tagNovels and NovellasIn Search of April Ch. 02

In Search of April Ch. 02


This is the edited, and I hope better, version of Ch. 2 in my April saga. I hope you will read my first story to get to know the plot and characters. I hope you like this, but as always am looking for any thoughts or suggestions of fellow writers. Let me know what you think and check out other chapters in the story as well. Thanks for reading!

April tried to keep her eyes open as heavy waves of sleep washed over her tired and aching body. She knew it was important to stay awake, aware of her surroundings....but where the hell was she? She looked around and saw only darkness and confusion, jumbled shapes that didn't make sense to her drowsy and confused mind.

Nothing hurt but her head really; all she felt was a dull ache in her left arm and shoulder. Damn it, she'd almost gotten away from whoever was in that car...But she must not have escaped. No, she vaguely remembered being driven away. After all, if she had gotten free, Haley would be here, making sense of this blurry world she now found herself trapped in.

For some reason she couldn't understand, April's mouth wasn't forming words. She kept attempting to speak, only to hear a kind of moan come out, a foreign sounding voice croaking out of her own throat. Drugs, that must be it. They must have used drugs. But what did they want?

April found that trying to piece together her abduction was nearly impossible. She thought something must be wrong with her memory, it was playing tricks on her just like her eyes. It was taking strings of events, tying and knotting them together, until she wasn't sure what happened. Dreams and reality, past and present, they were all undistinguishable to her.

As her mind slowly began to clear, it gave way to more and more pain in her head. She felt as if she had a hangover or a bad cold. Through the pain, April again tried to piece her shattered memories together, though she had precious little to work with.

There was at least one face she'd seen before, which now swam around in the turbulence of her pounding head. Yes, she had seen him at the market a couple of times as she picked up groceries. He'd asked her advice on which fruits to pick out, what wine went with what dinner, simple friendly conversation. He never even tried to hit on her. He was always so friendly...But then it wasn't unusual for April to start talking with a complete stranger. It happened all the time.

But yes, she was almost positive he was in the car...why? Had they been looking for her? April had moved around a lot, even to some places Haley hadn't yet heard about. April wasn't the type to make enemies, she kind of floated through her life without much anger or fighting. Often, she was the type to remain unnoticed, although once someone got an idea of who she was, they usually cherished the time they were able to spend with her. She'd had lovers of course, male and female both. April fell in love with the person, not the gender, a concept that Haley had never been too comfortable with. April could not think of a single reason why someone would want to harm her, let alone who that someone might be.

As April finally succeeded in fully awakening, she felt disoriented and a little nauceous. She was lying in a narrow bed, with one white pillow and an old brown comforter covering it. It was so dark, but that was probably good because of her continuing headache. There was only one tiny window directly across from her; it looked like just a tiny strip, much too small to crawl out. She tried to peer out the grime encrusted glass from where she was lying, but couldn't see much through the layers of dirt. However, a little sunlight somehow managed to sneak in and she was able to make out her surroundings by the light of the dusty sunbeam. The room was tiny, with only one door. Other then the bed, April didn't see much of anything, although the dust on the concrete floor looked like it had been recently disturbed.

Looking down at herself, April realized she was still dressed in her pale blue sundress, with not so much as a rip in the ankle length skirt. She could feel her panties and bra still in place, and silently thanked God as she felt the light lace fabric move against her hot skin. Actually, April noticed with some surprise, she was pretty much unharmed.

Inside the little shoebox of a room, the air was stale, and April's skin and long curls were sticky with sweat. She smelled nothing but old air. This room must not have been used very much.

Flashes of fear and pain raced through April's panicked thoughts now and then, more so as she became fully aware of the predicament she had woken up in. She knew for sure there had been a forgettable looking grey van, which was nothing out of the ordinary really. Southern California was always full of tourists in the summertime months.

She had been walking along one of the small streets, looking at all the souvenier shops, skimpy bikini selling boutiques, and other commercial touristy garbage in all it's glory, in one of those tiny crowded streets. She had been so near the ocean, near home too, and the air had smelled fresh and salty. The van was moving slow, most likely lost. Then that man, the one from the market, had rolled down the passenger window. He smiled and waved her over, saying he needed directions. Again, perfectly normal. April got stopped ten times a day in her travels with poor lost tourists and confused newcomers asking for some help.

Then it happened, lightning fast. April remembered seeing the side door slide open, remembered hands reaching out to grab her, that white hot pain in her left arm and shoulder when she jerked her body away from the impending attack...there wasn't even time to scream. It was all coming back to her.

Inside the van with it's heavily tinted windows her face had been covered and her nose plugged by a couple of hands. She'd opened her mouth to protest, only to feel a cold and nasty tasting liquid poured into her mouth. She had to swallow after what seemed like an eternity of holding that foulness in her mouth and trying not to breathe, she was about to pass out, her lungs had demanded air. Down the liquid had gone, scorching her throat as it went. Then, finally, the hand was removed from her nose and she was shoved down on the seat, into her assailant's lap. She had gulped in breath after breath of precious fresh air before she tried to speak.

"Quiet," someone hissed, pushing a blunt object into her back. "Behave and no one will do anything too unpleasant. But if you want to be difficult..." The male voice chuckled, obviously enjoying April's fear. That's all it took for her. She shut up as they began to drive fast on what must have been a freeway. After awhile she became dizzy, even while she was lying down on the seat. She couldn't remember whether she'd tried to scream as the realization hit her that she was losing consciousness...

Now she was here. April's heart began to pound as a feeling of dread overwhelmed her.


April tried to fight the panic attack that was setting in. God, she wished she could be more like Haley. She'd seen that woman stressed, afraid, even cornered. She was always stoic, catlike, her green eyes seemed to glow like lightening bolts ready to shoot out at any moment. April let out a sad sigh, thinking of Haley's soft honey colored hair framing her sweet face. Haley was never unnerved by any situation, at least not on the outside. Such strength and power, not like April. April trembled there in that hot nasty little hole of a room, weak and frightened. Haley might call it delicate. April allowed herself a small smile, thinking about how Haley refused to see any of her faults. Still, April wished she had her lover's ability to appear unaffected by anyone or anything.

She had already paced the length of the room countless times, feeling along the walls for any way out. There wasn't one. She had screamed. She started out with "Hello?" Again and again she'd shouted, till her voice was hoarse and tears ran down her dusty cheeks.

"Hello?" Nothing.

"HELLO!" Nothing out there, not even the slightest of sounds.

On and on, until finally, "HELLO? SOMEBODY FUCKING ANSWER ME!"

Nothing at all but the dust floating silently through her one beam of sunlight in that awful window.

This place was April's hell, a place without people or birds or breeze or real sunshine. Isolated, alone, anyone who knew her would know she'd most likely go insane in a matter of hours. Speaking of which, how long had she been sitting on that little bed, hidden away from the world? She supposed there was really no way to tell, all she knew is that the sun must not have gone down yet. .

April's worst fear was that Haley would think she'd just decided to leave. After all, she'd done it before, woken up in one place and decided it was time to move on, and she'd told Haley all about it. April just hoped Haley knew that would never happen. The one thing that she was certain of was that her twenty four years of drifting from one place to another were finally over, she'd finally found the place she truly belonged. Maybe if her things had been left undisturbed, Haley would find her most recent poems and prose, all written to her.

April remembered the pure pleasures of living with Haley. If she'd been at home this morning she would wake up to the sound of the waves breaking on the beach nearby, and smell the air, so sweet and salty and warm. Haley would always be up first, frantically late for work. At first April left her alone, but soon enough they had made up their own little morning routine.

"No, stay home today", April would demand only half kidding, with a fake pout and wide eyes. "I'll make sure it's worth one silly day of work."

"Oh, April baby, what do I do with you?" Haley would always come over to the bed where April was lounging, naked still from their fun the night before. She would reach up for Haley as she bent down, wrapping her arms around Haley's neck and bringing her down to the bed "I have to work....no, April, please...". She would then planted kisses gently on Haley's neck and shoulders, working her way down to Haley's beautiful full breasts. God, April thought Haley must be perfect. She'd been with women before, but never one she physically desired as much as Haley. As she imagined their morning games, she could almost feel Haley's skin beneath her fingers.

"Just stay a little longer, an hour maybe." April would whisper this seductively in Haley's ear as she arched her body up to rub against Haley's, the feel of bare skin meeting bare skin driving both women wild. Haley always gave in, without a single exception. Making love in the morning was April's favorite thing to do, even more enjoyable then sex with Haley at night. At night they fucked, often both women would get wild, dirty, hot and wet with sweat and grunts and panting, all the things that go along with great sex. But in the morning they always went slow, always gentle, as they made love and both of them came time and again. Their passion was so intense that both of them could climax several times in a row in quick succession, and Haley was never too late to work.

April knew how much Haley loved the feel of her mouth, she could bring Haley's beautiful pussy amazing orgasms by licking and sucking, gently stroking her clit with just the tip of her tongue. Haley did the same for her, only with the addition of a finger (sometimes two) inside of her tight shaved cunt. Haley knew that special place inside, just the right way to hook her fingers, making April buck her body, gasping and moaning, and within thirty seconds her cum would soak Haley's fingers and mouth. Never before had April felt such passion, such an overwhelming need to be with someone. So much for being a lonesome poet, all on her own.

Even now, in this terrible situation, she almost forgot about everything imagining Haley's firm but gentle touch, and could clearly picture her wide smile that never came often enough. Haley's face was hard and full of angles during the day, a typical no nonsense down to business well practiced lawyer's face. But when they kissed, when they touched, all that poise and professionalism went away, and Haley became a gorgeous woman, full of passion, desire, and love. April almost smiled thinking of Haley's beautiful sculpted features, and the magnificent green of her big round eyes.

So lost in thought, she almost missed the sound of the key turning in the lock. The room filled with a little more light, to reveal the silhouette of a tall man taking of most of the doorway.

"Hello, April," the voice was deep yet cold.

Before her eyes adjusted, she knew him.

"Oh, my God! You?" April's heart plummeted in her chest. She now longed for the panic she felt before. This fear was much greater, deeper and more real.

"So what is it that you want, Michael?"

As the light adjusted, a slow grin spread across his mustached face.

To Be Continued...

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