tagIncest/TabooIn the Light of the Christmas Tree

In the Light of the Christmas Tree


Hello and welcome to my readers. Many thanks for your votes, feedback and comments on my stories. Knowing that my writings entertain you is both encouraging and pleasing to me. Here is another Holiday tale in the spirit of the season. Enjoy.


"Tiffany, please try to cheer up, dear. We're almost to Aunt Mildred's house."

Tiffany Kelly was not about to cheer up for anyone. This whole trip was going to be horrible she just knew it. Slumped in the back seat of her parents SUV, her thoughts became grimmer for every mile of road they traveled. Turning up the volume on her iPod, she watched as her mothers' lips moved in a one-way conversation, her voice drowned out by bellowing rap lyrics and a thumping bass line. A scowl twisted her pretty face as she contemplated the horrors of spending two weeks in a strange house with people she barely knew, far away from her friends and her boyfriend Danny.

Of course, Danny had been an asshole when she told him that she would be gone for the holidays, threatening to throw her present a dumpster and take some one else to the Christmas Rave party if she left him. She was stuck going with her parents and he would just have to live with it. She had been looking forward to a nice Christmas present and a lovely fuck from her suddenly no-good boyfriend. Instead, here she was, off to Aunt Mildred and Uncle Bill's musty old house in the middle of nowhere.

She noticed that her mother's attentions had turned to complaining about her fathers driving and fixing her makeup in the visor mirror. Pulling her coat onto her lap to mask her movements, she unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand inside her panties, digging a finger in her moist slit. Slowly, teasingly, she stroked her wet pussy and diddled her throbbing clit. She loved to cum and frigged herself at every opportunity, especially when she could add the thrill of possible discovery, like right now.

Biting her lower lip as her pleasure grew, she suddenly thought of her geeky cousin Brian who she hadn't seen in seven years. She remembered him as skinny, with a face full of pimples. She smiled as she thought of letting him catch her jilling off, he'd probably come in his geeky little pants. Gritting her teeth, she arched up from the seat a rumbling orgasm swept through her eighteen-year-old body, a low moan escaping her lips.

"Tiffany, dear, are you alright?" her mother asked, hearing the noise from her daughter. Tiffany saw her mouth moving, so she nodded and smiled, lying back on the seat as she awaited her next opportunity to frig herself again. At least it passed the time.


Brian Deering grunted loudly as lifted the barbell once more and racked it back on it's hooks. 'One eighty five, thirty reps,' he thought, wiping the sweat from his face and torso with an already damp towel, 'Not bad, not bad at all.' His parents had allowed him to convert part of their basement into a home gym three years ago when a friend sold him his weights and exercise equipment.

Pulling off his terry cloth gym shorts, he stepped into the shower and began lathering up. He chuckled as he remembered how difficult it was in the beginning to work with even the smallest weights, now he lifted almost two hundred pounds easily. Since his nineteen-year-old body had become lean and muscular, and his acne had succumbed to the medicine, girls suddenly noticed him and he had a sex life at last.

Just two days ago, he had fucked Suzy Parker, one of the most popular girls in school. She had come on to him after they had met at a varsity football game, and soon he was screwing her brains out in the back seat of her parents' minivan. Just the thought of Suzy's' tight little pussy gripping his cock like a fist was giving him a massive hard-on.

Squirting a glob of shampoo in his hand, he began to stroke his thickening cock, remembering Suzy's' whimpers and moans as he thrust into her. His aunt and uncle's arrival would slow down his holiday fucking fun somewhat, especially if he had to entertain his bratty cousin Tiffany. He hadn't seen her for some time, but he remembered her skinny body, scraggly hair and annoying voice the last time they came for a visit.

His balls tightened suddenly as he recalled being buried to the hilt in Suzy's dripping snatch, her creamy thighs gripping his hips, begging him to fuck her harder. "Unnhhh, unnhhh," Brian moaned as long spurts of hot cum blasted from his jerking cock, splashing against the tile wall and washing away in the showers stream. Steadying himself by grabbing the towel bar, he slowly finished washing and stepped out to dry off. Aunt Sue and Uncle John would be here soon, and Tiffany would be with them. 'I better get a move on or mom will bitch at me,' he thought, pulling on jeans and a cropped muscle shirt.


Tiffany followed her parents onto her Aunt's front porch with all the enthusiasm of a man ascending the steps to the gallows. 'Two weeks in this drafty barn and not a mall in sight,' she thought sadly. What a sucky Christmas this was going to be. She stepped back from the front door as her mom, dad, aunt and uncle hugged, kissed, shook hands and generally made a spectacle of themselves.

Then she saw him. 'Oh my gawd,' she thought, 'who is this stud?' His broad shoulders, bulging biceps, six pack abs and slim waist were making her mouth water. He had a handsome face, dark brown eyes and a shock of sandy colored hair hanging over his forehead. Tiffany felt that familiar tingling between her legs. "Come give your cousin Brian a hug, Tiffany," she heard her mother say.


Brian could hear his aunt and uncle at the door as he climbed the stairs from the basement. His parents and his aunt and uncle were whooping it up, as old folks always do when they meet after a long time. Then his eyes widened in surprise. Standing on the porch was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. She had the face of an angel and porn star tits. A pair of tight hip hugger jeans emphasized her tapered waist, flared hips and long legs. Her long blonde hair and deep green eyes captivated him immediately. He could feel his dick swelling in his pants and hoped she wouldn't notice. Oh hell, he hoped she did notice. "Come say hello to your cousin Tiffany, dear," his mother said. Stepping forward he held out his hand for the blonde haired beauty to shake.


Brian and Tiffany's hands met in a firm clasp and their eyes locked. As they stared fixedly at each other, Tiffany's face erupted into a broad smile when Brian said, "I think Aunt Sue said we should hug, Tiff." Soft flesh and hard muscle met as the cousins lips pressed in a soft kiss. They stepped away from each other, holding hands; minds reeling as their sudden feelings for each other rapidly consumed them. While the sisters were beginning what would become endless recollections of 'remember when', and their husbands headed for the TV football game, they were oblivious to their children's immediate attraction to one another.


Following a long discussion as to who should sleep where, it was determined that Tiffany's parents would stay in the guest room, Tiffany would stay in Brian's room and Brian would sleep in the gym downstairs on an air mattress. Then bags were unpacked, presents placed under the Christmas tree, and they all sat down to dinner. Brian and Tiffany sat across from each other at the table, grinning shyly at one another. Several times Tiffany pursed her lips in an air kiss as Brian's bare foot rubbed teasingly against her ankle.


"Would you like to take a walk, Tiff?" Brian asked expectantly as they carried the dirty dishes to the kitchen and began to load the dishwasher.

"That sounds like fun, Brian," Tiffany replied, dying for a chance to get her handsome cousin alone. She knew the implications of what she was thinking and what he was probably thinking as well. They were cousins after all, but the thought of those muscled arms holding and caressing her made her knees weak.

Brian's raging erection rubbed against his jeans as his cousin wiggled her delicious ass in his face as she bent to load the dishwasher. 'This is my cousin for God's sake,' he thought, 'we're blood.' However, all he could think of was tongue wrestling with her and filling his hands with those tits.

Soon they were strolling about. Brian showed Tiffany the swimming pool and hot tub, the basketball and tennis courts and the small patch of woods along the creek at the rear of the property. The conversation flowed easily as they discussed friends, school, their similar interests in music and their plans for college. Soon they were sitting in a gazebo that Brian and his father had built next to the swimming pool. Tiffany began to shiver in her light jacket when the cold wind began to blow, so Brian hugged her to him to keep her warm.

Tiffany snuggled closer to her cousin. The feel of his muscled body sent ripples of pleasure through her and her panties were soon damp. Brian hugged Tiffany closer, her firm breast rubbing against his hard pecs as their hips pressed together. His throbbing cock was becoming painful in his tight jeans. As one, they turned their heads toward one another and their lips met again in a soul-searing kiss; a kiss that would change their lives irrevocably.

Tiffany whimpered with happiness as Brian's strong arms crushed her to his hard body, his tongue entwined with her own as their lips slithered together in eager passion. Brian pulled her onto his lap, her long legs clamping around his waist and her arms tightening around his neck. Tiffany rubbed her aching pussy along her cousins' hard cock, their burning skins separated by two thin layers of denim.

"Ohhh, Brian," she moaned, "You feel so good. I want you so badly. This is crazy. You're my cousin, but I never felt this way before with another guy. What's wrong with me?"

"What's wrong with us, you mean," Brian replied, his voice a husky with desire. "I know we shouldn't be doing this Tiff, we both do, but I want to fuck you until we can't stand up."

"When, Brian, when," Tiffany sighed, her wet jean crotch sliding back and forth over Brian's throbbing prick, soaking his pant leg as her passion boiled over. "Oh God, I'm cumming, Briannn," she cried, her gushing pussy flooding her jeans in a massive wave of love juices.

Brian could not hold back. "Ahhhh, fuckkk, Tiff, I'm cumming too...," he cried, erupting load after load of sticky cum down the leg of his jeans. They continued to rub against each other, moving slowly and teasingly in the drenched fabric, kissing and hugging until their strength gave out.

Tiffany pulled away from Brian and sat tiredly on the bench next to him. She giggled as she surveyed their jean crotches and legs, the soaked cloth stained a dark blue. "Look at us, we're a mess. How are we going to explain this when we walk in the house? Oh, I know. 'Hi, folks, my cousin and I just had a clothed fuck.' Yeah, that'll work."

"Got it covered, Tiff," Brian chuckled. "We'll go through the basement, change into sweat suits, toss these clothes in the washer and tell the folks we fell in the creek. Problem solved. Now give me a kiss for being so clever."

"I'll give you more than a kiss tonight," Tiffany replied. "How are we going to...?"

"Clever, remember," Brian continued. "When the folks are in bed, I'll meet you in my room. I've climbed in and out of that window plenty of times after I was grounded; it's just like walking up the stairs for me."

"I can't wait, lover," Tiffany replied. "We better get back to the house, they're probably wondering where we are." Holding hands and laughing, they ran across the lawn and through the basement door.


"Brian and Tiffany seem to be getting on so well," Mildred said to Sue as they sipped their coffee in the kitchen and their husbands watched a golf tournament.

"Oh my, yes," Sue replied. "I think they are becoming very good friends. Now what was that about great aunt Tillie's last husband being a shoplifter...?"


Tiffany shivered in anticipation as she lay in Brian's bed. She had taken a scented bubble bath after dinner, while Brian, his father and her uncle had watched yet another football game. After spraying herself and the bed sheets with perfume, she lay naked under the blanket, her nipples hard and her pussy wet with desire.

Brian was her cousin; she knew society said it was wrong for them to become lovers. 'To hell with society and every one else,' Tiffany thought defiantly. She had known the minute she had laid eyes on him that he was the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and she knew he felt the same. Sure, she was only eighteen and Brian was nineteen, but... A tapping on the glass jerked her from her reverie and she ran eagerly to the window to let her cousin in.

Brian's mouth was dry as he climbed in the window and gazed at Tiffany's bare body. She smiled and turned a slow pirouette, showing him her full breasts, blonde furred pussy and round ass. 'I can't believe this is happening,' he thought as his cousin tugged off his sweatshirt and pants, leaving him as naked as she was.

"Take me to bed, Brian," Tiffany whispered. "I want to feel you in me. I want us to fuck all night long."

He led her by the hand to his bed and they lay together on the sweet smelling sheets. "You're so beautiful," he breathed, his lips grazing her shoulder as she shivered with anticipation. "This will be a night we'll always remember."

Tiffany gently pushed Brian on his back, straddling his muscled body, kissing him tenderly on his jaw and neck. She trailed her lips down his chest, nibbling on his nipples with her sharp teeth and nuzzling his mat of chest hair. He moaned with pleasure as her lips and tongue traveled down his chest and stomach, the anticipation driving him wild.

"Yessss, Tiff. Ohhh, Godd," he gasped as Tiffany's warm mouth engulfed the velvet head of his throbbing cock. Her tongue wrapping around the sensitive flesh, licking eagerly as the precum oozed from the tiny hole into her mouth. She began to bob her head slowly up and down, taking more of the throbbing shaft in her mouth until her chin bumped softly against his aching balls.

It was all he could do not to grip her head in his hands and fuck her mouth until he came, but he did not want to treat her like the other girls he'd fucked. Already she was special to him, so he lay back and enjoyed it, reaching back to grasp the spindles of the headboard to restrain himself.

Tiffany purred with happiness as she filled her mouth with her lovers' stiffness. She wanted his thick meat in her sopping pussy, but she continued to suck his rigid tool until he groaned, "I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that. I want to cum in your sweet pussy." Tiffany lifted her hips and positioned her wet slit over Brian's cock, lowering herself slowly onto him, throwing her head back and sighing with pleasure as their pubic hair mingled.

"Mmmmm," Tiffany moaned as Brian pulled her towards him and sucked a thick pink nipple in his warm mouth. "Suck 'em, baby, suck 'em. It feels so damn good. Ohhh, yessss..."

They rocked against each other with increasing speed, the bedsprings squeaking in protest as their thrusting intensified. Tiffany wiggled her hips against Brian's engorged prick, clenching her pussy muscles tight as the man meat filled her to bursting. Brian's hips rose from the bed as he drove in and out of Tiffany, sucking frantically on her firm breasts, lashing the nipples with his tongue as she squealed in ecstasy.

"I, I can't hold back any longer," Brian cried, Tiffany's pussy gripping his hard shaft. "I'm cumming, Tiff, I'm cumming; cum with me, love, cum with me."

"I'm cumming too my love," Tiffany gasped, Brian's thick cock stretching the walls of her pussy. "Shoot in me now, fill me up, I want it all, I...ahhhhhh."

Tiffany's pussy drenched Brian's prick with warm cum as she rode it to several intense orgasms. Brian roared in his release, pumping long ropes of sticky cum deep into Tiffany's cunt. Grunting and moaning they thrust wildly against each other, cumming repeatedly until Tiffany collapsed on top of Brian and they clung together, panting with exhaustion.

Tiffany's blue eyes opened slowly, meeting Brian's brown ones. "I love you, Brian," she whispered. "You're my cousin and you're my lover and I don't care who knows it."

"I love you too, Tiff," Brian replied. "In a way, I think I've always loved you. I don't care who knows it either. It just feels so right."

Brian pulled the covers over them and they fell asleep in each other's arms, peaceful and content that they had found their soul mate, dreaming of their life together.


In the days that passed, Brian and Tiffany became inseparable. Although they tried to hide their affection for each other from their parents, both mothers were quick to see the light of love in their children's eyes and became concerned. After conferring with each other, they decided to approach their son and daughter separately and confirm their suspicions.


"Tiffany," said her mother as they prepared dinner in the kitchen, "are you and Brian in love?"

Tiffany dropped the spoon she was stirring the gravy with in the pan. "What do you mean, mother?" she asked, a blush creeping across her face.

"I've seen how you look at each other Tiffany," her mother replied. "I know that look. It was in your fathers' and my eyes after we met at a party. You must be careful, dear. You're both so young, and there is the matter of the incest taboo and the stigma it carries in today's society. Attitudes are changing, but many people either can't or won't understand the love between you. It could be difficult if you become a couple, and I know that is your intent."

"I love him with all my heart, mother," Tiffany sobbed as the tears ran down her cheeks. "And I know he loves me too. I don't care if we are related and I don't care who knows it. I'll fight the world for him and we'll fight together." Sue hugged her daughter tightly as Tiffany wept onto her shoulder, her young body shaking as her emotions spilled over. She told her mother that being with Brian for the rest of her life was all that mattered to her. Sue's eyes were wet with tears as she comforted her distraught daughter, all dinner preparations temporarily forgotten.


"I'll only be a minute, mom," Brian said as he opened the door of the car. "Mr. Carson has something ready for me." Mildred Deering watched as her son rushed through the door of Carson's Jewelers, clutching a wad of bills in his hand. 'It's true, it's really true,' she thought with a mixture of elation and despair. She had seen the looks, the caresses, and the adoration in the eyes of her son and her niece. 'They're so young and the world is so unforgiving', she thought angrily. 'I won't let them be hurt if I can help it. Tiffany is a sweet girl and she'll make him a wonderful wife, I just know it.'

Brian opened the door of the car and climbed in, stuffing a blue box in his jacket pocket. "Thanks for the ride, mom," he said happily. "Who knew the Bug Bomb wouldn't start today."

"You need to junk that old Volkswagen, dear..." Mildred began, and then stopped. "You bought her a ring, didn't you," she blurted. "You're going to propose aren't you? You really do love her and she loves you. Sue was right, she was right." Mildred rested her forehead on the steering wheel and began to cry, while Brian looked on with a look of shock and disbelief on his face.

"Mother, please don't cry," Brian pleaded. "Yes, I love her. I'm going to ask her to marry me. I love her more than anything or anyone. We'll run away if we have to. We belong together, mom, I feel it in my heart."

"I know you do, sweetie," Mildred said, lifting her tear stained face from the steering wheel. "She's a lovely girl and I know she'll make you happy. It's just that the world is a cruel place, Brian. People can be so mean. If they find out you are related, there'll be the nasty remarks, the awful jokes...are you ready for that? Oh my God, you're both so young." She began to cry again.

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