tagErotic CouplingsIn The Beginning Ch. 06

In The Beginning Ch. 06


As I wandered through the house, on my return to my downstairs apartment, I took a closer look at the opulence of the house I grew up in with my parents. I came to the startling reality, that I had never been a real part of any of it. It would seem that my parents' lover had raised me; I had never gotten to know my mother and my father as still a mystery to me. I had learned about the wild nature of my folks, and some of the unbelievable things that had happened here, from Louise. The house suddenly seemed so large and empty. Since my mother had died, dad had seemed to be working all the time and Louise was the only family member I had been in constant contact with. Even that was weird to me, she turns out to have been sexually active with the folks their entire married life, had borne and raised her own child here, and had never been married. She had raised my sister and me both from infancy, and now, I had taken her anally in my fathers private little fuck chamber. I needed something to calm me down before my dad came home to discuss God only knows what. I made a short detour through the den and helped myself to a nice flagon of Johnny Walker Black, from the bar. I carried it with me and headed down the stairs to the safety of my own hideout in the cellar.

It was 7:30 as I passed through the studio into my apartment. I flipped on the lights, cranked on the stereo, put on some stuff I had recorded of our band, turned the water on in the Jacuzzi, mixed the scotch with a splash of soda water and ice, stripped, and slid into the bubbling hot water. Being unaccustomed to alcohol stronger than an occasional cold beer, the scotch burned all the way down to the bottom. I made myself a mental note to procure myself a bottle from upstairs to be kept down here strictly for medicinal purposes, such as after a good piece of ass, etc.

The scotch having had the desired effect, I felt much more relaxed after my soak in the tub, and I put on a pair of cut-offs, an old t-shirt, my old sandals and sat down at the mixer board in the studio to add a new track to the music I had been listening to in the tub. I had been working on a tune that was all instrumental and the band used it for our break song and while the band members were introduced at our gigs. I called it "Tall Cool One", after myself, of coarse. I had originally recorded it with two guitars, bass, and drums. Since then, I had re-cut the lead guitar part, added keys, a second rhythm guitar, a sax riff, and I now wanted to add another lead guitar melody in the background. I thought it was a pretty good tune myself but I had never played the whole mix for anyone else. I put on the headphones and started the playback. I then started the record function on a blank track and began playing the new melody lines. I must have left the house speakers on as well. I was so into what I was playing that I didn't notice my father walk into the room and when he tapped me on the arm, I nearly came out of my skin.

I switched off the tape deck and removed the headset. "Hi Kid, who's that you're playing to?" he asked.
"That's me." I answered. "All of that is you?" he asked again. "Yes sir, all but the drums and sax. I had Al lay the drum track on the first cut. Then I added and re-dubbed each of the other tracks over and over, until I got them just the way I wanted. I got a friend, Ed Miranda, from school to come over and blow some sax with me one night and now I was adding a second guitar melody in the background. I had just finished when you startled me." I explained, "Want to hear the final mix?" "Absolutely." His immediate reply.

I hit the play bottom and cranked up the Dbs. The room was filled with the sounds of, The Tall Cool One. I had fractured the old man when I bought the speakers for the studio, and this was the first time he had taken time out to see what I was doing with all the goodies, I had put on his credit cards. I wasn't sure, but I think I had tapped him for about thirty seven thousand and change for the mixers, tape decks and Mr. J.B. Lansing's finest speakers. The tape sounded great, and dad smiled and looked at me hard for the first time in a long time. He spoke just over the level of the music, "You're really good at this, aren't you?" My reply had been rehearsed many times, "I try my best, I'm still learning, but yeah, I really am pretty good at it!" Another big toothy smile told me we were going to have a nice talk after dinner.

"Louise just took her roast out and you know how she is about us being prompt after she cooks all day. Come on up and lets eat, we can talk while we stuff ourselves on some home cookin' for a change. I really enjoyed what you just showed me." He turned and headed for the door to upstairs. I thought to myself as the door closed behind him, 'Louise ain't been cookin' all afternoon Pop, I promise you that.' I switched off the power to the soundboard, and headed for the stairs.

Louise always sets a fine table and tonight was no exception. Only two places were set across from each other, at one end of the table. The table in the dining room would seat twenty-four for a big do. Dad always liked to eat in this room. The big table had been a wedding gift from mom's grandfather. He must have liked that man very much. I'll have to ask him about that some day. Dad was in a deep discussion with Louise as I entered and I heard him say to her, "Now Weezie, you go set us another place at the end of the table and join us for dinner. What I have to say to Virgil Jr. will also affect you too and I don't want any more discussion on the subject!" Father had spoken, and another place was set at the table, on the end, and we sat down to eat.

Louise, as usual, had produced an exceptional meal of roast pork shoulder, sweet potatoes with little marshmallows on them, greens, corn bread and cinnamon applesauce. I knew there would be pie later and dad brought a bottle of wine from the bar. We ate in silence for a few minutes. Everyone must have been famished. Louise picks like a bird, but dad and I did us proud. I was on my second trip through and dad was reaching for the yams when he said, "I'm going to miss your cooking Weezie." Louise and I looked at each other and then at him and she piped up, "What you talkin' 'bout fool? I'm not going anywhere." Dad finished chewing and said, "Not you, me. I have something to discuss with you two, and I really am not sure how to start. Suffice it to say, I have been hoping that you would be interested in the business, son, but it seems you have another interest and I can't say that I blame you, you have talent. You have never in your life been a financial burden to me and I have watched you take the things you have asked for and use them to good advantage and also you have taken excellent care of the things we have given you. I am very proud of you as my son and I hope that after I tell you what my plans are, you will agree with me. Louise, you have always been my pet, I love you, and I always will. Let's leave the dishes for later and go into the den, get us a drink and we can have pie after while." Once again, father had spoken.

We finished dinner, killed the wine, and made our way down the hall to the den, which was on the back side of dad's study and I guessed on the opposite side of 'The War Room'. I felt so stupid about this house. I had grown up here and had spent my whole life in virtually the other end of it, or downstairs after dad helped me fix it up. I had only been up in Dianne's attic apartment a few times when she was home visiting. I promised myself that I would have a guided tour very soon.

"What's your pleasure?" Dad asked, heading for the bar. Louise asked red wine, I opted for another scotch and soda, and dad poured himself a generous amount of Bushmill's over a couple of ice cubes. I settled into one of the soft leather chairs, Louise sat on the end of the sofa facing me and dad perched on the arm of the sofa opposite Louise. "Do you have a plans for after school yet?" He asked, taking a short pull on his drink.

I knew this was coming and I had been giving it a lot of thought these past few weeks. I began, "As you know, I have really gotten into the music. I don't know, as I would want to make a career out of playing music, but I have a knack for mixing, and recording, and the technical aspect of it. I love to tinker with sound effects too. I was thinking I might take some classes in Daytona this fall, probably electronics. I am also interested in video. The music thing is just stuck in my brain right now. I enjoy playing in the clubs, and dances. Our band will probably break up this summer due to the other guys' school plans, but there are plenty of musicians around I can hook up with. Jacksonville is loaded with Southern Rockers and I know I can work with almost any of them. It seems that I have been discovered by the ladies since we started playing too, I don't have anyone special, but I'm certainly enjoying myself these days." Louise groaned, and dad laughed and said, "So we've noticed." "Sorry about that y'all, we must have gotten kind of loud." Again they both laughed, and I admit I was embarrassed. "No apology necessary, son, were you enjoying yourself?" he quipped. "Yes sir I was." "Did she enjoy herself?" Yes sir she did." "Good piece of pussy gets kind of loud sometimes, doesn't it Louise?" "Yes sir it does." She smiled broadly, and we all laughed at that.

The old man took another pull on his drink, "I hope you're smart enough to protect yourself and the lady against any surprises." I looked at Louise, then back at him, and answered, "I use the necessary precautions when I'm with someone I don't know. When I'm with someone I know, we do what's agreed upon. I don't need the pitter-patter of little feet, or any strange diseases. None of us do."

"Good boy, you'll be fine." He said. "Now then, what's ahead for you Louise?" "Depends on what your plans are Virgil. You're the one with an agenda here, what's on your mind?" she replied.

"Well," he began, "I'm not getting any younger, and my prostate is shot. I can't get it up any more and I know that's a problem for you. By the way Louise, does Virgil Jr. know about us?" "Some." She said. "How much?" "He knows about you and Grace and me. He doesn't know about Camille, or about Dianne and Grace. I figured that was your place to tell him." She answered.

He thought for a few seconds and started to explain, in detail, about mother, Louise, and himself. "Grace and I were married, and when Dianne came along, Louise moved into this house with us. I didn't know about them being lovers at the time but it soon came to light and soon it was a threesome. I loved them both with all my heart. We had the wildest sex you can imagine. It steadily grew more intense. Whips and chains, and paddles, leather clothing, and the lingerie they bought. We kept it up for years. Grace had a bad year right after Dianne was born, and she started to fall back into it when Dianne was in high school. She showered Dianne with everything in the world and spoiled her rotten. Louise was always there for us. She worshiped Grace and Dianne and was a slave to my every sexual pleasure. Her only request came when Dianne was about sixteen, she wanted to get pregnant and have her own baby to spoil. We have always had too much money anyway, and I figured we could spend some of it raising her child. I was stunned when she told me she wanted it to be my baby, but what the hell, I'd been fucking her for sixteen years, why not. Soon she was pregnant and Grace started to become depressed with the idea of us paying attention to a child that wasn't hers. We had a hell of a time with her after the baby came. And what a beautiful sweet thing she was, and still is. Both Camille and Dianne are strikingly beautiful women."

Grace started going out alone and we knew all along she was having sex with other men. Louise could smell the booze, and the smell of sex was always on her when she would come in at all hours. Louise stuck with her, although the sex at home stopped with her for about four years. One night, she started drinking here, and Louise made her put on one of the leather outfits that they wore for our bondage play, and she tied her down and started to spank her. Dianne came into the room at that time and Louise was horrified. Dianne took up the paddle and proceeded to use it on Grace. She told Grace what a nasty slut she was being and how she was letting every one down. Grace was devastated and sobbed for hours. Dianne soon began punishing Grace every day and soon she started to climb out of the depression. One night Grace came to me and we made love for hours, just the two of us. Low and behold, she became pregnant with you and that's about the size of it. She had a terrible pregnancy again and never really regained her health. When Dianne left after college, Louise was left to raise you and Camille on her own. Grace stayed sick most all the time up until the time of her death over seven years ago. Dianne moved to New York and we set up her lingerie business, and after Camille finished college, she moved to Atlanta and started with the architectural firm. You and I and Louise are still here and now, it's your turn to do what you want."

"I'm not usually a drinking man, dad, but if you don't mind I believe I'll just have another short scotch to settle down with. This is all kind of shocking. I had no idea about Camille. I don't blame any of you for anything you may have done. I love you all and I'm sorry it's taken so long to find out about it." I got up and walked over to the bar, Louise jumped up and took my glass from my hand, and said, "Sit yourself down, young feller, I'll tend the bar. I think I might just have a shot of that scotch myself." "You don't have to wait on me, you know," I said, "I'm capable." "Don't you give it another thought, Lover Boy, it's my pleasure. I've been taking care of the Ellis men for over forty years, and I don't intend to stop now. SIT!"

Dad stood and set his glass next to mine on the bar, motioned for a refill and turned and sat where Louise had been sitting on the sofa to face me. As he passed her, he patted her on the bottom and smiled, "You're still just as sexy as you always were, Weezie. I only wish I still had it in me to take care of you." Louise handed him his fresh drink and smiled and said in a soft voice, "Don't you worry none about that, Junior over there is going to help me with that problem in the future." "Oh really?" his reply. "Oh yes, really." She chided.

Dad took a sip and said, "You both must know by now, that we have more money than this family can ever spend. Our investments, and the real estate are extensive. This house and property are worth about twenty million. The property in Orlando, The Keys, and North Carolina are also worth a bunch. My business divisions could bring over a hundred million if I held out for a better offer. I've been offered eighty million for the civil construction division and the general contracting division. Fifty five down, and twenty five over five years upon completion of outstanding projects and those not yet started, but under contract. That's a lot of fucking money and I really don't want to turn it down. So, here's the question. Do we liquidate the real estate, and sell the construction divisions, this big old shack, take all the cash and run or would you like to do it another way?"

Louise and I were staring at him with our mouths hanging open, unable to speak. She managed to collect herself first and asked, "Run to where?" His reply, "To wherever you heart desires. I'm going to do a little fix up on the house on Key Biscayne, and spend the rest of the year there. I'm leaving you the option of doing whatever you wish." "May I speak?" I interjected. They both looked at me, and dad nodded. "Have you spoken with Dianne and Camille about your plans?" "I have." He said. "What was their comment?" I asked. "They both said the same thing. In essence, they are both comfortable with what ever we decide to do. They will both be here for graduation in three weeks, and we will make all the final arrangements then. Now, son, what do you think?"

"I would prefer that this house and property stay in the family. I think the sale of you companies should proceed as you have planned. I want to stay here for now and work on the music, and go to school some. Sounds like I won't have to worry about eating. This is Louise's home and we should never take that away from her. Agreed?" He glanced at Louise and then at me, "The house is yours, along with the rest of this property. I was hoping that you would want to do that. It's a full time job to keep up the repairs on this old place, Louise knows that. After the sale of the business is final, we can set up an account for the maintenance of the house and regular income for the both of you. I'll also set up a trust fund for you, Camille, Dianne, and you Louise. That way you'll always have something to fall back on should anything happen. Helen Blossom's lawyers are handling the sale, and I'll get together with Vincent Pitello at the bank about the money matters. Look, it's getting late and I have an early appointment tomorrow. Lets all sleep on it and if anybody changes their mind, we can talk about it tomorrow night." He stood, leaned down and kissed Louise full on the mouth and I could see them twisting tongues. He stood again and offered me his hand. I stood and shook his hand and said, "I won't have any changes to my decision, will you Louise?" She shook her head and dad strode out of the room and down the hall.

Louise sat there with her hands folded in her lap. She had tears running down both cheeks, and her breath was ragged. "I love you both so much, and I miss Grace just awful. How about that? Dianne and Camille will both be here for your graduation. I can't wait." She whispered. I stood and took her hand and pulled her up. "I want some pie woman. With ice cream on it." We walked hand in hand to the kitchen. She cut us each a piece of apple pie, still warm from the oven and put a dollop of vanilla on each piece. We sat in silence as we ate our pie. "I want you to come downstairs and sleep with me tonight Lou." I said, barely able to get it out. "You sure about that? An old hag like me." She cooed. "I didn't even get to kiss you this afternoon and from what I've heard, you've got a hot pussy. Looks like we're going to be here together for a while and we might as well enjoy it." I said. "OK Lover Boy, we've got black satin to slide around on down there too. Let's go!"

I walked down the stairs behind her and marveled at the way her plentiful hips moved under her dress. Louise stood 5'-5" and pushed the scales to at least 225. She had a beautiful body as a young woman, as was evidenced in the pictures I had seen earlier in the day. Childbirth had caused her to put on nearly a hundred pounds but she still moved with the grace of a cheetah. I couldn't believe that I was about to spend the night in bed with a woman over three times my age and my cock was hard as steel. Louise took charge as soon as we entered the bedroom. She turned me around and pulled my t-shirt over my head. As she reached for the bottom on my shorts, I put my hand on her shoulder and said, "Louise, this is my dance, let me lead. I've fucked three different women in the last two days, including your ass hole. It's my turn to be the aggressor, I invited you, remember?" "Yass, Massah, I remembers!" she fell back into her Southern Black dialect, "I lets you be da boss." "Louise, I hate it when you do that, but like you say, somebody gotta be the boss, turn around." She did, and I slowly pulled the zipper on the back of her dress down all the way to the bottom.

I slipped my fingers under the edge of her dress on either side of her neck, spread my hands apart, and the dress descended to the floor. She had on a red bra, panties, and garter belt under her dress. She wore dark brown stockings and four-inch pumps. She was a large woman, and soft to the touch. I reached up and unclasped her bra and could feel her huge breasts carry it away from her body. The bra missing, I stepped close to her back and reached around and took one of her 44DD's in each hand and started to gently squeeze them. Louise shuddered at my first touch and groaned, she leaned slightly forward into my hands and climaxed almost instantly. "It's been so long," she breathed, "squeeze them hard, Cool, make me cum again." I moved against her and my cock, still in my shorts, was tight into the small of her back. She rotated her ass against my front and I could feel her starting to sweat from the sensation of her orgasm. I began kissing her neck and nibbled on her ears as I continued to minister to her huge tits. "Cool, I have to sit down." she moaned, "My legs are weak."

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