tagNovels and NovellasIn Search of April Ch. 03

In Search of April Ch. 03


Here is the continuation of Haley and April's story, told in Haley's point of view. Although I plan to revisit April once or twice along the way, I'm sure you can tell I'm much more comfortable writing as Haley. This is, after all, Haley's story of searching for her love, and should be told by her.

Please have patience, as this installment sets up most of the rest of the story, and all that sexy writing we come to this site for. All comments are appreciated and I look forward to hearing from any and all of you. Thanks for reading.

I was shaken out of my misery by the sound of the ringing phone...

My hand trembled as it tentatively reached for the receiver. The phone rang once, twice, three times. I was in a daze, so afraid, so anxious. On the fourth ring I snapped out of it and picked up.

"Hello?" My voice sounded hollow and empty, much as my house, bed, and heart felt. I sounded like a mixture between a bullfrog and someone with a heavy cold. The thought almost made me laugh, and I think I finally realized how scrambled my mind had become.

"Hello, Ms Jennings?" All too perky a voice for my present state of mind greeted me.

"No, I'm Haley Jenson. Can I help you?"

"Oh, ah, yeah, Jenson, right. Anyway, I'm Christi Prentice and I was wondering if we could have a little talk about your missing...ah, friend. I need details for my story and was wondering if we could meet for-"

"Who do you represent Miss Prentice?" I was rather annoyed. The police had released a statement, and our local news station had been kind enough to give it about thirty seconds of air time in the last three days. I'm not a big fan of the media anyway, having watched them scavenge for any bit of story they can get, be it true or false, on some of my bigger cases.

"Look, Ms Jenson," she said this with an exasperated tone in her high pitched voice, which made it all the more unpleasant, "it's obvious to me something is going on here, and it would be a shame for you to hold back pertinent information due to wanting to keep your...ah, lifestyle choice a secret."

I saw red. Who the hell was this little tabloid bimbo reporter to tell me what was right or wrong? How dare she treat me like this? I slammed down the phone without a thought.

My heart began to pound and my eyes filled with tears. Damn it, I had worked for so long to attain the level of respect that I finally had in my profession. Sure, my colleagues knew who I was, and that April wasn't just a friend or acquaintance. Was I so sheltered by a group of kind and unobtrusive coworkers that I'd forgotten how some cruel people reacted? God, wait till this story got out. What would they say about me, about April? Had I done the right thing by calling the police?

My head was spinning as I aimlessly paced around the house, my light buzz from the wine replaced by a sense of restlessness. Frustrated and alone, I decided it was time to get some real help. _____

I logged onto my laptop in the office of my little beach condo and began answering the tedious mountain of emails from the office, clients, and my family and friends. Many showed sincere concern about the well-being of my little April, and that calmed me down some. Thank God, some people really did care about her and what happened to us.

I scrolled down the list, eventually burnt out on answering all the lawyer bullshit emails, and saw an address I hadn't seen in quite some time. It was a new email from ChloeBear317, an old girlfriend and close buddy of mine. Talk about a gift sent from heaven.

The message simply read;

Hi Haley,

We haven't talked in awhile, and I miss ya baby! Let me know how you and that girl, I think her name is April??? are doing! Drop a line, I'm never too busy for old friends.

Love and Kisses Chloe

At that moment I knew what to do. Chloe had done work in private investigating, quite successfully in fact. I knew she had some lingering feelings, and that it might be awkward for both of us, but if ever I needed a friend, it was now.

I wrote back;


I need your help ASAP. Can you get a plane down here this week?


She was on a flight the next evening.


Waiting at the airport, I was very nervous to see Chloe again. Although we hadn't dated in years, she was one of those girls you never really fall out of love with. She is a beauty, if I remember correctly, and her personality is equally captivating.

We had met when we were both in our second year of college, working diligently at our pre-law studies, although she was a big political science nut. She had started out as just an experiment, some college fling. After all, I still thought I liked boys. She knew she loved men, but somehow we couldn't get enough of each other. Chloe was the outgoing type, not quiet and reserved like me. She was bubbly, exciting, always the life of the party.

It was only obvious our relationship should have remained carefree and fun. But that was not to be. I think we both fell in love about a year after the whole thing started, and we fell hard. We moved in to some off-campus housing together and really made a go at it. I suppose I convinced myself that everything was fine, I was walking on clouds after all I felt so happy.

But no illusion lasts forever, and that's exactly what Chloe and I were, an illusion. My dreams came crashing down to land somewhere around my feet when I came home one day to find Chloe in our bed with a man, fucking him like an animal in heat. I still remember to this day how their bodies glistened with sweat, how the entire house smelled of their lovemaking, the moans and grunts of two beings so hot for each other they were mindless.

It was the dazed look in her eyes as he was pummeling her that really broke my heart though. It was a look I'd never seen from her, lusty and intense. The sheer satisfaction shone in her face, and in every movement her body made. As much as she loved me, and I know she did, it wasn't meant to be.

But I could not bear to lose her entirely. We became good friends and kept in touch, although we drifted apart a little when she moved to Colorado. Thinking about it, I hadn't seen her in five years the day I picked her up from the airport.

Chloe walked off the plane with her usual quick steps, everything she did was full of energy. She looked, if possible, more beautiful then I remembered her. Her long, natural blonde hair had been curled and styled, flowing down her back in waves like a waterfall. She wore minimal makeup to compliment her pale, creamy complexion. A light pink business suit covered her voluptuous body, accentuating her curves nicely. She was tall, though a few inches short of my five foot ten. Her body was lovely, she had an hourglass figure with full breasts and her hips and butt were pleasantly rounded. Her round face was at the verge of being chubby, her small features and delicately thin lips went oddly well with her plump cheeks.

Her smile beamed, giving her whole face a warm glow as soon as she saw me. "Haley!" she yelled, running to me and embracing me tightly.

Over dinner that night I told her about April. I talked about my love for her, our instant connection, even out first meeting on the beach. Chloe listened with the patience of a true friend, my confidant and one source of strength since this whole nightmare began. Once in awhile I noticed a look of something like pain or regret flicker across her face, but she never opened her mouth to stop me, simply nodded her head to let me know she was listening.

I finished talking around midnight, sitting in my living room, with the view of the moon on the ocean waves. We picked at our Chinese food I'd had delivered earlier, but by now it was long cold and greasy. We decided to call it a night.

Chloe told me how we should proceed.

"Well, it's pretty logical, really. All we have to do is go through her old photographs, notebooks...does she have a date book?" I laughed and pulled out an appointment she'd jotted down on the very delivery menu we'd used to order the Chinese. "Ah, not the organized one I see. Oh, well, we'll figure it out." I knew Chloe was reserving judgment for my benefit; disorganization drives her crazy, as it did me before I met April and her never-ending chaos.

I gave all of April's stuff to Chloe, in hopes that she would find a phone number or address which we could use. Chloe got settled on the couch, and then I went to my bedroom and got ready for bed. I knew I would sleep well that night, and in the morning I would be one day closer to having April by my side again. Chloe wouldn't let me down.


Chloe lay on the soft sofa unable to sleep. She knew she must suppress all those feelings of what might have been with Haley, but she couldn't get those sweet college memories out of her mind.

Being a good friend to Haley was important. But what if this little Miss April had just run away, picked up and moved on? In her work, she had certainly seen stranger things happen. Maybe telling Haley the truth now would keep her from getting even more hurt after time, money, and heartache went into the search.

Chloe let herself get lost in the fantasy. April had left to go write some stupid poem on a fucking Chinese food menu, never to return. Yeah, right, who would leave a girl like Haley? But maybe...

Chloe could be the one to pick up the pieces, be the shoulder to cry on, the best friend, and eventually the lover. She hadn't been ready to admit what she felt for Haley in college, but she was now. In fact, she'd thought of Haley nonstop since their less then graceful breakup. Haley with her sexy strawberry blonde wisps of hair, her electric green eyes, her round coral colored nipples and huge breasts. Oh, she was a goddess!

Chloe was amazed at how strongly she felt for this woman, no doubt sleeping by now in the next room. Her hand trailed down to stroke her own inner thigh, and she felt the dampness and warmth in the crotch of her panties. She slowly slipped a finger underneath the flimsy undergarments to feel her excitement, gently teasing her pussy and clit. She grew wetter and had to be careful not to moan too loud as she assaulted her soaked pussy with one and then two fingers, stopping every now and then to rub and gently pinch her hard little clit.

With her other hand, Chloe reached under the night shirt she was wearing and played with her nipples, twisting and rubbing them one at a time. The fingers inside her cunt picked up a frenzied pace as she came closer and closer to orgasm. All the while she pictured Haley's tight athletic body, naked and throbbing, pushing into her own just like their lovemaking years ago.

Chloe came harder then she had in ages, drowning her fingers and panties, as well as the blankets beneath her. She lay back, not quite spent because she had been forced to be quiet.

She struggled with the idea of what to do. Would it be so bad to just sneak in next to Haley and rekindle an old romance?

Chloe tossed and turned for a few minutes more, until finally she knew what to do.

To Be Continued...

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