tagNovels and NovellasIn The Beginning Ch. 12

In The Beginning Ch. 12


I awoke with humming in my ears. The room was still dark, but I could see light coming in around the drapes and the humming had to be Louise in the bathroom. She never quits. I crawled up and sat on the edge of the bed, scratched all the necessary places and tried to decide if I wanted to brave the john now, or wait until Louise went back upstairs. "I hear you scratchin' out there." Came the musical voice of Louise. "Long night, Romeo?" How can she always be so cheerful in the morning? I pondered to myself. "It was." I grumbled, "What time is it?" "Right close to 2:30 in the afternoon and you ain't got so much as a lick in yet today. You gonna spend the rest of the day in the bedstead, or are you going to get out of it so I can make it up?" She was always so damned pushy, I just get home after a hard night of playing music, and two wild females afterwards, and here she was trying to throw me out of my own bed just so she can make it up. There ought to be some kind of a law passed against this kind of treatment. As I stood to make the trek across the room to the facilities, I was bathed in daylight as Louise pulled the drapes open.

I took a long shower and let the water run on me for a few minutes and then put on a pair of old cutoffs and went up to the kitchen to see if I could con Louise out of something to eat. After coffee and some homemade spoon bread, I decided to spend a short while working on my term paper for the Good Ms. Stone.

I descended the stairs to the studio, and stood just inside the door looking across the studio. This room is really quite a place. It measures forty by seventy five feet and has floor to ceiling windows and the entry door down one short wall facing the river. The stairway door to upstairs is directly across from the entry door. This room houses my sound studio and a kitchenette area with a breakfast type bar, and a lounging area with three big overstuffed sofas and three cocktail tables. Large, colorful, stuffed pillows were all over the place. The walls are dark slab cypress planking, rough-cut and standing vertically. The ceilings are ten feet high, and bear heavy cedar beams spaced about four feet apart crossways, with Spanish style rough textured plaster between. The ceilings above had been sound proofed to keep the loud music from disturbing the occupants upstairs, namely my father and Louise. The floor was carpeted with very thick burgundy plush carpet, which also aided in the sound deadening. In the center of the wall farthest from the stairway is the door into the bedroom suite. This room is twenty eight by thirty six feet and is also paneled in plank cypress with the beamed ceilings. On the right, facing the river are two six foot wide floor to ceiling windows, twelve feet apart with the king sized, walnut four-poster soft-side waterbed between them.

To the far left, across the room, is what I call 'The Great Lake'. A huge rockslide of large stones, many over a foot in diameter, cascades form ceiling to floor, for about eighteen feet left to right, into a Kidney shaped concrete pool in the floor. The pool runs the width of the stones and is from six feet to ten feet across on opposite ends, and is three feet deep at the deep end. The left end of the stone pile extends into the bathing area and closes in one end of the sunken Jacuzzi tub. I have large koi and goldfish in the pool. The water is pumped up almost to the top of the rock pile and when the pump is turned on, the water flows down over the rocks and into the pool. The stones are all mortared in place and the whole effect is most interesting. I enjoy the sound of the running water when I sleep and often let the water run all night. Dad thought I was nuts when I proposed the waterfall and pond, but after we spent nearly a year of evenings and weekends building it together, he conceded that it was a real nice piece of work. It is planted with many climbing type vines and plants, with spotlights and underwater lighting adding to the effect.

The bathroom extends to the left and the whole room is carpeted with the same carpet as the studio. Heavy walnut dressers, chests, and nightstands and two big leather chairs complete the décor. At the right end of the rockslide, a doorway leads into a study. This is where I do my schoolwork. This room is sixteen by eighteen feet and has floor to ceiling book shelves on the far wall, a large desk with a credenza to the left, two leather chairs facing the desk and a small bar with a little refrigerator to the right of the door. On the right end, facing the river, are two tall, narrow windows, and a door that exits outside. I prefer to study in this room because it's always quiet here. Behind the desk, in the left corner, is another door that leads into a cavernous cellar area under one of the bedroom wings of the house. This basement is very large and is used to store lumber and building materials which are used for the constant repairs that are required on a house of this size and age. A complete woodworking shop is also housed in this cellar. Another huge basement room extends under the third wing of the house. It is used mostly for storage. A large mechanical room separates the two basements and houses the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, along with a power generator, which is used if the power goes off during storms, and the filter equipment for the swimming pool.

The whole main floor was decorated like a great medieval castle. Heavy draperies, cover the windows, massive wood furniture and paintings with huge, scrawling frames, adorned each room. Hammered wrought iron chandeliers hang from the high ceilings, and Persian carpets cover the heavy planked floors. Large candelabras sit here and there throughout the many huge rooms and you almost feel like one of King Arthur's Knights when you are here. The four bedroom suites, each with three rooms are also decorated in the same manner. Tapestries can be found hanging throughout the house. There are also ten fireplaces throughout the house.

The upstairs, five room apartment where my sister Dianne had lived, has been decorated in a purely ancient Spanish motif, and reflected her tastes at the time she had resided there.

The walls, and floors, of the entire house are poured concrete with steel reinforcing. The roof is terra-cotta tile, and for all practical purposes, the house is hurricane proof. It lived through a direct hit by hurricane Dora in 1964, and several other near misses over the years. The whole place is the product of my father's wild and crazy imagination. He tried to give my mother everything she ever wanted and she still died a very troubled soul. I couldn't conceive of how this place had come to be, but it was all mine now and I had no idea in the world what I was to do with it. I guess, I'd just live here and have a good time spending dad's money as long as it lasted.

I crossed the studio and bedroom and sat behind my desk and spread the hand written draft of my paper out on the desk and did a slow proof reading of my recitation. I decided I had presented my ideas as well as I could have hoped. I penciled in a couple of word changes and added one more reference to the butterflies, chuckled to myself, and switched on my typewriter. I had a notion that I should use some really good bond paper to type this on so I jumped up and went upstairs to raid my dad's office for the good stuff. Louise was busy in the kitchen and asked as I scurried through, "You be here for dinner?" I asked her what was on the menu and she said, "Fried fish and hush puppies and slaw." "Absolutely, I'll be here. Best food in the whole world." Louise is a master in the kitchen, and fried fish is her specialty. Not just fried, but deep southern, beer batter fired, makes your mouth water to think about it, fried fish. I got a fist full of the good paper and retreated to my study and cranked up on the typewriter. I had been pecking away for almost two hours when the phone startled me out of my concentration. I had typed fourteen pages and had several more to go. I reached for the phone, and I tucked it under my ear, with the intention of keeping going on the paper while I talked, when I heard the sweet as honey drawl of Camille come over the wire. "Hi Cool, how's my baby brother?" All progress on my paper came to a halt as I turned my attention to my half sister. "Why Sugar, I'm just fine as virgin silk, how's with my sweet brown sugar?" I responded. "Missing you, Sweetie, I just can't wait to see ya. You being good?" She asked. "I'm trying not to be. I gotta tell ya, it's a tough job trying to satisfy all those fine honeys been chasing after me since I started the band. I've had quite a couple of weeks here lately. Not to mention, the neighbors and, by now I suppose you've heard, your mama." I answered.

"You horny little devil, you. Mama told me all about you. She says you're ready for almost anything. That true?" She chuckled. "Guess so, not much I won't try. Why? You interested?" I asked. "You know it. Dianne told me about you two when she called you last week. She said you had her so hot she was frigging herself with her vibrator while you were talking." She chuckled again. "Shit Cam, I don't have any secrets from y'all. You've been keeping me in the dark for a long time. I just now found out about you being my half sister." I was whining and Camille got kind of quiet for a few seconds, then she said, "Well, I didn't know how you would feel, knowing you had a half black sister. Now that you're about to graduate from school, it shouldn't be a problem." "It wouldn't have been a problem before." I countered, "Besides, you are half white, you know?" "Yes, I know, but part black is all black to most people in the south you know?" She said softly. I answered her quickly, "True enough, but that dog don't hunt with me. Hell, this family is so strange and has done so many weird things, what difference would a little multi-color interaction make? If people ever found out about mom and dad and Louise, and you and Dianne, and me and Louise, they'd probably lock us all away. The two of us being blood kin would be small potatoes. Not to mention incest. You know what I mean?"

She laughed hard, and then said in her smoothest saucy voice, "Does that mean that you got a hankerin' for so o' this sweet caramel candy, Sugar Boy?" My dick was starting to stir in my cut offs and I answered her, "You know it, Honey, my love hound is starting to hunt right now. If you were here, he'd be pointing right at you." "You are a bad boy, I love it. Dianne's coming in a week from Monday and we are driving down on Wednesday. She has to get back on that weekend, but I'm planning to spend a few extra days with you and mama. You think we can find something to keep us occupied?" She laughed again. "I'll bet we can find all the trouble you want, right here at the Islands." I told her. "See you soon, Honey Boy." "Bye, Brown Sugar." My cock was now at full attention and there was no way I could go back to my paper. I decided to get ready for dinner and head up to St. Augustine to play music.

After putting my guitar case in the car, I climbed the stairs to the kitchen. Louise pointed through the door toward the dining room. I nodded, in acknowledgement, and stepped into the dinning room and saw my dad sitting at the table. "Hi Pop, how are you?" I asked. "Just fine," He answered, "sit down a minute, I have some papers for you. First, here are the deeds to the Islands Estates. There are four separate pieces of property, within the fenced in perimeter. There is also another piece north of the north drive, and it's on a separate deed. Here are the five deeds. Also, the titles for the vehicles are now all in your name, except for Wheezies Lincoln. This one is for the Bay-liner boat and this one the trailer. Your checking account is fat right now, and the household account has been set up with both you and Louise as signers. You can write over your balance, and the bank will automatically pull money from the reserve accounts, as you need it. You should never run out of money, there's just too much of it. I had absolutely no idea how much money we had until that Helen Blossom next door mentioned to me that the lawyers were concerned about how much taxes we've been paying on the interest income. We gotta spend some of it, or go broke to the government." He took a long swallow from his toddy, and continued. "Your graduation present will be here sometime next week. You mentioned a video camera. I went you one better. The company just completed a new building for WORL TV, in Orlando, and I bought all of the equipment from one of their old studios for you. Lots of stuff, cameras, recorders, mikes, mixers, you name it, almost a million four new. Plus a few other goodies I found in Daytona. I got a deal on it and it's due to arrive middle of next week. Have fun with it."

Louise was putting dinner on the table, and as we started eating, dad continued, "I'll be leaving with the big boat tomorrow morning and should be back on Friday. I want to get it down to the Keys now, so I can drive the Suburban down after graduation. I'd like for you to come down and spend a few days, later this summer, after I get settled. I think you'll like the house and grounds. It's not nearly as big as this place but, I'm right on the ocean and you can't believe the fishing." "Sounds wonderful," I said enthusiastically, "I'll look forward to it. And thanks for all you're doing for me. I had no idea." "You're welcome, Son, I haven't done much for you for a while and it's time we spent some of the money. In my office, I have a walk in vault. I'll give you the combination after we eat and show you how to open it. I've kept all the important family documents, your mothers' jewelry, my collection of antique guns and some cash there for all the years. You can't be too careful protecting your valuables. I've done the same thing in my house down south." He concluded.

We finished Louise's fantastic fish dinner, dad showed me the trick to the safe, and I thanked him again for his generosity. I took a brief look inside and decided I would make a complete inventory another time. I shook his hand, gave Louise a big wet tongue kiss, and left the house for the short trip to St. Augustine. It was a beautiful spring night and I hoped that we would have a nice crowd tonight at the White Lion.

I pulled into the parking lot behind the club and the place was packed. Bob, the bartender came up and asked if we could start early. I told him as soon as we got tuned up, we'd start. Denny and Al were all set, and Terry and I only took a few minutes to get tuned and we kicked of with my original piece, Tall Cool One, and folks were on the dance floor immediately. It was just 7:00 when we started and we stayed on stage until just before ten. I had to make a nature call and get something to wet my whistle. Bob directed me to his office where I wouldn't have to stand in line for the head. "We're killing them tonight." He said. "Everybody loves you guys. This is one of the best nights we've had in a long while." "I love it when it's like this." I returned. "It gets all the juices flowing when the crowd's into the groove. I have a couple of new tunes I want to try next set." "Great, I have to get back to it. Shut the door when you leave, will ya?" Bob asked. "Sure thing." I replied and ducked into the head. As I stepped back into Bob's office, the tall waitress, Darlene, from last night had walked into the office to get some change. I must have startled her, when she saw me, because she dropped several rolls of coins on the floor. Luckily, none of the rollers broke open, but two of them rolled under the desk. "Damn, you scared the crap out of me." She wailed. "Sorry, I didn't know you were here either. Bob let me use his bathroom so I didn't have to stand in the line." I countered. She sat the coins she was holding on the desk and got down on her knees and went to retrieve the errant coin rolls from under the desk. Her short skirt rode high up on her haunches as she reached under the desk, and I could see she had a black thong on. "Are you enjoying the view?" I heard her voice from under the desk. "You betcha." I chuckled. "You guys are all alike, all you think about is pussy." She remarked as she sat back on her heels and placed the two rolls on the desk. "C'mere, Big Guy." She crooked her finger at me. I took two steps and stood right in front of her as she knelt on the floor. Her hands found my zipper and she quickly it pulled down. She looked me right in the eye as she reached inside my shorts and pulled my stiffening prick out. "This'll have to be a quickie, I have to get back." She said and her bright red lips closed over the end of my now steel hard cock. Her cheeks hollowed in as she applied the suction and started the rapid bobbing of her head. She followed her lips with a tightly closed hand on each stroke, and in no time at all I flooded her hot mouth with a blast of hot semen.

She gave one last pull, wiped her mouth on the back of her hand, and stood up. "Hell of a load you've got there. Jesus, I almost couldn't swallow it all. I gotta get back out front, maybe we can get together some other time for a drink?" She asked. With that she was gone, out the door, leaving me standing there with my schwantz hanging out. If I live to be a hundred, I'll never figure out how a woman thinks. When you want a blowjob, they say no. When you least expect it, they'll blow ya and leave you standing there with your dick out. Somebody explain it to me will ya?

I passed the end of the bar and retrieved an ice tea on my way back to the stage. We started playing at 10:15 and played until 12:00 and took another break. I was thirsty for something other than tea, and I had just ordered a beer from Bob when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked down into the exotic upturned face of one Ms. Marie Stone. "Hi Virgil." She cooed, "I'm enjoying your music very much." She looked succulent. It was the first time I had seen her dark chestnut hair down. It fell well below her shoulders in soft shiny waves. Her brown eyes sparkled in the twinkling lights of the bar. Her lips were dark crimson around very white teeth. I got butterflies. "Well, good evening Ms. Stone." I barely managed to croak out. "You look fantastic." I couldn't believe I had said that. "Why thank you, Virgil, I had no idea of your talent as a musician. You sing very well too." Her hand was still on my shoulder and our faces were only about a foot apart. I could smell her. She smelled clean. I glanced down and looked straight down the top of her dress at her breasts. The front of her dress was cut low, and hung loosely. She was leaning slightly forward and I could see her dark aureole, and hard little nipples clearly. I looked back into her eyes. She was smiling, and one eyebrow was arched very high. "Sorry." I breathed. "No need to be. You're giving me butterflies." She said. "I know. I've got them too." I said. She leaned forward and kissed me gently on the cheek. She whispered into my ear, "Call me when Dianne gets here. I want to come over to the Islands and visit. My husband is waiting, I have to go." She turned and vanished into the crowd. My dick was hard again and I had to get back up on stage and play. Oh well, first time for everything.

Denny came up just as I returned to the stage and said, "Chrissie and Gail are here. I think they want us to take them home after the gig. Gail's sister brought them but they need a lift back to Flagler." "So, what's the problem?" I asked. "You need a map back to Flagler?" "No, but I only want to give Chrissie a ride and Gail's with her. Get the picture?" He asked. "Take them both, you never had a double header before?" I was laughing at him now. He looked at me with great pain in his eyes. "Help me out here will ya? I want to take Chrissie alone." "No sweat, Amigo, I've got things covered. I'll be happy to take the girl off your hands. Do you guys want to come back to my place, after we break down, and party there?" I asked hoping he would say no. "No, Chrissie's folks are gone and we're going to her house." He said. "Okay, Sport. Let's play music." I said and nodded at Al for a down beat and we opened the last set with 'Sweet home Alabama.'

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