tagBDSMIn the Hospital

In the Hospital


A few years ago I ended up in the hospital after a bad car accident. I ended up in the hospital with a broken leg, two fractures in my left arm and a broken wrist in my right arm. I was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks and then in rehad. During that time, it was pretty difficult for me to take care of myself.

Towards the end of the second week, I was feeling better but still needed help doing pretty much everything. I couldn't use my left arm because of the cast. Using my right hand still hurt quite a bit so I tried to avoid it. And, because my right wrist was still healing, I was encouraged to not use my right hand.

Because I was getting helped with everything, all I wore at this time was a hospital gown.

On this particular day, I was due for some x-rays on my leg. Because I was doing better and because x-ray was really busy, they told me that they were going to bring me down to the radiology waiting room in a wheel chair and I would have to wait until they had a spot for me. I said that was fine and was looking forward to the change of scenery.

To get me in the wheelchair, the nurse put both of my arms in slings to keep them stable while I was being transported. Getting into the wheelchair was tough because I couldn't use my arms or my left leg but I made it.

She adjusted the wheelchair so I was comfortable which meant my left leg was sticking straight out while my right leg was in a more normal position.

The nurse asked how I was feeling. I told her I was ready to go so she called for somebody to bring me to radiology.

Next thing I know, this beautiful woman shows up. She introduces herself as Jen and starts making small talk. She is wearing a skirt, not a short one, but short enough for me to see that she has great legs. And her breasts looked amazing, not huge, but perfect.

Seeing Jen made me realize that I hadn't cum since my accident, nearly two weeks ago. Between that knowledge and seeing Jen, I got hard. I couldn't conceal my erection and I wouldn't be able to take care of myself later so I was a bit frustrated by my hard cock.

After checking with the nurse, Jen asks me if I'm ready. I tell her yes so she starts pushing me towards the elevator. The elevator arrives, she turns me around and she pulls me into the elevator. A couple get in after us and I see they noticed my erection. In fact, I think the woman stared for a second or two. This makes me harder and adds to my frustration.

A few floors later, we get off the elevator. Jen pushes me down a bunch of corridors. which gave my cock a chance to get soft.

We get to the waiting room and I'm put next to some of the chairs. She tells me to settle in and that she will see me later, when it is time for me to go back to my room.

I'm watching the mindless blather on the tv when in walks this sexy girl. I'm not sure how old but wow does she look great. She is wearing a hospital gown and it looks like not much else. I see that she has some of the best legs I have ever seen. As she sits down, I get a great side boob shot.

She sits down across from me. I can't help but stare. And get hard.

A minute or so later, she notices me and smiles. I must look the predicament with both arms in slings and one leg in a cast. She notices my hard cock. Because of the way she is looking, I'm suspecting that the gown wasnt' covering like it was supposed to and that she was seeing my balls. I couldn't adjust so I just sat there and enjoyed looking at her.

While I'm watching her and waiting to get called, people keep getting called out of the waiting room. About 15 minutes later, the room got pretty empty, a lot of the people in the room had been called to get their tests. By this time, I had gotten soft though I was still horny.

When I next look over at her, she is sitting with her legs apart. I can see that she is still wearing her panties. I'm instantly hard again.

A few seconds later, she looks at me, notices my erection and smiles. She reaches down and starts to rub herself through her panties. This is making me horny and more frustrated since I can't touch my cock.

She is gently rubbing herself for the next few minutes. I keep staring and am getting hornier and hornier. After another couple of minutes, she pushes her panties to the side and starts rubbing her pussy. I squirm in my seat but cannot do anything to get satisfaction. So I stare at her in frustration.

A few seconds later, she stops, gets up and walks towards me. She takes the seat next to me, tells me her name is Melissa and asks me if I'm enjoying what she's doing. I give an excited yes.

"Both arms are broken?" she asks.


"So you can't take care of yourself, can you?"


And then my dreams come true. She reaches over and starts to rub my cock. She's not stroking it, more like rubbing it between her fingers. And it feels good.

In a minute, I'm close to cumming. Her hand feels so good and it has been so long since I came that my reaction is happening quicker than I would like. She continues rubbing my cock.

I'm getting closer and closer to cumming.

That's when I hear my name being called. Apparently, after leaving me here for 45 minutes, they are ready for me now. Now of all times. The tech spots me so I'm not going to get the 30 seconds I need to cum. Melissa has stopped rubbing me so the nurse doesn't see that. But she does see my erection which is pretty hard to miss right now.

Next thing I know, I'm being wheeled out of the waiting room by an x-ray tech named Samantha. 30 seconds later, I'm getting pushed into an x-ray room.

She tells me that she needs to xray my leg so I will need to get onto the x-ray table. Man, is my cock going to be sticking out once I'm laying down. But I can't do anything about it.

Next thing, she's helping me out of the wheelchair and onto the table. We struggle and I end up back in the wheelchair. Samantha calls to get some help.

So I'm waiting, horny, hard, frustrated and trying to make small talk with Samantha. I wasn't very successful and I think she got a bit mad at me.

A very short time later, in walks a nurse. Between the two of them, I get out of the wheelchair and onto the table. The second nurse leaves while Samantha helps me to lay down on the table.

That's when she notices my condition. I hear her suck in her breath and mumble something to herself.

"So that's why you are so distracted. Did I interupt something?" she asks me.

"Yes" is all I can manage to say.

Suddenly, I feel my gown being pulled up and my cock is out. Then I feel a hand on my cock, starting to stroke it. She's slowly but insistently stroking me. Again, it doesn't take long before I feel my orgasm building.

I start moaning as I get close to cumming. Just as suddenly as it started, she removes her hand and I'm left hard and frustrated. Again.

Samantha asks me to roll over a bit so that she can get some x-ray thing positioned correctly. Eventually, I come back to earth and realize what she is asking. I roll over as best as I can. When I lay back down, I ask her to please make me cum.

She ignores my question and tells me to sit still. She goes behind a wall, I hear a beep and she is back. I'm still hard as a rock when she starts getting me ready for the next xray. I'm told to roll onto my right side. As I move into position, she puts this pillow like thing between my legs to help support my broken left leg.

While she is positioning the pillow, she brushes her fingers on my balls. Once I'm in position, she starts stroking me again. She continues this for a very short time, stopping to position the x-ray machine.

Again I ask her to make me cum and again she ignores me.

When she gets back, she gives me cock a few more strokes and then moves the x-ray machine again.

When she returns this time, she tells me we are done. She removes the pillow and helps me to get onto my back so that I can sit up. Before I sit up, she again starts stroking my cock. Pretty quickly, I'm close to cumming.

"With your arms both out of commission, you must be pretty horny."

A horse "yes" is all I can manage in reply.

She starts slowing down her strokes. "Well then, it's too bad I won't let you cum. I thought you were rude to me earlier and I want to end my shift thinking about how miserable you are while I am fucking my husband. Now let's get you back into this wheelchair". And with that, she let's go of my cock and pulls me up into a sitting position.

She goes to the phone and makes a call, asking for someone to help get me back into the wheelchair. She moves back to me and, after giving me a few more strokes, she pulls my gown down.

A few seconds later, another woman shows up and the two of them get me into the wheelchair. My hard cock was obvious as they stood me up, I know the new woman noticed; I think I heard her snicker at me. Once they get me in the wheelchair, they face me towards the door and they both leave.

A few minutes later, Jen shows up to bring me back to my room. I'm still hard and I see her eyes move to my crotch for a brief instant. She is so fantastic looking I can't go soft. It doesn't help that I keep staring at her legs.

Suddenly, she is behind me and we are off. We go through the myriad of corridors again until we get back to the elevator. We get to my floor and get out. She pushes me towards my room when my nurse asks Jen to help get me ready to get into bed. Next thing I know we are in my room and she starts prepping me.

I'm still hard so I try to get her to slow down but I'm not able to. Next thing I know, she's adjusting my leg and notices my cock. I know this because she froze for a second and stared at it.

We are both blushing. She apologizes.

"Was that from me?" she asks.

Not knowing what else to say, I reply with a simple "Uh huh".

"Wow" I hear her say, almost to herself.

"Is it okay if I help?" she asks me.

Again, I can't speak and mumble "ok".

Instantly, I feel her hand on my cock. She starts stroking and I start enjoying. I'm doing my best to keep silent because I don't want undue attention. As I start feeling my orgasm build, my nurse walks in and Jen has to stop. Luckily, the nurse didn't see what was going on.

Jen and the nurse help me get out of the wheelchair and into bed. Luckily, Jen is able to position herself so that the nurse doesn't see my erection as I get into bed. Once in bed, I use my right leg and sitting up to hide it. Unfortunately, as soon as I'm in bed the nurse tells Jen she can leave.

The nurse stays and does a few more things for me like removing the slings and helping me get my arms into comfortable positions. She then goes through normal things like blood pressure, temperature, and checking my IV. By the time she leaves, my erection has gone though my desire has not.

All I can think about is cumming. So a few minutes after the nurse left, I try to masturbate. I usually masturbate with my left hand but I can't use that arm. So I give it a go with my right arm.

I grab my cock and start stroking. I get hard pretty quick but my orgasm is slow to build because I can't grip well and I can't stroke very fast. Before I start getting close, my arm starts to hurt. Another minute, and I stop because the pain in my arm is making my cock soft. So I give up.

A few minutes later, my arm is feeling better so I try again. Unfortunately, the same thing happens only quicker this time. The only good to come of this second attempt was that the pain started before I got started.

So I'm now sitting more frustrated than ever because I need to cum and I can't.

I fall asleep for a little bit. I wake up and see Jen walking into my room. I smile and start to get hard.

She sees me making a tent and smiles. She closes the door to my room, pulls the curtains around my bed and pulls down my covers. My cock is showing because I hadn't pulled my gown down from when I tried to masturbate.

She wastes no time and starts to stroke me. It takes only a minute to feel my orgasm building. Jen must have sensed it because she slows down her strokes. I'm getting closer and closer and she is going slower and slower.

As I get to the edge, she stops and I hear, "I want to ask you a question".

I'm unable to reply. She notices this and continues.

"This is making me really horny too. Since you can't use your hands and since I don't know you well enough to fuck you, will you eat my pussy"? As she asks this, she starts slowly and lightly stroking my cock again.

"Yyyes". I stutter because I can't get words out.

"YAY!" she says with a lot of excitement.

Jen stops stroking me, grabs my bed controls and lays the bed flat. She gets on the bed, sitting on my chest. She isn't wearing any panties and her pussy is shaved.

She moves her pussy so that I can reach it. I know she is really horny because I can see her clit between her pussy lips. I waste no time and start licking and sucking on her clit. She starts moaning and her moans are keep my own orgasm close.

She starts to hump my face as she gets close to cumming. I am hungrily eating her pussy. I start sucking on her clit and she starts to cum. Her orgasm continues and continues so I keep sucking on her clit.

After quite a long time, she relaxes so I let go of her clit. That gets another moan out of her. As she comes back to earth, she gets off my face and moves back to my chest.

I'm still hard and close to orgasm. I'm able to talk now and remind her that I still haven't cum. She looks at me, smiles and gets off of my bed.

She starts slowly stroking my cock again. "That was the fastest and most intense orgasm I've ever had" she tells me. She is smiling big. And she is stroking me really slowly.

"I'm happy that I could do that for you. Now can you do that for me? I really need to cum; it's been over two weeks since I had my last orgasm".

She smiles even bigger, "Yes but knowing how horny you were made me so horny. I removed my panties an hour after I stroked you earlier so that I could masturbate. After I did that, I was still horny so I left them off and decided to come back here when my shift ended. I'm happy I did that now."

"The best part is that knowing you haven't cum yet is making me horny again. Especially when I look and see how hard and purple your cock is getting."

"Please, I really need to cum. I'm so horny and I can't masturbate. I need it more than I ever have before" I plead.

She smiles and keeps stroking me slowly. "I don't know why but this is turning me on like nothing else I've ever experienced."

All I can do is let out a huge sigh. I'm starting to get close to orgasm again so I start to squirm around a bit more.

"Like how I know that if I keep this up for another minute, you will cum. And I know how desperately you want to cum. But when I stop", she says and lets go of my cock, "it makes me hornier. I control whether or not you cum and I love that feeling. And I love seeing how your cock is moving around on its own right now looking for my hand. I think I'll keep you from cumming for at least a few more minutes. Then, when I'm ready, you can lick me again."

And with that, she sped up her strokes. Keeping true to her word, as she gets me to the edge, she let's go of my cock. My cock continues to move and I give her a huge moan. I can tell by the smile on her face that she is definitely enjoying this.

After letting me cool down for a minute, she starts to stroke my cock again. Like before, she is stroking at a pretty decent pace. My whole being is starting to center around my cock and my need to cum. And, as I get ready to shoot, she let's go again. This time, my cock continues to move even more than last time. And from the lusty look on Jen's face, she is really enjoying this. She comments on how swollen and how purple my cock is looking.

Instead of starting to stroke me again, she gets up on the bed again and pushes her pussy into my face. Like last time, I see her clit and her pussy is glistening. I start licking and she reacts instantly by starting to hump my face.

I start the old trick of tracing the alphabet on her clit with my tongue. As I get to F, she starts to cum. I continue the alphabet; she continues cumming until I get to S. She then pulls her pussy away from my face.

She sees her juices all over my face as she pulls away and she gives me another big smile.

When she gets next to me, she starts to stroke me again. She is going a bit slower than the last few times. It doesn't take long before I feel my orgasm building yet again.

But this time, as I get closer to cumming she doesn't slow down and she doesn't stop. It doesn't take long before I give her this loud moan and start to shoot. She keeps stroking and I continue shooting. I keep shooting forever before my orgasm finally subsides.

When I finish shooting, she smiles at me again. "Wow, that was great. I've never seen a guy shoot so much cum."

I'm unable to reply; I'm still coming down from that orgrasm.

She goes into the bathroom and comes back with a wash clothe and cleans the cum off of me and off of my bed. When she is done, I mumble "thank you".

"Wow, you look ready for a nap" Jen says to me.

"I am."

"Then I'll go and let you sleep. But before I do, will it be okay if I visit you again tomorrow?"

"Oh yes" I tell her and I can't stop smiling.

She tells me bye and leaves. Now I need to sleep but I can't stop thinking about tomorrow.

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