tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn Return For All The Times

In Return For All The Times


All characters are of legal age. This story contains rough anal sex, female dominance, abuse, and scat. If these do not appeal to you, turn back now.


She laughed at my prostrate form. "There's a good Ace. Show me your ass."

I frowned, her skeptical and uncertain demeanor disappearing distressingly quickly. I felt a cold finger stroke my crack, lube dripping between my cheeks and onto my balls, causing them to shrink.

She pressed a finger inside me, gently at first, and then more insistently. I fought my body's instinct and loosened my sphincter, letting it in. She thrust it slowly, then slowly faster, warming up my ass for something larger. She pulled her finger out, and I sighed lightly.

She already wore the harness and I heard her digging in the toy bag for the dildo. I heard it come out and knew she held it reverently, wishing it plugged into her nervous system. She lubed it up, rubbing the residue between my cheeks. Seconds later, instead of fingers, I felt something larger.

I struggled to loosen my sphincter, and it cooperated for a few seconds before rebelling, but by then it was too late; the head was inside me, and oh, it stretched me. She pushed deeper and deeper, and much too late I realized she has switched dildos on me. It was larger than I could handle, and I tried to pull away.

She smacked my ass. "Sit still while I fuck you."

I moaned at the sting of her fingertips on my cheek, and she grabbed my hips more securely and resumed her thrusting.

"Please please..."

"Please what? Please deeper?" She continued.

"...please stop. ...too much."

"I'll tell you when it's too much. You asked for this, I'm just giving what you asked for. Stop your whining." She smacked the other cheek, and continued again.

I collapsed my body to the floor, removing my ass from the once-convenient position it once held, where she could easily penetrate me, but she followed me down, and used the momentum to thrust the remainder of the eleven inches inside me. I barely kept from screaming, and started hyperventilating.

She grabbed one of my cheeks and squeezed, digging her nails in. "You've been screwing me all this time as hard as you want. I don't come for free. You can't get away. I'm not going to stop until you learn to love it." She laughed, smacked my cheek again hard to get the pooling blood flowing, and started sawing in and out of me.

My sphincter tried clenching shut, but the dildo was just to large. Too slowly, and all too soon I felt my body stretch to handle it, and she started really hammering me into the ground.

My cock was flaccid, I was turned off by the pain and my inability to make it stop, until by a lucky stroke she tapped my g-spot. I moaned, unable to stop myself, and I knew she was grinning wider. She adjusted her angle and tapped it again, and I felt myself starting to grow hard again.

She was sawing almost the whole length now with every stroke, leaving just the engorged head within my ass before thrusting the full length back in. I felt my body spasm every time she hit my g-spot, grazing past it like a terrible tease.

I felt an orgasm starting to build despite my best efforts to prevent it, and I put it off for as long as I could, but then she paused in her strokes and reached between my legs, pulling my erection between them so she could stroke it between thrusts; it was uncomfortable pointing down like that, and I had to lift my hips partially back to their starting position to ease it off. Now, however, she reached around and started jacking me off as she pounded.

This proved to be too much. I struggled to hold it off, but my body released the building orgasm. I felt it writhe and moan, my muscles clenching around the strap-on making it feel so much larger. I came in ropes, more than I'd ever known myself to come. My body emptied itself, and then heedless of my control and the bitch still thumping away, I blacked out.


I came to still lying on my stomach. My ass ached painfully, and my sphincter felt like it wouldn't fully close for the next week. I'm certain I looked like shit even before hearing "Damn, Ace. You look like shit," before laughing at me. My hair couldn't have been anything but a mess, and my scalp felt sensitive to every stirring of the air; I wouldn't have been surprised to find out she had been pulling on it for leverage while I was out, fucking me to her own climax. Later, I learned that was indeed the case.

I opened my eyes to a dildo in my face. It was a mess, smeared with lube, cum, shit, and a little blood. I knew most of that had come out of me, and closed my eyes again.

She smacked my sore ass hard, and it hurt, but I could barely move let alone flinch in pain. I exhaled slowly.

"Come on, I know you're back with us again. Open up that ugly little mouth of yours and clean up your mess."


"Excuse me?"


"Look you little sissy: if you don't open up, I'll make you open up, and shove this little sucker down your throat so hard it will pop out that gaping hole I just pulled it out of."

I took a sharp breath just in time, right before she pinched my nose. I didn't expect to be able to hold it for long. She started rubbing it against my lips in anticipation of my own inability to suffocate myself, and I felt the bile rise in my throat.

Instead of trying to force it back down my throat, I gathered my little remaining strength and pulled myself to my knees. Then I opened my mouth and let it come, expelling the contents of my stomach with the last of my breath.

"Do it yourself."

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