tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn Roentgen Whispers...

In Roentgen Whispers...


In Roentgen Whispers, Radioactive Words

It's been a month since I have seen her and I think I have finally broken away. Security screened and blocked her, she can't get past. I've heard that if you can stay away a week, you can break the habit, the need. Hell, it's been a month and all I can think about is her:

The radium woman always seemed to gravitate to me, her phosphate kisses shined on my lips for hours after she left and her heat burned me for days. I felt my life drain each time we touched, but I was addicted, she was a drug to me. She was digital yes, but somehow, when she touched me with her ocean passion, her cobalt blue eyes would transfix on me with what I had to call love. Yeah, I was just an image and analog being to her, but hell, there was more than database in her. I always heard they could expand in an internal self-aware upgrade. I had to be more than just data to her.

My friends warned me and each time I promised I would leave, but then, kissing her crystal brow I'd succumb to her radiance and stay. It meant something to me when she let me acid etch my love poems into her stainless skin. Afterwards, her hydrochloric scent excited me that much more.

So unlike the analogs, her "real-skin" could glow in a rainbow afterglow, while they only flushed slightly red. Her simulated orgasms were so much more convincing too. The analogs were so melodramatic with everything, she was somehow just perfect. And when she didn't fake, the tiny electronic pulses glowed for hours. It was in that blue muted glow she would talk to me in roentgen whispers, radioactive words. I could see the electrons sparkle around me.

And what she did to me was nuclear, I remember the last time when she so gently, so tenderly laid me back on our pad. She then hovered above me as she opened herself to me. Her receptors encircled my cock with their feather touch, and undulated over its surface, with varying heat and cool as I grew hard. Warm, warm lubricant then rolled slowly down my length as the pressure on my erection increased. She drew me into her vaginal cavit... hell, her pussy, and as the labial membranes almost fluttered at the touch, I felt the delirious intensity of her hydraulics.

Still hovering, she began her rise, and descent from inside. I laid back and simply received the sensation on nothing except my cock. First it was just up and down, but as I became more and more breathless, she alternated between hydraulics and pulses, her lubricant coating me in her hot juices. And then, this is what makes her so incredible, she began her twizzle, that internal twisting that turned my cock like a corkscrew. That twisting motion felt like no analog woman could. The wet spinning dizzied me in hot, wet softness. As I felt the pressure build in my balls, getting ready to spurt, I noticed her ascent.

I heard her argon gasps, as she splashed me in RO tears. I listened to her breathe, breathe,that moaning sigh of fusion. Fusion, it was breathless fusion, until... until I could hold off no longer and I came, splashing into her hydraulics as she began to spark. I watched her face, it was meltdown... I felt her hot juices flow down my cock and over my balls. She then pulsated in electronic impulses that penetrated me. All I could think was breathe, breathe, breathe as she radiated above me. Soaking me in her juices, burning me in her radiation, soothing me with her mutated words and chemical sighs.

She had to leave me then, she always had to leave and as she closed my door, my radiation counter would go quiet for a time. It started up again as I got close, faintly reminding me of her radiant passion. My radiation detection badge was darkening and soon it would go black. Each time we met, it turned a darker shade. If it got any darker my supervisors would see it and take her from me.

And this was my second badge, the first went black a few months earlier but I was able to buy a clean one on the market. It would be harder getting another, they'll remember me, and like any drug, the price goes up. I tried masking the badge, even in lead tape, but she was just too hot, too passionate and the radium released, piercing the lead tape and my body.

She was slowly killing me; it was taking longer for the burns to heal each time. I would piss and shit blood regularly, and my back ached all the time. Damn it, after every time I'd swear off of her, but then, when I'd see her again, I'd break down into her arms.

But now I think I am finally free, my skin has cleared up and the burns have healed. I lost the tip of a finger on my left hand, but the other fingers are fine. As long as they keep her away I will be fine. Soon, I know, I will learn to resist her. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll be able to try an analog woman. I understand they can be delightful, though, most of my memories of them were far from delightful.

What is that? The radiation counter is registering again, much too fast for the residual background from me. She's there, just beyond my door, the faint aquamarine glow at the edges confirms it. She is here, now. I reach for my phone to call security. My finger hovers above the bright orange S. If I press it, they will be here in seconds. Wearing radiation suits they'll be prepared to drag her away.

They will grab her, they will feel her "real-skin", feel her radiated warmth and touch her fiber-optic hair as they take her. They will know what I know, they will understand me. They will not understand. I hang up the phone and go to the door. The mild hum of the radiation counter increases to a steady scream as I open the door. Her face glows with emotion and her RO tears cool my arm.

"I missed you," I whisper. She radiates in rainbows as she smiles.

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