tagIncest/TabooIn The Name Of The Father...

In The Name Of The Father...


At the end of my last year of high school tragedy had struck my family and my Mother, along with my two younger sisters and my younger brother had been killed in a horrific motorway pileup that had also claimed the lives of twenty-three other people. The surviving members of my family, my father, older brother and I endured the grief as best we could and a year later things were beginning to return to normal.

After the accident I had been determined to change my choice of university and attend one close to home so that I could be with my father and brother. However the men in my family had other ideas and felt that as the remaining female member, I should follow through with my plans as originally intended. I had tried to argue my point, but truth be told my heart was not really in it. I had been looking forward to spreading my wings and although the accident had knocked my confidence, I still felt that the going away to study was the best thing for me.

My brother and father had seen me off from the station a year ago and now returning I felt a pang as I realised yet again that my mother and younger siblings would not be there to greet me. In fact another surprise was waiting at the station as I realised that only my father was at the station. I craned my neck from the train window long before the train pulled up into the station, in the hopes that I would glimpse my family.

As I disembarked from the locomotive my father strode towards me enveloping me in a bear hug and squeezing me tight. After a few moments I stepped back and looked at my father. My experiences over the past year allowed me to appreciate things about the man before me, that I had never noticed before. The firm set of his shoulders, and the way his muscles moved as he picked up my cases. Striding in front of me as he led the way back to the car, I caught myself recollecting a conversation I had with my roommate the night before leaving university...

"So have you ever thought about it?" Claire asked me as she starred intently at a photo of my Father and brother.

"No of course not, why have you?" I enquired breathless at what her answer might be.

"Hell yeah loads. I mean my Dad is no way as cute as yours Karyn, and my brother isn't all that, but I'm going to do it this vacation."

"You really mean it, don't you?" I was shocked not only that we were discussing instigating incestuous relationships with our brothers and Fathers, we had now progressed to actually thinking of attempting this course of action. "Of course I mean it," Claire replied breathlessly as she stroked herself whilst staring at the picture of my family. "Look I will make you a deal. If we both succeed, next vacation we will all take a trip together and truly get to know each other." A little skeptical about the whole idea I simply nodded hoping that I wouldn't be pressed for a more affirmative answer.

The nod however seemed to satisfy my roommate and we had both dropped the subject as we became more interested in pleasuring each other.

A smile played across my lips as I reminisced and with a quizzical look my father inquired as to what I found so amusing. Scrambling in my brain to come up with a good excuse, as I could hardly tell the real reason I dropped my head to hide my embarrassment. As I lowered my head I was treated to the sight of my Fathers long tanned legs and tight peachy ass. Ooh my God I was checking my Father out. As I sharply snapped my head up I caught my Father in the eye, and was intrigued to see him turn away flustered. Now what had all that been about.

As we drove through the late afternoon traffic, Angie Stone blaring from the stereo made sure that conversation was nigh on impossible and besides it was nice to be able to sit with my own thoughts and steal glances at my father through lowered lashes. I wondered what he was thinking.


As she had stepped down from the train I had become aware that this was not my little girl anymore. A year ago I had set a small frightened grief-stricken little girl on the same train to take her away to the waiting world. Now a year later this gorgeous gazelle of a woman appeared and told me she was my daughter. I had folded her into a hug as I still marvelled at the transformation that a year had brought to my baby girl. As I held her, I was fascinated with the sight of her rounded breasts rising and falling slightly with her breathing as I crushed her to me. Almost as if of their own volition my hands started creeping down her back and came to rest on her pert buttocks.

The feeling of her pulling back caused me to realise that I had been more than halfway to a severe erection and as my daughter smiled I panicked wondering if she had been aware of my semi-erect state. I needed to know so I queried the smile. Karyn had dropped her head in embarrassment and I thought I had been caught. Whilst loading her cases into the car I had risked a quick peek at my daughter to see if I had upset her and instead to my most fervent surprise had caught my daughter trying to hide the fact that she was checking out her old man.

The ride home was completed in silence broken only by me telling Karyn that her older brother Lee was away on a summer sports tryout and would not be back for a week. Sitting in silence I tried to concentrate on my driving, as Angie Stones soulful vocals tried to soothe the raw nerves in the car. Karyn had raced into the house as soon as we arrived leaving me to bring in her cases. This I didn't mind as it enabled me to have a stern talking to with myself. I tried to scare myself with visions of burning in hell for incestuous thoughts, and also by thinking about prison and the nightmares that it held. After about 10 minutes my erection had subsided to the point where I could enter the house relatively unabashed.

I passed the bathroom door, and sounds within alerted me. My daughter had obviously decided to take a shower and a grin spread across my face as I remembered that this was one of my daughter quirks. Karyn said that travel always made her feel dirty. It had been a running joke in the house before the accident that Karyn could be in the shower before the car had got to a complete stop. Laughing softly to myself I continued down the hallway and placed my daughters cases in her room. On turning to exit the room I came face to face with a sight that made my breath catch and my cock get so hard that I thought I had blue balls.

There at the doorway was my daughter. She had obviously forgotten something and thinking she was alone upstairs dashed naked from the shower to her room to retrieve it. Unfortunately this had been at the same moment that I was exiting her room and so we had collided and I had found myself holding this wet nubile young woman.


No. How could this have happened? As I stood dripping water on the carpet I could feel my father's breath on the nape of my neck as his hands massaged the small of my back. He seemed unaware that his erection was pressing into my belly. I couldn't believe it. I had only been discussing this very thing with Claire the night before and here I was less than twelve hours into my vacation and I was already naked and being held by my father. An involuntary movement from my father brought forth a moan from me as my sensitive nipples were dragged across his shirt. My sound had broken the moment and as reality crashed in on my Father he jerked back as though stung.

"Oh Karyn, I'm sorry I didn't see you there. I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No, Dad I'm fine I just ran back for my shampoo and toothbrush. Sorry I didn't think anyone was upstairs."

"That's no problem sweetheart, just put some clothes on before you catch a chill, ok."

"Ok Dad no problem" I called back as he retreated down the stairs. I was covered in goose bumps where his hands had been and I knew it had nothing to do with the cold. I returned to the shower and under the warm jets of water I began to realise that maybe Claire had a point. Where else could a girl learn about love, if not from the men in her family?

By the time the shower had washed away the last of the lather from my hair I had formulated a plan. I knew my father was attracted to me, even if he did not want to believe it himself. The next part was the hard part. How to turn simple attraction into a craving, a burning desire that would push all thoughts out of my Fathers mind. With this thought guiding my actions I dressed carefully. I didn't want to alarm my Dad but I did want him to start thinking in the right direction. I carefully selected my outfit choosing a pretty gypsy of the shoulder top that at first glance was very demure and respectable. Yet on closer inspection it was obvious that the top was practically see through and the embroidery left large holes through which my nipples would often get caught. I teamed the top with a very short pair of denim shorts that had been too small when I left for university and were now almost pornographic.

On bounding into the living room, I manoeuvred myself until I was in my Fathers line of sight before I bent gracefully at the waist and strapped on my sandals. I heard his breath grow ragged as I fastened my shoes, knowing that he would now be aware that I was not wearing any underwear. I straightened up and must have done so too quickly for all of a sudden the room started to spin and before I knew what was happening I had crumpled to the floor. A sound of concern brought me out of my daze as I came round to find my head on my father's lap as he stroked my hair.

"Hey Honey you gave me quite a fright there" he said smiling down on me. As I nestled deeper into his lap I could feel the heat in his groin growing so I nestled deeper. "Sorry Dad, I didn't mean to scare you, I guess I just stood up too fast."

"Maybe you ought to stay around the house for a few days until you get back into the swing of things" he suggested as he continued to stroke my hair. With a beaming smile, I raised up my torso deliberately placing my hand on his stiffening bulge. Pressing my breasts against his chest I kissed him softly on the cheek. Then without realising I turned and kissed him gently on the lips.


Her breasts crushed against my chest for the second time this morning and as she leaned on my thigh her hand absently stroked my leg, occasionally resting on my almost painful erection. My breath caught as she kissed my cheek and then stopped altogether as she pressed her beautiful lips against mine. I knew I should do something. Pull away, break the contact, but I couldn't. I thought I was going to go deaf my ears were pounding so hard as my blood pressure increased in relation to the pressure on my lips and groin. As I began to fear that I would loose control, my daughter disengaged herself from my lips and slowly raised herself to a standing position. I was entranced with the procedure and the sight of her shorts cutting high into her backside and pulling tightly across her hips did nothing to alleviate the ache that had begun in the very pit of my stomach.

"I'm going to relax and catch some sun Daddy" my angel called as she disappeared up the stairs. I sat on the edge of the couch berating myself, what kind of pervert lusts after his own daughter. I knew I shouldn't but it had been over a year since I had been with a woman and Karyn had grown to resemble her departed mother so much that just looking at her brought a bittersweet stab of grief to my heart. Tears filled my eyes as I thought about my wife, never seeing her eldest daughter grow into such a fine young woman. With a wracking sob I buried my face in my hands and was still in this position when my daughter returned from upstairs.


I was at the top of the stairs when I heard my Father breakdown in tears. The sobbing caused my stomach to contract and every fibre of my being was screaming to comfort him. As I raced down the stairs I had forgotten my appearance and the fact that I was still only wearing the bottom half of my bikini. The top half was still dangling around my neck as I had been in the process of lacing it when I had heard my Father breakdown.

I entered the living room to find him almost in the foetal position. I could feel his grief and despair and I started to cry. Reaching for him, I slowly stroked him from the top of his head to the base of his spine repeatedly. After doing this for a couple of minutes he relaxed his position enough that I was able to slip my arms around him and cradle his head to my chest.

Unbeknownst to me my movements had caused the top of my bikini to slip to my side, as it was unfastened, this meant that my Fathers head rested on my naked breast. I continued to stroke, and caress Dad's back as his sobbing calmed and stilled. Even once it had stopped I continued to stroke him. My hands moved as if automated and I hardly dared to breath. As our hearts began to beat in synchronicity I felt his first tentative touches on my bare nipple.

At the first touch electric tingles flooded my body. I moaned softly as he rolled my left nipple between his forefinger and thumb. Slowly my stroking increased until I was kneading his shoulders and back. Without warning he pounced on my erect nipple sucking it deep into his mouth. The sensations this caused made me moan out loud and at this sound my Father looked at me deeply and spoke, "Karyn, I'm so sorry. I know this is wrong but I need you"....

I raised a finger to his mouth and placed it on his lips before stilling them completely with my own. What could I say? Here was my own dear sweet Father expressing his desire for me. Before I could even formulate an answer he picked me up in his arms and placed me on his lap, turning me so I faced him. I entwined my legs around his waist and in my sweetest little girl voice I said "Daddy, Make love to your little girl. Fuck my little pussy till I cum on your big hard cock."

If he was surprised at the string of dirty words I was uttering he didn't show it. Instead he kissed me so deeply I thought he would touch my soul.


I knew I was on dangerous ground as Karyn had begun to stroke and kiss me, but when I voiced my need I had been ready for her to pull away and run. In fact a part of me was hoping she would. Hoping she would be strong enough to save us both from the whirlpool of forbidden desire that was threatening to engulf us. Instead my baby girl begged me to fuck her and the whirlpool rose to a deafening roar and I knew we would be drowned.

With shaking hands I removed the rest of her bikini and gazed lovingly at my daughter stretched out on the living room floor before me. I could see that her pussy was moist and her nipples were so engorged they looked almost comical. My cock in the meantime was thrashing in my pants trying to break free and plunge into the depths of the gorgeous woman lying there. I bent down and after taking a moment to burn the sight before me onto my memory I left a trail of feather soft kisses from her forehead to each of her nipples. I completed the path to her right nipple ending with the quivering bud being massaged by my tongue until Karyn moaned.

Evading her grasping hands I repeated the procedure to her left nipple except this time as I proceeded to suck on her nipple Karyn began groping my trousers in an attempt to remove them.

I raised my hips to aid her in her quest and was suddenly greeted with a rush of air across my bare legs and ass. My recently freed cock was now straining in excitement at what it knew was to come. Yet I still tensed and almost came when I felt my daughter's hand encircled my throbbing nine-inch cock. I moaned into her breast as she wrapped her delicate little fingers round the shaft and began to pull back.

I felt my heart miss a beat as Karyn gently began to push me away from her. With the increase in pressure from my daughter I sat up silently berating myself for my lack of control. My head hanging dejectedly, I didn't see my daughters approach until the very last. I felt, more than saw as she lowered her mouth to my cock and groaned as she settled down over it. The sensation of being enveloped in that warm moist velvety chasm was so erotic that I almost lost control and came there and then. Her flickering tongue was very close to making me loose control as I positioned myself so that we could both share the pleasure of oral stimulation.


At the first tentative touch to my swollen slit I felt myself start to shake. I whimpered around his huge thick cock as his tongue snaked past my outer lips to my very centre. I began to writhe as light flicking caused my clit to swell and spasm. I resumed sucking my Father's cock furiously trying to stuff it past my throat. Cupping his smooth balls I felt them beginning to tighten even more and I knew that soon he would cum.

At that instance I felt my inner tunnel filled with his fingers and I writhed in orgasm as he massaged my pussy while sucking my clit so hard I yelled out in pleasure. Without warning he started to spurt cum to the very back of my throat and he roared into my pussy arching his back. His cum filled my mouth slipping deliciously down my throat as I came again grinding my sopping pussy onto his face.

"FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME NOW!!!" I screamed as he withdrew from my mouth still hard and then he kissed me. Licking his own semen from my lips and chin where it had dribbled.


With a growl I broke our kiss and lowered myself between my daughter's spread thighs. My cock instinctively knew what was required and eagerly searched out the hidden opening. Placing the head inside her tight hole, I opened my eyes and gazed lovingly at the woman beneath me. "Do you want Daddy to fuck you?" I enquired teasingly, wanting to prolong this moment forever. "Yes Daddy" she breathed. "Fuck me Daddy, make me your whore," her eyes flashed as she added "I want to do anything you want Daddy. I want to fulfil all your deepest darkest desires."

"All of them" she whispered as her tight pussy began to contract around the head of my cock.

The sensation was indescribable and I lost all control. With a savage thrust I buried myself into my little girls cunt until I felt myself bang on her cervix.


He hit the back of my cervix and I felt my entire body arch, his pubic hair teasing my shaved cunt. His balls began to sway and bang against my ass as he moved in and out of me with increasing speed. A series of little orgasms began to explode from my body causing me to moan and push back hard against my Fathers strokes. With each thrust he was filling me to capacity and I could feel myself stretched taut around him. The smoothness of his hot hard cock caused such a delightful friction along the entire length of my hypersensitive pussy that I was soon Cumming and could not stop.


I couldn't believe how wet and tight my daughter was. I was aware that she was Cumming almost constantly, and the contractions this was causing, in her dripping cunt was driving me crazy. I couldn't take it anymore and with a guttural roar I began a frenzied attack on my daughters pussy. The blistering pace at which I began to pound Karyn's pussy sent her over the edge. Her eyes rolled back her head and she began to thrash her head and torso from side to side.

I could feel my balls whipping my sperm into froth, and I knew I couldn't hold back any longer. "Baby, Daddy is going to cum" I moaned low in my throat.


"Do it Daddy, cum deep inside me" I yelled in ecstasy. "Make me wet with your cum, fill me up." At my request Dad picked up his pace displaying a stamina I never expected and I felt a massive pressure building inside me.

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