tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn Shadowed Silence Ch. 04

In Shadowed Silence Ch. 04


In Shadowed Silence: Chapter 4

Elton Fend had answered his door naked.

Aulric sat at the very table at which the old man had performed a feat that should have been impossible at his age. The cottage was an awful mess; it looked as though he and the milkmaid had fucked on or against every available surface. The small bed was rumpled, its mattress askew on its frame, one of the doors of the antique armoire was hanging by one hinge, and the contents of several tables, the dresser top, and even a books from an upturned bookcase lay scattered over the floor.

There was a wet spot on the table before him. This he eyed with great trepidation... and scooted his chair back a bit.

The old wizard had righted the dressing screen, under which he had found his green robe. He whistled merrily as he dressed. The young thief tried to scrub the image of the skinny, bony old man's naked body off his brain. It was useless. Some things you just can't un-see.

Elton Fend picked his unsteady way over the debris, still grinning like an idiot. "Worked like a charm, didn't it?" At Aulric's blank, but slightly fearful look, he said, "The potion, boy." The old man waited for a reaction, but Aulric wasn't sure what he wanted.

Fend sighed impatiently. "The potion of vitality," he exclaimed, his frail frame puffing up with pride. "Granted," he admitted, "It was just supposed to give me energy, sharpen my focus, keep me up at night, but..." he broke off, muttering, as he righted a chair to sit upon. He suddenly cackled madly. "It certainly kept me up, didn't it, boy?" His crazed laughter subsided. "Happy accident, and all." The old man grinned.

It began to dawn on Aulric what the crazy old geezer was talking about.

"So the potion was responsible for..." Aulric gestured around the room, speechless.

The hedge wizard nodded smugly. "Sure was. But mind you," he pointed sternly at the young man, "what the Llyn got?" He jerked his gnarled old thumb back at his chest, pointing to himself. "All me."

Llyn? Ah the milkmaid. "She did seem... thrilled," he replied. He had to laugh, in spite of it all. "You had to have been quite the man in your younger years."

Elton grinned broadly. "You don't know the half of it, sonny. I could tell you stories that'd straighten your shorties, and then curl 'em right back up." He winked and chuckled.

The old hedge wizard waved it all off. "But never you mind all that. What brings you here today, Aulric? Lessons?" He looked slightly hopeful.

He stood and fished the note from his pocket. Failing to find a clean spot on the table, he sidestepped a fallen chair and handed it directly to his sometimes-mentor. "That. I... I don't read well enough to..." Embarrassed, he waved vaguely at the parchment.

The old man squinted at him, the wrinkles around his bright blue eyes bunching up. He considered the young thief with a pointed gaze. "Ohhh, you don't say?"

The bastard's making fun of me, Aulric thought.

He spoke before thinking. "Go fuck yourself, old man," and instantly regretted his words, but the elderly wizard seemed unruffled.

"Oh, I think I'm maybe a bit too tired yet for all that," he quipped, his eyes sparkling with good humor. "But let's see about this lot." He raised the note to the light to better see it, holding it near arm's length. He cast a quick wink in Aulric's direction.

"Well, I'd say it was someone's doctored books," he posed. "Or part of them, at least." He wrinkled his nose at the leaf of parchment. "Atrocious penmanship," he snorted with disgust.

Aulric had put his face in his hand. He made a circling gesture with his free hand, motioning with exasperation for the old man to turn the sheet over, and so didn't see the hedge wizard's sly glance at him, nor his mischievous grin while he turned the parchment over.

"Ah, well. This side isn't like the other," Elton noted obtusely. "Thought maybe you were finally losing your marbles, skulking about in the dark as you do."

Aulric groaned. "Can we please make this a little less painful," he pleaded. "Get on with it, you kooky old geezer!"

"Bah," the old man scolded. "You're no fun at all, are you, young master Crabbypants?"

Aulric glared. "If you're going to waste my time..."

Elton interrupted him gently. "It's that important to you, is it?" His bright eyes held Aulric fast.

The young thief fixed a shocked stare upon the venerable hedge wizard.

Son of a bitch. He's doing this on purpose, Aulric realized. He couldn't just write the old man off as just an amusing kind of crazy anymore. Fend was learning every bit as much from Aulric as he had been teaching. It was a sobering revelation.

Just how much does he know about me that I didn't know he'd learned?, Aulric wondered. He felt more and more uncomfortable with each passing second under the wily old man's gaze.

"You want me to read it to you, boy," he quipped, "or are you going to jump out the window and run?" He arched a bushy, scraggly brow at Aulric. "You look as nervous as a thief in... Wait. No. Bad analogy... How about..." He fell to muttering, something about cats, tails, and rocking chairs. Something of the dotty old fool was returning in his countenance.

Finally he waved it off, and pointed to the mysterious note brightly. "Shall I?"

Aulric sighed in exasperated defeat.

* * *

Thydara's full lips wrapped around the thick shaft of Retik's cock. His gasp sounded breathless in the storeroom of The Waterside Inn he had stolen away with her to. She slowly sucked his pulsing member into her mouth, reveling in its strong taste. As she withdrew his length, her cheeks hollowed with the suction and her tongue twirled and writhed like a serpent against the sensitive frenulum and glans. His low whimper of pleasure was music to her ears.

She sank his member into her mouth to the root. She'd had thicker, and longer, but the feeling of absolute power was exactly the same with each. Her lips bottomed out at the base of his cock and she drew back again, varying the suction on each stroke, her tongue doing the lion's share of the work.

Gods, but he's hard! Against her better judgment, she was actually enjoying this simple, common man's dick. The sounds he made were heavenly, and his thick, calloused fingers tangled in her black hair were arousing in a way she'd not experienced in a long while. She could almost forget her purpose here, as fun as the muscled, well-formed innkeeper was turning out to be. She had only planned on drinking with him, being charming, and milking him for information, but her sopping pussy was having none of that.

He had surprised her, turned her on, and that was just unacceptable; no one was supposed to get the better of a Sister of the Wyrm. He had charmed her instead, and here she was, sucking his dick, and thoroughly enjoying it. How the wyrm has turned, she thought. He'll pay for this.

Of course, fucking him stupid in his store room hardly qualified as revenge, or did it? Thydara's aching womanhood was lobbying with her rational mind that, yes, indeed, that would show him. Her mind argued that it would accomplish little, but might just loosen his tongue enough that the original purpose of this visit wouldn't be a total wash. Still, she rankled at the idea that he'd played her like a harp.

And, to show just the publican how angry she was with him, she snarled as she took his rock hard cock back into her mouth, to the root.

Hopeless, she finally admitted to herself. This just isn't going to go my way. Her wet womanhood, however, argued that it was going exactly her way.

So why not have fun with it? She threw caution to the wind and increased her pace, and her pussy leaked more juices down her cream-and-coffee-toned thighs in anticipation of giving up that control. Besides, after the flawless execution with Lord Amburgey, she deserved to indulge herself. Common men were apparently more fun, anyway.

She released his throbbing length from her mouth, taking it in hand. She stroked it while looking up into Retik's smiling face. She felt his cock jump in her hand as she made eye contact with him, and she grinned wickedly, diving upon his reddened, engorged head. She licked and sucked his glans, the strokes of her hand quick, urgent. His breath had quickened, and he threw his head back with another low moan. The innkeeper leaned against the barrels of mead behind him.

"Nine Hells, Kareena," he exclaimed; he wasn't bad with names, she'd introduced herself to him as such. He tried to say something else, she thought, but his words came out as another groan.

She licked Retik's shaft from base to head, her own breath coming in pants and gasps. Thydara couldn't believe how turned on she was. Desire overtook her, and she forced his length down her throat, starting to whimper with her own need. Her inner thighs were running with her juices, and the heat radiating from her sex was almost unbearable. An electric thrill was running up her spine, from her tailbone to the base of her skull, leaving her scalp tingling and her stomach fluttering. She was close to coming, just from this.

That was it. He was unexpected, unknown... and part of the mystery. She had followed the thief from Amburgey's estates in the high fane, but still did not know his identity. Retik was connected to him though; of that she was certain.

But how? In what capacity did they work together? Were they guildsmen? Was Retik the thief's mentor, his doyen? If they were indeed in the guild, then Fennen should know of them. And, that being the case, the footpad should never have hit Amburgey's manor in the Fane.

But what was it about this man? She couldn't sense any sort of magical aura about him; Thydara didn't know why she was so attracted to him. Perhaps it was his own personal magnetism. He was bold and open, and thoroughly unashamed of himself. He had little to hide, by comparison to others she had seduced and conquered in the Lyrran Chain, and nothing to gain by bedding her, other than the pleasure it would bring. That Retik had gotten the better of her, all on his own, surprised her, and that, she supposed, could be draw enough.

And he felt and tasted so damned good! She licked a glistening drop of precum from the head of his dick, savoring its salty and slightly sweet taste. "Mmmm," she moaned.

Retik bent to raise Thydara to her feet. "Come here," he said in his husky baritone. She rose, obeying a man for the first time in a decade, and he looped a strong arm around her waist. He lifted and swung her around, taking a couple of easy steps to set her down on a stack of linens atop a narrow counter top. She let out a laugh, wild and genuine.

She'd never been manhandled like this before, and it made her lightheaded with lust, and not just a little afraid. He stepped between her wet thighs, looking her in the eyes with a heated, lusty glare. She thought he would just impale her then on his cock.

He surprised her yet again.

He dragged the head of his cock down through the folds of her pussy, over her clit, bringing stars to her vision a tearing a gasp from her throat. He played about, teasing her pussy, poised at the brink of entering her. Thydara's pussy was on fire. He rubbed her clit with the head of his cock, pressing against her. He ground against her with slow strokes of his cock against her sensitive nub. Then the sweet pressure subsided and his cock dropped away from her sex.

He kissed her hungrily. Thydara's eyes flew open and she sagged into his kiss, trembling from the intensity of it. The innkeeper made his way down between her breasts, kissing, licking and suckling the skin over her sternum, pulling yet another gasp out of her. His strong hands cupped her breasts gently; he didn't try to rip her tits off, like a lot of men did.

Refreshing, that, she thought happily.

He nibbled and licked the dark skin of her breasts gently, exploring every inch of skin. Thydara threw her head back and rode the sensations. She jumped as his tongue shot over a nipple, quick and wet, and he chuckled. His tongue twirled over the other nipple and set her nerves on fire. He sucked the nipple into his mouth, swiping his tongue back and forth over the sensitive nub. Her scattered brain registered nothing but sensation, shrouded in a fog of sheer pleasure.

A joyous laugh bubbled in her throat as he continued his ministrations on her breasts. His mouth dipped lower, sampling the flesh of her toned stomach, and drawing a whimper from her throat. His fingers toyed still with her nipples, and he tugged them gently, eliciting a squeal and twitch from her.

She cut the squeal off in shocked horror. She hadn't squealed like that with a man for... Well, for so long she didn't care to make the accounting.

She could scarcely believe it when his tongue swiped across her hip, down the soft hollow of her pelvis, and along the inside of her thigh. No man she'd been with had done that in literally years. Such was the service she did for her sisters. No noble she'd ever seduced would lower himself to such an act, the fools. Retik licked and sucked the other thigh, groaning out his desire as he cleaned her skin of her juices. Was he going to do it? Her mind and heart raced. Closer his mouth drifted, then back down her thigh, teasing, maddening. She shifted and whimpered, her nectar streaming from her swollen, hungry pussy. She had to have it. It had been so long...

"Gods, Retik! Do it," she moaned. "You're going to drive me mad!"

He chuckled somewhat evilly and continued to tease, but as she was groaning out her frustration, he struck, sliding his tongue from her thigh straight up her labia. She tensed, and his tongue flicked her clit deliberately, once.

She shuddered and came. Messily. Retik's face was splashed with her juices as she sprayed his face. She was instantly embarrassed and shamed, but he only laughed gleefully. She had thought he'd be sickened, like the last man to eat her was. She thought Retik would call her a freak, forsake her.

He hadn't been trying to get the better of her; he wanted her to enjoy herself, she realized. There was no domination, no points to prove. The publican of this dingy little inn wanted her pleasure as much as she did. It was plain and simple fun. She found herself very grateful to him.

Her orgasm played out in dizzying waves, perhaps intensified by the sincerity of it all, and electric thrills raced over her skin. While her head still spun, her muscles clenching with a toe-curling, mind-bending orgasm, he slid his hard, smooth cock home.

Thydara's senses, already afire, went white-hot, as though someone had taken a bellows to the flame within her. She screamed and bucked against Retik, all sense of reason or place evaporating in the tremulous rush of writhing sinew and tingling skin. Retik fought to hold on, to establish order out of the mess he'd made her, and at first it seemed futile. Somehow, he managed to get purchase around her slick waist and force her convulsing body onto his in something resembling a rhythm.

Thydara's hands sought out Retik's hair, and she caught hold, pulling him into a kiss. The taste of her own juices only heightened her desire, and she licked them from the innkeep's chiseled cheekbones, his jaw. The barest hint of stubble rasped over her tongue, making it tingle pleasantly.

The wet sound of their bodies colliding brought to mind the ocean's waves breaking upon the shore for the islander woman, and the roaring in her ears reinforced the illusion of surf; she could almost smell the brine, and the sun-on-sand scents of her homeland.

"So good," she panted. "So godsdamned good! By the Great Wyrm!"

He yanked roughly on her nipples then, sending pleasurable waves of pain through her, providing a sharp counterpoint to the wracking ecstasy that infused her every fibre. Retik growled as he slammed into her, animalistic as he lost himself in pounding her pussy relentlessly. Thydara hoped it would never end; or that she would die of this torturous rapture.

"Come for me, come for me, come for me! Great Wyrm, Retik," she babbled, nearly incoherent. "Pur i im galsha theldisig!" Waves of another orgasm shook her, and her thoughts shattered, obliterating her ability to think, or to speak any tongue but her own. That soft noble had nothing on this simple innkeep. Nothing!

Retik responded with a snarl, his body tensing, and his cock twitching inside her as he poured his seed into her. Thydara's eyes flew open once more and she threw her arms around his strong back, her legs wrapping around his waist. She ground her sopping mound against Retik's pelvis, milking him dry. He shivered and staggered under the force of his climax, his eyes squeezed shut and his hands gripping the counter the linens were folded upon almost desperately. The Trigandoi looked into his face with wonder, until an aftershock stole the strength from her legs and she nearly fell.

Retik shakily lowered her to the floor, where the linens had been scattered in their intense coupling. He fell beside her, his chest heaving, and struggled into position to find her lips with his. The kiss was soft and almost reverent. As pillow talk went, that left nothing to be desired. They lay tangled together for a long while, catching their runaway breath and returning to Loria from whatever blissful plane whence they had been.

Retik sighed happily beside her, choosing to look her in the eyes for a long moment instead of speaking. To his credit, probably. Men had the habit of saying the most foolish things after sex.

Retik, it turned out, was pleasing, then, in all regards.

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