In Sara


"What if I did, tried harder?"

"Yeah. When has that happened? I don't believe you."

"I mean, Sara, I do want you. And I do try to not. But it can only go so long, you know. I mean, we went longer than two weeks! You were totally avoiding me, and, I couldn't honestly stand it. I do go crazy, but it's for you. That is truth."

She smiled at that. We were sitting there holding hands, letting our fingers play together. There was a pause, Sara was thinking. I had nothing more to say, just our hands rubbing together, our fingers twining together.

Sara was staring at our hands as she said very slowly, "So? What if, what if we could, let each other know when we needed release. So it doesn't get to that point? Maybe. Would THAT help?"

My heart lifted, "I could be better."

"Keep your promise?" She sipped her coffee with a smile on her lips, "Ok. We can try it."

"How do we do this? How would we let each other know?"

She tipped her head down over the table and looked at my crotch, which was pressing a hard line in my boxers, "Don't think it will be difficult."

"And you??"

She touched her nose.

"That's my signal." She got up to leave, "But I am still seeing Michael tonight."


I saw Sara sitting on the sofa watching TV. The moment she saw me, saw the way I looked at her, she knew.

I went over and sat by her and quietly nudged, "Sara?"

She met my eyes with this perfectly smooth mouth, no emotion. All she said was, "Ok."

She stood up and silently slipped her shoes off, "Meet me in five minutes," and padded up the stairs.

I sat and watched the TV some more not seeing anything at all, my heart pounding in my chest. I waited five minutes before going off to find Sara in her room.

When I opened the door, there she was, sitting at her desk before the mirror combing her hair out over her shoulders, completely naked. I was mesmerized. She had really surprised me. I loved seeing her like that doing ordinary things, combing her hair or reading, folding clothes, putting things away. She loved to be naked, to have me watch her.

She didn't turn, "You've been really good."

"I tried."

"It's hard."

I laughed and pressed down on my crotch. "So hard it hurts."

She smiled and moved to the bed, settled in, crossing her legs so that her pussy gaped open before me. I sat down next to her.

"So what do you want to do?"

"I don't know."

"Here. I got an idea," and slid to the edge of the mattress, made me stand and began tugging my shorts and boxers down. My cock poked straight out at her as I kicked out of my bottoms.


She just smiled looking up at me, hugging me to herself so that each breast squeezed into my hips on each side of my cock as she kissed my tummy. God she felt good, her warmth, soft skin. I loved her smell, perfume and powder.

"Go get that lotion over there."

I handed it to her and she leaned back as she squirted thin lines of lotion over her tits and rubbing it around.

"You can help."

"It looks like cum."

"Hmmmm, kind of."

I began massaging the oil over her tits and kept applying it until her breasts glistened with lotion, all slippery and wet.

"It kind of turns me on when you cum on me, you know. Come here," as she pulled me close again and began squeezing her breasts around my cock so that it was held right in the middle. She breathed out, "Tittie fuck me and be sure to cum ON me."

I began to slide myself against her, up between her breasts in a fucking motion holding her shoulders as I did. She was tipping her head down looking at me as my cock thrust up between her breasts. With each upward thrust she opened her mouth around head of my cock.

I kept sliding against her, long slow thrusts.

"This feels good."

"Mmmmm, Yeah. Warm," speaking each word as my cock left her mouth.

I continued to rub myself against her as she kept squeezing her breasts over my cock, moving on her faster and faster. She kept pressing her mouth down over the head of my cock each time and sucking on me.

I was getting so aroused, "Oh god, this feels so good."

"Mmmm, making me horny," as she began this wonderful string of words. "Yeah. That's it fuck me."

The words 'fuck me' were my favorite to hear come out of her mouth.

"Say it again. How you want to fuck me."

"Oh god David, I want to fuck you. Hold my legs open for you. Feel you inside me."

I was thrusting between her breasts, and began pressing her back onto the bed. "Here. Lay back."

She looked up at me, "David?"

"Don't worry, just lay back. Trust me."

She did and as she slid up the bed I followed until I was straddling her chest so that my cock was still sliding between her breasts. It felt more like fucking to be laying on her like that. She was squeezing her breasts over my cock and still sucking me into her mouth on each thrust. Laying like that and sliding my cock up and down on her, the pressure, god it felt just like fucking her.

I looked down at her and she met my eyes, "Like that?"

"Oh yeah, let me fuck you."

"I'm fucking you, fuck me." God I loved those words on her lips. It was making me crazy. She was cooing out these fantasies, "I could wear a little dress and let you do whatever you want to me."


"Anywhere you want. Sit on your lap in the restaurant and let your cock squeeze up inside my pussy."

"I could just pull your panties to the side and fuck you."

"Mmmm. Let me ride your cock."

Her words were putting me over.

"Let me take your panties off."

"Mmm, yeah, walking around the house in a little dress without panties, let you fuck me any time you wanted, oh so good."

"Oh, yeah Sara."

"I'm holding my legs open for you, my cunt is so wet. You fucking me so hard."

It was just too much. "I'm cumming."

She let go and as I began to spray I lifted myself up so that I was on my knees over her spraying cum all over her breasts, up the side of her neck and all over her face. She was licking her lips, her head turning side to side, lifting her chin. Gobs of cum in hair. I kept spraying ribbons of cum on her.

She lay on her back, curling her arms over her head as I held my cock, spraying these lines of cum all over.

"Yeah, that's it. Oh, Cum on me. Cum on me, make me dirty."

She was running her hands over the streaks of cum, rubbing it into her breasts, and bringing her fingers to her mouth eating my cum.

I slid off, as she lay there.

Too delicious for words.


Over time, our new agreement actually kicked Sara into a higher state of arousal even as it kept me better contained. We had gone from resisting each other, to basically being at each others beck and call. However, giving in to our lusts was in the end, feeding them.

Sara began to enjoy teasing me when others were around, and it didn't matter who - in front of mom, brother Billy, her friends and mine. When everyone in the house was up and about, Sara derived endless pleasure by driving me absolutely crazy. She always had worn revealing clothes, but she seemed to be taking it to another level during her 'teasing' sessions.

I'd be in the kitchen, preparing dinner, everyone was there and Sara would come in wearing these incredibly short worn pair of jeans and thin tee shirt. I could see the rose of her nipples through the fabric. She'd sit watching us a while, lifting a foot up on the chair and when mom wasn't looking she swung her knee out. No panties! Her shorts were cut so high there was just a half inch of fabric running between her legs. Her pussy opening and closing to me, this little line of fabric running up through the middle. She's sitting there swinging her knee out and in, exposing herself to me.

I'd go instantly hard. Mom turns, as Sara sets her foot back on the floor, and says, "Nothing stopping you from helping," making it worse cause then she'd be up standing by me.

Dinner was the continual touching, her hand sliding up my leg. I was sitting there looking at her shorts, knowing how easy it would be to rub her pussy. She was swinging her leg close and I lay my hand right at the top of her inner thigh. She let my hand set there as she ate, ignoring me touch but the moment I began to let my fingers slip in under the line of her shorts and onto her puss she would snap her legs shut. I so wanted to touch her.

In response all she did was touch her nose, and whisper, "Wait."


I shortly followed after her, finding her putting away clothes from a basket in her room.

"Just a Sec."

I sat on her bed and waited, watching her. I would have sat there forever, done anything. We said nothing. She set held each items against her tummy and refolded, then padded over to put each item away. I loved watching her like that, and she loved to be watched. When she was finally done, she stood with her hands on her hips, legs apart before stretching languorously on the bed beside me.

"I really need some touching, be luxurious," as she rolled onto her stomach. I slid up beside her, lay my hand right at the small of her back. She looked back at me as I began to stroke her soft skin, "Oh, feels so good!"

I wondered about being honest. I could tell how horny she was, her whole body was tingling to my touch. Just say what I want, talk about it with her.

I still wanted her so bad, more than ever, every bit of her. I so wanted her to surrender, give me everything. To surrender completely. All my senses were flying out the window. I still wanted to fuck her, wondering if I could ask her right now. Somehow, we felt closer than ever before in this single moment. It is hard to explain.

The whole time I was rubbing my hand over her body, my thoughts were running through how I could tell her how I wanted her to let me, to say yes. Not even just then, but sometime. If there was some way.

If I lay on her right now she wouldn't let me, but I could take it. She would not stop me. I could make her crazy again. But it upset her and at the same time I decided, I wasn't a brute. I was doing what she wanted. I realized that she had stopped saying her typical 'Behave' when I sat down by her now.

I began stroking my hand over her back, soft and slow, and pressing down over her hips and ass.

God I wanted her. This time, just to the point of overwhelming. She felt especially good tonight.

I ran my hand up over her shoulders, along the line of her shoulder blades and began running my fingers through her hair, gave it a little tug, and back down low on her back, over her ass, her long legs.

I said, "It's been awhile since we got out of control."

"Hmmm. Hmmmm."

"I'll be honest, I miss that too. I liked, pinning you to the bed or that time you sat in in my lap. Remember?"

"It was nice."

"You liked it?"

She, not really responding to what I had said breathed out, "It always feels good. Just touch me."

"You smell so good."

"I put powder on." I breathed her in, powder and her wet sex.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath as I continued. Long luxurious strokes. Her skin was so warm and soft.

"Turn around."

She rolled over, as if in a dream she lay on her back, bringing her breasts and little bush into view, tipping one knee to the side. I brought my hand across her shoulders and down the center of her chest squeezing her breasts, rubbing them and pressing into her flesh. I gave her nipples a little pinch.

"Mmm, sensitive."

She tipped her head back as I stroked down her tummy, running my hand from hip to hip, and drawing a little circle around her navel.

"You shaved."

She opened her eyes, "yesterday. My landing strip."

"I like it."

It was in the shape of a little rectangular box above right over her pussy mound.

I rubbed her thighs, focusing on the space just below her hips, and then across her abdomen letting my fingers graze the hairs of her trimmed little puss. I could feel her body beginning to move to my touch, pressing to where my hand held to her. I loved how she loved to be touched by me, how she loved my hands. It was like petting a cat that way she pressed herself to my touch.

I broke the silence, "It shows we can go back to what we had before, it's been a long time since." I didn't finish.

"Mostly." She opened one eye, "Look at us, now."

"Once in a while might be ok?" I was pressing it.

This little smile as she mouthed, "Bad once in a while."

"I mean not now, but. You know, it's been awhile since I been inside you."

I began stroking the inside of her thighs, running my hands up high between her legs, tugging her legs apart, feeling her yield, letting them slide open easily.

She breathed out, "You have been good." Not 'No!' I thought.

She continued to slide her legs wider and then brought one knee up high, opening her pussy right up for me. The loose inner lips were swelling out from her cunny, she was soaking wet and her pussy lips were pulling open over her vagina, cum creaming out. Revealing her shining pink slit.

I lay my hand over her pussy mound and rocked my palm on her. She sighed and lifted her hips up, pressing her little cunny up into my hand. She was so horny, hungry, her body was on fire. I was pressing my fingers through her pussy hairs as I rocked my palm on her, cum streaks sliding along the palm of my hand as I pressed.

I said, "Let me look at you."

She had this wonderful smile, like she had thought about this.

She brought her knees up high and let them drop to the side.

"Be good." She added that, I wondered if she were thinking about me fucking her, wanting to hold back.

I lay down between her legs and pulled her little pussy open, leaning close, the hood of her clit, and the nob of her clit, a lighter pink. The rich smell of her cunt, I breathed deep, drinking her in. The heat of her. The quivering soft flesh. The deep rose color of her vagina, shiny with cum. The short light hairs and loose flesh a deeper, almost brown. The little trimmed hairs at the top. I simply looked at her and breathed her cinnamon aroma.

"You look good enough to eat."

"So eat me."

She was so relaxed, her breasts fallen to the side, as she lay her arms over her tummy, her eyes closed and this sweet smile. God she looked delicious. The light hairs of her pussy were these wonderful little wisps, and I loved their feel on my tongue.

"God I am so hard," I breathed up over her tummy as I licked her.

"Make me cum."

I wondered, how would I not? I wanted her to want it. God I wanted to fuck her, but she was being so sweet and I loved the feeling of her. I raised my hands up over the front of her, squeezing her breasts as I lapped at her.

I leaned in and lay my tongue right over her pussy. I could see cum running down her puss, could feel the cum spread over my tongue, the feel of the little hood of her clit. I licked a line right up through her center and she stretched and trembled as I did, taking in a deep breath.

"Oh. Yes," She breathed.

I wanted to crawl over her and fuck her right there.

I continued to lap at her, stiffening my tongue and running it up through her slit. With my finger I began to press up inside her vagina, and rub her hole as I licked at her. My focus shifted gradually to drawing circles around her clit digging the tip of my tongue into the hood of her clit as I finger fucked her at the same time. Gradually she began rocking her hips to my movement and I continued to lick her, steadily, following the same rhythm.

I watched her laying perfectly still, tipping her head back, feeling my every movement. What my tongue was doing to her right now, moving on her with this increasing intensity. I was watching her hand rise up as she began pressing down on her breasts, pinching her nipples, taking in deep breaths.

She cooed out, "I'm so wet."

I slid my shorts off as I continued to lick her, kicking them down my legs. I had nothing on underneath.

She looked at me. I said, "Too uncomfortable," and I added, "I'm going to need some too."

She closed her eyes.

I continued, "You are so delicious," and I dug the tip of my tongue into her clit and licked over the nub faster and harder, her body began to squirm to my touch. I shoved two fingers into her and rubbed the walls of her vagina, running me fingers over the rough flesh digging my fingers into her as I licked and rubbed her cunny. I had her pussy juices all over my chin, my cock was aching as I ate her. It was all I could do not to crawl up the front of her body and kiss her as I pushed inside.

She was moving her pussy over my mouth, turning her hips, guiding my tongue as I moved on her. Her hands went down and held the back of my head, pushing me against her cunt.

I could feel the hunger rising in her, the intensity of her movement, how she pushed me against her, I licked at her harder and stroked her with my fingers.

"So good." She breathed, "Ahhh, push your fingers in, farther. Yes! Just a little farther. Oh god, yeah. Finger fuck me. Like that." I loved the trill of her voice when she was aroused.

She lifted her tummy higher, arching her back tipping her ass back.

"Oh, make me cum. Yeah."

I was thinking about stopping, making her crazy, but continued to lap at her, dig into her, her whole body was writhing on the bed. She was rocking herself and pushing me down between her legs, squeezing her thighs on me.

She was grinding herself down, fast and hard, she was getting close. I could feel her pussy clench as I moved on her, could feel her legs trembling and her head tip back, as the length of her body stiffened, and she was spasming there on the bed, laid out.


I could see her whole body jerk forward, spasming beneath me.

"Ah ah aha. Yes. I'm cumming."

I held myself to her as she gave these deep moans, and as she lay there utterly spent, naked, disheveled on the bed. She did not move and I let go of her, slid myself up beside her, my cock sticking straight out, so hungry, dripping from its tip. I was in agony, I so needed to cum now.

She looked so beautiful. Her cheeks all mottled, her eyes barely able to focus.

"Fucking god, I never!"

She leaned over me and kissed me, I opened my mouth and we let our tongues twirl together.

She had cum, I had not. I had to cum. I was pushing down on the head of my cock, it ached. She looked down at me.

"Oh David. What do you do to me?"

She took my cock in her hand and I moaned, I could have cum right there.

"You've been so good," and she rolled up on top of me and sat down over my cock, pressing her naked body along my whole length. I opened my eyes and looked up at her. It had been such a long time since we had lain like this. Her pussy was open and just sliding along my cock, my whole length, as it pressed into my abdomen. Skin to skin.

"Lay still, let me move on you. Your turn."

She was straddling her legs around me. I could feel her little bush tickle against my stomach, sitting on me and holding her hands on my chest, riding me.

It felt so incredible to feel her pussy lips opening around the length of my cock. "Oh yeah. Do whatever you want to me." She was squirming on me, pressing her breasts into my chest, sliding herself up higher and letting my cock pop up between her legs. I could feel my cock rubbing in between her thighs. Oh god, I let out a deep moan. "You feel so good."

She held her legs open, letting herself slide around on me, lifting herself higher and back down, an incredible delicious fucking motion while squeezing her thighs tight around my cock.

What was she thinking? I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me, held her to me, as she rode my body, letting me touch her there with my cock. It had been so long. She was rising and falling on me, then rising again, and bumping back down on me again.


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