In Step Ch. 10


"We don't want to lose you and your dad either, Mark. But he's got to be the one to come around. And he's got to do it on his own; because if he's coerced, and it really isn't what he wants, it will only get worse later on."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Mark answered defeatedly.

They arrived at Mark's home in record time and were not surprised to see Mark's care there.

"It might be to our advantage to enter quietly," Mark suggested. "If we hear first what's going on, it might give us a sense of how to proceed."

"Sounds good," Donna agreed. "Lead the way."

* * *

Still waiting for George to respond, Kendall again said, "Well?"

As though in a trance, George snapped out of it and looked at her at as much of her body as was exposed, ending on her eyes. "I was reflecting on our discussion, and truthfully, my thoughts turned to envisioning a lifestyle such as the one you suggest." His cock pulsing in the corner of her eye gave what she thought would be his answer. "As long as we have been seeing one another, Donna has never done anything to give me the slightest doubt about her. And since we brought you and Mark in on it, it's only gotten better. We all suffer from lapses in judgment—I know I have—so, I can't really be too harsh with Donna, Mark or you for having such a lapse. Perhaps the element that made it seem bad was because there was sex with another person involved. And society has brainwashed us into believing that is wrong. But is it really wrong if we're all open-minded?

"When Donna gave you and Mark a glass of wine, that was a lapse in judgment, but I didn't get upset about that."

Kendall thought she knew where he was going with this line of thinking, and it was in a direction she wanted him to go, so she saw no purpose in complicating it by correcting the wine story.

"My point is," he went on, "we're all entitled to a few mistakes and lapses in judgment, and so, there's no point in ruining a perfect—and I do mean perfect—relationship over such things. So, I accept your explanation and apology."

"Yes!" Kendall screamed, throwing her arms around his neck. She kissed him hard on the mouth, and he responded in kind. "I knew you'd come around. Like Mark, you're just too perfect to be petty. Oh, we four are going to have such a wonderful life!"

Pressing her lips to his again, she rolled onto her back pulling him on top of her. In that motion, his cock automatically found her opening and slid in so easily she couldn't have planned it any better.

Out of the corner of her eye, Kendall caught movement from the doorway. Turning her head slightly, she saw her mother and Mark standing there watching. She smiled, having hoped they would deduce this was where she had come and follow. And as she had further hoped, they arrived just as she fixed the situation. With very slight movement of her hand, she gave them the "okay" circle with her thumb and index finger, then signaled them to join in.

Kendall had to suppress a snicker as she watched her mom and Mark scramble to get out of their clothes as quickly as possible. Her mom, it seemed, had a slight advantage as she wore no underwear; both then tip-toed to the bed.

Donna lay on her back next to her daughter. George was, for an instant, shocked to see her, but his face quickly formed a big smile, and while still fucking Kendall, he leaned over to kiss his fiancé. He wasn't surprised when he saw his son out of the corner of his eye lean down from the other side of the bed to press his lips to . . . his girlfriend.

George eased out of Kendall, much to her moan of dissatisfaction.

"You're okay there," Donna said.

"But this is where I want to be," George said, as he moved sideways to enter his fiancé. "It's been too long."

Meanwhile, Mark moved into his dad's place where a now smiling Kendall was happy to again have a dick in her.

In similar positions next to one another on top of their women, father and son caught each other's eye. Both felt weird. "This is going to take some getting used to," George remarked.

"Yeah, it's surrealistic," Mark agreed.

But the women were smiling at each other victoriously. Kendall reached over to play with her mom's tit, while Donna did the same. Daughter then reached up to twist George's nipple and Donna did the same to Mark.

"Maybe it won't take that much getting used to," George said correcting himself.

With this being their first actual foursome, it didn't take long for them all to come within minutes of each other. Afterward, they all relaxed, the guys sitting against the headboard, the girls sprawled out near the foot of the bed. Mother and daughter were obviously comfortable having experienced each other's nudity previously. But father and son were clearly in an awkward state.

"This really is going to take some getting used to," George repeated. "You've really grown up," he noted about his son.

"It happens," Mark replied. "So, does this mean you're okay with this open relationship Donna and Kendall want to have?"

"I'm not opposed to the lifestyle," George informed him, "and if anyone had taken the time to talk to me about it first, they would have discovered that."

"I'm really sorry, dad. It all started quite innocently and evolved quicker than we could control it. By then, we were in so deep; no one knew exactly how to approach you about it."

"What have I been teaching you since you were a child? Honestly is the best policy."

"You're right. I apologize again."

"No need to. I know you well enough to know that you mean it and are not prone to behaving badly. And having said that, everyone makes mistakes, and you're entitled to a few also."

"Does that go for me also?" Donna wanted to know.

"It absolutely does," George said. "As long as I've known you, going back before we started dating, you've never done anything questionable."

Her smile lit up the room. "Does this mean our plans will continue?"

"That would be my hope, if it is still yours."

"It is—without a doubt!" Donna crawled over to kiss him passionately.

Mark and Kendall smiled at each other, then high-fived.

"So, what are we going to do about these two?" George asked after the kiss. "Considering they started it all."

Donna could see the twinkle in his eye and knew that he was being playful, so she responded in kind. "They did get me in a lot of trouble."

"I know, maybe we'll find a house in which they'll have to share," George threw out with a shrug. "You know, something like a bathroom. Or send them off to boarding school."

Kendall snickered, then leaned over and blatantly reached for Mark's limp cock, stroking it tenderly. "Uh, do you really think that would do it?"

"I meant, separate schools," George clarified.

"Oh, so you want to play dirty," Kendall deduced with a grin. With her other hand, she was able to reach out and caress his dick as she was Mark's.

"Oh, Kendall, for such a young girl, you're really using old tricks," George teased. "Do you really think that would get me to change my mind?"

"You're right. What was I thinking? Mom, can you come here for a second?"

Knowing her daughter was up to something, Donna walked on her knees on the bed while Kendall did the same. The two met near the foot of the bed facing one another. The girl leaned over and took her mother's left nipple into her mouth, licking and sucking on it, and after a minute, Donna performed a similar action on her daughter. Following that, the two females locked lips in a passionate, tongue-dueling kiss. They played it up by making it as wet and noisy as possible.

Out of the corner of her eye, Kendall could see Mark's cock at full mast again and George's on a definite rise. Even though they had done this many times, for some reason, this time was even making Kendall's nipples harden. Perhaps it was because the kiss was more sensual then usual, if that was possible, or because they were performing in front of their men, which was probable, or more likely, a combination. In any event she wanted more.

Kendall broke the kiss and turned to George, who was watching with intense interest while casually stroking his cock. She took it from him and went down on it, taking it over half way before it met her uvula. Her future stepfather's moan of ecstasy appeared to surprise even him.

Not to be outdone, Mark rolled off the edge of the bed as Donna eased onto her back, turning her spread legs toward her future stepson. He attacked her juicy pussy zealously, slurping up her delectable nectar hungrily. He realized that this cum cocktail might also include some of his father's semen, but at the moment, he didn't care, driven only by crazed desire.

Donna's body was angled on the bed with her head near George. He easily reached over and fondled her left breast and nipple. She felt a heightened sense of awareness knowing her pussy was being eaten by one man while another played with her tit.

Though George was enjoying having his cock sucked on by the young girl, she was not nearly as good as her mother in that department. What was good about her was her tight, young pussy that stretched around his big dick like an elastic, fur-lined glove. That's what he wanted to feel again, so he eased off of the bed, and with Kendall still on hands and knees, he turned her rear toward him, spread her moist vaginal lips with his thumbs and slowly aimed his saliva-coated rod to her love tunnel. It slid in like it was on rails, and it occurred to him that the additional lubrication was from his son's jism still coating her interior. The eroticism of it caused his cock to swell within her, which in turn, elicited from her a throaty, "uuunnnnggggaaaahhhhmmmmm," which undoubtedly was a sound of utter enjoyment. He then fucked her slowly and evenly.

For her part, the feeling was so incredible; Kendall thought she might pass out. But she forced herself to breathe. However, she was weakened to the point of not being able to hold her upper body up.

Meanwhile, across the bed, Donna didn't want to come again so soon, which Mark's talented tongue could easily make happen, so she pulled him onto the bed on his back so she could taste his cock covered in a dried mixture of his and her daughter's love juices.

Mark enjoyed Donna's skilled mouth—he'd only had blowjobs from her and Kendall, so he had no frame of reference, but he could not imagine anyone in the world being better at it than his future step mom. However, watching his dad plow Kendall made him want his cock buried in a pussy so he pulled Donna up and she easily guided her still wet snatch onto his saliva lubricated shaft and vacuumed him in.

Watching those two, Kendall pulled George around forcing him onto his back on the bed next to Mark. She then mounted him facing his feet instead of the same position as her mother, and bounced up and down on his cock.

The two women smiled at each other. Donna leaned over to suck Kendall's right nipple as she slid back and forth on Mark's cock. Whether she wanted to come again this soon or not, Donna felt the familiar build up and could not help herself; she was simply too addicted to orgasms to pass another one up.

Cut from the same cloth, Kendall could not let her mother have one without enjoying one also. Resting their heads on each other's shoulder, both exploded in satisfying orgasms.

Donna pulled out and rolled off of Mark lying beside him and tilted toward George and her daughter. Kendall did likewise, her head landing on her mother's shoulder. George then got off the bed and turned Kendall toward him, reinserting his cock in her snug vagina. Not to be left out, Mark lifted Donna's right leg and guided his dick back into her pussy. Father and son went at it again.

But Mark halted after a few minutes, fearing he was too close to coming.

Donna used the opportunity to crawl on hands and knees behind her daughter's head where she leaned in to kiss her fiancé as he fucked Kendall. Mother's tits were now hanging in the young girl's face, so she wasted no time in cupping the globes and alternated sucking nipples.

Turned on by the threesome, Mark couldn't help but position himself behind Donna and fuck her doggy style. As he continued to watch this interconnected sexual activity, the amativeness of the situation became more than he could control in himself and he began to feel the churning in his balls. "Uh, uh, uh, ah, ah, ahhh, ahhhh, unh, uunnhh, mmm, mmm, MMM, AHHHHH, YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!" It was a big one and he spewed more semen than Donna's already saturated pussy could hold.

George was also in the throes of his orgasm, and while not as vocal, his intensified breathing told Donna he was close. She reached out, grabbing his slimy cock, pushing him back far enough that he pulled out of Kendall. Mother then leaned forward engulfing his cock in her mouth just as he started spurting. It was all she could do to swallow it all.

Meanwhile, Donna's move forward had placed her dripping pussy directly over her daughter's face so that the cum forced out by Mark's continued thrusting splashed onto Kendall's mouth and nose. She slurped up what she could reach with her tongue. When Marked finally pulled out of her mother, she reached for his cum-coated dick and licked him clean.

When George finished coming, Donna rolled off of her daughter, trails of semen she couldn't swallow running slowly down her chin and neck. Kendall was there immediately, licking her mother clean while feeding her parent globs she scooped up with her finger.

All four were finally spent and wanted to simply relax on the bed. However, the only position in which they could all lay comfortably was with the two men on the outside on their sides facing in and their women spooning them.

"Can we just stay here forever?" Kendall asked dreamily. "I never want to leave this bed."

"We'll have to if you want to move into our new house," George mentioned.

"We haven't even chosen one," Kendall noted.

"Oh, I think you have," George countered. "Or at least, that's the sense I got by seeing what was spread out on the table at your house."

"Believe it or not, George," Donna said, "we spent most of last night going through all of the information the realtor sent—"

"And you all liked the glass cube on the lakefront," George finished for her. "When I saw it, I knew that was the one you'd all go for."

"How did you know that?" Mark asked.

"I think we all think pretty much alike, and it's the one I went for."

"Can we afford it?" Donna asked.

"Peter was quite generous with my compensation package, said I was one of the few executives who deserved what he was paying me," George informed them proudly. "I came close to putting a deposit on that house, but I decided to make certain I was correct in my assumption. I think we should drag ourselves out of bed and let the realtor show it to us just to make absolutely certain it's what we want. If so, we'll make an offer."

"Like I said earlier," Kendall repeated, "we're going to have a wonderful life!"

And so they did. The wedding went off as planned, all four went on the brief honeymoon and consummated the marriage and not long after, they moved into their dream house.

And then the fun really began!

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