tagGroup SexIn the Desert with Jennifer

In the Desert with Jennifer


It had been warm afternoon and photographing a beautiful model in the desert had made me even warmer. I'm a professional photographer and my wife is my assistant. Together, we have photographed many gorgeous models, mostly nude. We had decided to take our newest model, Jennifer, to a desert setting, just outside of Las Vegas. There, we could use the vast desolation to assure some privacy.

Jennifer is a tall girl, about 5'9", with long dark brown hair. She also has a very nice body. She has shapely long legs that rise up into the roundest ass you have ever seen. The whole package is topped off with firm C-cup tits, with perfectly centered dark nipples.

She was really enjoying herself posing out in the open, especially since she was nude in the warm desert air. She was doing all the provocative poses I could throw at her. I could also tell that she was doing her best to turn me, and my wife, on. We left that barren site and came upon a small-secluded waterfall in the low foothills. I love shooting women in waterfalls, so I had Jennifer put on a bathing suit and then wade under it.

She danced and whirled under the cool cascading water. Her large nipples extended like they never had before. She yanked off the top of her suit and I could tell that her nipples were hard enough to cut glass.

My wife was really becoming interested in this girl and Jennifer was directing her movements towards her. Jennifer pulled off the suit bottoms and began to use her fingers on her lightly trimmed pussy. Now and then I could see that her fingers would disappear as moans began escaping her throat.

Of course, I was not immune to Jenny's actions, either. My cock was growing very hard, under my khaki shorts. I could tell that the girls both noticed and giggled at me. When I finished shooting, my wife pulled of her blouse and shorts, saying that she was very hot and wanted to cool off. She got into the water, and waded over to Jennifer.

My wife's body is a little pudgy and she is short at 5'5", but she does possess a spectacular set of double D jugs, with large pale areolas and big nipples. When Jennifer saw them, she placed her hands on them and lightly ran circles around the nipples. My wife let out a sigh, and her nipples instantly grew hard.

I stripped off my shirt and shorts and splashed over to the girls. Jennifer took one look at my 10-inch cock and gave me a big, lustful smile. I moved behind her and started rubbing her back as my dick jutted between her ass cheeks. Jen pressed back against my rod, but continued to give her fullest attention to my wife.

She was now suckling my wife's boobs and she had one hand between her legs. My wife had her hands on Jens tits and was just enjoying the feeling of another woman touching her pussy. Jennifer had spread my wife's pussy lips open and inserted two of her fingers inside.

My wife was beginning her first climax while Jens fingers were going in and out her love box. I managed to spread Jens legs wider and slipped my dong into her own pussy. Jen let out a low moan as I began to slowly piston her dripping wet love canal.

After my wife finally came, Jennifer began fucking me back with all her might. I held onto her firm tits and her ass bucked back into my groin. I brought her to a loud climax and shot my load deep into her snatch.

We all waded away from the waterfall and toweled each other off, quickly. My wife suggested that we continue our adventure back at our hotel. Jennifer agreed and we all got out of the water and got dressed. I packed up my equipment, while Jennifer and my wife piled into the back of the jeep. They cuddled up next to each other and playfully teased each others boobs all the way back to town.

When we got back to our hotel, I had to make a couple of trips to the jeep to bring up my equipment. Then I stowed the gear in our room. While I was doing this, the girls quickly ran off to Jennifer's room, next door. The rooms were adjoining with a door between them, which they unlocked. After finally putting the last of the cameras away, I could hear noises in the other room, so I opened the door and marveled at what I saw.

My wife was stretched out on the bed, completely nude with her legs spread wide and high in the air. Jennifer, also nude, was lying between the legs and had her head buried in my wife's pussy. My wife was moaning and bouncing all over the bed. Jennifer was expertly eating her pussy. Both were so wrapped up in their lust, that neither girl realized that I'd entered the room.

After Jennifer brought her to a screaming climax, my wife quickly dove between Jennifer's legs, something she had never done with a woman before. My cock was harder than it had ever been before, as I watched her licking and sucking on Jen's furry slit.

Jen began writhing on the bed as my wife slipped her tongue into her velvet snatch. She held my wife's head closer and when my wife found her clit, Jen began bouncing and gurgling loud noises. My wife continued to feast on Jens pussy and brought her new friend to a second spectacular climax.

It was only when both girls cuddled up next to each other, did they even notice that I was in the room. They both motioned for me to get onto the bed with them. I was already nude of course, as I had removed my clothes while they were involved. They both patted the bed between them, indicating where they wanted me to be.

I got onto the bed with the girls on each side of me. My wife said that she loved me and thanked me for bringing Jennifer with us. Jennifer also thanked me for the trip. I kissed my wife and began to maul her big tits, while Jennifer kissed her way down my body.

She sucked hard on my nipples; causing my dick to grow even harder than I thought was possible. When it reached full extension, she started to lick and suck on the tip of it. Her hands stroked the hard length of my rod while she was treating my knob like an ice cream cone. My wife said that she wanted to help and joined Jen. She began to lick my balls while Jennifer inserted my rod deep into her mouth. I laid back and enjoyed the mind-blowing feelings as both these women made love to my cock.

For a while, both of them were licking the shaft in unison. Then they flicked the tip back and forth with their tongues. Jennifer then moved up to my face and began to kiss me, while my wife engulfed my cock. I latched my hands onto Jens near perfect boobs and twirled her nipples in my fingers. She let out low moans of pleasure and then, gasped when I tweaked one nipple a bit too hard.

I was in heaven. My wife asked me which of them, I wanted to fuck first. That's an easy one. I love fucking my wife, so I told her to sit on my prick. She crawled up onto me, facing me. With her boobs dangling in my face, she hovered her pussy over my cock and then, she sank down on it, to the hilt.

Jennifer and I kissed, sucked, and fondled my wife's boobs while she was bouncing up and down on my hardness. Jennifer could sense when my wife was going to cum and moved her hand to her pussy. Her fingers found my wife's clit and flicked it back and forth, quickly. My wife rocketed off in a fiery climax and she induced my own, as I filled her cunt with my spunk.

Jennifer now wanted my cock and I wanted her pussy. After my wife eased off of me, Jen began to encourage my dick back to hardness. She lightly licked the shaft with her tongue, swirling it around and under the head. When it began to stir, her fingers began to pump it up and down, until I grew to hardness. My revived wife placed one of her boobs into my mouth and, since I'm a boob man, I feasted on it.

When my dick was fully hard enough, Jen climbed on top of me, slowly sinking down the length of my dick. Her pussy was tight and wet. She did not move, but used her cunt muscles to massage my cock. It was an unusual feeling. My wife was kissing Jennifer's tits and sucking on the rock hard nipples. I could not stand the sensation any longer of Jen's pussy fluttering around me and began to push my ass up and down into her.

I was finally ready and I rolled her onto her back, spread her legs wide and reinserted my dong. It slipped in like it had been there forever. My wife was still attached to Jen's jugs and was moaning with pleasure, suckling the tasty nipples. I began with slow deliberate strokes, while Jen was clutching at my ass. She urged me to fuck her hard and fast, but I took my time. I pulled my rod out and rubbed it across her clit, eliciting a loud groan from deep inside Jennifer. She told me she needed my cock and needed it badly, so I teasingly slipped in just the head. She moved her ass up and tried to get more of me in her, but again I pulled out.

She screamed that I was very mean, and that she needed to cum quickly. I put my dick back into her fiery box and picked up the pace. I fucked her so hard that my balls were bouncing off her ass, and the bed was creaking from the motion. Jennifer came quickly, but I was not done. I kept at it and after she came a second time, I let go of my load.

Jism flowed out my cock and deep into her pussy. Her muscles pulsated around my very happy cock signaling her climax. When I finally pulled out, jism rolled out of her box and down her ass. My wife kissed me, and then she moved between Jens legs and licked up all my spunk.

Since she also cleaned up Jens pussy and clit, that brought Jen off a third time and she gushed spunk and pussy juice all over my wife's face. My wife moved her face up to Jens and Jennifer kissed and licked her clean. The three of us were totally spent and fell asleep quickly after that. The rest of the week was spent shooting and fucking our brains out.

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