In Sara


"You behave," I said.

She smiled, "It's all behavior." I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was looking down between our legs and back at me. "It HAS been awhile," she was biting her lower lip. She was thinking about it too.

I said nothing.

In that moment I lifted my hips, and she held her legs wide positioning me right over her vagina. In one motion I felt myself pressing right inside, could feel her open right around me.

She was sitting down and pressing and rising up so that she was sitting on me, closing. Feeling me in her.

I looked down at her, my cock pressing up inside her body. I lifted my hips up and felt the bump of her pussy mound, her hairs at my groin. Just to feel myself buried in her. God, the look of her face when I was inside her. The head of my cock was pressing up into her belly, I was up inside her as she sat down on me. Looking into her face, her mouth held open, her eyes closed, feeling me with every nerve of her body.

With eyes closed, she simply said, "I want to feel you in my pussy a little minute. Ok?"

I breathed, "Mmmm, make me cum."

I felt the head my cock begin sliding in her as she lifted herself up and sat back down. She lay flat on me as she lifted her hips up and lowered herself back down, as we lay there slowly fucking, she began to kiss me. No sound but our moans and sighs, kisses and the sounds of our sex sliding together.

She kissed my shoulder. "You've been good."

I turned and pressed my lips to hers, "You're being bad. You want this?"

She nodded, not looking at me. There was no barrier. I began to arch my back and let my cock move out of her again. She did not move as she let me press back inside, my cock filling her.

"Feels so good." I pressed into her hard, "yeah like that," she cooed.

"Oh, I have wanted this."

She breathed in my ear, "Fuck me. I need you. Tonight I need you. I won't be mad at you tomorrow. Oh god," her eyes glazed as I fucked into her. Each thrust met by her body lowering itself down on me.

We moved together, slowly, she was holding herself above me letting me push into her, as she rose and fell on my cock. She pressed her hands to my chest and rose up so that she was sitting on me, my cock pressed up deep into her and we began moving so that her clit slid along the length of my cock, faster. Oh god, it would not take long for me to cum.

I began squeezing her breasts as she rode me.

She was arching her head back then, panting, stiffening. Moving on me hard, thrashing on my body, possessed.

"Oh, yes. Yes."

"Can I cum in you?" I said as I pulled her to me, rolling her to my and then rolling up on top of her. She stretched her arms up over and head as now I was laying over her, she was looking up at me. She lifted her knees up and held them wide. I loved the way she yielded now.

"Do whatever you want to me."

Her little puss open, I wanted to drive into her. She held my bare hips, digging her nails in. That drove me absolutely wild and I began pounding her.

"Ah. Ah." She was whimpering. I kept going, I was not going to stop.

"Oh, keep, yes, like, that." I kept pumping into her. "oh, so good." Holding to her.

I lay my mouth at her ear. "I have you now, you want me to cum in you?"

"Cum in me. Fill me."

"You feel so good."

"Deep. Fuck me. Like that, yes."

"I'm inside you."


"Fucking your cunt."

"Yes. Come on. Cum in me."

I never wanted to end. She was scratching her nails up my back and I was ready to cum. I fucked her now with abandon, my whole length. To simply let go, I wanted to cum, pound into her. I felt it rising, cumming, loads of cum spraying into her.

So wet, her legs wide. I was pulling her open, growling, "Oh my god. I'm cumming." My whole body shaking over her.

My cock slid so deep into her, I held myself down, bucking into her, she was thrashing against as we were cumming. I sprayed so much cum into her. Cumming. We were cumming. She was pushing back against me.

I lay down on her, slowing, lay on her quietly now. Spent. I let myself roll in beside her. She got up and went into the bathroom, I lay on the bed. She came back and crawled in next to me, reaching up and turned off her light and wrapped herself around me.

"Stay with me tonight."

We lay together in the dark, a dawning awareness of what we had done as we lay together in her bed, naked together, wrapped in each others arms.


I woke in a dark room having had one the most intense dreams in my life.

My whole body pulsed, my heart pounding in my chest. I was sweating. It had seemed so real. I dreamed I had fucked Sara, she had let me. That was no dream. I looked out, it was so dark I could see nothing. In my dream Sara was sitting on top of me, I could feel my cock squeezing up inside of her. She was just sitting there for the longest time, holding herself still as every quiver of her cunt sent shivers up my spine. When for no reason at all she leaned forward, and let her long legs stretch out beside mine, and began kissing me and the feel of our tongues. It was so real. As we kissed, we were holding hands, letting our fingers play together, It was so nice laying there fucking and kissing and holding hands.

She also began to rock her hips, sending shock waves of pleasure. Everything seemed so intense. She was lifting her ass back, drawing me out and and then lowering back down again letting our sexes bump together. Next thing I know we were both sitting in the living room and I was still inside her. She was smiling at me, facing me, her arms all wrapped around me. I was still deep inside. She was curling her legs around my hips, settling herself down on my lap, my cock sliding even deeper inside, we are moaning and holding each other.

She was rocking on me, slow, soft movements, slippery and warm. I could feel her pussy tightening around your cock, squeezing and rocking on me. Everyone in the house is around, the room is full of people but they are ignoring us. "I really want you," she says. I ask, "You do?" and slide my hand over her ass, down between her legs and begin to run my fingers over where we're connected. "Feel this?" I say, and take her hand pulling it back to where we are connected. She reaches back, arching herself and giving me a perfect view of her tits. I let out a little whimper at the movement of her leaning back away from me, the feeling of my cock stretching inside her. My senses are so heightened. She looks in my eyes as our fingers are touching my cock pressed up inside of her and says, "Of course, I'm you," and it is as if our skin merges.

We are holding hands and letting our finger tips slip around my cock as it slides in and out of her pussy, all slick and hot, that silky skin of her cunt wrapped tightly around my cock. I can feel us slide together and apart with my fingers, and her nails are digging into the length of my cock making it feel so fucking incredible. We just keep doing that. Me fucking her and she scratching my cock as I press inside. Feeling ourselves and rocking together, faster and faster.

Sara starts to cry out while resting her forehead down on my shoulder. "I want you to start trying to fuck me again," she says, moaning into my ear even though we are in the process of fucking. I ask, "Why?" She answers with these soft, quiet little whimpers between quick breaths. I can feel us fucking with my fingers. Sara tightens up on me, tingles running through my body. I can feel it, that moment just before her orgasm.

We are thrusting together so hard, so hard it feels as if we are tearing each other apart. I feel as if I am going to explode. I can't stand it and I say, "This is too much." She is crying, tears streaking her face. "I know I know. I told you." I grab her hips and pull her down harder, laying her onto her back, she is crying, I say, "I love you. I love you." And then it hits, this explosion of senses, everything goes utterly white and we are falling. Suddenly we are in mid air, clinging together and falling and the sun is shining all around us. We have wings, we are fucking in mid air and falling from the sky because we have stopped flying in order to fuck. We are falling, I can feel the air rushing by and we are going to hit the ground. "This is why we can't fuck," she says. I clench my teeth, get ready to die, the wind is whipping past us so fast I can't even see, the ground coming at us fast, and I let go.

That is when I wake up, and it is pitch black.

"Sara!" I call out, "Sara!" No answer.

I lay there in the dark, dark as my dream, reaching my hand out and feel her bare hip and I curl myself to her. Hold on.

Nothing, but silence.


I followed the collective advice and kept the two of them together. I still want them to move in together with Marnie. Any ideas? What else is there for David and Sara? Let me know.

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Don't add

Don't add Mike and Marnie just grow their love

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I know its been a while but can you do more of this story, I'm dieing to know how it ends.

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Keep them together

Keep Mike and Marnie out of it that adds too much jealousy.

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