tagLoving WivesIn the Name of Love

In the Name of Love


Nick looked at her through half-closed lids. "You know what I want," he said softly, a smile shaping his lips.

They lay side by side on the bed, naked beneath the covers.

Vina slid her eyes away from her husband's gaze and his smile, and closed them, trying to escape him; but she couldn't get him out of her head -- his fingers brushed the underside of her breast under the covers and she felt her nipple being pinched between two fingers.

"Well?" he inquired, when she was quiet a little too long.

"I don't know..." It came out uncertain. She didn't want to tell him no, but she didn't know if she could give him what he wanted either. For him to ask for it as a Valentine's Day gift? That was what she was having the most trouble with.

She knew it was his fantasy. He had talked to her often about it, but now, when it seemed concrete - when it seemed like it could happen now, today - she felt like backing out, running off and never returning. But she couldn't do that. She loved him.

"You don't want to?" he probed. His fingers played with her nipple, coaxing it into an erect throbbing point with an easy familiarity.

"It's not that I don't want to... I just... I don't know." She stopped, swallowed. "I'm just not totally comfortable with it, Nick."

"But I'll be there with you. All the time, all along." He cupped her naked breast and started massaging it. "I just want to see someone else pleasuring you...."

"But you satisfy me," she cut in.

"Yes, I know. We enjoy the sex we have, a lot; now I want you to experience more. I can't believe I'm the only man you will ever sleep with in your whole life. I want you to have different men, different sensations. I want you to experience all there is." He was kneading her breast, the pressure increasing as he went on trying to convince her. "You know all this, Vina. I've told you so many times. I want so much for you, for us. I want to see you with another man. I want to see him pleasuring you." He squeezed her breast harder as he got caught up in his fantasy. "I want to see him kissing your lips, sucking your nipples, touching you everywhere. His hands on your breasts, on your thighs, his fingers deep inside you. I want to see you reach ecstasy with him. I want to see his cock in you. I want to see him thrust..."

"Nick!" Vina caught his wrist to still his hand. "Ease off a bit? It's getting rough."

He was immediately contrite. "Oh baby, I'm sorry. Where did I hurt you? Here?" Pushing the covers off her breast, he dipped his head to take the nipple in his mouth. He swirled it around his mouth for a moment, laving his tongue over it again and again, suckling on it the way he knew she loved.

Vina looked down at the dark head against her breast, running her fingers through his hair idly. Would it really disturb her so much if she gave him what he wanted? She knew he loved her, because he never missed any opportunity to tell her that; and she loved him, she knew that. He did so much for her. And they were connected in more ways than she could count; being with someone else would not change that. Nothing could ever change that. Still... she would never want to share her man. Then why did he feel the need to... to do this?

Nick lifted his head and looked into her eyes. "Better now?" He smiled that lazy smile of his.

She smiled back. "Yes, it is."

"Then can I play with 'my' breasts some more?" he looked down at her generous breasts. "These are mine. My babies." He pushed them together and buried his face into the soft mounds.

His early morning stubble prickled her sensitive skin, but she didn't mind. Their lovemaking was never easy on the body. She always ached afterwards, throughout the day, carrying the little pains as reminders of her passionate husband's love. There was a kind of pride that went with it, having little reminders of their lovemaking with her wherever she went. It was a cosy kind of togetherness she had with him, even when he was not with her.

She felt herself getting wet as Nick's ministrations registered in her mind. His tongue rasped against her nipples, grazing the erect nubs again and again, making tingles run down from her nipples to somewhere low in her belly. She gasped and spread her legs wider, subtly signalling to Nick that she wanted his hand down there.

When he failed to do what she wanted, she tried to grab his wrist and pull it down, but he stopped her and raised his head.

"Wait. What have you decided?" he asked her, looking deep into her lust-crazed eyes.

Vina didn't answer immediately. She couldn't. Her breath came in short gasps, making her chest rise and fall sharply with each gulp of air she took.

"Because if we're doing this," he continued, "then maybe we should hold off for now."

She looked at him and nodded slowly, reluctantly, letting him know that she would do it. For him, she reminded herself. "But Nick, who? At this short notice, can we find someone who will agree to this kind of a thing?" She made a last ditch attempt to get him off the idea.

He rolled off her with a smug smile. "I already have someone who's ready to do it," he pronounced.


He turned to look into her eyes. "Gary," he pronounced after a dramatic pause.

Vina carefully froze her face into an expressionless mask. She wouldn't show any reaction. "Gary?" she repeated, keeping her voice neutral. Surely he couldn't mean...!

"Yes." He smiled a feral smile. "Gary."

"But... you mean... our Gary? I mean, the Gary we know?"

"Of course. Who else would I mean?"

"But..." Vina's mind was boiling with too many thoughts at once and refusing to function. Gary?! It couldn't be! Not the Gary who was her husband's friend, a man who came to her house for dinners and parties, who she treated almost like a younger brother! She could never think of Gary in that way. How could she and Gary...? How did Gary agree to such a thing?! It was just unthinkable. "He agreed?" she asked her husband, who was watching and waiting for her reaction.

"Yes, he did. Who wouldn't?" Nick gaze travelled over her exposed breasts. "Actually, he has a thing for you, you know?"

"What?!" Vina couldn't get herself to believe it.

"Yup. He's quite looking forward to this."

"I don't believe it. My God!" Vina shook her head in disbelief. "I just don't know what to say."

"Why are you so shocked? Don't you like Gary?"

"No, it's not about liking. I never thought... I mean... I think of him as... well, not like that!" Vina took a deep breath and tried to take it all in.

Nick chuckled. "He definitely thinks of you in that way, believe me. I've seen him looking at you, checking you out. Your ass, your boobs... you really are sexy." Nick lifted the covers off his wife and peeked in.

Vina closed her eyes. "I don't know, Nick. How can I? With Gary?"

"Listen, baby. First of all, are you doing this or not? With anybody."

She nodded slowly. "You know I will if you really want me to," she said, looking into his eyes.

"Ok, then," he continued, "the best way for this to happen is to do it with someone we know. We know Gary. We can trust him. If it was with someone else, we'd have to get to know them first and then... well, it's complicated. With Gary, we have the upper hand. He'll do what we tell him to do and won't do what we're not comfortable with." He paused for effect. "And he wants to do this," he continued. "I know."

"How do you know? Have you asked him?"


There was a pause.

"What exactly? 'Will you sleep with my wife?'" Vina strove to keep it light-hearted.

"Of course not. We were talking the other night when we went out drinking, remember? And the talk turned to women and what sort of women we liked... and then he described someone like you... and I asked him would he like you... and he was a bit hesitant and first, kind of checking the ground out, but then when I was okay about it all, he said he'd love to fuck you."

Vina nibbled at the inside of her lip. She didn't really like her husband discussing her like this with his friends, but then, they were men, she reminded herself; and she knew Nick. He was a lot more sexually advanced than she was. It was no big deal for him.

She, however, could not push away her uncertainty. "Nick, I don't know. It all sounds so..."

"Listen, Vina, if you don't want it at any point of time, we don't do it. But you know how much this means to me. Can't you at least try?" His voice was a little tight with impatience, and he was trying hard to control it. "Come on! I'm telling you we'll stop if it doesn't work out. Nothing lost. You have to try at least. That's all I'm asking of you. Surely you can do that?"

Vina knew she would eventually agree, then why was she taking so much time with it? Nick was the dominant one in their relationship and used to getting his way with her always, but this time... it wasn't that easy for her to go ahead with what he proposed. It just wasn't comfortable. But then, she knew how much he wanted it. And, she owed it to him to at least try she supposed. "Fine, I will, but Nick, I'm not comfortable, okay? You need to keep that in mind when we're actually doing it."

Nick's face split into a huge grin at her acceptance. "Of course, darling. Of course! I told you already, if at any point you feel like you don't want to do it, then it's okay. We won't." He gave her a resounding kiss. "So, shall I tell him to come over?" He was already jumping off the bed.

She nodded and smiled weakly. Her eyes followed him as he went off to find the phone.

The time was set for early afternoon. They had an uneasy brunch where Nick tried to make the atmosphere as relaxing as possible and succeeded most of the time, or Vina hid her anxiety too well. The rest of the time was spent in nervous activity - laundry, preparing dinner, doing the dishes. She tried to keep herself busy so she wouldn't have to think too much about what she was getting into. And then when it was suddenly too near to four and there was nothing to do, Vina began panicking.

"There's something for you in the bedroom," Nick said as she paced around the living room.

An outfit lay on the bed -- a skirt and a white shirt she hadn't seen before, and new lacy underwear. Nick had prepared for this! She donned the clothes and walked to the mirror. The skirt was a bit short, ending at mid-thigh, uncomfortable, but the shirt generously covered her upper body. Vina wondered why Nick hadn't chosen something skimpier. She kept her shoulder-length hair loose, the way she knew Nick liked, just running a brush through it. A few drops of perfume and a bit of lipstick with a light hand, and she was ready.

She walked into the living room where Nick waited for her just as the doorbell rang. Vina's heartbeat started thundering in her ears and her palms were damp as she struggled to maintain some sort of control over herself. It would be all right. Nick was with her and she was doing it for him. She closed her eyes and repeated that to herself. She was doing it for the man she loved. It would be all right.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Nick entering the room with Gary close behind him. Her eyes met Gary's and she immediately looked away. She didn't know what to do.

Nick did. "Won't you two at least say hi to each other?" He sounded as if Gary was on another social visit.

"Hi," Gary murmured.

She deliberately raised her eyes to meet his and forced a strained smile. "Hi, Gary," she replied. Her voice was soft but strong. She was proud of herself. She could do this.

Nick looked pleased too. He motioned for her to come over to him as he sat down. "Vina is a little nervous, Gary. We'll have to make her comfortable," he said with a smile.

Gary smiled. "That's something I'm sure I can do."

Nick pulled Vina down on his lap as she neared him, and manoeuvred her to face him. "Relax, sweetie," he said softly, as his hands rubbed her arms in a comforting way. "Close your eyes."

She scrunched her eyes shut, and felt Nick's lips on her. He was nibbling at her neck. She took a deep breath and relaxed her body, trying to force thoughts of Gary watching them out of her head and weaving her fingers into his luxuriant hair. She felt his hands at her knee, stroking her, rising ever so slowly, until they were under her skirt, edging her legs open, and on her thighs, caressing softly. She shifted uneasily, but he shushed her, trying to get her to abandon her embarrassment.

His lips found hers and he kissed her passionately, nibbling at her lips, playing with her tongue, making her focus on what he was doing to her, rousing a slow fire within her. Her body arched slightly as his fingers found her centre and the tips of his fingers brushed her through her panties. Her legs moved apart reflexively and she let out a small moan.

"That's it, sweetie. Let go," he whispered against her lips.

At Nick's voice, her body tensed and she broke away from him, wondering if she could go through with this. She felt like she was on display, with Gary watching from somewhere behind her.

"What's wrong?" Nick's voice held the beginning of tightly reigned in irritation.

Vina tried to take some deep breaths and relax. She knew if she couldn't get into the spirit of things soon, she would anger him. After all, she had agreed to do this. She shook her head and muttered a soft, "Nothing."

Determined, she placed her hands on either side of his head and bent her lips to his, licking them. She felt him smile briefly and then he was kissing her. His hand caressed her outer thigh absently.

He broke off the kiss then and looked at Gary behind her. "When are you planning to join us?" he asked, humour lacing his voice. "Come on."

She heard Gary's footsteps behind her, approaching them, and tried to quell the sudden flutters in her stomach.

"Baby, you should turn around," Nick said. He pushed her up and turned her around, pulling her down so that she was sitting on his legs with her back to him. The position spread her legs on either side of his, leaving them wide open.

Gary was standing right in front of her, his shirt off. She let her eyes wander up his flat abdomen and chest. He had a good body, leaner than Nick's. Her eyes moved up and saw him looking at her cleavage. He looked up and their eyes met. She felt a nervous tug in her stomach.

Nick reached around and started unbuttoning her shirt. One hand slipped inside and his palm rested flat against her stomach, rising and falling with her breathing.

"Gary?" With a word, Nick invited Gary to join them.

Gary stepped forward and knelt in front of Vina, placing a hand on her thigh.

Vina closed her eyes, willing herself to go through with this. It meant too much to her husband. She couldn't back out. She couldn't. She wouldn't. With that resolve, she opened her eyes and looked directly into Gary's pale grey ones. Her gaze moved to his lips. She slowly leaned towards him. Then with a boldness she didn't know she possessed, she reached an arm out and pulled him to her, joining their lips in a first tentative kiss.

Behind her, she felt Nick shift and bend forward so that his chest pressed into her back. "Yes, baby," she heard him whisper, urging her on. There was a breathless quality to his voice.

His hands moved to cup her breasts, kneading them slowly.

She felt herself getting aroused, despite her reservations. There was something taboo about this, encircled by her husband's arms and kissing another man. She deepened the kiss with Gary, opening her mouth to him, her hand applying subtle pressure to the back of his head, signalling him to move closer. Her other hand kneaded his shoulder, wandered over his neck, his arms, letting herself getting familiar with his skin - the heat, the texture, the roughness. He smelled different than what she was used to with Nick -- the musky, manly, scent of an aftershave the same, yet subtly different.

Nick began easing her shirt off her shoulders, so she broke off the kiss, moving back to help him as Gary bent his head and started placing wet kisses around her navel. Behind her, Nick trailed his mouth down her neck and back as he peeled off her shirt. Everything was happening seamlessly; both men focused on her body and on pleasuring her.

Gary gradually moved up her stomach, licking at her bra just as Nick unhooked the clasp, and Vina's hands shot up to stop it falling off. They were going too fast! Nick slipped the straps off her shoulders and moved her hands away while Gary pushed it off, his hands and lips descending, cupping her breasts and kissing them.

"Relax, baby. Just relax."

She heard Nick's words whispered into her ear and tried to do just that. She felt her body loosening up gradually as her brain responded to Gary's ministrations at her breasts. He was good. She loved to have her breasts played with and Gary was devoting his attention there. His mouth and hands worked feverishly - tugging, nipping, caressing, kneading, and sucking at them... until she felt a warmth uncoiling somewhere deep within her. She let her mind go completely blank, save for the sensations assailing her. She felt the fire within her getting hotter and hotter as Gary kept playing with her breasts without pause. She moaned, arching her body and wanting more.

Nick moved his hands between her legs, cupping her and pressing his palm into her pussy, feeling her wetness through her panties.

"Time to take these off?" he whispered in her ear.

Vina's mouth felt dry as she tried to reply, so she only nodded her head at his suggestion.

Nick gently pushed her off him so that she was standing. Gary moved back and looked up at her.

"Perhaps Gary would like to...?"

Gary didn't need any further invitation. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of Vina's skirt and panties and pulled, sliding both of them down together, past her knees and down her legs in one smooth motion. Vina reflexively bent forward and lay a hand on his shoulder to keep her from falling as she lifted first one leg and then the other as he took off her clothing and tossed them to the side.

She was totally naked now, with Gary kneeling in front of her and her husband behind her. Gary's eyes roved all over her and she fought off the need to cover herself with both her hands. She bent her head instead, letting her hair fall forward, covering her face.

"Isn't she beautiful?" she heard Nick say.

"Yes. Very," Gary agreed, his voice thick with lust.

Nick put his arms around her waist and settled her back down on his lap, spreading her legs around his own, his fingers moving down slowly against her skin as he nipped at the back of her neck, moving around to dip into the outer lips of her pussy. "You're so ready," he whispered into her ear when he found her dripping wet. His finger slipped in and out of her pussy lips, spreading her wetness around.

Gary was staring at her spread pussy all the while, and now he moved forward, his mouth aimed directly between her legs. He rested his hands on her thighs, licking her pussy tentatively, with slow swipes of his tongue, Nick's finger still there. His mouth, warm and wet, together with Nick's hard finger sliding her wetness around was such a foreign, forbidden feeling that Vina's arousal soared higher, her breathing grew ragged.

She settled her hand flat on her stomach, below her navel, pressing in against the warm arousal pooling inside her. Her other hand wandered over to her breast without her consciously willing it. Her lips were open in abandonment as she drew in gulps of air and she was slowly and surely forgetting her earlier reserve as her husband and Gary expertly played her body. She was becoming a mindless slave to the feelings assaulting her. With one hand at her breast, she tweaked her nipple hard, rolling it between the tip of her fingers, focusing on the sensations Gary's licking and Nick's fingering were having on her pussy. Little beads of sweat appeared on her forehead as her body heated up.

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