tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn The Beginning

In The Beginning


The planet was dying; very near a final, cataclysmic death. It's sun had been flaring for centuries and the planet's surface had been far too hot for life for the same centuries. All life was underground, sustained artificially. Scientists were well aware that when the sun made it's final flare-up before collapsing, the planet would be obliterated and that the end was near.

A fleet of small starships was created. Each was capable of carrying two people in a form of suspended animation similar to cryogenics with the added feature of a form of ravenous feeding. The ships traveled at very close to the speed of light. The plan was to send out the fleet in different directions with the hope that at least one would land on some planet somewhere in the universe that was capable of sustaining life. The launches weren't completely at random, certain galaxies had been identified as likely to include a habitable planet. But they weren't far from random. It was a wild shot at trying to make sure that the race would not die out but would be recreated elsewhere.

Each starship would continue to travel until sensors determined that a planet with something close to the correct atmosphere had been found. The ship would then automatically divert to that planet, find land and come down as controlled as possible. Each ship carried a boy and a girl, eight to ten years old when they were put aboard. Since time stops at the speed of light, the occupants of the ship would age extremely slowly even though the ship would travel literally thousands of light years.

Starship 1074 landed and its occupants were slowly awakened from their suspension. Both had aged slightly during travel and were now in the equivalent of their early twenties. And both were very hungry. Both were in acceptable physical shape but in fact their stomachs and digestive systems were totally empty.

The spaceship door was open and both walked out and slowly looked around. There were green plants everywhere, trees with fruit hanging from them, a small stream trickling nearby. The man grabbed a fruit off a tree and took a bite.

"It's odd tasting but seems edible," he said as he took another bite.

So the woman picked one, too, and began eating. As they ate they walked a short distance, investigating their surroundings.

"This appears to be a very pleasant place," she said, "We should be able to survive here." She then noticed the stream, went over, stooped down, bent over and started drinking from it.

The man watched her and as she bent over he could see the bright pink of her labia just below the soft globes of her ass, tucked between her thighs.

They were both naked, as were all people from their planet. Privacy had long since disappeared in the tight living space beneath the planet's outer crust. So, while they had very limited life experience on their own, were essentially eight-year-olds in twenty- year-old bodies, they had seen many people including their own parents making love. It happened regularly and often, whenever a couple felt like it. They were also aware of the various methods and positions of sex and foreplay. It was traditional for the woman to make sure the man was erect and for the man to make sure the woman was lubricated and ready to accept him.

The sight of her labia caused an emotional stirring within the man, beyond his conscious control. He felt a stirring in his penis. He stepped over, knelt beside her and leaned down and drank from the stream also. The water was very needed. They both drank deeply. He then sat back on his haunches and reached with his hand to touch her labia. He rubbed his finger up and down, feeling her soften some. He leaned down and kissed her on her lower back.

Smiling, the woman sat up and turned to him, moving her head to his so they could kiss. While their lips met, she moved her hand to his penis, feeling it's growing solidity. As they continued to kiss, he leaned back until she was essentially atop him. They were still kissing, he still had his arm over her ass and his hand into her pussy. She still had hold of his cock. He could feel her soft body and the shape of her breasts against him.

She smiled, pulled her face away from the kiss and changed position. Straddling him, she got her mouth to his cock while she almost sat on his face. He used his hands to spread her labia, raised his head slightly and put his tongue into her and began licking. She had her lips around his cock with two-thirds of it inside her mouth as she licked and sucked. Neither had ever done this before but both realized that it was what they wanted to do.

She could feel his cock grow and become strong and solid in her mouth and loved the tastes and sensations of it. He could feel her pussy softening and becoming wetter and wetter and loved the tastes involved. Being young, neither had patience, both wanted everything at once. So she pulled loose from him and almost jumped around until her labia were directly above his penis. She then lowered herself onto him, smiling as she felt his erection spreading her lips open. A sharp pain hit her which caused a momentary panic but her actions had already committed her and her weight dropped onto him and his erection was completely up inside her.

The pain was replaced with pleasure and she smiled at him. lowered her upper body and kissed him as her hips kept moving, feeling his large shape move within her.

"This is going to be a lovely place, Adam," she said.

"Ugh," he blurted out as he shoved his hips up into her harder, "Just perfect, Eve," he said.

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