tagIncest/TabooIn The Hot Tub with Cousin Stacy Ch. 03

In The Hot Tub with Cousin Stacy Ch. 03


My phone buzzed and looking at the screen it read 1 New Message. I looked quickly at the text that had just come through and saw that it was from my cousin Stacy.

Hot Tub. Tonight. Come After Work.

I closed my phone and put it back in my pocket. A slight smile came across my face.

Since our whole incident started I have been warming up to the fact that what my cousin Stacy and I are doing is completely innocent, fine and ok as long as we keep it quiet. We've slept together twice now and it has not changed things for the weird between us. If anything, it has brought my closest cousin and me a lot closer.

After her text inviting me over tonight, the rest of my shift at work seemed to drag. It wouldn't be until after 10 o'clock that night before I would get out of here and head over to her house where she lived with her parents, my aunt and uncle. By that time of night, they would be asleep and they have no clue what is going on between Stacy and me but they have always known that Stacy and I hang out together all the time anyway and it wasn't uncommon for me to go over there for a soak in the hot tub after an exhausting day at work.

Arriving at Stacy's house, I make my way to the back of the house and enter through the gate leading to the back door. Up onto the small deck I climb and noticed that the hot tub was still covered but towels were already put out for us. I gave a quiet knock on the back door and let myself in. I saw Stacy standing there in a light blue bikini. Her long dark hair was pulled up into some sort of ponytail/bun and her long legs led down to those beautiful feet and toes that I have worshipped our last few times together. Stacy allowed me a chance to stare for a moment before coming over to me wrapping her arms around me pressing her barely covered tits into my chest.

"Hi" I said.

Still hugging me tightly, "I've been waiting all night for you. I've missed you" and with that she released me from our embrace, but not before giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Everyone in bed" I asked.

"My parents went away for the next two nights. Now hurry and go get changed" she commanded.

I headed for the bathroom down the hall and quickly removed my work clothes and changed into my bathing suit. After neatly gathering my clothes into the corner of the bathroom I returned to meet my cousin in the kitchen where she grabbed me by the hand and led me out into the cold night air. Quickly we made our way to the tub, opening the cover and slid ourselves into the nice hot water. Stacy sat across from me in the tub and we both settled in and got accustomed to the water. For nearly five minutes neither of us said anything as we soaked. There is something about soaking in a hot tub that allows you to forget everything that is going on around you. It just seems that the stress of work is washed away when soaking in a hot tub for me.

Stacy moved alongside of me and leaned her head back next to mine and we looked up at the night sky. "What are we able to see tonight?"

For the next several minutes I talked about and pointed out the different constellations that were visible from the hot tub. Stacy listened intently as I babbled on. When I finally stopped I looked at her and couldn't help but admire how beautifully striking she looked on this night. There was not a lot of light but enough to see how beautiful she is. Her pretty eyes and wonderfully perfect nose, her small delicate ears framed by her slightly damp hair and her lips, her delectable lips that were slightly parted and looking oh so kissable at this moment. Her neck was stretched back as she looked up into the night sky and her shoulders and the top of her chest was out of the water. Every part of her I just wanted to ravage and worship at the same time.

I had never wanted a woman so completely before in my life. And this woman happened to be my cousin. In the U.S., lusting after your cousin is still taboo but when Stacy and I are together none of that matters to me. When I am with her, all I want is her.

Stacy cocked her head towards me and gave me an inquisitive look. "What's wrong"

"Nothing" I replied smiling. "I'm just admiring the view."

She returned my smile tilted her head slightly resting it on my shoulder. I could smell the shampoo in her hair. The soft flowery fragrance of her hair was soothing and instinctually, before I realized what I was doing, I leaned in and kissed her on the top of her head. Under the water her hand reached for mine and she took my hand in hers. My heart was racing, no more like fluttering. I felt like I was falling for her. I was falling in love with my cousin. She and I sat in the tub soaking and cuddling for a long while. It could have been all night for all I cared.

I reached under her chin and guided her head up to mine and leaned in and kissed her deeply and soulfully. Our mouths and lips delicately mingled between us parting slightly allowing our tongues to gently touch before we both opened wider and giving in to the passion between us. I held her head in both my hands as we kissed. Her hands grasped me by the back of my neck holding me close to her. At this moment all I wanted to do was scoop this beautiful goddess up and carry her to bed.

I broke our embrace and stood up pulling her up with me. Without saying a word I grabbed her hand and stepped out of the hot tub and helped her out too. I grabbed a towel off the deck and wrapped her in it and then wrapped one around my waist as we quickly made our way into the house.

Once inside Stacy turned to me and started kissing me again. That was when I reached down and lifted her up and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. Once in her room I put her down and we quickly stepped out of our wet suits and tumbled onto the bed. The passion, excitement and sexual energy in that room was intense. I don't know at what time I got hard but I was and all I wanted was to be inside Stacy. We both knew what we wanted and never spoke a word to each other and let instinct and lust take over. She laid back on her bed and I got between her legs. She parted her legs and guided me into her. She was as aroused and turned on as I was. Her wetness enveloped me as I gently slid into her. Once I was full in to her I held myself in position and leaned down to kiss her. Our kisses were intense. She pulled my body down on top of hers.

I slowly began to move my hips in and out of her with slow long loving strokes where I was completely sinking my entire cock into her and nearly pulling completely out. I have had sex with a few women but until now I never knew what making love was. Every touch, every kiss, every move made was deliberate and loving. I didn't want this to ever end. It could have been fifteen minutes or an hour but we very slowly made love. I kissed her lips, forehead, neck and ears as I slowly and lovingly pumped in and out of her.

I was beginning to feel like I was not going to be able to hold out too much longer so I began to pick up my pace and lift my body off of hers. She shifted slightly under me and pulled her legs back at the knees. This arched her hips up higher and allowed me deeper access to her. I started to pick up my pace and really started to fuck her. I looked down at her body under mine and watched her tits sway under our movements. The room was silent with the excepting of the noise of our love making. I looked up and saw her eyes were closed and her face was contorted in pleasure. I could feel myself getting closer. Faster. Harder. I was concentrating hard trying to hold off but no longer could. With one last thrust I sank deeply into her and exploded which in turn triggered her orgasm. We held ourselves in place cumming together before I collapsed on top of her. It was so intense that both of us started to giggle uncontrollably.

I propped myself up on my elbows still on top of her and still in her. I gave her a small kiss and just looked deeply into her eyes. I withdrew myself from her and she let out a disapproving moan and pouted. "Awww, I was enjoying you inside of me" she complained.

I laid beside her and she reached down at the foot of her bed and pulled a blanket over us before snuggling up next to me. I stroked her hair and watched her lay there with her eyes closed and a satisfied and happy look on her face. As she rolled over to her side away from me she pulled my arm over her. I snuggled up behind her. My naked body against her naked body caused my cock to twitch slightly and I heard her giggle slightly. I rested my head on the pillow beside her.

After a few minutes of silence and just when I was beginning to think that she had fallen asleep she spoke. "Stay the night, please"

Such a simple request on one that I can surely grant, stay the night please. I most certainly will.

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