tagMatureIn the Gallery Ch. 11-13

In the Gallery Ch. 11-13


Please read the introduction to Chapters 1 and 2. Some caveats before you start reading. There is ANAL in these chapters.

There is ANAL in this story. It forms a theme throughout so be warned. If you don't like reading about ANAL [written, I hope, in a way that may make it more acceptable] then please don't read this. There is no sexual violence in my stories. Lastly, it is FANTASY! In the fantasy world there are no STD's, no AIDS, and no consequences and things tend to move on quicker than in the real world! Lastly I thank my lovely wife [Annafaye] for the editing. This is the end of the story.

Please vote and, of course, comments are welcome, even negative ones, but in that case I do ask that you are at least polite and give me the opportunity to respond to them. If you don't like the story [or part] then tell me why! That helps me improve.


11. Sunday Morning:

In which Dana goes 'riding', has her arse explored and then filled again:

I woke with the dawn, the sun streaming in through the curtains that we had left open. It was too early to rise however, so I turned over and nodded off back to the half-awake, half-asleep, world of the early morning. My mind wandered over the previous day, enjoying the remembrance of Dana and her gorgeous body. That, of course, raised my morning erection but it was too early to rouse Dana who was peacefully sleeping. She looked so lovely, so innocent, so desirable laying there beside me.

Time passed and I must have fallen into a shallow sleep for I dreamt of hands on my cock and balls. I wasn't dreaming, of course, for Dana had awoken and was already checking out my package!

"Mmm," she murmured with a smile, "do you always wake up like this!" You know, women can be pretty demanding at times – nice though!

I smiled back, "Almost always when a beautiful young woman is stroking my cock and balls," I responded dryly.

She giggled – a delightful sound that made her seem even younger. "I haven't seen many – cocks I mean," she clarified with a grin, "but I do like yours! How big is it?"

That was a surprise question. "Big enough," I joked as she masturbated me.

She giggled again, "I know that. How long, how wide?" She looked at me coyly. "I'd like to know how big a thing is going in my arse!" This, of course, caused a serious twitch in my cock. Her arse! Well you can imagine.

"You, Dana, are a minx! An Australian minx!"

"Is there such a thing?" she laughed back, "anyway, answer!"

"OK," I responded, "about 7 inches long and 2 inches wide at the widest. Don't know how far round."

"Mmmm, it feels big but I haven't had many," she added with another coy glance in my direction. "Is it, you know, big?"

"You mean in comparison?" She nodded. "I don't really know," I laughed back, "I have been told it's a little longer and fatter that average."

"I thought so," she murmured pensively, still idly masturbating my solid erection and stroking my balls. "It's the biggest I've had! Can I ride?" she continued suddenly.

I laughed, "Be my guest, you sweet angel. Climb on board and fuck me!"

She looked at me askance then smiled as she saw my grin. Bending her head, she planted a kiss on the tip of my cock then moved to squat over my loins. Slowly she lowered her body down onto me. I sighed as her nether lips caressed my cockhead then groaned as she sank down and took me completely inside. A devilish smile formed as she looked down at me and began to rock back and forth.

"Mmmm," she murmured absently, "this is GOOD!"

I laughed, "Yes," I responded, "very good indeed!" She laughed with me and started to bounce up and down as well as sliding back and forth. I could feel the tip of my cock rubbing inside her vagina and I assumed that it must have been her 'G' spot because she began to sigh and groan. Her eyes closed and she moved faster and faster, shouting a continuous, "Yes, yes, yes!" Finally, after a couple of minutes of extreme action, she threw back her head, squeezed her hands in front of her body, and shuddered. Her orgasm must have gone on for almost a minute before her eyes opened and she smiled. I smiled back, pulled her body down onto mine, and began to drive my cock into her. Eyes widening, she shuddered again and again at this renewed pressure on her 'G' spot. I fucked her hard for a while, right through her second orgasm, and then lifted her body.

"Kiss!' I said smiling. It was a passionate kiss with tongues meeting and entwining.

"I want to turn round," she whispered after several kisses, "so you can see my arse!" she ended breathlessly.

I raised my eyebrows, my cock twitching at the idea of her arse. "Why?" I asked softly.

"I want you there again," she replied, "so – see if . . . you know! I don't feel sore," she added softly.

Well, of course this was causing me a minor concern as my cock was still encased in the soft velvet clasp of her vagina. Morning erections are always easier to control but, heck, I was buried balls deep in a gorgeous 22 year old blonde, and she was talking about having her arse fucked! Taking a deep breath, and remaining completely still, I said softly, "Dana, love, I want you there again too. Turn then but slowly," I added with a smile, "I certainly don't want to cum just now. Saving that for later!"

She laughed then, a giggle that almost sent me over the top, but she was obviously aware of my problem for, instead of turning round on my cock, she raised herself off, stood and turned around. She wasn't to know, of course, that that was almost as bad for I now had the view of her gorgeous arse and, as she sat back, the spread of her cheeks and her tiny anus! I watched mesmerized as she lowered herself onto my cock, reaching back as she did so to guide it into her wet pussy. It was almost too much! To see it disappear inside her snug vagina with her tiny anus flexing slightly between her spread cheeks as she sat back made any control difficult! I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything rather that that wonderful body sitting on my cock. Thankfully I managed as she was crushing my balls slightly and, being rather tender there since the infection after my vasectomy, that had the effect of switching me off! Still hard though but no danger of losing it!

Dana, meanwhile, had settled right down but remained still before looking back over her shoulder with a wicked smile on her face. "Like what you see?" Gone was the apparent ingénue and in her place was a woman who knew what she wanted; confident in her sexuality and her power over us poor men.

"I like it very much," I replied with a smile, "and just to show you how much I am going to play!"

"Mmmm," she murmured then gasped as my thumb entered her vagina from behind my cock. I had coated it with saliva and now dragged her juices up and across her tight little back door. No sign of yesterday's attention remained and the tiny star looked as fresh as before. I ran my thumb up and down over her sphincter, pushing slightly harder each time until, finally, the tip entered, her anus apparently ready to take it.

"Oh god!" she moaned, "oh yes! Do that!" I didn't want to go too far now, both for her and for me so I just pushed an inch of thumb into her up to the first joint then began to fuck her arsehole slowly. I could feel her cunt gripping my cock tighter and was thankful for the pressure on my balls. Dana began to sigh, to groan, and to murmur quietly, "Right there, yes!" over and over. She started to bounce on my cock and push back a little as if wanting more in her arse but I stuck to just an inch. If she wanted more in there today it would be 7 inches of cock! It didn't take long before I felt another shudder and a flood of her liquid over my cock and balls. She came down from her high quicker this time, eased her body off my cock, and lay down beside me.

Her hand gripped my erection and slowly stroked. "I want this in my arse you know," she whispered, "deep in my arse!" She had certainly learned quickly how to turn me on!

I reached for her wrist and stopped her movement. "You are a minx Dana, an angelic minx. I know and I am going to fuck your arse – long, hard, and deep but first we need to eat, to shower, and get you ready!"

She smile, "Mmmm, I am hungry," she replied then slid down and took my cock into her mouth!

"Dana, Dana love. Oh shit! You're gonna have to stop that!"

"I like it," she said raising her head and smiling.

"I guess Dana. So do I, but I want your arse, you want it in your arse, so you need to give it a rest!' She pouted.

"Oh all right!" she said with a grudging smile then giggled. "Oh Mike, this is fun!"

"I know," I replied laughing with her. And it was. She stood and walked to the bathroom. My eyes followed her gorgeous form.

At the door she turned, "I can feel your eyes from here."

I laughed, "I'll order breakfast. We can shower after we eat."

"I hope you will eat after we shower," she responded with a bright smile and slipped into the bathroom. I remained still for a few minutes listening to the sounds from the bathroom then phoned down for breakfast before going in and doing my own thing. I was surprised that Dana just stood there watching me as I stood ready to pee.

"I haven't seen a man pee before," she said with a smile.

"Wanna hold it?" I asked laughing as I reminded myself of the old joke about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

"Can I?" she responded laughing back. I nodded and she joined me then took my cock, soft now, and pointed it at the bowl. "OK, go now!" I laughed and began. "Ooooh! That feels strange!"

"Feels bloody strange for me as well," I laughed, "certainly not used to this!"

"It's fun!" She moved my cock slightly, watching it stream into the bowl. When I had finished she turned and kissed me. "I don't know," she said quietly, "it's so different with you. No hang ups. No rules. It's so easy to be with you."

I held her close. "There are 'rules' Dana love but they're pretty easy. Anything goes basically. It must be fun, however, and both or however many there may be, must agree. It's not fun if someone is forced to partake in an activity they don't like." I ran my hands over her gorgeous arse cheeks. "That's why it's up to you if my cock goes in your arse!" I said with a smile.

"Mmm, I know," she replied quietly, somber for a moment. "I think that's it, you know, Mike. With you I don't feel any pressure to do anything I don't want to do," she giggled then, "and that seems to make me want to do things!" There was a loud knock on the door. "Sounds like breakfast," I said and donned my housecoat. Dana followed me into the bedroom; I went to the door and got breakfast.

She came out dressed only in the plainest pair of white panties. The sight took my breath away because, for some reason I can't explain [other than the fact that she is gorgeous] she looked so fuckable it wasn't true. Her firm breasts, uncovered like this, were lovely and the white material, pulled tight across her pussy, showed the proverbial 'camel toe'. When she turned, the gorgeous expanse of her arse was somehow highlighted by the simple white cotton panties.

"FUCK Dana," I said as she stood in front of me, "you are a bloody dream!" She smiled wistfully, said nothing, and sat beside me. Then she turned and kissed me.

"I know," she whispered quietly, "I like being your dream. I'm hungry!"

I laughed and we ate breakfast together. All through the meal I was conscious of her sitting beside me – almost naked. My mind ran over what was coming next. What position would I introduce her to? How hard would I take her arse? How long could I last? Would she be able to cope with several bouts of arsefucking today? Of course, all this contemplation made me quiet – and made my cock twitch constantly. Towards the end of the meal Dana turned to me.

"Are you OK Mike? You're very quiet."

I turned towards her and smiled. "Just contemplating, Dana love, just contemplating."

"Contemplating what?" she asked coyly, for I believe she knew!

"Contemplating you," I said with a wan smile, "your gorgeous body, your lovely face and eyes . . ."

". . . and my arse!" she interjected laughing.

I sighed in mock seriousness. "Caught out again! Yes Dana. Contemplating your arse, your delightful arse."

"What were you contemplating?" she asked playing the game.

"You want me to be honest?"

"Yes," she nodded, "I think you have been since Friday."

"OK," I smiled, "I hope you're ready for this! I was trying to figure out which position for your second anal experience." She raised her eyebrows with a coy smile.

"Have you figured it out?"

I laughed, "No, not yet. We will talk about it."

"Mmm," she murmured, "I am looking forward to it you know." I smiled. "What else?"

I met her sparkling eyes. "I was wondering how 'hard' I could fuck you," I said softly. "I don't want to hurt you – and I don't want to put you off having my cock in your arse!" I added laughing.

"You were gentle yesterday. I want you to be gentle today, but I want to experience everything – I told you!"

"I know,' I replied, "and I will be gentle – until you tell me otherwise. As I said, the only rule is that it should be fun!"

"OK," she laughed, "it will be fun for both of us! What else?"

"You are an inquisitive minx," I laughed.

"It's a trait of the Australian variety," she laughed back.

"Weeeeellll," I replied hesitantly, "I was pondering how many times we would be able to do that today and tonight."

"Mmm, now there's a thought!" She laughed, "It does depend on how well you please me! And how many times we can get this hard," her hand reached down and grabbed my cock through my underpants [all I was wearing].

"True," I laughed, "and the Cialis will be wearing off!" Dana looked disappointed. "Don't worry," I added, "I have Viagra as well, and that works wonders! It does depend on you as well, you know. This is pretty new to you and, well, you may not be able to deal with several 'intrusions' in your arse," I ended laughing.

"I want to," she said quietly. "I want to very much. It has been so much fun being with you. Like nothing I have ever experienced and I want to go on experiencing it as often as I can."

I smiled and hugged her to me. Could there be even more? I put that thought to the back of my mind. "And I do as well," I said quietly. "To be with a woman as beautiful as you has been wonderful. I shall treasure the memories."

She smiled. "Good. Can we shower now because I am getting awfully horny!" she said coquettishly.

"You want me to wash you?" I said with a smile.

"Of course: what girl wouldn't – especially your 'special' wash!" She said as she made for the bathroom.

I laughed and followed her. I washed her 'properly' the only difference being that this time she took two fingers in her arse – and enjoyed it! The sybaritic experience of washing each other certainly increased my libido and readied me for the coming 'trials'!

Completely dry, she turned to me and said, "Shoo!" I raised my eyebrows quizzically. "I need to get ready – dunce!" she said laughing, "unless you don't want my arse?"

I smiled for I did! I reached for her and pulled her close, my hands running down her back and across her cheeks. "More than you can know, Dana. This is a dream for me! You are so lovely, it is breathtaking!"

She stroked my cheek. "I am glad," she said, "because it has been like a dream for me, as well." She laughed, "I didn't really think that it would be like this when I said yes at the Gallery," she said. "I thought, well, that you were just after a quickie! Glad you weren't! Now go and let me get ready for you. I do expect a few orgasms first," she said smiling, "just like you said!"

"Mmm," I smiled. "Seems I have some exploring to do!" I stroked one finger along the crease between the cheeks of her arse then, with the other hand, along her pussy. "Gonna eat you out!" I whispered.

She blushed. "Go!" she said. I did and, closing the bathroom door, lay on the bed.

She was in there almost half an hour and I was beginning to wonder whether she had got 'cold feet' but, just as I began to stroke my flaccid cock in expectation, the door opened and she stood in the opening. I hadn't noticed her taking anything in there but she was wearing just 4inch high heeled shoes. The bright red ones we had gotten yesterday. She stood, one arm on the doorframe, and smiled.

"Well?" she said, pirouetting and thrusting her arse out provocatively.

I took a very deep breath for she was lovely! "Words fail me," I said and began to rise.

"No! Stay there." She smiled, "It looks like you need a little help," she said nodding at my soft cock.

I laughed and held it up as it began to stiffen. "Just needed a little nudge," I said. "You were a long time – is everything OK?"

She looked just a little embarrassed then smiled sexily as she crossed to the bed. "I wanted to make sure that . . . now you are going to make me blush!" I laughed, "No! Stop it! I wanted to make sure that . . . well when you . . . you know, that it was good because you said . . . you know, that you wanted me a lot that way!"

I smiled as she knelt on the bed next to me. "You're babbling."

"I know," she smiled back, "I think I ought to concentrate on you for a while!"

"Suits me," I said as I looked up at her. Her breasts were perfect hillocks, nipples proud [probably hardened by her enema], the slight dome of her tummy swooping down to the blonde fuzz covering her mons. I made to touch her.

"No!" she said firmly, 'no touching – yet anyway! My turn!" With that she began to run her fingers through the hairs on my chest, catching them between her fingers. "I like your hair," she whispered almost to herself, then to me, "the guys I've been with don't have much hair. Yours tickles," she giggled. "I like it!" She continued, briefly circling my nipples with her fingers before bending her head and gently sucking each one. Then her hands wandered over my stomach [no 'six pack' there unfortunately, but she didn't seem to mind], and continued to tease the hair around my cock and balls. Finally one hand circled my cock and the other cradled my balls.

She looked rather pensive as she slowly masturbated me and gently squeezed my balls. She bent her head and began to lick around the base of my cock then down across my tightening balls to my perineum. She looked up then and smiled before bending again and running her tongue from under my balls right to the tip of my cock, licking the tiny drop of pre-cum that had crept out. She swallowed and looked at me. "I like your cock," she said with a smile. "I haven't, well you know, I haven't actually taken a long look at one." She laughed, "The boys I have been with want to stick it in somewhere quickly. I like this: messing about!"

I laughed, "It's called 'foreplay' Dana love – and it is bloody marvelous! You just carry on – don't worry about me!"

She looked pensive again as her finger traced all around my balls. "It's nice when you, you know, put your finger in my arse," she said, "do you like that?"

"A finger in my arse?" She nodded. "Yes," I said, "feels good."

"Shall I do that?"

"If you want."

"I do!" She laughed, "After all, you are going to put a lot more into my arse, so I suppose I ought to!" She looked at my cock as it twitched at the thought of her arse. Her finger pressed gently on my anus then harder. I relaxed and it slid inside. "Oooo, that feels funny," she said.

"Feels funny for me," I laughed then, "FUCK!" as she began to gently fuck my arsehole with her finger. "SHIT! Dana love, not too much!" She raised her eyebrows quizzically. "I'll cum, then you'll have to wait!"

"Oh! You like it then?" I nodded. "Good, I can do it some more later!" With that she removed her finger then bent her head to kiss and lick the tip of my cock. "Your turn!" she laughed as she lay back on the bed.

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