tagErotic CouplingsIn the Cooler

In the Cooler


There he was, just like every Tuesday. Gen looked forward to this day at her dreary job at the gas station. This was the day that Jay came. She knew he was married, but that didn't stop him from flirting outrageously with her and even though she had a boyfriend she encouraged him. On Tuesdays she would get ready for work with him in mind. Sometimes she would masturbate in the shower thinking of his long lean body and wondering if the rest of him was built the same?

Gen's boyfriend, David, was the answer to any girls prayers- nice, good looking, wealthy, and great in bed, but she couldn't seem to get Jay out of her system. It made her feel awful to betray David by thinking of another man this way, but it was hard to ignore her thoughts of Jay while David was out of town all week long working construction.

Every Tuesday Jay walked in the door of the store to do his ordering and asked her if she would come in the cooler with him. It was an ongoing joke that they both played, he would ask and she would laugh and tell him she was too busy with customers. He would go in the back and do his thing while she stayed up front waiting for him to come back and flirt with her a little more before he continued on his way.

This Tuesday was no different, Jay walked in and asked her to go in the cooler. Gen giggled and gave the usual excuse, but today she was feeling a little horny. So after he went into the cooler she followed him undoing another button on her blouse to give him a clearer view of her ample 44D breasts. She knew what she was doing was wrong, a customer could walk in at any time. If she got caught she would definately get fired and he probably would too if his company found out.

She began filling the shelves inside the cooler making sure to lean far enough over so her could see her nipples getting hard from not just the cold air but also from his intense gaze down the front of her blouse. She was starting to get wet when the buzzer sounded, someone had come into the front of the store. She brushed her breasts against his arm on the way out of the cooler sending a chilling thrill through her body.

While she was up front she could think of nothing else but getting back and wondering how far they would take this little joke of theirs. It was apparent he was taking his time waiting for her to return because it had never taken him this long to finish his order. Gen's shift was over and her replacement took over the front counter so she decided to go back into the cooler and pretend she was helping Jay.

She began to fill the shelves again watching Jay watch her. It turned her on knowing she could have that affect on him and she really hadn't done anything. He began to move closer to her, but she was a little nervous so she backed up even though she wanted him to touch her. She was all but dripping through her jeans and she noticed he was just as aroused as she was. His khakis were tenting out leaving her no doubt his manhood was long and lean just as she had imagined. The guilty pleasure she had dreamed of in the shower was now becoming a reality. She was glad she had taken the time to shave herself that morning.

Feeling bolder, Gen pretended to need something off the shelf behind Jay, pressing her body past his in the close quarters of the cooler, she could feel the heat radiating off his body. As she turned to go back by he suddenly grabbed her by the arms and shoved her against the racks. Even though they had joked about this many times, this time it was serious.

Gen felt his warm hands caressing her breasts through her blouse and knew he could tell how aroused she was. Without asking he knew not to kiss her mouth knowing it would ruin the moment so he brushed her long brown hair off to the side and began nuzzling her neck. This drove her up on her tiptoes sending ripples of pleasure down her spine. She grabbed his blonde head and pushed it into her breasts. One experienced hand made short work of the rest of her buttons while the other undid the hooks of her bra. The rush of cold air made her nipples rock hard and when he took one in his mouth it was erotically painful. The warmth of his tongue stroking around her areola heated her whole body.

He quickly worked his way down her abdomen, licking, sucking, and kissing everywhere his lips touched. When he slid his tongue into her navel she thought she would cum. This was so thrilling yet scary at the same time, what if someone caught them? It was hard for Gen to be quiet, she normally was quite loud during sex. If someone opened one of the front cooler doors surely they could hear her?

Jay quickly unzipped her pants and pulled them off. He carried her to a stack of 12 packs and set Gen on top of them spreading her legs wide so he could finish the trail he had started down her stomach. He gently nipped the inside of her thigh and showed great appreciation for her clean shaven lips. He ran his warm tongue up one side and down the other, she shivered, but not from the cold. As he opened her wider she felt his thumb rubbing her sensitive clit. His thumb was soon replaced with his hot mouth. Jay was no rookie, he knew just where she needed to be licked at the same time pushing his long fingers in and out of her pussy. Gen knew she was about to have one of the hardest orgasms of her life. she quickly put her fist to her mouth biting it hard enough to draw blood as she climaxed over and over. Jay just kept licking up every drop of her juices as she exploded all over his face. She thought she was going to pass out the orgasm was so intense.

Knowing they were pushing the chance of being caught Jay quickly dropped his pants and pressed his glistening head to her pussy lips. With one quick shove he was deep inside her well lubricated hole. Gen moaned loudly sure they were going to be found out . Jay's long cock filled her to the brim, it almost hurt but it felt so good. He pounded into her slow and hard and after just a few strokes she was cumming again. Her pussy lips pulled him deeper squeezing him hard, she could see he was about to blow. Popping his cock out of her pussy Gen jumped off the stack she was perched on and knelt on the cold floor in front of him. Looking teasingly up she licked the tip of his long shaft before quickly taking him into her mouth. She couldn't fit all of him in her mouth so she sucked and licked what she could using one hand to stroke the base while she handled his balls with the other. She could feel him starting to tense up getting ready to unload so she sucked and pumped him harder. Hearing him groan she knew he was cumming so she opened her throat wide drinking down his salty offering, taking every drop he gave her.

Gen began to cry and Jay looked as guilty as she felt, neither of them were sure what they had gotten themselves into. He helped her up off the floor and they both slipped back into their clothes. Then all of the sudden Jay began to laugh, Gen thought he was crazy until he explained that even though they had both been joking about this for months he never thought she would actually go for it nor was he sure he would either, and never in his life did he think he would ever be going at it in a cooler!

As they began to walk up to the front of the store Jay loudly thanked her for "helping" him get his job done then walked out the door saying he'd see her next week. Gen thought to herself that a week was going to be longer than usual...

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