will spend a month in Spain, during the twenty first century. She asked me, if I would teach her more of the sexual techniques, I have learned throughout my journeys. I told her that I studied the mating rituals of both man and animals, and my favorite mating ritual was the sex of the ostrich. She reached many orgasmic couplings with this technique. It became a favorite between us. Our juices mingle daily.

She is the beauty of life. She is the beauty to be, the beauty of old, and the one to come, once again. She gives me a new breath, a life to be. We are one. She will travel by my side, as eternity teaches us the techniques of life. We will learn together, new frontiers. We will develop science and mathematics, beyond our scope. Together, we will survive as creatures of love and lust. When we go back in time, the ancients learn beyond reason. Seth is everywhere. Remember and never forget, always and forever, my love.

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