tagErotic CouplingsIn Step Ch. 04

In Step Ch. 04


Kendall trudged into the kitchen late morning on Saturday to find her mother bent over rummaging through a cabinet. Donna was adorned only in one of her usual light, thigh-length robes, and in that position, her pussy and ass were ripe for the taking. Prior to last night, the teen would have availed herself of the opportunity; however, this morning, after last night's unexpected activities, she didn't find herself in need.

"Now there's a side of you we haven't seen before," the daughter remarked.

Donna merely turned her head around without straightening up and wiggled her ass in response.

"What are you doing up so early?" Kendall asked sleepily.

"It's nearly eleven."


Mother finally stood up and faced her daughter, who was wearing only bikini panties and a spaghetti strap top that clearly outlined her round tits and was sheer enough to show her darker areola and pointed nipples. "I hope you didn't go to bed like that last night with Mark here."

"No, I decided to put clothes on this morning," Kendall joked. She'd really only dressed to hide the dried semen on her skin. "So, what time did you get in?" She asked to change the subject, although she knew exactly when her mother arrived home because something had awakened her and Mark only minutes before the parents opened the front door. The teens scrambled to put clothes on. What Kendall had on now was all she could manage to slip on. Mark jumped into his jeans sans underwear—which he had stuffed between her mattress and box springs—his t-shirt and socks, and dove onto the sofa to feign sleep just as the key slid into the lock.

"One-ish," Donna grinned slyly.

Her daughter's eyes widened and a big smile lit up her face. "You got laid!"

The older woman neither confirmed nor denied her child's statement, but her grin became bigger.

"So, how was he?" Kendall wanted to know.

Still, Donna remained silent.

"Oh, for goodness sakes, mom, we lick each other's pussies; can you not answer my question?"

"I guess you're right," Donna conceded. "He was very good. Best I can remember having." But for some reason, the woman still felt awkward discussing it, so it was her turn to change the subject. "What about you? What did you and Mark do?"

"Oh, we fucked our brains out too."

"You're in a cocky mood this morning," her mother noted.

What an apt description, Kendall thought—for both of them. Get a little cock; you get cocky. "Actually, it was a fairly dull evening. He's not much of a talker so we mostly watched movies and ordered a pizza."

"Well, sorry, if it was a boring evening for you. I guess he's just shy around girls."

If you only knew, Kendall thought with a smirk. "It wasn't a terrible evening, mom. At least he's a nice guy, very polite."

"Well, that's something. How bad did he ogle over your beautiful body?"

"Oh, he definitely looked—quite a bit. But you know, coming from him, it was . . . I don't know . . . different—almost as though it was more admiration than the mental undressing you get from most guys." She shrugged. "I almost enjoyed it from him."

"Wow," Donna said, with raised eyebrows. It wasn't exactly the result of the evening she had hoped for from her daughter, but it was a step in the right direction. "So, does that mean you would spend more time with him?"

"Why? Are you and George going out again tonight?" Kendall began the question with excitement, but quickly checked herself and made it sound more anticipated.

"No, but he asked if we might want to do something tomorrow. Do you have any plans?"

"I don't know. I'd have to check my calendar," the teen answered flippantly.

"There you go again."

Ignoring the remark, Kendall asked, "What did he want to do?"

"He didn't have anything in mind. He just thought it would be fun to have a planned get together."

"Last week was planned, wasn't it?"

"It was for us, not for you and Mark."

"But you don't really have anything planned for tomorrow, so it's not really planned."

"It is insofar as you know we'll be doing something with them, smart ass."

Kendall smirked trying desperately to think of something to do that would allow her and Mark to be together alone, but nothing came to mind, except, "I don't mind doing something, but I don't want to just sit out on the lakefront for several hours and watch the water. But if you and George want to do something alone so you can, you know, have your way with him, that's okay too."

"No, no, we really want to do something with you and Mark."

"Did you have anything in mind?"

"Not really. Want to give it some thought?"

"I will."

* * *

Once again, at about the same time, a similar scene was playing out at another home.

"Whoa, down boy," George said as his son entered the kitchen.

A hazy-eyed Mark looked down at his massive hard pointing straight out nearly pushing through the boxer shorts he had slept in. He adjusted it so that it was merely a bulge. "Sorry, dad."

"That for Kendall?"

"What? No," Mark answered with a cringe. He quickly realized it sounded too defensive and added more casually, "Just my morning wood."

"Didn't realize you had such a big branch hanging off the old trunk."

"Okay, enough with the tree analogies." He spied the two wine glasses on the counter next to the sink. "How'd it go last night? Looks like you made it here."

"Everything went very well," George answered proudly.

"She good in bed?"

"Mark!" George said in a how-dare-you-ask-me-that tone.

"Dad!" Mark shot back in the same tone. "It's a yes or no question. I'm not asking for details—unless you just want to give them."

George sighed. "Yes."

"Okay, so you don't want to give details."

"How did you make out with Kendall?"

Make out doesn't begin to describe it, Mark wanted to say. "It was tolerable. We just mostly watched TV and ordered a pizza."

George nodded. "Did you talk?"

"A little; nothing substantial."

"She talk about boys much?"

With a shrug, Mark said, "Just that she didn't really care for any of the ones at her school; said they just didn't treat girls like she wanted to be treated."

"Then you should have been a welcomed change."

"Well, I'm sure I was a gentleman, but she didn't say anything."

"So, were you all to hell bored?"

Mark was careful to play it down. "It was okay. At least she's something to look at when there's nothing else to do," he added with a smirk.

"Does that mean you wouldn't mind spending more time with her?"

"Does that mean you're going out again tonight?" He hoped that didn't sound too eager.

"No, I'm not. Donna and I thought it might be fun if we all did something tomorrow."

"Oh, like what?"

"We didn't have anything in mind. Donna is going to talk to Kendall and I'll call her later for us to decide."

"Sure, dad, whatever you want to do."

"Do you have any suggestions?"

"I'll give it some thought." Preferably something outdoors so the women will dress down, he thought.

* * *

A while later, after lunch, while showering, Mark thought long and hard about what type of activity the four of them could do that might give he and Kendall some time alone, but nothing really came to mind. Just thinking about that beautiful girl, her incredible body and the amazing sex they'd had brought back his raging hard on, and instead of focusing on an idea for Sunday's outing, all he could do was lather up his burning cock and stroke it until he sprayed the shower stall wall in a satisfying orgasm.

Afterward, while dressing, his cell phone rang. He was surprised that it was Kendall, but he probably shouldn't have been.

After an exchange of greetings, she said, "I can't stop thinking about last night."

"Me, too."

"I've already masturbated twice."

"Once for me."

"Really? Cool. Have you and your dad talked yet?"

"You mean about tomorrow?"

"Yes. I was trying to think of some way we could be alone."

"So have I, but I haven't come up with anything."

"Neither have I."

"Let's brainstorm. I told my mom I didn't want to just hang out at the lakefront again, but maybe if we did, we could pretend to go for a walk."

"Except that there is nowhere out there that is secluded," Mark countered.

"Yeah, you're right," Kendall agreed."

"But you're on the right track. Where could we walk off and find a secluded spot?"

"Would have to be in the woods or a forested area."

"Yes!" Mark exclaimed, "you're right! On the other side of the lake; the state park; miles of hiking trails."

"Of course," Kendall agreed. "That's perfect. We could tell them we want to go on a picnic. And then we could go for a hike."

"But what if they want to come with us?"

"That may be a chance we'll have to take. But—I don't know how it went with your dad this morning—but my mom is still concerned about us spending time with each other so you can get comfortable with girls and me with boys, so if we say we want to go for a hike, they might just be happy to let us go."

Mark pondered that notion for a second. "I think you're right."

"Okay, then let's tell them we want to go on a picnic."

"We can't both tell them. They might get suspicious."

"True. You want to?"

"No, you do it," Mark suggested. "I'll just tell my dad I haven't thought of anything and suggest he go ahead and call your mom. Then she can throw out your idea to him and I'll agree when he asks me."

"Sounds like a plan," Kendall said excitedly. "Give me about fifteen minutes."

"Will do. See you tomorrow."

"Can't wait."

* * *

Living up to his gentlemanly reputation, Mark held open the car doors for Donna and Kendall when he and George picked them up Sunday morning for their picnic. The act was not so noble on Mark's part as much as it was the result of seeing the two beauties as they exited their home. Both were dressed almost identical to the previous Sunday: short shorts and tank top for Donna, short blue jean skirt (yes!) and tank top for Kendall. Though the skirt was really not appropriate for a picnic in the woods—a point mother had twice made to daughter—Mark had absolutely no complaints. Thus his instant gentlemanly motive: he held the front passenger door for Donna and the rear right-side door for Kendall. As he walked around the vehicle to take his own place behind his dad's driver seat he grinned slyly to himself over his cleverness. From his position, he could see Donna through the front bucket seats, and of course, he was sitting nearly next to Kendall.

And the girl did not disappoint. She angled her body toward him, crossed her left leg over her right, which exposed nearly all of her left thigh damn near up to her ass. When he looked up at her, she merely smiled seductively, which told him she was intentionally being brazen.

When George turned around to ask the teens if they were ready, Mark was amused to see his dad's eyes nearly pop out of their sockets when he glimpsed Kendall. The parent momentarily lost his train of thought at the sight, but quickly recovered and said, "This is a wonderful idea, Kendall. I love the state park and a picnic is perfect for such a beautiful day. I even happen to know an ideal spot that is secluded enough so we can have it all to ourselves." He turned back forward and started the engine without seeing the girl's eyes widen in anticipation.

Even though in short shorts, Donna was probably showing more leg than her daughter was with the skirt, and regardless that the mother's legs were great to watch, somehow for Mark, the fact that she was in shorts made them less exciting to look at than looking at a female's legs in a skirt. Mark attempted to rationalize that concept in his mind—not that it mattered—and all he could come up with was that with shorts, you were seeing all that you were going to see, but with a skirt, there was always the possibility of seeing more. What an asshole thought; exactly the kind that gave Kendall her attitude toward guys. He had to make certain he kept those notions to himself.

As the one hour drive began, Mark realized that he might have outfoxed himself. Having to watch these two gorgeous creatures for so long could drive him crazy.

"So, Mark," Donna said, nearly startling him, "I hear you're good in school."

"I try," he answered for lack of anything better.

"I think you're being modest," she suggested. "What's your best subject?"

"I guess, English." This was embarrassing, Mark thought.

"Oh, that's my worst subject," Kendall admitted. "And finals are coming up." She gave Mark a helpless look.

Feeling as though he had been set up, Mark offered, "I could help you, if you like." He saw his dad and Donna shoot each other a look of surprise.

"Wow, that would be nice." Kendall sounded genuinely appreciative. "You really wouldn't mind?"

"Not at all," he responded, imagining the possibilities.

"Mom, would you mind if Mark came over after school one day?"

"Of course, not," Donna said. "If he can get you through English, I'm all for it. Thanks, Mark, we really appreciate this."

"Oh, no problem. Anything else you need help with, Kendall?"

"English is the only subject I really have trouble with. Math, I'm a little bit better, but if you want to work with me on that, I wouldn't try to stop you. Other than that, I do well."

Everyone chuckled about her math statement.

"Tell you what, Mark," this from his dad. "You can start using your mom's car, if you like."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"It needs to be used," George noted. "Sitting up is not doing it any good."

"Wow. Thanks, dad."

"No one has used her car in over a year?" Donna questioned, trying to hold down her surprise.

"We've kept it operational," George explained. "But, I don't know, we just haven't . . . anyway, we're trying to put all of that behind us and it's time we start putting it to use."

Conversation was intermittent during the remainder of the drive with a wide range of topics being discussed, though nothing of any substance. They arrived at the state park, driving along the main road from the entrance, and then George turned on an unmarked road and drove a ways, before turning again onto a dirt road and going a bit further. Finally, he came to a stop.

"Do we want to know how you know about this spot?" Donna asked.

"I'll never tell," George joked, and then added, "Actually, this used to be where the Boy Scouts' camped in the rough when I was a teen. Someone later donated some land to them somewhere else and they stopped using this. But apparently, not too many people remember this area so it stays mostly unused."

"That sounds like a campfire story," Donna remarked, tongue-in-cheek.

Everyone laughed as they exited the car and set up their picnic area. Once that was all done, it was too early to eat lunch, so they each grabbed the Pepsi of their choice and settled on a couple of fallen tree trunks.

"So, Mr. George," Kendall began.

But he interrupted her. "We're all friends here, Kendall. Please just call me George."

"Likewise for you, Mark," Donna offered.

"Okay, well then, George," Kendall went on, "is it true what you said about this area?"

"It is."

"Then why do so few people know about it?"

"Not long after the Boy Scouts stopped using it, the entire state park was closed due to budget cuts," George explained. "When it reopened several years later, it was with a new staff and apparently no one knew about this section."

"How come we never came here, dad?"

"Well, Mark, you know your mother, she was not the outdoorsy type."

"You're right about that."

"Are we safe here?" Donna asked with some concern. "I mean, if something were to happen to us and the park rangers don't even know about this place, no one would ever come looking for us."

"We're not that far from anything that we couldn't be found," George reassured. "We have cell signals." He held up his phone to show good reception. "A lot of my old friends still come here. And the hiking trails come pretty near because there's a waterfall and a little lake nearby. We used to swim in it. Wished I'd thought of it; we could have brought swim suits."

"It's a shame we didn't all know each other better," Kendall remarked, "or we could go skinny-dipping."

Though no one was bold enough to comment, there was more agreement to that idea than anyone was willing to say, except Donna. "And on that note, I think it's time for lunch."

So they did: sandwiches and chips supplied by the guys, potato salad and fruits from the girls; nothing fancy; and more insignificant conversation.

All the while, Kendall had been attempting to figure how she could talk to Mark alone so they could plan their hike. There never was an opportunity, even as they were picking up after lunch. Every time she would get near enough even to whisper, one of the parents would pass by. It was becoming quite frustrating, and she thought she saw a similar mood on Mark's face.

"Donna and I are going for a little hike," George mentioned.

Not only did the statement catch the teens off guard, but it was further perplexing that the adults seemed to want to go alone. Regardless, it was the opportunity Kendall was looking for so she corralled her wits and casually said, "Go ahead, we'll mind the fort."

Catching a look from Kendall, Mark agreed.

When their parents were out of range, Kendall went to Mark, but still whispered just in case, "Did you find that as strange as I did?"

"Yeah, they didn't invite us along."

"What do you think that means?"

"Well, it would seem they want to be alone," Mark said, stating the obvious.

"But, why?"

With a look of stupefaction, he asked, "Why did you want us to go off alone?"

"Yes. Let's follow them."

"Are you kidding? We have this time alone. Why waste it?"

"Aw, come on. It'll be fun. Our parents acting like a couple of teenagers." Without waiting for a response, knowing he would follow her, Kendall headed off after them.

With an exasperated sigh, Mark was on her tail—but now how he wanted to be. Still, it was fun watching her walk through the woods in the short jean skirt. He reached out and grabbed her hem to slow her down. She stopped and turned sharply.

"You're making too much noise," he cautioned. "They'll hear us."

"Oops." She stood aside to let him lead.

Well, that backfired, Mark realized. Now, he couldn't watch her from behind.

They walked cautiously and quietly for about 20 minutes, perhaps a half-mile when Mark thought he heard a high-pitched sound. He stopped, turned to Kendall and put his forefinger to his lips in the standard shushing gesture. Hearing it again, he approached a large, small-car-sized, slanted boulder, deciding the sound was coming from its other side. Peering carefully over the top of the rock he saw a small clearing about ten feet below. At the other end, back leaning against a similarly angled boulder, was Donna, his dad's lips pressed firmly onto hers, his hands pawing at her voluptuous tits like he was working the controls of a video game.

"Oh, wow!" Kendall whispered as she witnessed the erotic scene before her.

Donna's back was arched against the rock, her magnificent breasts thrusting out, as George's hands went underneath her tank top exposing the round boobs to fresh air. She then lifted her arms up and he removed the top and bra completely, laying them on another, smaller rock nearby.

"Gee, look at those tits!" Mark whispered in awe.

"Yeah, they are something, aren't they?" Kendall agreed.

Donna then turned George around so that his back was against the boulder, and she set about undoing and removing his shirt. She nibbled on is nipples and he had to stifle the roar he wanted to release. Pressing her lips to his in a wet kiss, her hand went down to the huge bulge in his shorts, stroking it through the material.

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