tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn The Closet Ch. 01

In The Closet Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Something's Watching

"Finally getting out of mommy and daddy's house I see?" Davis joked.

"Yeah, got a cheap loft downtown. It's just as good as the Upperlands. Dude I'm too old to be sneaking in girls and dealing with my dad blasting loud music every time I have a hangover." William said.

I can't wait to see this place, s'gonna be party central!" Davis exclaimed, "we're picking up Zane right, I don't want to do all this moving alone."

"He's meeting us at the U-haul center..." William said.

They arrive to see Zane sitting on the trunk of his Phaedra Talladega- smoking. He looks as if he'd been waiting for hours. He doesn't even let them get out.

"Will, where the fuck have you been, what happened to one o'clock?!" Zane demanded.

"Check your text messages." William said.

"Oh... well next time call me." Zane said.

"Check your voice-mail." William said.

"Don't fuck with me," he said calling his voice mail; "It's Will, meet us at four. Four o'clock for the U-haul, no longer one- it's four, four PM."

"What do you do on your phone all day?" William asked.

"He jacks off to porn." Davis laughed.

"Whatever, Davis," said Zane. "Okay so where's the truck?"

"We gotta get it first," answered William, walking in the office.

Once they got the twenty-eight foot Corcheval DropKick, the plan was laid down.

"Okay, once we get everything out of my room and the garage, we gotta stop by the shop and pick up the furniture I made." William instructed.

"When do we get paid?" Zane asked.

"Well, I can treat us at a bar or you can wait till about neveruary for a check." William replied.

"What all did you make?" Davis asked.

"Coffee table, end tables, dining room set, new bed frame, entertainment center...for now. I had more, but sold it. So I gotta make another couch and love seat." William said.

"I got some extra stuff if you need it, like TV stands and shit. I mean, it's all IKEA shit, my grand-dad got before he died." Zane said.

"Cool. " William said.

"So, now what?" Davis asked.

"Well, we unload the truck and I guess we'll just sort it out from there." William explained.

"Why don't we just unload and take it back?" Zane asked.

"That could work." William replied.

After doing as planned, they got a six pack of beer and some Mighty Burger. William awoke to see he had crashed with his friends and went down the hall to lie in his bed. Stepping from his clothes, he lay in thought, till he fell asleep. There were a set of eye's watching him from the closet.

Once settled in his new apartment in a week's time, William decided to throw a party this Saturday night. He went in his closet and sat out a pair of denim cargo jeans with a relaxed fit, a Xombi wear t-shirt and a pair of Converse All stars and shut the door on his way to the shower. Returning from the shower, those eye's were intrigued. They did not know what to make of his sharp, nicely tuned abs and slightly perked nipples, for although the room is warm, it's very chilling, seeing as the shower had reached a temperature above what was naturally occurred. Those eyes, those eye's saw him snatch his towel, starting with his chest, he worked his way around. What they caught, that was most intriguing was his crotch, his seemingly large penis. The eyes were widened and bewildered as it got closer. Closer and closer... close enough to shut the closet door.

A few hours later, William returns to his room with a girl from his college, those eyes watch as they've never seen her before. They watch as they try and grasp the concept of what they are trying to do; much too slow and organized to be fighting. They are pushing their lips together and holding each other. Which feels fairly familiar, they strip away each others clothes. William buries his face in her neck like a vampire bat and in her bosom. Whatever he's doing- she likes it, they thought. Or maybe she doesn't, seeing as she just pushed him off and on his back. Trying to catch what she's doing as her face is all in his crotch is completely foreign and there is no telling if those are screams of terror or joy, as she- by a glimpse, appears to be trying to eat his penis. Before any clarity on the subject can be, they've already switched places and he is in her crotch, presumably trying to eat hers in retaliation. No, he still has his penis, as it dangles between his legs, slightly bigger than when it was last time. She must be happy, they eyes thought; her legs are nearly wrapped around him and she's actually pushing his head down.

They think of what to do to relieve the arousal, but nothing comes to mind. They watch on. Seeing something very familiar, his penis is being placed in her as she sits on it. But, the eye's though, much different than their known mating style and much longer. Will at the moment has her the style of the deer or dragonfly as the only comparisons come to mind. She screams and moans and her arms and legs buckle- yet, he doesn't stop. The mouth of the eyes, drools. Then a query; why does she want go somewhere, when she's obviously enjoying herself? She screams of coming. Where could she be coming to, while she's already here and more or less some sort of stationary. Now he wants to go somewhere too? He sits up over her, and neither must be in too much of a hurry as they lay there foe quite sometime before getting dressed and leaving the room. The eyes return to the closet to mull over what they saw.

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