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Serena Southerlyn was replaying the conversation she just had with her now ex-boss, District Attorney Arthur Branch, in her head while she was filling a box with her personal effects from her office.

"A decision has already been made?" she had asked.

"Yes, a decision has been made. You're fired," Arthur had said.

"Are you firing me because I'm a lesbian?"

"No, it's not," Arthur replied.

"Good," she said, taking a deep breath. "Good."

With one last look at the office she had kept while working under Executive Assistant District Attorney John J. "Jack" McCoy, the statuesque blonde turned out the lights and left.

Serena was lost. She had been a brilliant legal mind, yet over the past few weeks, Jack and Arthur were turning down her ideas left and right. Maybe this was a good thing, Serena thought.

Before she went home to her apartment in Midtown Manhattan, she decided to stop for a drink at a trendy bistro right around the corner from the courthouse. Many lawyers at the bar were regulars there, usually stopping in for a quick drink after a hard day of practicing law in the city of New York. Serena knew quite a few of them, having prosecuted many of their clients for various felonies over the past three and a half years.

Passing several of her colleagues, Serena sat at the bar and waited for the bartender to take her drink order. She looked down at the bar and wondered what she would do next. Maybe she would check into job openings in other counties, as she was sure she had seen an opening in Queens and maybe in the Brooklyn D.A.'s office.

She looked up as Tom was approaching. She offered him a genuine smile, but one that was forced. Serena Southerlyn was not up to giving genuine smiles tonight.

"What will it be tonight, Serena?" Tom asked.

"I don't know Tom. Maybe a dry martini. The driest martini possible. I want you to have to irrigate to bring water to this particular martini," Serena said, dryly.

"Hard day in the courthouse?"

"You could say that. Arthur fired me."

Tom was shocked.

"Now why would he do a thing like that?"

"Because I'm not as cold-blooded as he is or as Jack is. I'm more of the warm-blooded go-getter type. I knew this rapper was not guilty, just because I talked with some of his friends and mentors, and both Jack and Arthur didn't believe me. He was found not guilty, but we arrested him for witness tampering and he'll be testifying against his friend in Queens," Serena said.

Tom wiped the bar and said, "I'm sorry Serena. Life just isn't fair sometimes. Here you go." Tom handed her the drink.

"On the house tonight hon. You look like you could use it."

"Thanks Tom. You're the best," Serena said, reaching over the bar and kissing him on the cheek.

Tom left to attend to other customers, and Serena was again alone in her thoughts, sipping her martini.

Fifteen minutes hadn't passed when a young woman of about 26 sat next to Serena. She had shoulder-length black hair that just hung there naturally. She had soft white skin that appeared to have been chiseled from a bar of soap, a small nose and pink lips that seemed to jut out not a quarter of an inch from her face.

Serena knew she had seen this woman's face before, but it couldn't have been her: she had seen the picture of Claire Kincaide on the wall of the ADA lounge, a wall reserved for those who had passed from the office not of their own volition. Claire had been killed in an automobile accident nearly nine years ago, after she had dragged Detective Lenny Briscoe from a bar. Could this be someone related to her?

The woman saw Serena staring at her and she blushed. She smiled at the blonde and introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Jenna Kincaide," she said, holding her hand out. Serena knew she was related to Claire! She shook the woman's hand. Her touch is soft, too, Serena thought.

"Serena Southerlyn. Are you related to Claire Kincaide?"

Jenna's eyes widened at the mention of Claire's name.

"She was my sister," she said, lowering her eyes. "How do you know her?"

"Well, truthfully, I didn't know her. I know of her. I've seen her picture at the place I work – worked at," Serena said, choking on the last words. She nearly cried as the flood of emotions nearly floored her.

"You worked at the D.A.'s office then. If you don't mind me asking, what happened?" Jenna asked.

"To make a long story short, I was fired today. Originally I thought it was because of my sexual preference –" Serena began to say, but then she thought to herself, ‘Why did I just tell a complete stranger that I was not straight?'

"But I found out it was because of my warm-blooded nature toward criminals," Serena continued.

She looked down briefly, but looked back at Jenna and saw compassion in the young woman's eyes.

"I'm sorry to hear that you lost your job, Serena. I lost mine today, too. The law firm I worked for said they had ‘too many women lawyers' working for them, and since I'm just out of college pretty much, I was the odd man out. Or odd woman out. Regardless of which way you slice it, I was out. So I thought I might as well drown my sorrows before I go to my folks and tell them what happened," Jenna said with a slight laugh, before Tom came over and asked her for her drink order. She ordered a gin and tonic, and Tom had it practically made before she finished ordering.

"Good service here. Quick, too," Jenna said, which made Serena laugh.

"Yeah, Tom services us the best!" she said, making both Jenna and Tom laugh.

"I heard that, Serena. Next time, two olives instead of one!" Serena gave her bartender a double thumbs up. Tom grinned, shook his head, and went off to serve other customers.

The two women talked over the course of the next few hours, talking about family, their former jobs, and former love interests. It was at the turn of the conversation to the third topic that Serena became increasingly interested.

"I was with this one guy for what seemed like an eternity. He was always harping on me to have threesomes with him, and I'm not a threesome woman. I like passionate, one-on-one sex, whether it be with a man … or a woman," Jenna said with a sly grin on her face.

Serena's grin matched the black-haired beauty's perfectly, as she was sipping her martini, the third of the night. Her brain was starting to speed up while the liquor was slowing her reflexes down. She was looking at Jenna with bedroom eyes, and Jenna was looking at her the same. Both ladies had their legs crossed underneath their skirts, their heels hanging off their cute toes.

Serena found it wildly unimaginable that she and Jenna would have so much in common, not to mention both being stunningly attractive – and both attracted to women! Serena squirmed in her seat at the thought of kissing her new friend of a few hours. Maybe the liquor was doing more to her sex drive than to hampering her reflexes. God, had it been that long since she had held a woman?

She dismissed that thought quickly. She didn't want to make a move on Jenna just yet, and she didn't want to freak her out. But Jenna was into Serena, she could tell, and it would be a matter of moments before the pair would exchange phone numbers.

Tom came up to the two ladies with a pair of drinks and pointed down to the end of the bar. There stood a handsome gentleman who waved at the two ladies and winked. He had just bought them their next round, to which they waved and said thank you. The man blew a kiss Serena's way, causing both women to laugh.

But then Jenna did something Serena did not expect – the leggy black-haired vixen leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Serena's pale lips. It was a kiss that was very brief, but it sent shock waves through Serena. The kiss was for less than two seconds, yet it was the most passionate kiss that Serena had ever received.

Serena turned toward the man who had bought their drinks and said, "Sorry, I'm with her," and turned away quickly. The man shook his head and went to talk to another professional-looking woman, who also turned him down.

The two ladies giggled together as they saw their alleged suitor get turned down, but as soon as they looked back at each other, their giggled ceased. Jenna took a sip of her drink, but Serena downed hers in one long sip.

"You want to get out of here?" Serena asked. Jenna nodded, and both picked up their purses and coats and left the bar.

Three steps out of the bar, Jenna realized they hadn't paid.

"Don't worry," Serena said, "It's on the District Attorney's tab. I'm sure Arthur will flip when he gets that bill."

Both laughed again, both glad for the levity between them despite what had happened that day. The pair began to walk, not exactly sure where they were going, but walking in the cool January air, thankfully away from the man who was trying to flirt with them.

They continued to talk and laugh, not worrying about who could see them and their joviality. They could care less that they were making a spectacle of themselves, two women who were out for a good time and were on their way home.

Soon, they were at Serena's apartment. Snow was lightly falling, sticking to their hair and adorning their shoulders like an ornament.

"Well, this is my place," Serena said, biting her lip. The silence grew between them, and soon, Serena was leaning in toward the younger woman. She closed her eyes and awaited Jenna's lips to connect with hers in a passionate collision. When they did, Serena took a deep breath through their kiss, not knowing that a kiss could be so good. The kiss was soft, just as soft as the one in the bar, but one that continued to grow in length, and soon, Serena's mouth opened slightly, and she felt the smooth satiny softness of Jenna's tongue slide in.

When their lips parted, Serena shook herself awake, as it seemed she had lost all touch with reality during that kiss. She opened her eyes and saw Jenna smiling at her. Serena smiled back, wondering where tonight would take her.

"Would you like to come up and have a glass of wine with me?" Serena asked, and Jenna accepted the invitation.

Once inside the spacious apartment, Serena took Jenna's coat and hung it in the closet, before she took off her own heels and placed them by the door. Jenna followed suit and followed her into the kitchen.

"Her, you want to order out for pizza? There is a place around the corner –" Jenna started to say, but was soon interrupted by Serena, who was crouched in front of her wine cabinet, fishing for a bottle of Merlot.

"Called Angelo's. I love their pizza! Wine and pizza. Interesting combination, Jenna!" Serena said, and soon Jenna had her cell phone out and hit Angelo's number on her speed dial.

An hour later, pizza hanging out of the box, Serena and Jenna were sitting on the couch, legs tucked under their bodies, sipping wine and just talking about the legal system and how frivolous it had become throughout the years. Serena had lit a pair of vanilla candles on the table behind the couch, the light from the candles the only light that could be seen, except for the fire that was building in the couple's eyes.

Serena reached out with her right hand and stroked the young woman's cheek. Jenna closed her eyes and leaned her head to the side, allowing the blonde to touch her. As Serena's hand got down to Jenna's mouth, Jenna tilted her head so she could kiss it.

Jenna grabbed Serena's wrist and pulled her into a loving embrace, where they kissed for what seemed like forever. Their wineglasses forgotten, Serena led Jenna to the bedroom.

There, Jenna reached over and slowly removed Serena's suit coat, letting it fall to the floor. She moved forward and began to kiss and suck on her neck, causing the blonde to gasp with pleasure. She ran her hands up and down Serena's back, while Serena was rubbing the shoulders of her friend. Serena's eyes were closed as she felt exhilarated by the sensations. Jenna continued to kiss Serena's neck, knowing that there will be a hickey there in the morning.

Jenna smiled, knowing she didn't have to go to work in the morning, either.

While Jenna was sucking on her neck, Serena reached down and pulled Jenna's own suit coat off, also letting it collect on the floor. Both were now in their skirts and chemises, Jenna's white, Serena's dark. Jenna started to lick up Serena's throat, tracing a line from her clavicle, over her larynx and to her chin, then moving steadily to Serena's lips. She licked around the blonde's lips teasingly, but she felt Serena's tongue seek out hers, and soon the pair were kissing extremely hard.

Jenna began to lead the blonde to her bed, walking her backward to the side while rubbing her sides with the backs of her hands. Serena's hands found the bottom of Jenna's chemise and began to pull it up and off her, breaking their kiss for the slightest of seconds. Jenna's pert, braless breasts were revealed to Serena, and immediately she rubbed her hands across them, caressing every inch of skin. Jenna moaned softly as Serena's fingers tickled her nipples, then gasped as Serena pinched them between her thumb and forefinger. Jenna's eyes flew open, the pain exquisite.

Serena stepped back, then leaned over and took Jenna's right nipple into her mouth. Jenna closed her eyes as the sultry blonde was tonguing her breast, letting her run her tongue in circles around it before Serena flicked it back and forth.

"You have no idea what you're doing to me, counselor," Jenna said, her hands running through her hair, arms together.

"I think I have an idea, because I want you to do the same to me," Serena responded, and in a flash, she had pulled off her chemise to reveal her own set of braless breasts, topped with perfect nipples. The two vixens were standing in Serena's bedroom, measuring each other's body up. Without a doubt, both women were very pleased with what was before them.

Again they embraced, feeling the other's lips pressed against their own. Serena started to nibble and suck on Jenna's bottom lip, making the black-haired woman shake.

"Maybe we'll be more comfy on the bed, don't you think?" Serena asked, while running her hands down Jenna'' back, to where the zipper to her friends' skirt was located. She found it as Jenna was nodding, and unzipped it slowly. She then put her hands inside the skirt and pushed it down her legs, revealing a pair of black satin thong panties, a garter belt and panty hose that came up to mid-thigh.

Serena got down on her knees as she began to kiss down Jenna's body. Pecks were placed all along her torso, and she purposely skipped over Jenna's breasts; she wanted to save those for later. She came to her belly button and began to swirl her tongue around it, dipping the tip inside of it teasingly. Jenna simply giggled as her new lover continued to lick her flat tummy, letting her tongue dance across her abdomen.

As her lips crossed below her waist, Serena gently unhooked Jenna's garter belt from her panty hose before reaching underneath the garter to pull down her lover's panties. Serena gasped in wonderment as she saw Jenna's pussy, which had been waxed and was free of hair. She could tell that Jenna was already aroused by the evening's events, as her lips shone with glistening wetness.

Jenna removed her garter belt and threw it on the floor before she stepped out of her panties. She felt giddy all over as her new friend was about to explore her body. She stood back and helped Serena to her feet. She turned her around and ran her hands down her back, bending her over slightly. Jenna slapped the side of Serena's ass as she unzipped her skirt, letting it fall down around her ankles.

Serena stood there in a white thong with ruffles rimming the waistband. She did not wear a garter belt, for her ever-tanned legs were uncovered. Jenna felt Serena's hips, running her hands up and down the sweet curves of her legs.

Then Jenna became aggressive. Turning Serena toward the bed, she lightly shoved her friend down and seductively climbed on top of her. Straddling her right thigh, Jenna ground her thigh against Serena's panty-covered crotch. Serena groaned loudly as the friction between her legs intensified and increased. Jenna leaned over her and kissed her hard, stifling her moans, sliding her tongue into her mouth.

She broke the kiss, then started to slide down Serena's body, paying careful attention to her breasts and nipples. Serena had the same size breasts as Jenna did, and she quickly found out what the blonde liked. She licked and then bit her nipples, making the blonde arch her back and take in breath as Jenna's teeth clenched down on the sensitive flesh.

The black-haired vixen sucked on the nipples while Serena ran her fingers through her hair, grabbing on tightly when Jenna sucked hard. Serena moaned appreciatively, making Jenna smile all the wider.

While she was sucking on one of her friends' breasts, she was sliding her fingers across the other one, teasing the nipple with her thumb, or just caressing the soft flesh with her fingertips, keeping it stimulated as her tongue was working. The motions on her breasts were giving Serena chills.

Then Jenna slid downward, kissing Serena's tummy, all the while looking into her blue eyes. Her lips puckered as she placed wet kiss after wet kiss on her belly, letting her tongue circle Serena's navel. Her hands slid down off of Serena's breasts, leading to a whimper from the blonde.

Jenna could tell that Serena liked the attention her breasts were receiving, both from Jenna's lips and hands. She quickly replaced Jenna's hands with her own, pushing the sides of her breasts to create a small canyon on her chest. She rubbed the balls of her hands against her breasts, feeling the stinging of her nipples as they grazed her palms.

Jenna's fingers caught the sides of Serena's panties, hooked inside of them, and dragged them down the blonde's silky smooth legs, revealing her pussy in all its glory. It was bare, save for the piercing that was there, sliding through the hood covering her clit.

"Oooooh, very kinky, Miss Southerlyn. Is this for me?" Jenna asked, cooing to her friend.

"Maybe," Serena giggled, "just eat me!"

Serena spread her legs further apart, forming a diamond with her legs as her ankles were still bound by her panties. That was plenty of room for Jenna to meander into, letting her body mesh between Serena's thighs, her mouth level with her sweet pussy.

Jenna pursed her lips together and blew cool air along Serena's seam, making the blonde woman shiver with delight. She then stuck her tongue out a little bit, slowly moving it up and down the crease formed by Serena's lips coming together. The blonde gasped, her eyes rolling into her head, the feelings between her legs incredible.

The taste was exquisite, Jenna thought, diving back into the crevice for more. She kissed up and down, letting her tongue snake out occasionally to drive the blonde wild. She was making Serena writhe uncontrollably, and she hadn't even penetrated her yet!

But that was about to change, as Jenna pulled apart Serena's pussy lips with her fingertips, kissing and licking the smooth softness of her vaginal walls. Looking up at Serena, she could tell that the blonde was thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Jenna's tongue darted here and there, catching every single sweet spot inside Serena's pretty pussy. She hadn't even touched the piercing yet, yet was waiting until Serena begged for her to suck her clit. She smiled to herself, knowing that she would suck on it until Serena passed out.

Serena was moaning as Jenna's tongue assaulted her pussy, feeling it slither deep inside her. Her hands were clenched on her breasts, surely making marks. She pinched her nipples hard, making her groan. She licked her fingers and ran them all across her nipples, keeping them erect, even though her current situation made it impossible for them to not be stimulated by all the sexual desires running through her. God, she was enjoying this and wanted to cum. Her orgasm was building deep inside her, and knew it wouldn't take much for the black-haired woman between her thighs to send mind-numbing sensations to her brain, causing her to lose control.

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