tagErotic CouplingsIn The Beginning Ch. 04

In The Beginning Ch. 04


Helen stood up and pulled the red sash that held her robe together. She simply shrugged her shoulders and the shiny black satin robe pooled on the floor around her clear stiletto heels. This would be the first time I have seen Helen completely naked. She was full and soft. My eyes must have telegraphed my approval of her appearance because she smiled. The hair on her pussy is the same light sandy brown as on her head. She did not shave, and her pink lips peeked through her bush and I could see clear droplets of her nectar and the shine on her inner thighs where she had been leaking as we had talked. Her areolas were very large, dark and her nipples were diamond hard from the material of her robe.

She reached her hands out to me and pulled me to my feet. She walked me to the bedroom and said, "You just crawl up on the bed, on your tummy, and let Miss Helen show you the way to heaven, Baby Boy."

As I lay down on my stomach on the bed, she got one of those big pink bath towels from my bathroom. I felt her get on the foot of the bed. She touched the bottom of my foot with her tongue and she licked her way from my toes to my heel in a single slow sensual stroke. I am not ticklish on my feet but the feeling was sublime. Her fingers began a slow massage on my heels and she trailed her tongue up the back of first one calf then the other, followed by her fingers, her nails, and her nipples. My skin was alive with her touch.

Her travels took her up the back of my legs to the cheeks of my skinny butt. She licked, stroked, breathed her hot breath, and slid her hot nipples all over me. As she moved up, I felt the scalding juices from her leaking pussy dripping on the back of my legs and my cock was as hard as granite. She moved back to my ass, and pushed my kegs apart so she could lick between my cheeks. Her tongue found my hole and she rimmed it with ever increasing pressure until her tongue slipped through the outer ring. This was the first time a woman had ever stuck her tongue in my ass, and I loved it. She soon replaced her tongue with her finger and pushed in until she had it all the way in. Slowly she twisted her hand back and forth and I thought I was going to pass out from sensation. "Keep that up," I groaned, "and we'll be needing that towel to clean up the bed."

I heard her chuckle and she said, "Roll over on your back and lets see what we can do to keep your cum from going to waste." I rolled over and she touched the tip of my aching cock with a fingernail and just barely moved it. I whispered, "I'm so close to cumming." She lifted my cock off my belly and slid her open hand under it and moved it down to the base and back up again without closing her fingers over it. I was trembling, as I grew closer to orgasm. She leaned over me and touched the tip of her tongue to the very end of my cock. Slowly she wrapped her fingers around me. Her breath on my cock head was hot. She raised her head up just a bit and looked into my eyes as she started to move her hand up and down.

From deep in her throat she breathed, "Give your cum to Helen, Baby Boy, let it go for me. I want every drop." Her motion increased and I could refuse her no longer. "OH DEAR GOD!" I moaned, "MMMMMMMMMMMMPHHHHHHH!" My first surge shot from my cock and landed directly between my nipples, the second surge sent a huge stream straight up my belly and splashed up onto Helen's chin, after that, my eyes were closed so tightly I don't know where things went. Helen's hand was covered in cum. She had cum on her face and in her hair, and on her tits. As I collapsed back on the bed, she began to lick the great globs of semen off my chest and stomach. She licked her fingers and hand and cleaned the droplets from her tits and my cock. All the while, Helen is telling me, "You taste wonderful, I told you we wouldn't waste any of it on the sheets." I had to agree, she hadn't wasted a drop.

She moved up next to me, and I kissed her deeply, our tongues wrestled with each other and I could taste my discharge on her lips and in her mouth. Helen is one hot female. We lay together for a short time, feeling the afterglow. I started to tease her nipples with my fingers and soon took them each in turn into my mouth. Her breasts were full but not huge. Just right for her size and very firm. She is very sensitive and soon she was moaning with pleasure as I continued to minister to her very hard nipples. I kissed my way down her belly and was about to crawl between her legs when she said, "Better put the towel under me. Remember how much I squirt." I really didn't care, but I did have to sleep in this bed tonight so I spread the towel and then her legs, and then the sweet lips of her cunt, and them I touched my tongue to her lips. The resulting whimper of approval was the signal that her juices were about to flow.

And flow they did. I licked up to her hood, and sucked her hard button out into my hungry mouth and flicked it about four times. Helen ground her heels into the bed, pushed her pelvis up forcing her pussy against my face and exploded into river of molten love juice. My face was drenched. It ran down my chin and poured onto the towel. I drank of it until I could drink no more. "SWEET JESUS," she howled, "OOOOOHHHHH BABY BOY, AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH." She pushed up even higher, "Suck my hot cunt, Lover. Make me cum. Make me come hard. Ooh yes, do my pussy good. Fuck me now, I want to feel your cock in me. Make me your bitch." How could I refuse? I moved between her legs and slammed my prick into her balls deep in one stroke and she went off again. "MMMMMMMMMPPPPHHHH" She fucked back with all her strength, "FUCK MEEE!!"

I did. I pounded into her with all the force I could summon. Again and again I slammed into her. Each time she slammed back. We were awash in her juices, and slippery with our sweat and we fucked and fucked. No love here, just hot, hard, animal sex. I felt my load building. It started in my balls and roared like a locomotive up through my pounding cock and blasted into her screaming pussy in great steaming streams of passion. It filled her cunt and gushed out of her all over us as her own flow continued to seep out and onto the now completely soaked towel and bedding.

I rolled off Helen and lay on my back gasping to recover my breath. My heart was beating so hard I could feel it pulse in my head. Helen was exhausted. We lay unmoving for many minutes. Slowly our breathing became more normal and the heart rate slowed. Helen propped herself up on her elbow and looked into my eyes. "Well, how do I fuck?" She asked. "Is that what you called that?" I asked back. "So I'm told." She said. "It would seem as though I have been misled. I have had sex quite a few times in my young life and was told it was fucking. Never have I had sex like that." I said. "Sex is sex, making love is just that, but fucking has got to be hot. That was hot my Tall Cool friend, and that was good fucking." She replied. "Was it that good when you fucked Karen this afternoon?" Talk about the direct approach, "It was good, different, she might have sex more often than you do, but you are far more passionate than she is." I said to her.

"Tell me about the nick name, Tall Cool One. Where did that come from?" Helen asked.

"Well, as you know, Louise, our housekeeper, has lived here since dad & mom were married. Dad built this house for mom over forty years ago. Louise has a daughter, Camille, who is older than me. Twenty-five, I guess. I don't ever remember that Louise was married, and Camille has never mentioned her father. When I was little, Louise called me Little Cool One. I was always tall for my age and after a while, when Louise would call me Little Cool One, Camille would say, "No mama, he's too tall." So when I was about twelve, Louise started to call me Tall Cool One. Camille was seventeen and I was taller than she was and the name just hung on. Most of the guys just call me Tall, or Tall Cool. The theme song we wrote for the band is called Tall Cool One. That's the story of the name." I explained.

"You're still Baby Boy to me." She said as she kissed me on the forehead. "Tomorrow is a work day and you have school, so sleep tight. I'm going back to the house and see if Karen wants to suck your cum out of my pussy like I did her. Sleep well, I want some more of what we had tonight, we are good together."

She pulled her robe on, picked up her shoes on her finger, waved and stepped out the door. What a day!! I will never be the same again. I have had some strange sexual experiences in my young life but today was a milestone. I was completely drained, physically, and emotionally. I crawled into the shower, dried off with a pink towel, I have got to talk to Louise about that, and decided to sleep on a sofa in the studio, the bed is too soaked with pussy juice and cum to sleep in it. How am I ever going to explain that to Louise?

Tomorrow will be another day!

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