tagIncest/TabooIn The Church Alone

In The Church Alone


My kinky, nasty, sinful, girlfriend Carolyn loved to masturbate or have sex and fantasize about my innocent step-sister, Ashley.

Ashley was about 18-19 at the time and was a country girl living in a very small town in the south. She was very innocent and a preacher's daughter at a rural, country, Baptist church. She played the piano at the small church on Sundays.

One afternoon Carolyn and I were out in the country partying and having a good time. Carolyn was a very wicked woman and loved to fantasize about doing nasty, sinful things.

We were driving around and passed the church and saw Ashley's car parked alone there.

Carolyn was bi and loved to talk about Ashley's fair skin, her freckles, big nice tits and innocence. She also liked to talk about seducing her and watching me fuck her.

We parked and quietly made our way into the back of the church past the Sunday school rooms. When we got to the men's bathroom, Carolyn opened the door and took me inside. She went into one of the stalls. None of the stalls had doors. They were completely open and anyone walking in could see whatever was going on. This was an old church and an old bathroom. Carolyn wasn't wearing any panties and pulled her dress up and lifted up all of the toilet seats and sat down on the dirty, piss-stained toilet. She was a little high already and horny. She pulled her pussy lips open and started showing me her pussy, asking me if it looked nice and dirty. I said fuck yes.

She started talking about Ashley and playing with her pussy making me very hard. She dared me to go out into the church with her and expose myself to my step-sister. I was so turned on. I asked her to come with me. Ashley was practicing hymns as we walked in. I walked up to the piano and she was happy to see us. She could tell we had been partying and mentioned it. She continued playing as I walked up to her and I pulled down my shorts and held my cock next to her right arm that was playing the piano. She stopped and looked at it with both shock, surprise and amazement. She was the stereotypical, dumb, blond cheerleader but I knew she had a part of her that questioned the wild side. She had just never had a chance to give it a try. She also looked up to me as I was about 8-10 years older than she was.

I started rubbing my cock on her arm as Carolyn sat down on the front church pew and watched intently. I reached over my cock and unbuttoned the first few buttons of her blouse and pulled her bra aside as she sat there looking at my cock in stunned amazement. I started to caress her beautiful, pink nipples and pulled her face toward my cock and showed her beautiful lips how to be cock-sucking lips.

She looked over at Carolyn and saw her sitting on the pew with her dress pulled back and her legs spread wide with her stockings and fuck-me high heels playing with her cunt watching us. I stood Ashley up and quickly pulled all her clothes off and slowly pulled down her sweet, floral panties. She didn't object. She just continued to stand there dumb-founded and let me take her body.

Carolyn walked over at this point. She already had her dress and top off, wearing only her heels, stockings and red lipstick. She walked up and took Ashley's hand and placed it on her breast. At this point I was fingering Ashley's beautiful, young, soft, pink pussy. She was moaning and moving her hips as we took her body to do as we pleased. Her cunt was so soft and dripping wet. Carolyn told her to relax and that she knew that she wanted to learn how to be a sinful little preacher's daughter. Ashley moaned yes... Carolyn said relax once more and told her to give us her body to do as we pleased. She was so hot and innocent looking with her pale, white skin and long, curly, strawberry-blond hair. I started kissing her now that she was hot and totally nude. I asked her if she wanted to learn how to be a sinful, little whore. She moaned yes!

I took her by the hand and walked her to the alter and told her to lay down. She was shaking and trembling with desire as she lay down. Carolyn took one side of her as I took the other. We both started caressing her innocent body. I placed her hand on my cock as she was staring at it. She asked if she could have it in her mouth again and I put it before her and she started moaning and licking and sucking it like a possessed whore. Carolyn was fingering her pussy as Ashley spread her legs wide. Carolyn motioned for me to come around towards her and pulled Ashley's pussy lips wide open as she took my big, hard cock and directed it inside Ashley's waiting and sopping wet, virgin hole. I took her all the way as she cried out in lust to "fuck my pussy". As I started to pump her Carolyn and exchanged a passionate kiss. Carolyn was telling me how beautiful my cock looked in Ashley's pussy. The three of us looked down at my large penis going in and out of Ashley. I asked Ashley if she thought it was beautiful too. Ashley was moaning yes, I love it. Carolyn was playing with Ashley's nipples that were so fucking hard. It felt so fucking good and wicked to be fucking this sweet, little, innocent church girl for the first time on her Daddy's alter that I started exploding inside her. Her eye's opened wide in lust as she was cumming too while I shot my seed so deep in her delicious pussy.

After we finished the first round of many, Carolyn told us to come with her. She wanted to baptize us. We all nakedly walked with Carolyn as she led us to the dirty men's bathroom. She directed Ashley and myself to lay down next to the long, old-fashioned urinal. The old type of urinal that's at floor level.

Ashley had no idea what was next as Carolyn stood over us pulling her pussy lips open, saying, I baptize you to be forever a sinful, dirty woman. With that, she started spraying us with her golden, hot piss. Ashley moaned yes as she rubbed the piss over her body, grabbing my cock and then pulling Carolyn's pussy close to her face as she drank the golden pee like a little witch. Then she turned to me and shared some piss in a sensuous kiss. She was ours forever to do and train as we pleased.

And we did...

More later

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