tagBDSMIn the Middle

In the Middle


Part three of the trilogy

You come home from work, tired and frustrated. Everything that COULD go wrong today did. And then some. The only thing buoying your spirit was a phone call you received while you were on your lunch hour. Josh called and listened to you complain about work, your boss, whatever. He listened well. Once you had cooled down, he told you that he had a surprise waiting for you for when you got home tonight. You asked what kind of surprise, but he just chuckled and said that it wouldn't be a surprise if he told you. You whined and begged but he still wouldn't tell you. You called him a spoilsport and you both laughed. He said goodbye and that he'd be waiting for you tonight. The thought of Josh waiting for you made your day pass more quickly, but quitting time just couldn't come fast enough.

As you worked, part of your mind tried to figure out what the surprise would be. It wasn't your anniversary or birthday. Josh didn't do much for his birthday and wouldn't plan a surprise for you for HIS birthday. Whenever Josh planned things, they were usually simple but fun. And sometimes sexy. Trying to picture what he might do made you get a little excited, both emotionally and physically. You tried to concentrate on work, trying to stay focused, but it didn't work. The closer it got to the time to go home, the more...aroused you got. Suddenly, you wanted to leave right then, twenty minutes early, but you knew the boss wouldn't let you leave, so you suffered in silence.

The boss walked out at four fifty nine and said that it was time to go. You already had your stuff together and pretty much ran past him out the door, not giving him a second look. You pulled your shoes off and ran down four flights of stairs, rather than waiting for the elevator.

As you got to the parking garage, you pulled out your cell phone to call Josh to let him know you were on your way home. He answered and you happily told him you were on your way. He said nothing for a moment but then said quietly but firmly, "When you get inside, drop everything and take off all of your clothes. Once you've done that, kneel on the floor and call to me and I will come to you to show you the surprise." With that, he hung up.

You looked at your cell phone in shock and surprise. Josh almost never took the dominant attitude with you. He was more of a half-middle of the road, half-submissive that you liked so much. He doesn't like to dominate because he's afraid to hurt you, even though it's something you'd like to try. He's used handcuffs and blindfolds before but nothing 'serious' as he calls it. Maybe he...nah. He's too scared of hurting you.

You pull into the driveway after the short drive home. Only one light is on, you can see it through the living room window. You get out of the car, a slight feeling of trepidation settling into your stomach. Usually, Josh has almost all the lights on. You reach the door and open it, it creaking slightly, and step inside. You almost call out, but then you remember the things he told you to do when you got there.

You drop your bag and pull off your shoes, dropping them on the rug. A chair has been left in the foyer. You pull off your coat and hang it on the rack and then undo your skirt and lay it neatly on the chair. This is followed by your shirt and bra, but you hesitate at taking off your panties. You pause, trying to decide how serious he was when a voice startles you. "I said everything!" You look up at the top of the stairs and there he is, staring down at you, his face darkened by shadows.

You blink twice and then slowly remove your panties, vaguely smelling your excitement on them. Suddenly, you can't remember what he said to do next. You place your panties on the chair with everything else and look up at him.

Josh tilts his head slightly to one side and simply looks down at you. You look up, confused as things are happening differently than usual. Josh suddenly points to the floor. You eyes widen as you remember his orders and quickly kneel on the floor, your head down. "Josh? I'm ready."

He slowly descended the stairs, his gaze boring into the top of your head. The squeak of the seventh step gives you some idea of how far away he is, even though you can't see him. He pauses at the foot of the stairs, making the seconds tick by ever so slowly.

Finally, his feet enter your view. He's wearing black dress shoes and matching pants, which is odd, since Josh hates getting dressed up. You feel his hand run through your hair, stroking it softly. You nuzzle your head in his soft touch and start a soft purring sound. "How was your day, angel?"

You start to answer but your head is suddenly jerked back hard enough to throw off your delicate balance. His iron grip on your hair doesn't let you fall, but it causes an explosion of pain as your hair takes your unbalanced weight. You cry is loud and harsh.

Josh leans his face in to yours, his expression fierce. You will be silent, angel." He says the last word as if spitting out poison that burned his mouth. "But tonight, you are no angel. No. Tonight, you are my slave. You are my slave and I am your Master." He relishes the word 'master', drawing it out like a snake would. "Do you understand?"

Without speaking, you nod your head, hair still pulled tight in his hand.

"Good. You will refer to me as Master or you will be punished. Do you understand?"

You nod.

"Speak, slave. I want to hear you say it."

You lick your suddenly dry lips; you voice catching slightly in your throat. "Y-yes, Master."

"Very good, slave." He releases your hair as if her were throwing away a piece of garbage.

You regain your balance, looking back down at the floor like a good slave. Your mind is reeling. It's almost like he suddenly has a second personality. It's frightening. And arousing.

Josh grabs your chin and tilts your head back. You look up at him and he's holding a black piece of cloth. "Cover you eyes. I don't want to ruin your surprise." He smiles a smile that sends a shiver up your spine and causes you to break out in goose bumps.

'There's more?' you think. Him switching roles is apparently just the tip of the iceberg. What else did he have in mind? You reach up and take the cloth and tie it into a blindfold, light barely peeking in around the edges where the fabric is thinnest. You sit quietly, trying to hear movement of any kind.


Pure silence.

Your elbow is grabbed and Josh pulls you up, so you can stand. You groan silently as your knees release the stress of kneeling. You straighten your legs and your knees pop softly, eliciting another groan.

Josh's breath is on your neck as you groan, breathing in your ear and on the cooling skin of your neck. You head tilts toward him and then away, offering up your neck to him. His breath stays there a moment longer and then disappears, causing you to whine softly in your throat, wanting the touch of his warmth again.

He whispers in your ear for you to wait here and to not touch the blindfold. You hear his soft footsteps as they recede in the direction of the kitchen. You then can make out the sound of something being moved and then the faucet comes on. A small clink indicates a glass and then his footsteps return. Then, all sound stops.

You turn your head left and right, trying to pick up his breathing, his heartbeat. Anything. Nothing. You are about to speak and you feel something against your lips. The edge of a glass. The lack of scent means water. You stick your tongue out and a small amount of water drips onto it. You lean you head forward and the glass tips, letting the cool liquid coat your tongue and ease the pain of your parched throat.

You swallow and swallow, then ease up. You let out a sigh and the glass is taken away. You hear the sound of it being set down somewhere, but you can't make out where. Josh's hand returns to your elbow and he leads you, your toe bumping into the bottom of the set of stairs.

Forgetting your situation, you react in anger. "You expect me to walk up stairs blindfolded? Are you nuts?" You try to retract the very breath but you know it's too late.

A stinging sensation on the bare skin of your behind rocks you forward, barely catching yourself on the steps before you crash into them. You are now leaning over, both hands on the edge of a step. His hand returns to your behind, over and over, a dozen times all told. Each time, you cry out just a little, more out of surprise than anything.

Your head is pulled back again and you hear his voice in your ear again. "You will NOT speak to your Master that way!" He grips your jaw...hard...and makes you cry out. "Are you slave? Are you going to talk to your Master that way?"

You shake your head no and he let's go. You move your jaw back and forth, trying to work away the pain. Your elbow is grabbed and you are almost dragged up the stairs. By the time you get to the top, you're not entirely sure which way you're facing; you've been turned around a couple of times. You head is spinning and your sense of hearing isn't giving you any clues to what is going on. You're pulled along and then released, your upper body landing on a bed. You take a second to feel along the comforter of the bed, trying desperately to get some sense of where you are.

You hear fabric moving behind you and your hips are suddenly grabbed and pulled upwards. You stand on shaking legs as your head is pushed down onto the bed and your legs spread. You try to move your head, but Josh has your neck in an iron grip. You feel your arms being pulled down to what you would guess to be the corner of the bed where the bedsprings sit on their frame.

There is a pause and you can only hear Josh breathing. You try to move and you feel something being wrapped around your wrist. You start to say something but the feel of his hand on your neck stills your mouth. Whatever he has, it loops around your other wrist and then he lets go of your neck, focusing on your wrists. You understand quickly that your hands are now tied around the bed frame and no matter how hard you pull, you can't get loose.

You hear Josh stand and then he doesn't move, presumably looking you over. "So, slave. Here you are. What am I going to do with you? That outburst on the steps cannot be overlooked."

"Master, I...Your slave is sorry. She didn't mean to insult you that way."

"Oh? And how sorry are you, slave?"

"Master, Your slave is very sorry. She will never do it again."

"Hmmmm. I'm not sure I believe you. You don't sound very convincing. Maybe I should convince you."

You begin to respond, but you are rocked as his hand connects with your behind. Hard. You wince but refuse to cry out. Another shot shakes your whole body. Again you stay quiet.


Again you stay quiet.


Again you stay quiet.

Again. Harder.

Again you stay quiet. Barely.

Again. Even harder.

Again you stay quiet. Fighting hard not to scream.

Again. Harder yet.

This time you can't hold back the scream that's been building in your throat. You cry out and the tears begin to seep through the blindfold. He spanks you again and again, a total of twelve meaty smacks are heard, each one tearing another cry from your throat.

Josh steps back from your ass and you can picture him running his hand through his hair as he looks down at you. You sense movement towards your upraised behind and you feel a finger touch your quivering lips. You gasp as the finger intrudes and then is withdrawn. The finger trails up the edges of your lips, across bare skin and then massages your sphincter, causing you to groan and shudder. The finger only pushes in slightly, but your whimper is enough.

The touching stops and you whine again, seeking out feeling, a touch, a whisper on your skin.

You feel two hands grip your butt, squeezing its firmness. You gasp as the rough hands massage your tender skin, still stinging from your 'convincing.' You feel one hand pull away and hear a zipper being undone. You feel hardness penetrate your softness, inch after inch filling you slowly.

As the last of the penis enters you, a hand grabs a handful of your hair, pulling your head back. A piece of fabric is pushed against your teeth. You involuntarily open your mouth and the fabric slips in, gagging you. A knot is quickly tied in the fabric and your head dropped back to the bed. Breathing is getting harder, especially since the cock is now moving in and out of you, slamming into you with every thrust, rocking your body forward, kept upright by only the hands now holding your hips.

As you are rocked back and forth, back and forth, you hear Josh's voice in your ear. "Maybe now, you will learn to keep quiet." You can guess by his voice that Josh is kneeling next to the bed, a smirk on his face. Your eyes widen as you realize that if he's kneeling there, then he isn't the one behind you, pounding you over and over. You start to turn your head as if to see who it is, but Josh grabs your head and holds it to the bed. You try to say something, but the gag prevents it.

Josh sighs. "I guess not. I guess you need more convincing." Josh turns his head and speaks to whoever is behind you and says, "Hand me that, will you?" You hear something being handed to him; the faint sound of leather hitting flesh reaches your ears."No good trying to submit now. I guess you may never learn slave. Maybe this will get something through your head." He pokes you in the temple with his finger and steps back. You hear only a swift motion through the air before pain lances your back.

You try to arch your back away from the pain, but you can't move because your hands are tied. The sound hisses again and you cry out through the gag, clamping down on it. The flogger whistles again and as it hits you, the man behind you slams hard into you and dumps a load of cum into you, pulsing hard, grunting, his nails digging into your hips.

You groan as you feel him pulse and feel the warmth of his semen enter you. He pulls out and smacks your ass cheek with his sticky cock head, the sound of splattering fluid echoes in your ears. The flogger comes down again, laces of pain shooting up and down your spine. Your legs are trembling from all of the various strains put on them. As the man behind releases his grip, you try to lean against the bed to relieve the pressure on them.

You hear Josh's voice in your ear again. "So, slave. Did you learn your lesson?" You slowly nod your head, tears filling the corners of your eyes. "Good. I'm going to take off your gag and untie you. You are not to move until told." You nod again, not even waiting for the question. He pats you on the head and unties the gag. You hear him kneel and work on untying your hands.

You feel circulation returning to your hands and stifle a small whimper as the tingling begins. You don't move, waiting for the order to be given. He waits for a full minute before telling you to stand up.

You push yourself up off of the bed, bending your knees slightly. "Hold out your hands, slave." You do so, cupping them. You are handed another glass, again water. You drink the whole thing in a few big swallows. You finish the water and lower the glass, taking several deep breaths. You are starting to feel semen running down the insides of your legs.

"Master?" You speak softly, punishment on the horizon.

"Yes, slave?"

"May Your slave take off her blindfold, Master?"

"No, slave, you may not. I will remove it when it is time to remove it."

You lower your head and nod. "Yes, Master."

He takes your head in his hands and places a light kiss on your lips, leaving you wanting more. The briefest touch, a mere shadow upon your parted lips.

"You have been a good slave tonight, so it is time for you to be rewarded."

You smile. "Rewarded, Master? How?"

You can hear the smile in his voice. "That, slave, is a surprise. Now, turn around."

You turn and your arms are pulled behind you and bent at the elbow. Rope ties your wrists to the opposite elbows. You pull on them, seeking to find some way out, but there is no slack to be found.

You are led to the bed and told to lie down. You lie down, face up, and wait. A weight compresses the mattress next to you, giving no indication as to who it is. Hands, from whom you don't know, pull you on top of the person lying next to you. You are moved until you are sinking slowly onto his cock. You lay on his chest, feeling the rings keeping his nipples hard.

You find it hard to move with your hands tied behind your back, but you manage slightly, causing a small burst of warmth through you. You moan, your mouth suddenly covered by his, your tongue overwhelmed by his. The kiss ends and you breathe in great gasps.

"And now, slave; it's time for your surprise."

Before you can say anything, you feel another weight on the bed, down by your legs. A lubed finger probes your anus and you moan loudly, feeling both Josh's cock and this strange finger invading your deepest places. The finger moves out of you, only to be replaced by what feels like the largest cock head ever trying to push its way into you.

You start to cry out but then fully scream as the head pushes past your sphincter. You struggle against your bonds, fruitlessly. The signals blasting into your mind cause your eyes to roll back in your head and you let out a noise that is somewhere between a groan and a sob. Large hands grips your hips and shoulders, moving you up and down the two poles that are attempting to split you in half.

They both pump into you slowly; the fires in your groin spreading like wild flames. In no time, you are screaming incoherently, pulling at your bonds again as your body shakes. You flop down between the two of them, your body soaked in sweat, panting hard, trying to get your mind out of the void into which it has been thrown.

As one unit, you roll to the side, your body supported by these two men. You turn your head side to side trying to figure out what's going on. Before you can regain coherent thought, as if on cue, these two beasts begin thrusting again, but this time in opposite time. One pushing in as one pulls out, one pulling out as one pushes in. Your mind explodes again, as does your pussy. You can't even make sounds as your body tries to move in several directions at once.

You cum again, the stimulation like nothing you've ever felt. They show no signs of stopping. You can only moan and groan as every piece of you feels like its exploding.

After what seems like an eternity, the man behind grunts and you feel his hot cum explode into you once again, filling your ass with his juice.

Josh grunts and thrusts into you once more before he ejaculates into you, his cum mixing with yours and the remnants of the other man. This sets you off again, crying out his name as you orgasm yet again, you body losing complete control. You shake and shudder, the whole bed rocking on its foundation. Your eyes completely roll back in your head and you start hyperventilating.

Without your notice, the man behind you removes himself from the bed, and your behind, and leaves with no words being shared. Josh reaches around you and only gets a vague portion of your attention as he unties you. You wince as he removes the blindfold, but he covers your eyes and you smile up at him.

"Surprise, angel." He has a large grin on his face and somehow you find the strength to crawl up and kiss him.

"Josh," you say; your voice thick.


"Next time, I get to surprise you."

Josh laughs and curls up with you, both of you drifting off to sleep.

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