tagNonHumanIn the Dark

In the Dark


I felt a hard, stone floor beneath me. My head felt as if it had exploded and I felt full like I hadn't taken a dump in a whole week. Or two. The skin of my stomach itched horribly and when I scratched it, my heart stopped. I opened my eyes to the most terrifying sight of my young life. My stomach was grotesquely distended and bloated out until I looked as if I were no less than nine months pregnant. I opened my mouth to scream as I rubbed the taut skin, not believing my eyes or what I felt. My shouts echoed around the room I was in and the sound of them made the situation even worse.

"Help me!" I cried, unashamed that tears ran down my cheeks. Whatever was happening to me had to be worse than just being seen crying.


I rolled onto my knees and I cried out when the weight in my gut tried to pull me down. It was so heavy! I stood and tried to support my hard belly with one hand as I moved to what seemed to be the only door. This dungeonesque room was attached to what seemed like a perfectly normal hospital. I opened the normal door and stepped into a brightly lit, pure white hallway. I vaguely wondered what they'd say when they saw a naked, seemingly pregnant young man walking down such a nice hall.

"I need help!" I yelled, hoping to God that someone would hear me. And someone did. A woman came out of a room and I figured the first thing out of her mouth would possibly be a scream. But she just smiled and nodded at me before taking my arm and guiding me into the room she'd come out


It looked like a perfectly normal hospital room with one of those small bed-things in the middle. It appeared to be some kind of labor/birthing room because the bed had stirrups on the end. A series of large jars sat next to the bed and I wondered what they were for, but then the pain hit.

My stomach shuddered on the inside and my lower half began cramping painfully.

"Aaah!" I cried out and she guided me to sit on the strange table. I cooperated, pain filling my entire mind. She quietly lifted my legs into the stirrups and then put on a type of apron. She sat down on a stool between my extended legs and I couldn't see her head beyond the massive bulge that was my stomach. Another wave of pain hit and it was chased by what had to be the young girl touching my cock. Somehow despite the pain and overall terror of the situation, my cock rose instantly. I shuddered to think I'd be turned on by what was happening to me.

I still felt her hand on my cock when the sensation came of her fingers slipping into my ass easily(far too easily) and spreading the hole apart. I only had a second to be amazed at how far it spread before the contractions began. The muscles in my lower body began contracting and releasing rhythmically.

"Oh, God." I whispered when I felt something large and hard begin to pass from wherever it had been and down my bowels.

"Just relax and push." The woman's voice was calm, too calm for what was happening to me. I'm a young man, not a woman! This can't be happening to me!

I tried my hardest to not do as she said, to not push, and the pain grew exponentially.

Tears streamed down my cheeks again. "Fuck it."

I let go and the mass continued on its way. I felt my asshole expand around its wide size and the object's rough sides rubbed up against something that sent chills of pleasure throughout my body, completely erasing the pain I'd felt. Another one began its descent, stretching my insides with pleasure instead of pain this time. The one at my hole popped out with an audible sound and instantly, the next one was rubbing against that spot of amazing pleasure. By the time the fourth egg, that's what they had to be, came down and touched it, I felt delirious. White strings of cum sprayed up and over my massively depleted belly. With each egg, it lost size and now was close to being back to my flat, normal stomach. The cum hit my face and I shook with the radiating pleasure. Before I could come down completely, the fifth egg hit the spot and I came again, blinding pleasure. The sixth did the same, more of my cum flying out far enough to hit my face and beyond. I spasmed on the table until I eventually passed out.

I woke back in the dungeon type room. I rubbed a hand over my flat stomach. Feeling it made me let out a relieved sigh and I opened my eyes to look at it. And my heart stopped once again. I couldn't see the flat stomach beyond two large breasts that were attached to my chest.

I screamed in shock and grabbed at them, praying that I was hallucinating. They were tender and hurt when I gripped them and then something worse happened. They squirted something out onto my hand. I lifted my hand and in the dim light, there was a white fluid on my fingers. Feeling curious and slightly nauseas, I raised the hand to my lips and slipped a finger in.

Milk. I'm producing milk. From breasts. My breathing quickened and then I heard a sound from a dark corner of the dungeon. Some kind of a long...tentacle...came sliding out of the darkness and I scooted back away from it. I stopped at the edge of the darkness because I didn't want to leave the light. It didn't really matter, though, because something wrapped around my waist and held me still. That...thing...slithered closer like a snake and reared up as if looking me over. Two more tentacles came from behind me and I watched in horror as they attached to my new breasts. They squeezed and sucked on the swollen orbs and the pleasure that came from it overpowered my fear. My cock even grew hard between my legs.

The tentacle that hovered in front of me lowered itself down and slid onto my cock much in the way the other two had attached to my nipples. It massaged my cock and I moaned despite the strangeness of the situation. My head fell back and so I didn't see the other, much larger tentacle come out of the darkness like a slug, inching itself along with slime oozing from its surface. However, I did notice it when it touched me, cold slime oozing against my hole. I jerked and stared down at the massive thing, terrified of what its plans could be. I twisted and turned against the tentacles, trying to free myself. It was in vain, though, I knew that. They were too strong. This was going to happen whether I wanted it or not.

I slammed my eyes shut and grit my teeth, waiting for the pain to begin. But the slug tentacle didn't move forward. Instead, it just oozed that goo against me. Finally, it did move. Using its round head, it forced its way into me and I was amazed that something that large could squeeze its way into me without pain. Then I realized it must have been the slime it produced. Beyond that head, the skin of the tentacle was rough, like the eggs had been. I remembered them just as an orgasm caught me off guard. I bucked against the tentacle in my ass and into the one surrounding my cock.

"Fuck..." I whispered even as the large tentacle ignored my spasms and continued its journey deep into me. Its skin continued rubbing against my insides and I came again before it stopped. I looked down and saw small bulges traveling up it and they stretched my hole impossibly wider as they pass through into me. Though, they weren't nearly as large as the ones I'd birthed previously. They landed in some kind of void inside of me...a womb of some sort.

One....two....three....my stomach bubbled up slightly.

Four...five...six...a little larger, but not much. Not nearly as much as before.

Larger bulges began traveling up the tentacle and something told me they were liquid. Maybe it was the way they looked in the tentacle, or how they squished inside of it as they pass through into me. The balls of liquid burst into my stomach and it swelled up and out into the shape of pregnancy. Seeing it expand like that in real time, without pain, made my balls tingle and then my cock shot once more into the tentacle covering it.

I panted while the tentacle in my ass removed itself, my body twitching. I came once more between the squeezing on my cock, the tentacles suckling at my tits, and the rough tentacle rubbing against me. When it was out, all of the tentacles left me and I rubbed my stomach, wondering how long it would be until they were ready to come out. I lightly jiggled the bulge and felt them bounce around inside of me, floating in the massive amount of liquid. My cock tried to squirt again, but only a drop drizzled out.

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