tagIncest/TabooIn The Family Way

In The Family Way


I was only eighteen and spending the summer working at my father's factory before going to university when I had my first experience in the joys of incestuous sex. I was the only male working there, apart from my father who never seemed to leave his office, so when it cam to toilet facilities there was one large area shared by everyone. I had already been teased mercilessly by the women working there so I always made sure they were busy on their machines before I ventured into the loo.

As I sneaked in one day I heard noises coming from the middle of the three cubicles but I was surprised as all the machinists were hard at work. The noises I heard, however, didn't sound like someone relieving themselves, at least not in the way you usually do in a toilet. What I heard was a kind of "slurping" sound as though someone was enthusiastically sucking on something -- and whatever it was, someone else was really enjoying it.

"Yes, you slut, suck it, suck it deep. Take it all, take all I've got."

I may be only eighteen but I now knew what was going on. The voice coming from the central stall was Bill, our delivery driver. What I didn't know was who was giving him so much pleasure. Every one of the girls was accounted for, so I thought, but I had forgotten about one.

As I crept silently into the adjoining cubicle, I climbed on to the toilet and looked over onto my first live sex show. Bill was now pistoning his hips hard and fast, his thick cock sliding easily down the hungry throat of -- my twin sister! She was also helping out in the factory over the summer but I thought she was busy with Mum and Dad in the office. She was certainly busy.

Bills overalls were wrapped around his ankles as Dawn swallowed his throbbing penis with all the experience of a porn star and I suddenly realised this was not the first time she had satisfied a man in this way. Her jeans were also around her ankles, her pink cotton knickers too, and her hand was rubbing her pussy just as hard and as fast as Bill was hammering her mouth.

I was torn between watching my sister giving her energetic blowjob and pulling out my own aroused cock and joining in the fun secretly. But then a better idea began to form in my innocent, twisted mind. I would have loved to have seen Bill cum all over her face or to see her swallow his spunk but instead I very quietly took out my phone and switched it to video mode. Making sure I had both of them in the shot, I coughed and said, "Hi, sis."

By their reaction you'd think that they had just been shot as both looked up in fright then struggled to somehow hide what they had been doing. Bill was the first to recover but he had great difficulty trying to force his still rampant cock into his overalls; he simply pushed Dawn out of his way and fled out the door as if he was being chased by the Devil himself.

"What the hell do you think you're playing at?" Dawn demanded, trying to act cool but it's hard to keep up that pretence when you're trying to raise yourself off the toilet floor, your tight jeans and wet knickers still around your ankles and your twin brother staring at your bald, dripping cunt. "I could ask you the same question," I replied, still looking down at her from my perch, "But I think the answer is quite obvious. I think Mum and Dad will love this video."

"You wouldn't dare," she tried to bluster, now back on her feet and pulling up her knickers and jeans.

"Oh I would, in fact I will, unless you do something for me."

"What do you want, you creep?" She was terrified of our parents finding out what she had been up to but now she could see some glimmer of a reprieve.

"Nothing much," I replied, my turn to be cool now. "I'll just ask for the same that Bill was getting. I'll let you be the one to give me my first blowjob."

"What? No! Never! Never in a million years!"

"Ok, then, I'll just pop up to the office and let Mum and Dad enjoy the show."

Dawn tried to think for a minute. After all, she did enjoy giving blowjobs and one cock was pretty much like any other when it was worming down your throat.

"All right, get in here, you sick prick."

I couldn't move fast enough as I bolted out of one cubicle and into the next. Dawn moved aside to let me in and then locked the door behind her. I sat down on the toilet and opened my overalls all the way down to where my cock was straining to get out. I don't think I'm anything extraordinary when it comes to length but I don't think I've ever been bigger or harder than I was then watching my twin sister get into position.

"Just a minute, Dawn, I think I need you to be naked."

"Oh, for God's sake! Is there anything else before I can do for your highness?"

"No, I think a blowjob from my naked twin sister should just about do it," I smiled pleasantly.

Dawn hesitated for just a moment but, as I started to watch her earlier performance with Bill on my phone and she could hear the noises they were both making, she relented and started to rapidly tug open the buttons on her plain white blouse.

"Hey, take it easy. I want to enjoy this."

I sat there on the toilet, playing with my cock, slowly moving my hand up and down as my twin sister did a striptease not two feet away. When her blouse was open she simply shrugged it off her shoulders and, for the very first time, I saw my sister's pert tits encased in her pink, lacy bra.

"Now the bra," I ordered, enjoying the sight of her tits and the sight of her red, embarrassed face.

She reached around, opened the clasp and the pink material feel down her arms and onto the floor. She tried to hide her tiny breasts behind her hands but, on hearing my recording again, she reached down and started to open the button on the waistband of her jeans. As she leaned forward to pull her jeans off her face was almost touching my prick in the tight, confined space but she quickly reared up and stood in only her matching pink knickers.

"I'll take those," I offered as she was about to drop them on the pile of clothes on the floor. She threw them at me I caught them in my left hand, my right being too busy playing with my cock. I brought them to my nose and inhaled -- deeply.

"You really are a sick pervert," Dawn growled but I was in another world. I could smell the musky aroma of my twin sister's pussy on her kickers and I was about to feel her soft lips wrapped around my aching cock.

Dawn knelt down between my outstretched legs and opened her mouth. She opened her lips and let me slide into her warm, wet mouth. The feel of my hard cock against her tongue was everything I had imagined. Dawn swirled her tongue over the swollen tip and used it to explore the length of my cock. When I felt my dick push against the back of her mouth, Dawn used skills I never knew she had and let my cock slide down her throat.

I thought I would have to press her head down but she continued to aggressively lick and suck my cock. She obviously loved what she was doing and was good at it. I sat back and let it happen.

But I wasn't the only one enjoying myself. I could see that Dawn had slipped two fingers into her pussy and was using the palm of her hand to rub her inflamed clit.

Her cock-sucking skills were so good that I could feel my balls quickly filling with cum. Dawn's head bobbed aggressively up and down the length of his cock and I wasn't going to be able to take much more. Just as I was about to explode, I did put my hand on the back of her head and thrust deep into her mouth. My cum exploded into her mouth again and again and I watched it drip from her small mouth.

"So what exactly is going on here?" asked a voice from above.

I looked up, terrified, because I knew that voice.

"It's not what you think, Mum," I tried to explain.

"No? I'm sorry, I thought I just watched my naked daughter suck her brother's cock and watched him shooting his spunk down her throat. Is that not what it was?"

"He made me do it, Mum," cried Dawn. "He blackmailed me. He forced me."

"Well it looked like you were enjoying it just as much as he was or did you not have a couple of fingers in your pussy while he was fucking your face. Get out of here, Dawn. Get dressed and get back to work. I'll deal with your brother in here."

Dawn had never got dressed so quickly, she didn't even seem to notice that I was still holding her knickers. She disappeared out of the cubicle and out of the toilet while I started to realise that my prick was still erect and still pointing straight at my mother. I tried to cover myself with my hands and Dawn's knickers while Mum got down from the same perch I had used earlier and came into my cubicle.

As I started to stand up, Mum simply pushed me back down with one hand and stood over me. This time it was she who locked the door and turned to face me. She seemed to be staring at my cock which was shrinking rapidly behind my hands but Mum slapped them away and snatched Dawn's pink knickers from me.

"I'll have these," she smiled and, just like I had earlier, she brought them to her nose and inhaled her daughter's strong scent. Tucking them into her jacket pocket, she then opened the jacket of her dark blue business suit, turned around, and hung it on the hook on the back of the door. I looked on in disbelief as she turned back to face me and started to slowly open the pearl buttons on her white, silk blouse. Saying not a word, she shrugged it off her shoulders, just as her daughter had done with hers, and hung it on the same hook as her jacket. She smiled down at me as, for the very first time, I gazed my own Mother's massive tits which were pouring out of her flimsy, red bra. If I had enjoyed Dawn's tiny breasts while she was sucking my cock, I knew that I could get lost in the huge amount of flesh held up by my Mother's straining bra. As she reached round and opened the clasp it seemed to burst free of her, so tight was it, and she simply tossed it to me. I caught it instinctively but my eyes were now fixed directly at my Mother's massive breasts and I didn't think I would ever stop staring at them.

"Like the look of them, do you?" she asked unnecessarily while she leaned forward and presented them to me. "Touch them, don't be afraid; you'll get much more fun out of them than you ever will out of Dawn's tiny ones."

I reached up, tentatively, and took my Mother's enormous tits in my hands. Feeling the weight in them, I simply caressed them and rubbed my thumbs over her swollen nipples.

"Mmmm. That's nice. That's very nice. But I think I want to feel what you have to offer." With that she reached down between my legs and grabbed my once-again swollen prick. With a deep sigh, she stood upright again, depriving me of her fabulous breasts but proceeded to produce even more delights. Again she reached behind her, only this time she opened her knee-length skirt, shook her hips a couple of times as it slid down then grabbed it before it hit the floor. She threw it partially over the door, turned around, and once again all I could do was stare.

My Mother stood before me, naked from the waist up, her gorgeous tits on full display, her nipples straining forward, wearing big silky knickers, black hold-up stockings and black high-heeled shoes.

"Knickers on or knickers off?"

"Off," I answered instinctively.

She smiled as if I was a favourite pet and I knew I had given the correct answer. She slowly slid the silky material down over her stocking-clad legs and, once again tossed them to me. Once again, I caught them and, once again, I raised them to my face. I inhaled my Mother's strong, heavy musk and stared at her hairy cunt. If Dawn was totally bald them my Mother had obviously decided to go to the other extreme never to let a razor any where near her precious cunt. The only pussy I had ever seen was on my laptop and I had never seen anyone as hairy as my own Mother.

She stepped forward, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her waiting cunt.

"Taste me," she commanded and I didn't need to be told twice. My tongue reached out of my mouth and ran along the length of my Mother's dripping pussy and pulled her juices in for me to taste.

"Ohhhhhh God! That is so good but it will have to wait. I need you inside me. I need you inside me now." And with that she grabbed my cock, pointed it at her own cunt and simply dropped onto me, filling her pussy and stealing my virginity in one movement.

She sat there for a moment, my own Mother, sitting on my lap, her long legs wide open, her hot cunt engulfing my prick and her arms pulling my young head to her gigantic tits. Very soon she started to move, slowly at first, sliding up and down my rigid cock. I could feel her juices soaking my legs but her cunt still felt tight and she obviously knew how to use it. With each movement up she squeezed my prick then plummeted down, hard, as I filled her again and again. Her movements began to speed up; she no longer held my head but had her hands on my shoulders for extra leverage as she ravaged my virgin cock and used me for her pleasure. Faster and faster she bounced, her tits bouncing between us as I simply held on and watched this mad woman, my Mother, fuck me as if her life depended on it.

"YES! YES! YES!" she screamed and bounced.

"YES! YES! YES!" as she fucked me.

"YEEEEESSSS!" she cried as my own Mother finally came all over her own son's prick.

Slowly, very slowly, she raised herself from me. I could tell her legs were shaking and I thought I was done. She however, had one more hole that needed filling.

"Isn't youth wonderful," she smiled as she looked at my still hard dick and turned around. Resting her head against the cubicle door, she reached behind her and pulled her big fat arse cheeks apart.

"Come on, son, fuck your Mother up the arse."

I wasn't sure that I heard her right; I was too busy staring at her dirty, hairy hole seeming to wink at me from between her fat cheeks.

"Do it! Do it now!" she commanded.

I hesitantly struggled to my feet and took hold of her wide hips, my throbbing cock, coated in her own pussy juices resting between the huge cheeks of her arse. Reaching round she tried to grab and my cock and direct it to where she wanted but she couldn't quite do it. So, being a dutiful son, I moved my trembling cock to her dirtiest hole. And that was all I had to do as she suddenly pushed back and my cock was eaten up by her greedy arsehole. Mine was obviously not the first up my Mother's arse.

"Now fuck me," she ordered. "Fuck your Mother's arsehole!"

Realising that I might as well enjoy this (as I still hadn't cum since Dawn had swallowed my cum and my Mother had had at least one orgasm as she forced me to fuck her cunt) I held her hips and battered her arse with all my strength. Her head started to bang against the door and I thought for a moment the she might hurt herself but she simply put one arm against the door and pushed herself back as I pushed myself forward. I fucked my Mother up the arse and I fucked her and I fucked her and I fucked her.

"Harder, son, harder! Fuck your Mother hard! Fuck her arse!"

So I did. I fucked her and she fucked me, so fast so hard and so noisily that I couldn't believe no-one could hear us.

Before today I was still a virgin now my twin sister had sucked my cock, my Mother had fucked my cock with her pussy and now I was fucking my Mother in the arse. I knew I wasn't going to last long and very soon I could feel my spunk shooting out of my cock all the way deep into my Mother's arse.

"Yes! YES! YEESS!" she screamed, as she came once again, still thrusting her fat cheeks back to meet my wilting cock.

My cock slid from her hole and I watched as it slowly closed while my spunk dribbled out. I collapsed back onto the toilet while my Mother knelt between my open legs and took my cock in her mouth, cleaning me and tasting herself.

Suddenly there was an announcement on the loudspeakers throughout the factory, "Very good, son. Now what have you got left for me?" asked my Father from the office.

I look questioningly at my Mother and she pointed, smiling to a tiny CCTV camera on the roof of the toilets. Obviously Father had watched my whole performance. Now what did he want from me?

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