tagRomanceIn The Murderer's Lair

In The Murderer's Lair

byRiver Otter©

I'd read about this area for what seemed to be years. It's become one of the most famous – or infamous, depending upon your viewpoint – areas for prostitution in the United States, and I finally got the opportunity to visit.

It was a beautiful early spring afternoon, the sky was partly cloudy and the temperature was in the mid-60's – a perfect day for the streetwalkers to be out and about. I'd managed to leave the trailer over at the truckstop, and was slowly cruising the street – looking at the sights, seeing who was out and about, and watching for the omnipresent police.

A couple of women are walking down the street – they're not especially attractive, but they're not unattractive either. They don't look like drugged out crack whores, but they don't look like movie stars either – just a couple of average women, apparently not working girls. I cruise by some motels on the street – they're not the big chain motels, they're the smaller independent motels - but there aren't any girls out and about near them either. A couple of apartment complexes are nearby, along with the usual strip-mall type businesses, but there's nothing that seems extraordinary – no adult bookstores, no topless bars, nothing. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm in the right location, or if the street is just quiet during the daytime.

There's a mini-mart on the corner, and as I pull into the parking lot a transit bus stops at the bus stop. I walk into the store and buy myself a cold soda, and as I walk back out I notice an exotic-looking woman standing beside the bus stop. Caramel complexion, long dark hair with lighter streaks, wearing a denim jacket, tight-fitting jeans... and she'll never have to worry about drowning because she's got one hell of a set of built-in floatation devices!

I try not to be too obvious as I ogle her while I walk back to the truck, but I can't help staring at her. She's maybe 5'6" tall, about 140 pounds, and built like a brick shithouse in Oklahoma! She notices me looking her way and turns towards me. She doesn't say anything, but very imperceptibly nods her head. I casually nod my head in reply, and she walks over towards me.

"Need a ride?" I suggest as she strolls over and I open the door.

She climbs in, and I quickly climb in the driver's side. I start the truck, pull out onto the street, and begin heading down the street again.

"What's your name?" she asks.

"Jeff. And yours?"

"I'm Adela," she replies.

"Pleased to meet you Adela. Where are you going?"

"Nowhere for now. I was just out for some fresh air and trying to make a little money. You're not a cop are you?" she inquires.

"No, I'm not a cop. I'm not even from here; I'm from Missouri. You're not a cop are you?" I ask her in return.


"Show me something a cop wouldn't show me." I tell her. I know she's not the police - cops never get into the vehicle – I just want to see those titties!

She gracefully lifts up her sweater, and shows me a pair of the largest titties I've ever seen! Big round titties which are a nice rich caramel color, with cocoa brown areola and long, suckable nipples that are sticking straight out.

"Are you cold or just glad to see me?" I ask with a chuckle.

"Spend some money with me and I'll be very glad to see you!" she laughs as she pulls her sweater down.

"I can do that," I say with a grin. "What do you charge?"

"What do you want?"

"How about a half and half?"

"Sixty dollars," is her answer.

"Sixty is fine," I tell her. "There's an HQ home improvement store just down the street that I saw earlier. We can pull in there and park."

"OK," she says. "That'll do. So, Jeff, where are you from?"

"St. Louis," I reply. "And you?"


"Montevideo... that's... uhhh... Brazil? No, wait... it's... Paraguay?"

"Close. It's Uruguay."

"Wow, you're a long ways from home. How'd you end up here?" I ask as we pull into the parking lot.

"My ex-husband was in the Air Force," she replies. "We got divorced about three months ago, and I'm trying to make ends meet."

I find a parking spot away from the main building, and well away from any other parked cars. Most stores don't say anything about a big truck parking on their lot, as long as you don't park too close to the building. I've made enough deliveries to this particular chain of stores to know their policy on truck parking, and we shouldn't be bothered.

I sit for a half minute or so and watch the parking lot to make sure no police, pimps, angry boyfriends, store employees, or anyone else is headed our way - but all's well. I pull the curtains closed over the windshield and reach for my wallet as I stand up. I hand Adela three twenty-dollar bills, and move toward the bunk in the back of the truck. Adela stands up, tucks the bills into her pants pocket, and takes her jacket off. She gets undressed in the front as I get undressed in the back, and soon we're both wearing nothing more than our underwear – hers being a pair of silky peach-colored panties.

As she stands up, her titties jiggle from side to side, and I'm amazed by their size. They must be at least 46D's - if not bigger – and there isn't a bit of sag in them. They're not implants, they're the real deal, and I can't wait to get my hands on them!

She sees me eyeing her breasts and says, "Do you like my breasts?"

"Yes, they're very nice!"

"Would you like to fuck them?" she immodestly asks.

"Yes. I think I'd like that!"

"Will you give me more money? I need to pay my rent soon."

"I'll give you forty more if you can make me come twice. Deal?"

"Ok," she says, as a smile crosses her face. "I think I can do that."

I remove my underwear as I lay back on the bunk, and Adela sits down on the edge of the bed, her dark eyes all the while fixed on mine. She seems almost too attractive and well kept to be a streetwalker – her hair is nicely done, her fingernails are a bright vermilion, and she's almost too good to be true – like finding a diamond in a cesspool. Her body looks to be firm and taut – she doesn't appear to have any stretch marks from childbearing, and her stunning tits don't droop a bit. Her fragrance is wonderful and I say, "Your perfume is great, what are you wearing?"

"White Diamonds," she replies.

"I like it!" I declare with a smile. "I like it very much!"

"Thank you!" she says, as her hand timidly touches my thigh and slowly moves up my leg toward my cock. "It's my favorite."

Her coal-black eyes never leave mine, and I can feel her delicate fingers begin to gently caress my rock-hard cock. A gob of pre-cum oozes from the tip, and Adela gracefully leans over and licks it off, as her fleshy breasts lazily sway to and fro. My cock twitches with anticipation and she casually runs her fingers down and up the shaft again, making another gob appear at the tip.

"You seem tense, Jeff. Relax and let me take care of that for you."

As Adela slowly lowers her head and envelops my prick with her warm mouth, I can't help but gasp "Oh yeahhhh... Ohhhh..."

Her head begins to slowly move up and down on my shaft, and I can feel her tongue twirling around the sensitive underneath. "Oh yeah, just like that!" I moan. "Just like that!"

I move my hand down and gently pull her long, dark hair away from her face so I can get a better view of her as she sucks my cock. I can feel the hot breath from her nostrils ruffle my pubes as she exhales, and I reach down with my other hand and begin to gently caress her pendulous right tit. Her nipple begins to harden under my touch, and I lightly massage and stroke her hanging breast.

Adela slips her mouth off of my throbbing cock, and as she slides over to the edge of the bunk, she gently tugs my hand. "Stand up", she says. "It's easier if you stand up."

I move from where I've been lying, and stand up so that I'm facing her. Adela begins where she left off – sliding my cock in and out of her warm and wet mouth. She pulls her lips off of my dick, and lifts her large, soft breasts with her hands and wraps them around my cock.

"Ummmm... your dick is so hard!" she exclaims as she begins to rub her tits over my throbbing manhood. "Fuck my titties!"

I begin to slowly flex my hips, and my cock moves up and down in the deep and hot valley between her two impressive breasts. The feeling is wonderfully erotic, and I close my eyes and concentrate on the sensations. She jiggles her tits and I can feel the rippling of her tit-flesh on my prick as I slowly pump away in her cleavage.

"I like this," she says softly. "I like having my breasts fucked!"

"Me too! It feels great!"

She lowers her head, and swallows my cock into her mouth for a second, and then wraps her titties around my cock and begins stroking it with them. I can feel her hard nipples poking into the tops of my thighs, and I continue thrusting into her pillowy softness. She alternates between sucking on my dick and rubbing it with her mammoth titties, and the wetness of her mouth combined with my pre-cum serves to lubricate her cleavage and make my prick begin to pulse with desire.

"Oh yeah!" I moan. "Ohhhh... that's gonna make me come."

Adela keeps jiggling her breasts around my cock and rubbing her bullet-like nipples against my thighs as I begin to thrust faster and faster in the velvety gorge between her tits.

"Come for me Jeff," she lewdly urges me. "Come for Adela!"

My nutsack begins to tighten up in its familiar way, and I rapidly approach the peak. "Ohhhhh..." I moan. "Here it is..."

Adela stops rubbing my dick with her colossal tits, and wraps her lips around the head not a moment too soon. A spurt of hot, sticky come spews from the tip of my cock, across her tongue and down her throat. Before I know what's happening, she's somehow buried her nose in my pubic hair, and the head of my prick has a strange, funny, tight sensation – it almost has to strain to shoot its load. Adela has swallowed my cock down her throat, and my come is shooting directly into her belly. She delicately runs her vermilion fingernails across the underneath of my nutsack, and encourages more jizz to flow from my balls into her greedily suctioning gullet. My balls continue to pump away, but my come isn't squirting from my cock, it feels more like it's flowing – like one big, long, never ending stream of jizz is being siphoned from my balls.

My balls are literally being sucked dry, until finally the pumping in my groin gradually slows and then stops as my climax subsides. My orgasm was so intense that I feel a little light-headed and grab hold of the side cabinet to steady myself so I don't fall down.

Before I can say anything about her fantastic cocksucking abilities, Adela gently slips her mouth off of my cock and tugs my hand. "Lay down," she urges as she scoots over on the bed. "Lay down."

I plop down on the bed, and lean back against the pillows. Before I can say anything, Adela stands up and removes her silky peach panties. A wiry dark brown bush appears, and she quickly swings her leg over my prone body and straddles me. She reaches down with her hand, and in an instant she's slipped my still-hard cock up inside her hot and wet pussy.

Adela gently shifts her hips and wiggles her pussy around on my cock. Little by little she slithers down on my shaft until she's managed to stuff my prick all the way inside her tight and syrupy snatch, and her dark and frizzy bush is pressed into mine. She leans forward so that her cantaloupe-sized titties are dangling above my chest, and slowly begins to slide her juicy pussy up and down my hard shaft.

"Ummmm..." Adela moans softly. "Your dick feels good in me."

I reach up with my hands and begin to easily caress and fondle her breasts and tug gently on her nipples, as I let my hands roam over her tawny curvaceous body. I can see the brown areola begin to contract as her nipples begin to poke forward. She's slowly stroking my cock in and out of her simmering wetness, and she casually leans her upper body forward toward my face.

"My breasts are so sensitive," she whispers faintly. "I like the way you touch them, you're not too rough."

"Well..." I think to myself, "If you like having them played with, you'll probably like this too..."

I lean my head forward and capture her right nipple between my lips. I begin sucking tenderly on it, pulling on it with my lips and swirling my tongue around it as I greedily suckle away on her ample bosom.

"Ohhhh..." Adela gasps. "Ohhhhhhyessssss..."

Her upper body shifts forward as she offers her abundant breasts to me. She slips her right hand behind my head, and pulls me into her plentiful tits. My hands reach down and grab the cheeks of her ass, and I begin to rock her back and forth on my deeply buried cock as I revel in her huge mammarys.

Her breasts are most impressive – they're just about the most perfect titties I've ever seen. Not too hard, not too soft, they're just nice and firm. I delight myself by licking her nipples, rubbing my face over her ample chest, and gently tugging on her nipples with my lips and making them protrude from her breasts. She must be enjoying herself too – I notice that her breathing is becoming deeper and more ragged as Adela begins to grind her pelvis into me.

"Ummmhhhh..." she murmurs softly. "Ummmmhhhh..."

I can feel her hot and wet pussy begin to spasm as the muscles in her humid tunnel begin to contract and ripple around my cock. The more I rock her back and forth, the hotter and wetter her pussy gets, and the more Adela grinds against me and pulls my head onto her teat.

Her movements become more anxious, and I can sense she's about to come. I pull my lips off of her tit and look at her face. Adela's eyes are closed, and she's concentrating on the feelings in her snatch. I move my hands to get a better grip on her ass, and my finger accidentally presses against the little rosebud of her asshole.

"Unnngghhhh..." as a low guttural grunt escapes her lips. "Do that!" Adela shamelessly encourages me. "Ohhhhh... yeahhhh.... do that!"

I slide her forwards and backwards on me, as my finger lightly fucks her puckered asshole. The tip of my finger wiggles around in her ass – not penetrating deep inside her, just shallowly fucking and stimulating it. Suddenly Adela exhales deeply and pushes herself down as hard as she can on my embedded prick. Her pussy twitches around my cock as she climaxes, her cunt muscles rippling and squeezing my cock as her warm wetness flows over my balls.

"Ummmmm..." Adela squeals with delight as a sudden shudder wracks her voluptuous body. "Ummmm..."

Before Adela can say anymore, I push her off of my cock and roll her onto her back. She has a quizzical look on her face, but I quickly sit up and grab her ankles. I raise her legs up so that her ankles are on my shoulders as I slide my prick back into her simmering snatch. Adela is so sexy, her body is so lush and firm, her titties are so magnificent, and her pussy is so good and wet and tight, that I just have to shoot my load inside her. I know that the carnal delights she has to offer are going to be phenomenal, and I want to savor and enjoy them as long as I can.

I begin to slowly piston my cock in and out of her fluid center - not fucking her as hard as I can, but instead fucking her as deeply as I can. I set up a slow and steady motion, rhythmically sliding my prick into her wonderful pussy as deep as it'll go, then pulling it out until just the bulbous tip remains inside her before I slide it back into her liquid depths. In and out... in and out... slowly... steadily... in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

My shaft is rubbing against her clit as I slowly stroke in and out of her heavenly snatch, and Adela is making a faint, low sighing noise as I thrust into her. Her mountainous titties jiggle as I pump steadily into her creamy cunt, and her bullet like nipples draw crazy patterns in the air as they shimmy on her gelatinous breasts. She has a far away, dreamy, almost glassy-eyed look in her eyes, and she begins to pull gently on my nipples and lightly scratch my chest with her long, vermilion fingernails.

"Ohhhhh..." she moans in a sultry voice, "You're a stud! I could let you fuck me for hours!"

"I could fuck you for hours!" I respond. "I love the way you look, I love the way you smell, I love the way you make me feel, I love the way you fuck me, I love everything about you!"

"You do?"

"Yes, I do!" I answer in a quiet voice. "You're the sexiest woman I've ever been with, and I'm glad I met you."

My arms are starting to get tired, and I stop my machine-like action. Her pussy clings to my cock like a velvet glove as I slowly withdraw from her sodden pussy, and lay on my side next to her. I roll Adela over onto her left side and lift her right leg up so I can access her fabulous honey pot. I slide my cock back into Adela's luscious cunt, and drape her leg over mine so my hand is free. I slip my left arm underneath her neck and bring it around so I can play with her tremendous breasts while I fuck her. My other hand reaches down to where our bodies are joined and begins to gently rub her hard little clit.

"You like this?" I ask as I begin to nuzzle the sensitive areas of her neck while I fondle her titties, stroke her clit, and easily slide my cock in and out of her gooey cunt. "Does my cock make you feel good?"

"Yessss..." she sighs. "Oh fuck yessss... Your cock is so hot it feels like its on fire!"

I bury my shaft in her sweltering pussy as deeply as possible, and just let it stew in her simmering wetness. "You are so sexy," I tell her as I play with her opulent titties and kiss her neck. "You are so sexy and beautiful!"

Adela reaches down to where my other hand is eagerly rubbing her clit, and she gently rubs my fingers and hand as I stroke her swollen clit. I can feel her luxurious pussy clench around my cock and her muscles tremble as my prick soaks in her humid cunt. I casually reach down lower and massage her pussy lips – idly tracing my fingers over them, feeling their rubbery softness and slippery smoothness.

"Ummmmm..." Adela moans as she wiggles her hips and tries to draw my cock even deeper into her dripping wetness. "Play with my pussy..."

I lazily move my hand down and get some of her creamy elixir on my fingers, then rub them around her pussy lips and her clit. Again, again, and again I repeat this – fondling the puffy lips of her snatch and stroking her blood-engorged and swollen clitoris. Adela's juices are flowing freely, and I continue lubricating my fingers with her cream and masturbating her twat.

"Ohhhhhh..." she moans as a mini-orgasm races through her sumptuous body and makes her fiery pussy flutter around my still basting prick. "Ohhhh... you make me crazy!"

"You make me crazy too!" I whisper in her ear while I keep diddling her snatch and cause Adela to have another mini-orgasm. "You make me so horny!"

I keep my fingers occupied exploring this most intimate area of Adela's, while my other hand lovingly gropes her buxom chest. I enjoy the way I can make Adela repeatedly climax and the way she trembles when she does – her toes curl up, the muscles in her legs get taut, and she squeezes my arm where she's been holding onto it.

"Oh yes, YES!" she wails as yet another small climax makes Adela shudder with delight. "Ohhhh... fuck me Jeff! Fuck me with that hard cock! Fuck me and come in me," Adela begs me wantonly. "Keep your money, just come in my pussy!"

"Let's come together," I tell her, but I hope she climaxes quickly. My cock and balls are aching and demanding release, and I don't think I can't postpone the inevitable very much longer. I've worked myself into a sexual frenzy, and I've got to get my rocks off soon.

I keep nibbling on her sensitive neck as I rub her clit and resume pumping my dick in and out of her marvelous cunt. Wet and squishy sounds begin to emanate from where I'm busily fucking my cock into her sweet pussy. My own climax is just a few seconds away, and I want her to come with me. I begin to rub her clit a little harder, and I can feel her pussy begin to spasm and quiver around my cock.

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