tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn The Dragon's Keep Pt. 02

In The Dragon's Keep Pt. 02


**Author's Note: There will be a Part 3 though that may take a while. Thank you for your patience.


Princess Freya drifted off to sleep. She was exhausted with spent passion. Her body thrummed. She could still feel Veles's dragon tongue whipping her bare flesh with abandon. She could feel his teeth nibbling on her pink pearl gently.

Freya dreamt of her home, of riding her favorite horse through the forest that she was forbidden to play in but she went anyway.

Freya always felt like she had a shadow watching over her; a presence that was subtle but one could just sense was there. It didn't feel malevolent so Freya was never afraid.

The Princess woke up and she was back in the grand bedroom that rested in the roots of the great tree. She was naked of course. She didn't have the energy to put on clothes.

Freya wilted. For a moment she thought she had dreamed the whole affair. She was still the captive of Veles the dragon god of the underworld.

The thin, light weight chain that looped snugly around her ankle was barely noticeable but whenever Freya moved her right leg she felt the drag.

Her nipples were still swollen and aroused, her loins sticky but hot at the thought of him. But also Freya's ire was raised. That arrogant god. Her whole body grew hot with indignity... and desire.

Her stomach suddenly grumbled like an angry beast. She hadn't really eaten anything since yesterday.

Freya looked to her right to see a full table of food: roasted boar, fruits, fried fish, spiced wine, and apples all on solid gold plates. The smell wafted through the air into Freya's nostrils making her mouth water.

A robe of white ermine was laid out on her bed for her. Freya briefly thought about starving herself but knowing that would solve nothing, she put on the robe and tried a few strips of roasted boar.

The meat practically melted in her mouth. She may have been in the underworld but this feast was like heaven. Freya breathed out a blissful sigh as she moved the meat around in her mouth to get the full flavor.

Freya ate a whole plate full of meats, fruits, vegetables, and drank a few goblets of wine. Fully satisfied Freya felt the stickiness of her thighs then suddenly felt unclean.

Just as Veles had said, whatever she needed appeared. A golden tub appeared by the large fireplace. It was filled with warm water and a sea sponge sitting on a small table. That certainly was convenient.

The Princess slipped off her robe. The water wasn't too hot but just right. Freya's muscles relaxed as she allowed the warm waters to envelope her in a loving embrace.

Using the sea sponge she meticulously washed every inch of her body especially between her thighs until she felt clean again. Freya floated in the water looking up at the cavern ceiling contemplating how she could escape this prison.

Freya watched the light from the torches dancing on the ceiling as she thought of the weapons at her disposal. The brass collar necklace felt like a weight on her very heart.

The silver chain floated with her like a normal rope would. It was truly unlike any metal on Earth. But it was leash that she despised.

How could she get it off?

As Freya was caressed by the soothing waters, Veles wandered into her mind involuntarily. The thought of him just made her so angry. More angry than a normal man would.

She thought about his muscular arms, how strong they were when they pinned her down. How they held her in place to keep her from wriggling around as he pleasured her womanly center.

Freya's hand wandered to her breast as she thought about Veles's wicked tongue, the taste of herself on his evil mouth.

She didn't realize at first but Freya began playing with her nipple, running her thumb over it as it stood erect and at attention as her anger built up over the image of Veles's face buried deep between her thighs.

Her arms were bound but if they had been free Freya would have throttled him... or played with her breasts like now...

All the violent things the princess wanted to do to dragon god played in her head as she floated in the warm wetness of the spring while her other hand moved down towards a place even warmer and wetter.

Her fingers rubbed her outer lips as she thought about being on top of Veles with a knife to his throat. Just straddling him, feeling his hard male heat against her smoldering loins.

Freya's sex throbbed and her clit began to stand at attention as she thought about Veles's engorged flesh against her womanhood. She couldn't deny that she was at least curious about what it looked like...

She had never seen a man's cock before. She heard her handmaidens talk about them when they thought she wasn't listening.

Freya dipped her fingers into her hot folds, her palm brushing against her hardened pink nub, her thumb rubbing over her diamond hard nipple.

A moan escaped Freya's lips as her fingers worked inside of her, pressing her sensitive button.

She closed her eyes as she thought about what Veles's cock looked like and what she would do to it. Would take a knife and cut it off... hold it in her hand, feel it's weight and girth.

Another moan spilled from Freya's lips. The water's caress felt like a real embrace, she was cradled by warmth as the princess felt her every nerve awaken. Her mouth was slack with groans and whimpers pouring out like water from a pitcher.

Freya thought about Veles's mouth, his lips. How she would rip his tongue out with her teeth, have her lips around it then suck it out of his face. Freya couldn't help but remember the expert muscles dancing inside her angry mouth, how rough yet tender it was.

The taste of his lips... the feel of his body pressed against hers, an array of emotions consumed Freya but the one most prominent was desire. But what kind of desire? The desire to kill Veles or to fuck him?

The pressure inside her was building. She was approaching the edge of relief...

Freya could practically feel his lips... she did. They were his lips! Pressed against hers, his hand caressing her head. Freya opened her eyes to see Veles's arrogant face. She stopped what she was doing immediately backing away though she couldn't get far in this small tub.

The god let out a booming laughter, "I'm sorry, princess, but I couldn't help myself. You just looked so delicious the way you were mewling and moaning as you played with yourself... Were you thinking about me?"

"Of course not!" Freya lied but her face was red making Veles even more amused. "If I was it was about killing you."

Veles merely shrugged.

Freya saw that Veles wasn't wearing a shirt. His rippling muscles glistened in the torch light, his sexy gold stubble gleamed as his mouth curved with desire. His abs were finely sculpted and between the sculpted muscles of his chest was a small trail of golden hair.

Freya placed her arms over her chest to hide her perky breasts as well as her swollen hard nipples though she could do nothing to hide the redness of her cheeks.

"I've already seen you in your naked glory, princess," Veles watched her with his piercing blue eyes intently. "But if it makes you uncomfortable I'll fetch your robe."

He took Freya's ermine robe and presented it to her as if he were a servant. Freya didn't have much choice but she turned around so the god could only see her round perfect arse.

Veles placed the ermine fur upon her slender wet body. The comfort of the fur gave Freya some relief but she still felt naked to the god with the intensity of his penetrating gaze.

After she was covered, Veles offered Freya his hand. Her beautiful face was drawn in resentment. She ignored his offering hand and helped herself from the tub with as much grace and poise as she could muster while her heart sped up a few beats.

Veles chuckled finding the slight amusing.

"Now that you've washed yourself," Veles said. "Perhaps you'll be up for this task."

Veles sat down on his chair where a silver bowl of water stood on a table with a small black blade knife sitting next to it.

"This blade," Veles picked up the knife then placed it in Freya's hand as he rubbed his golden stubbled chin. "Is the sharpest in all the realms. I want you to shear me."

Freya froze. Did an opportunity just fall into her lap so easily? There had to be a catch.

"Like some servant? I'm not your slave," Freya hissed but already she was imagining cutting Veles's throat. Was he so arrogant that he'd trust her with a sharp object?

"You're my wife," Veles's voice held more of an authoritative tone. "You will do as commanded."

Freya simmered in silence but relented, the image of Veles's blood streaming from his throat after she sliced it open playing in her mind. Veles patted his knee, a sign that he wanted her to straddle him while she shaved him. The indignity of it!

Freya straddled his lap but suddenly held the sharp blade to Veles's throat. She pressed hard to his jugular watching it bob calmly.

"It was a mistake to give me a weapon," Freya hissed.

"You intend to cut my throat, Princess?" Veles asked keeping still.

"Quiet...," Freya ordered and Veles obliged for a time. They were locked in a dangerous dance once more but this time Freya was the one with a weapon to Veles's throat.

She could feel his maleness again, the heat of it, the hardness of it against her pelvis. Veles was aroused by this.

"Could I kill you with this?" Freya asked quietly.

"It's made from one of my dragon talons so yes," Veles shrugged. "But that would leave you trapped here and the gods would seek vengeance upon you."

"Who would miss a god of the dead?" Freya snarked.

Freya pressed harder until the black edge lightly pierced some of the god's flawless flesh. Instead of red, gold trickled from the wound. Gods did not bleed crimson like mortals but pure gold.

"No one," Veles's blue eyes flashed with sadness that pricked Freya's human heart. His tone bore an edge of loneliness.

Loneliness was something Freya understood. Always set a part from everyone. She was tainted somehow for being promised to a dark god and so somehow there must have been something wrong with her. Freya would see pity as well as trepidation in people's eyes.

After a stretch of silence, Freya took the blade away from the dragon's throat.

"I'm surprised, Princess," Veles said. "Thought you would actually do it."

Freya glowered at him, angry at herself mostly.

"I've always admired mortals for their mercy," Veles became somber, the mirth dimming in his sky blue eyes. "It runs through their veins, in their bones but Gods... We do what feels good."

"And what makes a god feel good?" Freya ventured to ask finding the god's somberness magnetic.

Veles smiled at her, making Freya blush again. He truly was more handsome than any mortal man that dared look Freya's way.

She felt his strong hands hold her waist drawing her closer in, their faces dangerously close. Freya's womanhood quivered as it rubbed against Veles's hungry bulge.

Freya thought he would kiss her. She dreaded it as well as yearned for it. Memories of yesterday replayed in her mind. Her mouth was slightly open waiting for the kiss as one would wait for a storm.

"Shear your new husband well, my lady," Veles said softly as he relented his grip and leaned back into his chair.

"If you can resist the urge to kill me," Veles said. "Then I'll take you out for the day. Take you above to your world."

"Why?" Freya eyed him suspiciously.

Veles relaxed his bold shoulders and meaty arms on the back rest and looked at her intently with his sky blue eyes. Then he said with a mysterious smirk, "Shear me, wife."

Freya's sex throbbed as her warrior instincts screamed at her to stick the blade swiftly into his heart and be done with it but then she remembered the god's promise to take her to the surface.

Freya held the sharp black blade against Veles's cheek. He didn't look the least bit afraid. He only stared deeply into her eyes partly daring her to cut him.

Then Freya slowly, with her mouth compressed into a hard line she began shaving the golden stubble off the dragon god's human chin. With meticulous, calculated strokes, Freya shaved Veles's face leaving only a gleaming smoothness.

Veles only sat there not speaking, his virility rigid and pulsing against Freya's femininity that despite her resentment ached for him. Freya's nipples grew hard into points like dark diamonds.

Veles felt his chin, it's smoothness on every angle.

"You shear well, my lady," Veles allowed Freya off of his knee. He took the black blade back then knelt down to the silver chain that bound her ankle.

"As a reward for not killing me I'll unchain you," Veles said as he cut the thin chain with ease.

Freya marveled as it dissolved into thin air. Her leg was free at last. But then Veles pulled Freya into his rough embrace and drowned her a passionate kiss, crushing her delicate mouth with his hungry lips.

Freya beat against his chest while in her loins a fire ignited. Once Veles broke the kiss he spoke low, his voice thick with dark desire, "But you cut me and made me bleed. That cannot go unpunished."

"Let me go," Freya fiercely demanded as Veles, his gaze so intense that Freya was trapped within them, walked her towards the bed.

Freya knew what was coming. She yearned and dreaded it. Her womanly sex drizzled with expectation as Veles tore off the ermine robe, her only armor, her only defense.

Veles turned Freya around, rubbing his body against hers, feeling her tremble like a leaf in the breeze. He imprinted a kiss on the soft, moist nape of her neck, moving away her golden wet hair, inhaling her scent of wildflowers and cotton.

Princess Freya's mouth so bitter but also so alluring curved into a defiant smile as she dared, "Do your worst. But I won't break."

His hands skimmed gently over her wide hips and down her luxuriously silky legs. As Freya felt the bulge of Veles's godly desires something within her faltered.

"Please...," the princess whispered in a voice that Veles never heard from her before. "Please... at least be gentle."

Freya's voice was soft and pleading. The sound touched Veles's dragon heart. She knew what was coming... But she really didn't. Veles knew she wasn't ready for his whole body. Not yet...

"Have no fear, Princess," Veles whispered tenderly into her ear, his hot breath causing her to shudder with both anxiety and delight. "You'll enjoy this I promise."

Freya tensed as she felt her captor's warm fingers skim over her most guarded place. He sighed in delight as he began to gently rub those soft, satin folds that began to dampen form his attentions.

Freya found herself enjoying it. Her breasts became firm and her nipples stiffened into hard points. Her mouth became dry as she heard a feminine sigh. Surely that sound of blissful longing didn't come from her lips... But she heard it again and this time she was sure that it was her.

"You like this...," Veles chuckled darkly into her ear. "The spoiled princess who's used to others scraping and bowing before her."

"You bastard," Freya hissed as Veles pushed her down, forcing her to bend over on the soft furs of the bed. She felt his male heat, hard with lust pressed against her womanly folds, rubbing against her wanton loins.

"I'm the master here, princess," Veles ran his hand along Freya's spine, heat crawled up her spine making her groan despite herself. Veles grinned as a hunter would when he had his prey by the throat and was about to deliver the killing blow.

Freya had a storm raging inside her but it was one of confusing emotions. Some parts of her wanted to grab something hard to hit him with then scratch his eyes out, those were the warrior parts but the other parts were a woman.

As she felt Veles's fingers taunt her bare flesh Freya felt a burning desire, a hunger she never knew before to have a man roughly take her.

Freya felt his sensual lips press against the moist skin of her arse, branding her flesh with his desire.

Veles took two fingers and messaged her throbbing wet lips eliciting a groaning whimper from the imperious princess's mouth. He placed his other hand firmly between her shoulder blades keeping her pinned as his fingers penetrated her tender flesh with one finger.

"Uuuhhhnnnn..." Princess Freya moaned as her nerve endings were awoken by a jolt of pleasure. Veles was gentle as he moved his one finger in and out of her sending ripples of euphoria through her muscles.

"My princess croons with one finger...," Veles whispered his voice as smooth as a running stream. "How about two..."

Freya gripped the wolf fur as she felt Veles insert a second finger, stretching the walls of her flesh canal. She gave out a small cry that died in silent passion. She was quickly forgetting the situation she was in. Was she not a hostage?

And yet Freya was filling with small amounts of joy as the dragon god played with her arse hole. She whimpered. She never whimpered. It was an undignified sound.

"So tight... so warm and wet...," Veles groaned. "I wonder how a princess tastes."

"No don't...," Freya warned. The proud warrior inside her was battling the wanton woman inside her. The warrior wanted to throw off the dragon and slay him dead but the woman wanted to be slain, to be conquered.

She suddenly felt Veles's rough tongue lap at her womanly folds.

"You son of a whore," Freya cursed as her muscles spasmed a little then crackled with a tingly sensation.

"You're my whore now, Princess Freya," Veles growled in delight. His tongue actually played with her arse hole. He kissed her arse cheek then gave it a light slap.

"The sweetest little whore in the underworld and you're all mine," Veles crowed as he pushed his fingers deeper inside of her.

"I'll... never be... yours," Freya hissed between ragged pants.

Veles smiled that evil dragon smile then said, "We'll see."

The dragon god scraped the inside of the princess, feeling the molten heat, the slick satin walls as they clenched then relaxed. Veles listened to Freya's moans and sighs of bliss grow louder then softer as he pumped faster then slower. He was teasing her.

Every time Freya was about to come Veles ceased his attentions. He waited until her breathing slowed, kissing her thighs now slick with her juices. Then he would start up again.

Freya thought she would implode. She wanted to implode. She wanted Veles to make her cum. She wanted him to give her sweet relief.

"You're evil," Freya gasped as once again Veles stopped.

She heard him give a deep chuckle, "You want me to make you cum, Princess?"

Veles licked her tight arsehole when she did not reply. He felt her jerk and give out a small cry, "Y-Yes..."

"Louder," Veles began pumping again.

"Yes!" Freya cried despite herself. "Please I beg you!"

"Alright then...," Veles tickled her swollen pink pearl with his free hand while sticking a third finger deep into her sopping pulsating cunt.

Freya gripped the bear fur sheets as she felt the implosion of senses. She collapsed on the bed as her love juices gushed out of her like a hot spring waterfall.

She felt Veles's rough tongue lapping at her cum soaked folds. Freya's muscles were exhausted. Her orgasm rippled through her body like ripples in a pool when a rock was tossed in.

"You made quite the mess, Princess," Veles chuckled making "mmmmm" sounds as if he just had the finest meal he ever had. "You'll have to be washed again."

Freya was too tired to argue or rage. Veles gathered Freya up in his strong arms. She couldn't help but rest her head on his broad shoulder, her head suddenly seemed too heavy.

Veles lowered Freya into the golden tub that was fresh with new water already. Then like a humble servant Veles began washing Freya. He was about to reach her womanly center where she was messiest but Freya caught his wrist.

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