tagGroup SexIn The Absence Of Light

In The Absence Of Light


She was totally intrigued by him when she checked him into the hotel. He was physically smooth, unlike most of the guys she had dated who seemed to become awkward teenagers in her presence. He moved powerfully, but so smooth that got your attention.

His voice was deep and low, with a sensual roughness that ran down her spine. He wasn't loud or brash in some effort to gain her attention. His voice had undertones that spoke to her. She would have given much to hear that voice whisper her name.

He was also tall, taller than she was, which was a serious plus! At her 5'10" most guys looked at her like they were planning an assault on a hilltop fortress. He was tall enough that she felt she would fit well against him, with none of the fumbling that can happen with a first kiss or fist lovemaking.

His lips also drew her attention, thin, but sexy! They moved as he spoke and they had a smoothness of their own. Her last boyfriend seemed to make an effort not to move his lips and since he was usually sucking on a cigarette, she thought maybe that was why he never moved them.

He was handsome in a rough way, not rough in a bad boy sort of way, but more like rough-hewn from a smooth stone. His face had angles and planes that made him distinctive. He would never be a male model, but no one could say he wasn't handsome.

Now he could have modeled his hands. They were large hands, pianist's hands. He could probably stretch across 12 or 14 piano keys and his fingers were slender but strong. She thought about how those hands might feel on her skin as they finished the transaction of checking him in. She shivered intensely at the thought.

Just before they were done with checking him in, he caught her hand in his and touched it to his cheek. She blushed furiously and then he touched his sensuous lips to the back of her hand. He didn't say a word, but he made his invitation clear. She got flustered and shook her head slightly. He smiled a sad smile of regret and then they seemed to return to the real world of hotel desk clerk and hotel guest.

She saw him go into the hotel restaurant for a late dinner and he passed by once more going into the bar. She couldn't help but watch him. Her mind kept returning to that unvoiced invitation and the swell of feelings that wouldn't go away ever since he kissed the back of her hand. Later that night she decided to exercise that age old penchant of the fairer sex everywhere and she changed her mind.

She knocked lightly at the hotel room door, like a person who was unsure of themselves or their errand. The door opened and just as she saw his face, she was pulled into the narrow room corridor that ran past the closet and bathroom. The door closed quickly behind her, eliminating all light. She pressed against him in the darkness. The lack of light surprised her only slightly, but she decided that it wasn't important to see him right now. She had already memorized his face and hands.

Without a word he wrapped his arms around her and pressed her against the wall. Her lips found his and standing there together they felt a fire that had been started when she first saw him today flare to brilliant life. She broke the kiss with a deep breath and then her hands found his and she leaned in to kiss him again. She was right they fit perfectly together! When she felt his excitement, she knew they would fit together even better shortly.

He slowly took off her clothing, not stripping her but more as an exploration. She felt his hands, those marvelous hands, massaging her, his strong fingers touching places that made her move with delight. Once she was naked he slipped off whatever he was wearing and pressed her against the wall again, kissing her, and teasing her by pressing himself against her sex, rubbing firmly and he had no doubt of her desire as she felt him slip along her folds as they moistened for him.

He worked his way down her body, pausing to taste her small breasts and gently bite her nipples. Her belly has a slight sweet roundness he licked as his hands found and held her from behind, cupping her roundness.

He went lower and tasted her tenderly as she cried aloud to his touch. She felt herself responding and once she started pushing against him, he turned her around. Now he feasted on her ass, she didn't know he thought of it as her best feature! She pushed against the wall and arched her back to help his eating her from behind. She froze slightly when his tongue touched her asshole, but in seconds she was nearing an incredible orgasm. Her movement told him she was close, so very close!

He stopped suddenly and turned her around, lifting her up in the dark room. He carried her to the large bed and laid her down in the center. He parted her legs and went back to her, licking, sucking, and biting her in places no one had ever seemed to touch in her before. As she started an incredible orgasm she felt two more mouths sucking on her breasts and more hands touching her hot skin. In her orgasm she ignored them, there was too much of a sensory rush to care! As she came in a gush, she went limp on the bed and three sets of hands caressed her gently as she recovered.

As awareness came back in she felt his cock pierce her pussy and again more hands than she could count stroked and touched her until she was once again climbing that mountain of passion. They rolled her over until she was straddling him and when a breast was put to her mouth, she sucked at it hungrily. Her own hands found there were two other people in the bed with them, two women, both with long hair. One had large breasts and the other flatter breasts, but hard and long pointed nipples. Her hands were pushed against two wet pussies when she started cumming again -- this time harder than ever! The darkness kept her from seeing them, which mattered little. She was well past her previous experiences and couldn't care. The darkness held an anonymity that was nearly as exciting as all that had happened so far. All's fair in love and darkness to her!

She came back feeling someone tenderly licking her swollen pussy. From the feeling she knew it wasn't him. To one side she heard the sexiest noises, like something out of the adult films the hotel offered their guests. One of the girls in bed with them was making so much noise and she was surprised how good it made her feel. Each cry, each groan felt like she had made them herself. The cries in the dark kept her own fires burning hot and the tongue held her there.

She was wishing she could see her getting so well fucked when a pussy descended to her face. She caught the strong scent and felt the thighs on each side of her head when it came down. Rather than wait for her to do something, the girl started just rubbing it across her face, up and down. She felt two fingers enter her and when she opened her mouth to cry out in bliss, she tasted her first pussy. It was slightly sour, almost bitter, but not unpleasant. Once she got her hands on the girl's ass and started working with her instead of just getting her face fucked it was much nicer.

The girl with her took her attention away from the fucking couple. She heard the guy grunt through an orgasm and wished it ad been in her when he came. But she was nearing another crescendo just as she felt the girl above her shake violently through her own. Her tongue never left that pussy even though she was cumming strongly once again.

Another shift of bodies and she found herself on her hands and knees in some sort of chain. Another girl was on her hands and knees before her. She felt someone else start tonguing her ass, asshole, and pussy from behind again so she replicated those movements. She felt something sticky on what was obviously a nice soft ass. It took her a second to realize that he hadn't come in her, but pulled out and sprayed on her ass! It was delicious! Smooth on her tongue and a warm feeling enveloped her as she found every little bit of his cum from every nook and cranny of her ass, back, and even the back of her thighs. The person behind her, she thought it was the other woman from how soft and gentle they were, got seriously into tongue fucking her asshole, so much that she gave it a try and found it didn't taste bad at all. There wasn't much of a taste, but the reaction from the girl in front of her made it well worth doing. She was the noisier of the two and she started going off into loudly into a pillow.

She wasn't sure where he was until she was disengaged from the ass in front of her and his cock was presented to her lips. When she took it she tasted the now familiar pussy taste and knew he had been working it into one of her sisters. For a few minutes she thought about the identity of the other girls, she wondered if they knew each other or had he seduced them all in the same manner he had certainly seduced her. But as her passion rose for a countless time, the answers would wait! In the meantime there was cock to suck, pussy to eat, and more and more heights of passion to achieve and to help three others achieve. The darkness swirled around her, making her powerful, hiding any hint of anxiety or embarrassment. She felt so free in the darkness!

She woke up alone in the bed. The room smelt of sex, the mattress was bare of any sheets or blankets; they had all been torn off from the activities of the night before. In a daze she remembered bits and pieces and as hard as she tried she couldn't remember all the details.

Every time she tried, her body reacted much in the way it had last night and took her nearer to orgasm! She was laying there trying to remember and gently fingering herself when the room door opened. Without a thought to covering herself, she continued to play with her sensitive pussy when the smell of breakfast hit her. Anna came in. Anna was one of the hotel employees that worked various jobs, her and her sister Belinda. Anna had worked the bar last night and today was working the restaurant.

She should have been embarrassed being caught like this, but the look in Anna's eyes took any embarrassment away. She approached the bed and leaned down taking a long lingering lick of her pussy. Oh, yea! Anna was certainly one of the girls from last night. She then brought her pussy smelling face up and they kissed. She was dressed in her uniform and had pushed a room service cart loaded with all sort goodies. Anna joined her on the bed and a few minutes later Belinda also came in. Once she knew Anna was one of the women, it was apparent than Belinda was the other. She recalled that they weren't actually sisters, but they were both gorgeous, with long blonde hair, and had wonderful bodies, that people always took them for sisters. They were also the best of friends and shared a place a short distance from the hotel.

The three shared breakfast, but didn't talk at all. They were all still reeling to varying degrees from the intensity of last evening. When they were done and all the dishes back on the cart, Anna and Belinda each kissed her, slow, sensuous kisses that left her both breathing hard and breathless at the same time. After they left she got up and found her clothes.

She dressed and went to leave the room. She looked around and flashes all that happened came to her. There were no images, only the feelings -- and that was enough. As it all ran through her mind she realized that it had been more than anything she thought possible. Not a word had been spoken in this room other than cries of passion. She never saw anyone naked or clothed for that matter. It was even more intense not knowing who she had been with or who was touching her at a given time. She blew a kiss back into the room and walked out, locking the door behind her.

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