tagBDSMIn the Dungeon with Unknown Woman

In the Dungeon with Unknown Woman


Sitting in my chair I watch you awaken. Watching as you move your head around trying to see, bringing your tired eyes to focus. You try to move your limbs only to realize that you cannot and you can feel the familiar feeling of rope binding you in place. As I watch you struggle and assess your situation, I think back to what lead up to this moment.

Last night I slipped a drug into your drink to ensure that you slept soundly. Waiting patiently until early morning when I carried you to the dungeon laying you on your back onto the padded table. Working diligently, watching your sleeping face as I wrapped the rope around you to secure your ankles to the table legs. I laid your arms at your sides and tied them with the same piece of rope, running the extra length beneath your low back. Your collar snugly fit to your neck as you lay there asleep and vulnerable to my touch.

Tying one end of the rope to the ring on your collar and the other end of the rope to the table ensuring that you are not able to move your upper body. I position you so that your head is hanging over the edge of the table slightly causing your neck to bend. Then of course the final touch, an important piece, a blindfold.

I finally get up and approach the table, my hard sole shoes clicking on the floor as I approach you. I watch as you stop struggling and seem to focus on the first sound that you have heard since waking. Walking around the table, lightly grazing my fingertips over your soft skin, I observe small goosebumps appear across your body as my fingers pass over you.

Running my fingers up one side of your body, around your left breast, up your neck, around your face, and back down your other side to your belly. My fingers continue to trickle down your belly to your pussy, sliding them around the outside of your pussy lips until dragging my fingertips down your thighs.

"Good morning" I finally say, knowing that my voice will bring you comfort "Do you remember your safe words?" I watch your head nod up and down. 'Smack!' My hand comes down on your pussy hard "Do you remember your safe words?" I ask again. "Yes Sir" you respond firmly.

I start running my fingers up and down your body. Tracing from your shoulders to over your breasts and down your stomach. Leaving no time for lingering as they quickly move over your pussy and to your thighs. Each time a little rougher until my fingernails are scratching at your skin.

I begin concentrating on massaging your pussy, it's so warm and soon my fingers are sliding between your lips, careful not to penetrate you just yet. Focusing on just sliding in between your lips making you wet for me making my finger wet and slippery with your juices. Rubbing your own lube around your clit while spreading your lips with the other fingers of that hand I begin sliding a finger inside of you. Continuing with this, a finger rubbing your clit and fucking you with another, adding a second finger deep inside of your pussy, both fingers working together until your hips start bucking slightly in time with my fingers.

Pulling out abruptly I walk to the side of the table, my shoes clicking once more on the hard floor. You try and follow me by the sounds of my shoes but still have yet to understand where I am going. I pull on a rope that I have run through a pulley hanging from the ceiling. The rope is attached to the rope that I wrapped around your low back and belly. As I pull on the rope, it lifts your ass off the table approximately 6 inches.

With each inch I raise you a gasp escapes your delicious lips and you hang before me, waiting for me. I have taken such care and wrapped the rope around your body a few times so that your weight is dispersed across multiple layers of rope. However, it still does not stop the rope from digging into your back. You whine silently as the uncomfortable digging starts to fade and you become a part of the rope itself, suspended in time waiting for my next move.

I walk to your head and step forward and immediately my balls are in your face. You eagerly start to lick and suck on them as I stand there. Then, 'smack, smack, smack!' You feel my leather strap striking your belly hard and in rhythm. Sliding my balls out from your warm wet mouth.

You keep open your mouth widely and I slide my cock into it. I start fucking your mouth, while at the same time striking your belly, breasts, and pussy with my firm leather strap. I do not strike hard and it mildly stings but it is hard enough that I can see a nice red glow start to form on your torso and pussy. Watching the beautiful red coloring cross your flesh, I pull my cock from you quite pleased at the marking across your body.

Again I walk across the room, my footsteps being the only sound you can hear aside from your breathing. I intentionally open and close drawers so that you can hear me. Taking my time, making you lay there listening and wondering what I have planned for you. This time I am not gone long as I walk back to you, admiring your body displayed before me.

I begin rubbing your nipples, making them nice and firm until finally pinching them hard enough to put on clover clamps. The first clamp is connected to your left nipple with the second clamp attached to your right nipple. Pausing for a moment to watch your breathing increase as the clamps sink into your nipples. I connect the light chains on the clamps together and give it a quick tug and watch your face as you feel the clamps tighten more on your nipples.

"Open your mouth" I tell you. As you comply, I grab your tongue and pull it out and attach a clover clamp to your tongue. With my hand on the back of your head, I lift your head until your chin is on your chest. I then run light chain from the clamp on your tongue to the one connecting your nipples. As I release your head, you relax it and I see you wince as the clamps tighten on your nipples and tongue and pull towards each other. Smiling I watch your head quickly rise back up.

I lube up a vibrator, turn it on, and slide it into your pussy instructing you as I do "Do not let that slide out" I tell you firmly. I make my way to a chair and sit watching your body, your neck straining forward, and your nipples pulled up. I know that this is causing some pain, but if you relax your neck muscles it will hurt more, much more, depending upon how much you relax your neck.

Enjoying the sight of you on the padded table struggling to relax yet to focus hard on not letting the vibrator slide out I wait for as long as possible before I come back with a magic wand vibrator and start massaging your pussy with it.

Concentrating this over your clit. I grab the vibrator inside of you and start sliding it in and out as I continue rubbing your clit with the magic wand. I watch your face as I continue to assault your pussy with these toys. Your face twisting and contorting into expressions of bliss from the attention your pussy is getting and agony from the strain of holding your position.

As you become more excited, your head bucks every so often, yanking on your nipples and tongue causing you to quickly move it back up. Listening to your breathing and watching your body I can tell that you are nearing orgasm. "You are to ask permission to cum" I tell you as I continue to fuck your pussy with the toys.

I can tell that your neck is getting tired as your nipples are being pulled harder. Soon I hear you "May I cum Sir?" I keep massaging and fucking you with the toys and reply "Not yet". Your hips are moving more, lifting up out of your roped torso as you try to fuck the vibrator. I listen to you moaning in pleasure as I continue to play, and finally you moan out "Please Sir I need to cum, PLEASE!" begging now, the tone of your voice so in need of a release.

I pull the vibrator out and pull the magic wand away "No" I respond firmly. Your hips are still bucking some, your nipples and tongue pulled hard as your head leans back further. I lean close to you, holding your head up and releasing the clamps from your nipples. Hearing you moan quietly in pain as the blood rushes back to your nipples.

Stepping back a few steps I clasp my hands behind my back watching you on the table. Patiently waiting as I watch your body come down off of your "high" of nearly climaxing. Once you have relaxed with your breath back to normal I step closer and lower your torso back down onto the table.

Removing the rope that had you suspended I strip it from your body. "Beautiful" I murmur as I run my fingers along the rope indent in your skin. Moving to the end of the table I untie your ankles and walk away giving you a moment to move your legs and stretch them after being in one position for so long.

From under the table I take out a spreader bar and lay it on the table beside you. I firmly and quickly grab one ankle then another and put a leather cuff on each before attaching them to the spreader bar and letting it hang from the table.

I watch your body as I decide to untie your hands, and you shake them out vigorously to get the blood flowing. Taking your hands in mine I apply leather cuffs to your wrists and kiss each wrist as I close and lock each cuff into place. Lifting your ankle I attach the wrist cuffs to the ankle cuffs, holding your legs up in the air. I admire you, your arms and legs held over your body exposing you to me.

I glance at my partner in crime for the night, she has been here for some time watching us and rubbing herself. She is very wet now as I motion for her to stand over your face. I watch as a drip from her wet pussy lands on your nose. I watch your face squish up as you try to determine what just landed on your nose as I am sure that your nose is filled with the smell of her as her pussy is spread inches over your face.

I nod at her once again, and she sits down on your face, roughly burying your face into her pussy. Before you have a chance to adjust and rationalize what happened, 'Smack, smack, smack!' I paddle your ass three times.

"You need to make her cum, I will continue to paddle you until you bring her to an orgasm. Do you understand?" 'Smack, smack!' two more slaps with the paddle. My partner lifts her pussy from your face for a moment and I hear you respond "Yes Sir" before it drops back onto your already wet sopping face as she continues rubbing up and down your mouth and nose.

She begins riding your face, using your face to please herself. Pulling up occasionally as you start to struggle so that you can get a breath of air until she lifts up straddling your face so you can tongue her.

I randomly smack your ass as you work on bringing this stranger to an orgasm. Occasionally I will land a solid smack causing you to buck alternating with a few lighter ones and occasionally I land a lighter smack onto your pussy.

Her pussy juices in your mouth and smeared all across your face as you work on making her cum. You can tell that she is getting close by the way she starts moaning and moving more wildly over you. You can hear her moaning all of a sudden as she changes her angle.

I set the paddle down, looking at your glowing red thighs and ass. I grab the spreader bar and lift it up towards your chest more exposing you fully to me. I can sense you waiting for the paddle to land again. Instead I slam my hard cock into you, burying myself in one hard stroke. I start to driver in you roughly as she squats over you. We both reach down and fondle your breasts, four hands on your tits, rubbing gently and roughly, pinching, and squeezing.

I am pounding into you hard, causing the table to rock, as your pussy tries to lift and meet my thrusts. Suddenly she sits on your face hard, making it so you cannot breath. She starts fucking your face roughly with her pussy. You can hear her scream out as her legs clamp around your head and juices cover your face, her legs quivering. She then pulls off of you and you hear her walk away and I suddenly pull out of you and leave you. Our footsteps walking away, leaving you once again. You hear voices talking for a time, but are unable to hear what is said, much less make out the voice of the woman whose juices now cover your face.

You're not really sure at this point how long you have been laying, waiting. The woman's pussy juices have started to dry on your lips and it seems so long before you hear my footsteps anywhere near where you are. Quietly as I reach the table I unhook your wrists, then remove the spreader bar from your ankles, and finally remove the cuffs from you. Leaving the blindfold on, I carry you and lay you on a soft rug.

I turn the shower on and the noise of the water striking the floor seems loud in the quiet of the room. I return to you and remove your blindfold and kiss you. Lifting you up I carry you into the large shower and wash you.

I wash your hair slowly, massaging your scalp as I do, taking the time for you to relax. Letting your eyes close naturally absorbing every tender touch before I start washing your body. My hands massaging you softly as I wash every inch of you slowly and lovingly. Tracing the marks on your skin left by the paddle and the leather strap, kissing each. I hold you close before I quickly wash myself and lead you out of the shower to dry you with a large soft towel. Reaching down and picking you up and holding you to my chest I carry you to our bed and lay you down.

I kiss you softly, my hands roaming over your body tenderly, teasing your nipples hard again, playing with your pussy but this time it's different. You are so wet for me as I kiss my way down your body to your pussy, kissing it, licking it, and sucking it. Taking my time with you. My tongue sliding inside of you and starting to tongue fuck you occasionally I slide my tongue up and tongue your clit, as my fingers slide into you and start fingering you.

My lips wrap around your clit and I start sucking. I can feel you getting excited as your fingers grip my head. I continue tonguing and sucking your clit as I fingerfuck you with such desire that your body begins to move with me.

I pull away and kiss my way up your body again. Reaching down I kiss you hard, your pussy juices on my face. As my tongue starts to enter your mouth I start to rub my cock against your pussy, parting your lips. My cock head rubbing against your clit gently as we kiss. I reach down and grab my cock, sliding it into you, and start to fuck you long and slow, my cock rock hard.

I continue to take you, watching your body and face while listening to your breath and feeling your movements. I adjust my tempo to match yours as our body tempos come together increasing until we are fucking hard.

I can feel you getting close and I whisper to you, "Cum for me Baby! Cum whenever you are ready." Loving the smile you give me, I start to drive into you harder, my hips rotating as I slide in and out of you. I concentrate on holding off and I am able to hold off my orgasm until I hear you scream out and feel your pussy gripping my cock. At that moment I slam deep inside of you and release my load before pulling out a bit and slamming in again to release another hot sticky load of cum deep inside of your pussy.

Rolling off and onto my side, my cock pressed against your warm body and your pussy full of my cum, I gently kiss your neck and stroke your hair before leaning up to reach a nearby towel and washcloth. Taking the washcloth I gently wipe your body clean as well as my cock and then toss them off to the side. Pulling you close to me, whispering in your ear, "Mine."

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