tagNovels and NovellasIn The Dog House Ch. 03

In The Dog House Ch. 03


The next morning there was a knock on the door while Jolee was busy grooming Master. She opened it to see Max.

"Good morning, Max. Have you seen Roger?"

"Good morning, Jolee. Yes, I have seen Roger and he is still very busy at the moment, but I'm sure he'll find some time for you right after breakfast. Did you sleep well?"

"Oh, Master and I slept very well. At first he pawed around the floor a bit, right after I turned off the lights. Then I told him to come right up on to the bed and he and I slept soundly after that." She didn't mention to Max that the two had slept spooning the entire night, nor how she had woken up crying for some reason and had found emotional comfort in the mere presence of the large animal.

"Well, if you've finished your morning ablutions I'll take you to the female's kitchen and you can fix yourself and Master some breakfast. Oh, by the way, don't be surprised if Master wanders off at some point. He's familiar with the building and will easily find his way back to you."

"Oh, I don't think he's going to wander off. Do I need to keep him on a lead?"

Max began laughing uproariously. As tears came from his eyes the dog began to growl. Max quickly stifled his laughter and wiped away his tears. "Sorry, Jolee. That was a private joke. Roger would enjoy it a great deal." And Max started laughing again. Master barked twice. Jolee turned to tell Master to be quiet, but Max spoke first. "Okay...okay...I'm done. Jolee, I'll take you to breakfast now." Max was still chuckling and Jolee was once again baffled by the whole affair.

He led her down the hallway and Master followed faithfully behind her. Max pushed a door open and ushered the pretty blonde in. The door swung shut like an old-time saloon door right behind them. There were two other naked women there, both with dogs, one with a retriever-wolf hybrid and one with a great dane-wolf hybrid. "Tricia, Felicity, this is Jolee Rider. She's the new female at our facility." The two ladies said hi to Jolee and then went back to their conversation about a book they had both read, one Jolee was not familiar with. "Jolee, I think Roger will probably be by in awhile to take you back down to medical. There's nothing wrong. It's just some additional work the doctor needs to do."

"Okay, I'll see you later, Max. And thanks."

Jolee went into the kitchen and examined the board. There was quite a variety of food and it was all fresh. She set aside some raw chopped steak for Master. She was sure he would love the steak and sure enough, he tore into his breakfast. She smiled contentedly as she set about making herself some waffles, with cream and strawberries. Once she was done she walked over to where the ladies were sitting and pondered where she should sit.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Jolee. We're just finished and leaving. All four of us have to get some exercise, this morning," said Felicity. Felicity reached over and tweaked one of Tricia's nipples causing it to rise appreciably. "All this good eating makes her fat."

The three women giggled. "Do you exercise every day?" asked Jolee.

"We try to," responded Tricia, "the wolves love all the running about, and the games. And we do have to keep in shape, don't we. You won't have to exercise, though, will you Jolee? I mean look at those boobs, they're nearly perfect. Do they ever sag? And I saw your butt swaying as you sauntered in here. That's a great butt, not flat like mine and not too chubby like Felicity's." Felicity playfully punched her arm in response. "Your butt won't get in the way at all, will it? And I saw the way you were almost glowing when you walked in here. Someone had a very good first night, didn't they?" And the two ladies giggled.

Jolee smiled. "Actually, it was a very good night and it was my second night. I'm a little surprised at how comfortable I am walking around in my bare skin. I've always been nervous about being in the buff in public and I've had to do it three times for my job. But it's beginning to seem completely normal here and the guys don't stare at you like you're a piece of meat, well most of the guys."

"Well, they have regulations here," said Felicity. "But a lot of the guys here are real gentlemen. Roger's been very careful when picking Club members. Who've you picked out there?" She bent down to look at Master's tag. "Master?" She looked up at Jolee. "What's his real name, honey?"

Master barked suddenly.

"Master 'is' his name, Felicity," reminded Tricia. "Don't you-recognize him?"

Felicity stared into the dog's face. Master stared back into hers and then tilted his head. "No, I don't remember one of them being a german shepherd."

Tricia sighed and turned to Jolee. "We must be confusing you quite a bit right now."

"It's not the first time here that I've felt like I'm only hearing half of a conversation." Jolee leaned forward. "What's really going on?"

Tricia looked at Master and then looked at Jolee. "Jolee, do you like this place so far?" Jolee nodded. "Do you like the wolf you picked out?"

"And don't forget he picked her out, too," added Felicity. Tricia shot her a dirty look.

"Yes, Master is a wonderful dog, wolf, hybrid, whatever he is. He seems to have such intelligence in his eyes. And..." Jolee hesitated.

"And what Jolee?" prompted Tricia.

"I don't know but he sort of reminds me of Roger and his manner. It's silly, I know."

Felicity started laughing. Tricia tried to hush her and quickly gave up and chuckled herself. Yet another inside joke, thought Jolee with frustration. "Jolee, what do you think of Roger?"

Jolee thought carefully about the question. Both ladies and all three dogs were staring at her a little too intently. "At first I thought he was a bit stuffy. But when I was sitting in front of him and completely naked he kept staring at my face and seemed genuinely interested in my answers to his questions. He didn't stare at my boobs and pussy. At first I wondered if he might be gay."

Tricia and Felicity's dogs barked in such a way that Jolee could have sworn they were laughing. What was going on here, she wondered? "But he's really very masculine. Not in a macho way, more like a quiet inner strength. The more I think about him the more attractive I find him. He's the first man I've known in six years that I would like to bed probably as much as he would like to bed someone with my body." Oh, you stupid girl, she thought, what if one of these women is his lover?

Everyone went quiet. Felicity spoke next. "Jolee, I think if Roger wants to fuck you it's because he's talked to you and really finds you one of those rare people that actually interest him. It wouldn't be just your body he wanted. He wouldn't settle for a woman just because her body's a ten."

"Look, don't tell Roger any of what I just said. Please?" Jolee pleaded. "I'm not sure why I confided to you two in the first place. I've just met you. People here seem so..."

"So nice?" asked Felicity. "And you didn't just tell the two of us, you told the five of us." Felicity started laughing at her confusing joke, while Tricia shook her head in exasperation.

"Don't worry, neither of us will tell Roger," Tricia said with a big smirk. "And I think you are going to be very happy here, Jolee. Try not to be put off by anyone...or anything." The two ladies waved goodbye and walked out of the kitchen arm in arm with their dogs faithfully following them.

Master walked over to Jolee and put his head in her lap and looked up at her with his deep, brown eyes. "I haven't even known you for twenty-four hours and you already know I can refuse you nothing?" She held a bite of waffle in front of him and he quickly moved forward and ate it, taking great care to be gentle with Jolee's hand. Jolee knew that Master's jaw was large enough and powerful enough to have taken her hand off in one bite, but she also instinctively knew that he would always be gentle with her.

She ate her breakfast peacefully enough. Master didn't seem to want any more handouts and was lying under the table at her feet. She wondered about when she would be leaving this strange but wonderful place. Would they really let her keep this apparently valuable wolf-dog hybrid? Roger had seemed sincere about that. Now, she wondered, why was she thinking like that? She considered it more and realized she actually liked being here. She had gotten used to walking around the building nude, or 'in the buff' as she always said. She wondered if she should ask Roger if she could leave for a day to get her business arranged. But he had said she could leave whenever she wanted, hadn't he? She certainly didn't feel like a prisoner. And she just knew if she did leave the Club that she would be soon be back in the entry room, stripping down so she could come back in, for him.

Just then, the door opened and a red headed woman walked in. She had silicone tits and a bit of extra weight on her hips, tummy and butt. "Hi, you must be the new 'female'. I'm Anne. Just let me get my breakfast and I'll be right with you."

Jolee had been startled out of her thoughts by the woman's abrupt entrance and had dropped the last piece of waffle, topped with a heaping scoop of cream, onto the seat between her legs. She searched for it for a few seconds and then before she could reach down to retrieve it, Anne was seating herself at the table and had her hand extended. Jolee stopped fishing for the dropped food, reached out and shook the woman's hand.

"Call me Jolee. I came in yesterday. It's nice to meet you. You don't have a dog?" The woman was eating a sugary cereal topped with more white sugar for breakfast. As the woman finished her mouthful Jolee felt something cold brush her thigh.

It was Master and he was trying to get at the dropped waffle. Jolee squeezed her legs shut, but Master just pushed his head in between them until his tongue could reach the seat where the food had spilled. He began to lick it up. Jolee opened her legs a little, inviting Master to clean up her mess. Jolee took a quick look down and saw he was having trouble licking it up and had actually pushed it further towards her. Anne couldn't see the dog and Jolee didn't know how to stop Master without embarrassing herself in front of Anne. She decided to let Master get to the food quickly, so she spread her legs further apart.

"Nope. I don't have a mutt and if I play my cards right I never will. I'll just stay here and keep eating and relaxing until I reach a ripe old age."

Master had now begun to lick along her thighs where the cream had splattered before falling onto the seat. Jolee kept as still as she could and tried to distract Anne with conversation.

"Don't you like dogs?"

"Oh, yeah, I like dogs fine. But I don't want to get involved with what goes on around here." She leaned forward in a conspiratorial manner. "It isn't moral."

Master now had licked clean her thighs and his tongue was now lapping up the pieces of her breakfast that had been pushed to her labia. Jolee felt heat begin to build in her loins and her nipples began to tingle.

"Everyone here seems very nice. Do they force you to stay?" said Jolee, while she mentally told herself to stay calm and think of the dullest things she could.

"Oh, yeah. They all seem nice and most of them are fairly nice. Now you take Robert, the guy who delivers stuff all through the building. He's a nice guy. And with the right encouragement, he'll share a half an hour or so with you in your room. After all, we have our needs to attend to, don't we? And no one forces me to do anything. I could leave whenever I wanted, but I've got something good going on here and these 'people' won't do anything to stop me."

Master's tongue had now passed the labia and was working on the opening of her vagina. Every once in awhile, the tongue seemed to extend until it was just inside. The waffle didn't get pushed up that far did it, Jolee wondered? And I'm sitting down: how the devil is he getting his tongue in there? Oh, no. He's found something else to taste up there. He keeps getting me wetter and wetter and that makes him push his tongue in for more. Oh, you naughty wolf, if you really had to do this why couldn't you do it in the privacy of our room before we came to breakfast?

Jolee realized she needed to respond to Anne's question that she hadn't quite heard. "Uh-hum," was all she could get out and she felt like she had been holding it back for a few seconds. God, she thought, this feels so good. She couldn't remember the last time she felt this wonderful, with her heart pounding in her chest. But then it was very hard to remember anything right now. She just wanted to spread her legs further and further and let Master really go deep. It didn't matter right now that Master was just an animal. What was that stupid woman prattling on about?

"...and I'll tell you the secret. Go ahead and choose a 'dog', but once you're back in your room use the bathroom and rub a little wolfsbane on yourself. He'll be out of your room pretty quick and he won't know why; it's an involuntary reflex. I can give you some."

Jolee got out another "Uh-hum", but she stretched it out into an "Uh-hummm". She looked sharply at Anne, but the woman hadn't even noticed. Oh god, she thought, if Master doesn't let up soon I'll be moaning loudly and Anne will notice that.

"You do know that the men here are all were..."

Master interrupted Jolee's pleasure and Anne's monologue with a loud bark.

Anne froze and Jolee jumped. Anne slowly looked under the table. Jolee could see from her vantage point that Master and Anne were staring at each other.

"You didn't tell me you had one here!" she accused. Anne, red-faced, then got up from her half-eaten breakfast and stormed out of the room. Master walked half way to the door and stopped. He turned and looked at Jolee, bowed his head and then left through the door. Jolee was about to follow him when she remembered what Max had told her. Master would be safe and would find his way back to her soon enough. She decided that she had best give him his freedom to wander or he might start to resent her and she didn't want Master to resent her under any circumstances. This break would also give her time to figure out how to prevent Master from doing what he had just been doing to her.

She took her plate, glass and utensils over to the sink. She noticed that Tricia and Felicity had not cleaned up after their breakfast. For that matter, neither had Anne. Jolee gathered it all up in the sink, found some dish soap and a clean rag under the sink and began to wash the dishes. She then dried everything and put it all away. She gave the counters where the food had been prepared a wipe with the soapy rag as well.

"Look at me, every man's dream girl: I'm barefoot, naked and keeping myself busy in the kitchen. What kind of girl am I that when I'm stripped of my clothes I automatically go domestic?" She put her hands on the counter and hung her head. She stood and looked down at the clean counter for a couple of minutes. "I don't feel subservient. I feel...horny. God, I'm so wet right now. But I don't feel dirty or sleazy, just happy, although a trifle unsatisfied right now." She turned and looked at the empty sink. "I've been having a lazy time of it since I got here and maybe I wanted to contribute something here. What a place! Men have misused me for years; I come into a place filled with strange men and have to walk around naked and I like it. Why? What made me feel comfortable here? Master? No, I felt comfortable here before I met Master, despite all the odd comments people make." She snapped her fingers. "It was Roger!"

Suddenly the door to the kitchen opened. Roger stood in the doorway, looking cross. "I take it Anne didn't return?"

Jolee glanced up at the small camera in the corner of the room and suddenly felt terrible. She was a slut, a depraved sex-fiend and Roger was going to take Master away from her and kick her out of the Club. She didn't even care if she was thrown onto the street naked, as she was. She had enjoyed a sexual experience with her dog! How could Roger possibly respect her any more?

"Jolee, please come with me," said Roger in a firm voice.

Jolee left the sink area and walked to the door with her head down. She thought she felt some wetness dipping down one of her legs, but she did not care. She felt like her world had ended. She could plead with Roger to let her keep Master and stay, but she was afraid that would turn her into the type of woman who starts crying whenever she doesn't get what she wants. Besides, she didn't think Roger was the type of man to be swayed by the hysterics of a naked woman, no matter how pretty she was.

"I am so sorry, Roger, it just happened. A piece of waffle fell between my legs. Master started licking it up. Anne sat at the table and distracted me and things just went too far, too fast. Please don't take Master away from me or kick me out of this Club." It all came out before she could stop herself. She suddenly realized that she wanted to get to know Roger much better than she already did, in every sense.

Roger was taken aback. "Jolee, I understand these things happen. Neither you nor...Master is in trouble. I was...saw on the security cameras that Anne was talking to you and what Master was doing and I came here to make things right. We don't want you to feel sad or uncomfortable. Anne on the other hand is a bit of a troublemaker."

"She told me something about wolfsbane. What was that all about? It sounds crazy. What does she think you guys are, werewolves?"

Roger's face suddenly went red. Jolee was surprised by the reaction. First he is shocked by the idea that I think he might kick me out of here, and then he is shocked again when I ask him if he's a werewolf, she thought. What is going on in this place? Oh, God. Roger certainly doesn't seem like it, but can he and everyone else here be crazy? Everyone here seems so normal, except for...a lot of the regulations and their behaviour. Jolee started laughing at the incongruity of the situation. Roger appeared to ease up and then he tensed up again.

"Anne's using wolfsbane. Okay, Anne's days here are finished. I'll see that she leaves and soon. But are you all right, Jolee? You are something special. I've never met...well, you are very special."

Jolee sniffed and nodded her head. "I'm okay. And thank you for the kind words, Roger. Since I first sat naked in front of you, you've been a gentleman and made me feel that this was a nice place to be."

"Even with the nudity and the weird comments? Okay, then, let's get you to medical and then you can have some play time with Master outside. Will that cheer you up?"

"Oh, yes, Roger it will. You're wonderful, Roger." And she stood on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her breasts hard up against his chest. He responded to the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist. With Master's foreplay and Roger being so nice, Jolee was ready to fuck him right then and there in the hallway. She didn't give a damn if anyone walked down that hallway and saw them entwined on the carpet.

She was about to invite him back to her room, but Roger had other ideas. He gently raised his arms up along her ribs. Jolee thought he might want to finger her breasts so she backed off a little to give him room to get his hands on them. But his hands kept going up until they gently grabbed her arms and eased them away from around his neck. Jolee backed away a little more and pouted.

"I know you're attracted to me. I can feel your hard-on straining against your pants. I'm very horny right now Roger and I want you."

Roger gave a tired sigh. "Jolee. We can't do this right now."

"Why not? I'm hot and ready, more so than I've ever been before. If you want me to suck you off I'll do it. If you want to take me out on the street and cum all over my face, I'll happily oblige. If you want to impregnate me, I'll joyfully help you as best as I can. I just need you to do what any man wants to do with a naked woman standing right in front of him, who happens to think he is very sexy."

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