tagIncest/TabooIn The Heartland

In The Heartland


My fiancée's parents' house is an oasis in the middle of mid-western plains. Its home to the woman I love. She'll be mine in two more days. She heard my truck's tire grind over the gravel drive and my fiancée, Jodie, who'd called me with a change of plans to meet her here instead of at the church, came bounding out of the house, her boobs jiggling in her sweet green sundress. Tall and beautiful with long wavy dark honey hair and a bright smile, she's the love of my life. She climbed into my truck and gave me a peck on the lips.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yeah, let's go. Everybody is probably there already."

We took off down the drive to the road where we took the highway to meet our families at the wedding rehearsal at the church ten miles away. She was kind of quiet during our ride, probably all worn out from all of the wedding details that's been stressing her of late. The sun was beginning to set when we pulled into the church's drive and parked near the other cars in the lot behind the building. When I turned off the ignition, and unbuckled my seatbelt, Jodie turned and kissed me. Those soft pillowy lips pressed against mind, turning me on as they always due. Her hand went for my crotch. She massaged my crotch and I began to get hard. This is crazy.

In a hurried whisper, she said, "Let's do it. Right here."

I could see her father's pick-up truck.

I answered, "Our parents are inside."

"I don't care."

She kissed me long and deep as she crawled over me. I couldn't resist. I pushed my seat back as far as it would go and leaned it back to accommodate her. When she leaned over me, we became enveloped in a curtain of her freshly shampooed hair. I reached up between her thighs to finger her through her thin panties before I pulled them aside to touch her strip of satin soft pubes. She was so warm and moist between her folds. Jodie had a mischievous look in her eye as she lowered herself over my dick. It slid up into her tight juicy hole. My hands went to her waist. She gave that little sigh of satisfaction when she's first penetrated which sent me bucking up into her. I'm going to make her squeal for the rest of her life. She began to ride me, dress hiked up, legs spread apart, pressed tight against the steering wheel and her head pressed against the dash. Her tits jiggled in my face. My finger went for her clit and her face contorted from the sweet torture. God, she was so wet. Let's make a baby! I grabbed her hips to slam her down upon me.

"Fuck!" she shouted before inhaling sharply.

Her wide eyes squinted closed and her head fell back, limp and open mouthed. Watching her pushed me over the edge. My hands went under her dress to grip her ass. I came deep inside her with a long, grinding grunt.

"Uuuhhhhh!" flowed from my mouth.

My hot jizz pumped inside her and it felt like it would never stop. I was completely empty and going limp when Jodie finally pulled herself up, looking down at me with a wry smile as I laid there now utterly spent.

She said, "I guess we should go in."

I replied, "You're the boss."

"You're damn straight," she said before kissing me.

My eyes flew open and I pushed her back. That was the wrong reply. When one of us says, 'You're the boss,' we always reply, 'applesauce.' I was in shock. I grabbed her by shoulders and looked deep into her eyes.


Jodie's twin sister crawled off me to straighten her dress. She cranked the rear view mirror her way to check on her make-up. She tricked me! I thought I'd picked up on her quirks to know the difference between the two. It was the first time that one of them had tricked me.

They were known as 'double trouble' in high school. The incredibly hot Lacrosse playing tomboy twins who excelled at everything. Those mischievous green eyed sisters switched identities all the time. Jamie was better at English while Jodie is better in math and they would take each other's tests. The teachers caught on and their school and parents insisted they dress differently, but on test days, the two would switch shirts in the bathroom and retake the test they'd just taken. Tall athletic girls with great asses and cool smiles. They were so cool and self-assured. It was only after I returned from college that I finally found the nerve to date Jodie after spotting her working at the bank. Why did I pick Jodie over Jamie? Jodie is a little sweeter while Jamie is a mischievous brat who just confirmed that fact. I've always considered Jamie as merely another person who happens to look like the woman I love. And of course, I've always fantasized about sex with Jamie but never believed, nor wanted, it to happen. She tricked me. But why?

I sputtered, "What the hell? Where's Jodie?"

"Inside with the others. I called you from her phone before she left the house."

"What the fuck! Why?" I asked, shoving my dick in my pants.

Still grooming herself in the mirror, she said, "I just wanted one last crazy fuck with someone safe. Beside, Jodie and I share everything. You know that."

"God damn it, Jamie," I muttered as I zipped up my pants. "You're not going to tell her, are you?"

"Don't worry. It's our secret. Relax. Whew. Let's go in."

I cranked the mirror one last time, wiping her lip gloss off my face and straightening my hair before getting out. We entered the church where around twenty of our family and friends had gathered. Jodie walked up to me, in the same damn dress, and kissed me while Jamie went into the loving arms of her fiancé, Kevin. I shook my future father-in-law's hand still moist from the sweat of his daughter's ass. We chatted about the double ceremony two days from now then went through the rehearsal. Everyone chalked up my nervousness to my impending vows, but sex with Jamie had really rattled my soul.

The wedding day came soon enough. I stood at the altar with Jodie, Jamie, and Kevin. I kept waiting for Jamie to turn to Jodie and say, 'Psst, hey, I fucked Ryan.' But she didn't. She stood beside her twin sister, looking like an angel as we faced the minister with solemn yet hopeful faces. We said our vows and we were married. I hated to start this marriage dirty. Kevin and I didn't even do anything at our shared stag party at the strip club. But there's no way I'm confessing to fucking Jamie. And it will never happen again.

Three Years Later...

It was a horrible rainy night when Kevin pulled off the highway to help a lady in distress. A fucked up horrible night. My wife looked at me with concerned eyes and said, 'something is wrong,' minutes before she received the call from Jamie. 'No, no, nooooo!' Her cries as she collapsed to the floor will haunt me until the day I die. Kevin was hit by a semi-truck. He died instantly. My brother-in-law was a good guy. I miss him.

Two months after Kevin died, my wife came to me on the night of the first winter snow. We'd crawled into the bed to watch TV under the thick covers.

She said, "We need to talk."


"I'm worried about Jamie. So is mom. She's not taking care of herself. She's not eating. She can't sleep. She needs me. We've got to save her."

"Well what do you want to do?"

"I know this is a lot to ask, but can she stay here with us? I'm afraid she's going to die in that apartment."

"Stay? For how long?"

She snapped, "For as long as it takes!"

Then she burst into tears. It was a twin thing I've been told I'll never understand. Besides, I could never refuse a woman in need. I hugged Jodie close to me. She held me tight as she quieted her sobs.

"Shhh, shhhh. It's okay. Of course Jamie can stay with us. We'll go get her tomorrow. Okay? You're the boss."

She sniffled, "Applesauce."

We picked Jamie up on a snowy day. I was shocked. I didn't know how bad things had gotten with her. Trash was strewn around her disheveled apartment, dishes were piled in the sink. She had lost a lot of weight and had dark circles under her eyes. She looked absolutely depressed, trance like, sitting non-responsive on her couch dressed in flannel pajamas. She smelled like she hadn't had a shower in days. Jodie packed all of her things. I cleaned up her apartment and when I returned from taking out the trash, Jodie was putting snow boots on sister's feet. Jodie and I shuttled Jamie's things to my pick-up truck before wrapping Jamie in a quilt before helping her outside and down the condominium's stairs. We took her home where we set her up in the guest bedroom of our three bedroom house. Over the weeks, we fed her homemade meals of soups and lots of vegetables, weened her off the pills she'd been prescribed during her grief, and watched a lot of streaming movies together. Jamie and Jodie would watch late-night TV together curled up on the couch like napping kittens. Jodie holds Jamie until both fall asleep. One night, I felt bad that about them sleeping on the couch. Jodie complains of an achy neck in the morning as she readies for work. It was around one a.m. when I awoke to the TV blaring from the family room. I knew they'd be asleep on the couch so I went in to tell them to go to bed. I stopped in my tracks and backed away, still watching until I was concealed by a wall. Jamie was sucking Jodie's tit as Jodie stroked her hair. Suckling like a baby, soothed by familiar skin, her mouth was latched onto her sister. I couldn't stop watching. My dick was getting hard. Jodie had confided in me one night that the twins had been breast fed until they were five years old. She sucks on nipples when I let her. It's a source of comfort to them. A source of comfort. I watched, stroking myself as I watched Jamie slip her hand between Jodie's thighs where her finger rubbed in the crease to rub her clit.

"Jamie, no."

But Jamie moved over on her, pinning Jodie beneath her. Jodie closed her eye. Her head flopped back as Jamie worked on her. I was going to bust a nut right there so I scrambled to the bedroom and finished off, my mind lingering on the sight of the sisters. I wanted to suck Jodie's pussy juice off Jamie's fingers. Fuck!! Cum spurted over the bed spread as I climaxed. I rubbed it out, I cleaned it up with a tissue and sat on the bed still aroused by surprise display of sisterly love. The next morning, I acted chilled, like I never saw a thing.

After six weeks of caring for Jamie, a spark returned to her dull eyes and she chuckled at something funny on the radio for the first time since Kevin died. Valentine's Day was coming and I decided to do something nice for not only my wife, but for Jamie as well. I made a reservation for three at an expensive French bistro. On Valentine's Day morning, I told the girls to be ready for a nice dinner out after I got home from work. I bought two dozen roses, one dozen red and a dozen of pink before heading home. When I got home, Jodie was dressed for a night out but not Jamie. She was still in pajama bottoms and a t-shirt watching TV. I handed my wife the red roses. She kissed my cheek.

"Thank you," she said before going into the kitchen to get a vase.

I walked over to Jamie.

"For you," I said handing her the pink bouquet. "Happy Valentine's Day."

"Thank you," she said.

She got up and went to the kitchen where Jodie was filing a vase of water.

Jodie turned to her sister and said, "They're beautiful. Aren't they beautiful?"

Jamie said, "Yes, they are. That was nice of him." Jamie filled a second vase with water and plopped in the roses while Jodie still arranged hers.

I asked her, "So why aren't you dressed?"

Jamie said, "It's your guy's night."

"You're coming with us," said Jodie.

I said, "I made reservations for three."

She shook her head no.

"Come on," I said. "I want to be the guy who walks in with two gorgeous women. Just imagine their faces. Come on. We're going to Bistro 45."

She looked up, amused by the thought of shocking people and the promise of good food. She looked at Jodie who gave her a loving, patient smile.

"Okay. Give me fifteen minutes."

"Cool," I said. "I have to shower and change."

When I stepped out freshly dressed from the master bath, Jamie emerged from her room. She had on a little black dress like her sister. They were similar in style but not the same. And though she looked just like Jodie with minimal make-up, Jamie had painted her lips rich berry while Jodie's were a pale glossy pink. Jodie was happy that Jamie cleaned up and was coming out with us, chattering excitedly as she grabbed her coat and evening bag. They were both gorgeous.

"Ladies," I said, opening the door.

We piled into Jodie's car and I drove them to the best restaurant in town. The bistro was busy with a Valentine Day crowd of couples young and old. But no matter how beautiful the other men's wives were, they each gave me an enviable stare as I strolled into the restaurant with a set of gorgeous twins. I was the envy of every man in the restaurant with women who looked like aerobics instructors. My chest puffed out a little as we were escorted through the restaurant floor. Two sets of identical ass swayed before me as they sashayed to our table. I was the luckiest man in this restaurant. We were seated in a horseshoe booth and the twins sat side by side as I sat beside Jodie. We ordered a bottle of wine before choosing from their special menu for lovers and settled in for a good meal. We had a good time. The food was great, the conversation good, and the old, fun loving double trouble of Jamie and Jodie were back spurred on by three glasses of wine. Jamie laughed, engaged in talk and twisted her hair in her finger like she did in school.

When we returned home, we got out of our fancy clothes and returned to t-shirts and flannel bottoms. The girls cozied together on the couch as usual. Things had gotten better with Jamie's psyche, but she still couldn't sleep without her sister.

I said, "Hey, come on. Let's all go to bed. You can watch TV in the bedroom."

Jamie and Jodie exchanged looks before Jodie turned off the TV, took Jamie by the hand, and we all retired to the master bedroom. We crawled into our king size bed and I turned on the flat screen for the girls to watch some stupid reality housewife show. I scrolled around on my tablet until I had enough and turned out my light to go to sleep. Hours later I awoke later in my dark bedroom. The TV was off. I could feel my wife's ass bumping into mine. I fully opened my eyes and looked over my shoulder to see Jodie and Jamie writhing in each other's arms, locked in a passionate open mouthed kiss. I turned over and nuzzled up to my wife to kiss her neck. Jodie disengaged from Jamie's lips, arched up against me and moaned yes. I was in.

I edged closer to them, reaching out to touch Jamie's silky splayed out blonde hair. I rubbed my hardening dick in my wife's ass crack as she kissed her sister. The girls moaned. Have you ever heard two women moaning? It sounds like a porn movie. It looked like one too, both of them writhing against each other. I pulled Jodie's hair aside. It was like watching her kiss a mirror. When I was fully hard, Jodie climbed over Jamie still kissing her sister now squirming beneath her. I got on my knees and crawled behind the girls. My wife's ass hovering above her sister's snatch was a sight. I rubbed her ass in appreciation, taking in the sight of Jamie's legs wrapping around Jodie's waist. I took my sister-in-law's foot and sucked her big toe before letting go to guide my throbbing hard-on into Jodie's waiting cunt. She laid down on Jamie and I fucked my wife on top of my sister-in-law. I slipped my hand between the two, where their pussies rubbed together. My fingers finally found Jamie's sopping hole and I finger fucked it with one finger and then two. Then Jodie reared forward causing me to pull out. Lost in my lust, I guided my dick down into the second sister's hole. With one hand on my wife's ass, I probed Jamie's downy folds with my guided dick until it felt little resistance and I pushed forward into her. She bucked under her sister, as Jodie tenderly kissed her lust driven sister.

"Fuck me harder," shouted Jamie. "Fuck me. Ohhhhh. Faster Ryan! Faster! Oh, I'm going to cum!"

I slammed it into her, my torso pressed into my wife's ass as my dick pummeled the pussy buried beneath my wife.

"Aaahhhhh owwww!" she cried out, clamping her knees upon Jodie's naked body.

I withdrew from her and flipped my wife over on her back. She laid beside Jamie, the two of them still kissing a little less passionate. I pulled Jodie's legs up and penetrated her, fucking her the way she likes. Jamie moved away, touching my ass as she moved down the bed. She stroked my pumping ass, grazing it with her hair as her fingers wrapped over my balls. She stuck her face behind me to lick my balls, down my shaft and into her sister's cunt. I stopped moving so Jamie could lick us both. Double trouble. Just like in high school. Double trouble.

I muttered, "I'm going to cum."

"Uhhhh," grunted Jodie. "Ohh! Ohhhhhh, ahhhhh!!"

Lick, lick, lick.

"Ahhhh, fuck!" I groaned as I fucked like a jack rabbit until I came and pumped out a load of cum deep inside my wife.

It was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. Jamie laid over my spent body. I was sandwiched by the twins, all of us trying to catch or breaths. Jamie rolled off me to kiss my cheek before falling over onto the bed. I rolled off Jodie. She gave me a slow loving kiss before turning to gather Jamie into her arms. I laid on my back, staring at the ceiling. When I finally processed what had happened, I glanced over to see the girls had fallen asleep.

And that's how I got my sister wife. That's what Jodie and I jokingly call her.

Jamie is doing much better now. She got a job and most nights, sleeps alone in her own bed. But some nights she sleeps with Jodie and me. I really don't mind. I couldn't be more content. I know it's sick, but I support my wife's wishes and if she wants her sister in the bed with us, so be it. Though, at tonight's family bar-b-que, my mother-in-law kind of freaked me out when she pulled me aside.

"I'm so happy that Jamie is thriving with you guys," said Mama Dee. "She needs a man to look after her. I'm glad she has you. She looks so much better now. And she smiles."

She lowered her voice and gestured for me to come in close. I leaned down.

"They don't sleep together, do they?" she asked with an arched eyebrow.

So she knows about them and what they do under shared covers. I acted innocent and perplexed at her odd question and answered, "Jamie sleeps in the guest bedroom. Jodie sleeps with me."

She sighed in relief, patted my shoulder and moved on.

Jamie can stay as long as she wants. When she's ready, I hope she finds another good guy but for now, she's my second wife. They're my girls.

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