tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn The Name of The Father Ch. 01

In The Name of The Father Ch. 01


As he stood in cemetery in Hilton, not far from Tiverton, Devon, as his beloved wife, Anne, was being laid to her final rest, fifty-six year old David Ellingham reflected upon his life. At sixteen had had made a fortune in stock market speculation, thanks to information he acquired from one of his uncle's acquaintances, as well as using a false name and lying about his age. At eighteen he again used his insider knowledge of an imminent collapse, to sell his shares and double his fortune. He used this fortune investing in a road freight company that soon diversified into sea and air freight and by twenty-five he had also diversified into engineering and electronics. His personal fortune was estimated at about five billion pounds. All this he would gladly give back if it meant the return of his dear wife. His only regret about her was the two worthless sons she bore him.

John and Paul Ellingham were twenty-eight year old twins. Their mother had spoilt them. They squandered the best education money could buy. They had never worked a day in their lives. Why should they? After all, Daddy was rich and the fortune would theirs someday. All they had to do was wait.

David Ellingham, however, had his own plans. He had no time for laziness. He insisted that if they wanted the fortune, they would have to earn it. He put them both to work in the transport company, not as executives or mangers, but as long distance drivers. They could take it or leave it. Their grovelling attitude disgusted him. To make matters worse, they had each married gold diggers.

Twenty-six year old Julia had married John after a whirlwind holiday romance, against his father's wishes and twenty-seven year old Esther had married Paul. She had conned him into thinking she loved him as much as he loved her. Both young women had one thing in common, they believed they had married into money but they were in for a rude awakening.

The late Anne Ellingham believed her husband had persuaded her two boys to stay in specially adapted apartments in the huge Ellingham mansion so they could be close to their mother. This was only partly true. The fact was that David blackmailed both his sons. If they didn't move in they wouldn't get a penny and the two women grumblingly agreed to the arrangement. Now in a public show of "family solidarity" David Ellingham's daughters-in-law stood on either side of him holding his arms.

Both these women schemed behind his back, using legal means and latterly, flattery, to win him over but to no avail. David Ellingham had not spent the best part of forty years building his fortune and not know connivance when he saw it, but they would pay and pay very dearly.

A week after the funeral, David was sitting in his study thinking. There was a knock at the door and Julia, John's wife, entered with a tray of tea and a snack.

"Here you are, Mr Ellingham, something light to eat."

David never allowed her or Esther to call him anything but Mr Ellingham. He insisted on it. He studied his daughter-in-law intently. At twenty-six, she was an attractive creature. She was five feet nine inches, a slim waist, large breasts and long slender legs. She was dressed in a black blouse and black knee length skirt and black tights. Her short blonde hair reflected the sunlight. Just staring at her made David hard.

"Thank you, Julia."

"Would you like anything else?"

David stood up and walked towards her. "As a matter of fact there is. I want to lick your pussy."

"I beg your pardon?" asked Julia, stunned by this boldness from her father-in-law.

"You heard me. Drop your knickers."

"You filthy bastard," she screamed and turned and headed for the door.

"You walk out of that door and you can pack your bags and get out of my house and take your worthless husband with you."

" You'd throw me out? I'll sue for divorce."

"Go right ahead. Half of nothing is still nothing, Julia dear," grinned David.

"What do you mean?"

"Ask your precious John what does he own? His answer is nothing. Everything is in my name, the house, the companies, the money, everything. He doesn't even own the shirt on his back."

Julia tried to go on the offensive. "He has money of his own in the bank."

David shook his head. "Is that what he told you? Every time he needs money, he has to come to me. It's all in my name."

Julia was shocked into silence. She didn't know what to say.

"So how about it, you conniving bitch. Are you going to let me lick your pussy or do you want to go back to the gutter, where you belong?"

Julia wanted to explode. One part of her wanted to walk out there and then and the other half told her that David Ellingham was right, she would end up in the gutter without a penny to her name. She decided to swallow what little pride she had and lifting her skirt, rolled her tights and knickers down, exposing her bare pussy to her father-in-law for the first time.

David Ellingham licked his lips in anticipation. " A freshly shaved pussy. Your husband has some taste at least."

Julia shuddered as this vile man's tongue began to explore her pussy. His rapid beat and then parting of her pussy lips began to excite her as her clit felt the tingling sensation. It made her wet. "Uurgh" was all she could utter. Her moaning became deeper with each breath. "Oh fuck," she repeated several time.

Suddenly, it all stopped and David sat back in his chair. He unzipped his pants. Julia was amazed at the size of his cock.

"Now, get down and suck it."

Humiliated, Julia knelt and did as ordered, taking the huge cock into her mouth and began to suck at a slow pace that gradually accelerated at each movement of her head, which David Ellingham controlled, bobbing her back and forth. First she felt the pre cum and then an explosion of cum flooded her mouth. She was prevented from spitting it out when he yanked her head back, forcing her to swallow every last drop.

"You're a good cock sucker," he said a little breathlessly, "but I knew that when you married John. I'm really looking forward to fucking you tonight. I bet you're hot in bed."

"But John!"

"He's gone to Glasgow and won't be back until tomorrow. Not that that makes any difference, he can take it or leave it. It's all the same to me. Make sure you have your sexiest underwear for tonight. Now get out, I'm busy."

Julia left without a word.

Outside the door, Julia cursed under her breath. "That fucking bastard."


At ten that night, David Ellingham was sitting in his bedroom chair, dressed in pyjamas and red dressing gown when there was knock on the door. David went over and opened it. Julia stood there in the same black outfit she had worn earlier. David ushered her in.

David walked behind Julia and putting his hands on her shoulders, kissed her neck. The sensation made Julia jump. As he continued kissing, one of his hands made its way to her black blouse and slowly opened each button, until it reached half way and then his hand squeezed her breast through her bra. "Mmmm, you smell lovely," said David. "You prepared well."

"P-please, Mr Ellingham, don't do this," pleaded Julia. It was in vain. She knew from his outburst that she had said the wrong thing.

"Now you listen to me. I won't tell you again, either play by my rules or get the fuck out of here. Your choice."

Julia bowed her head in defeat.

David resumed kissing her neck and fondling her breasts. He forced her blouse open, revealing her low cut black lace bra that barely contained her huge breasts. His hand travelled down the back of her black skirt and Julia felt the zipper being pulled and the garment fell to the ground, leaving her in her black garter belt, skimpy thong and stockings.

"I'll say this for you. You know how to give a man a hard on." David sat on the bed.

"Get the rest off."

Julia did so obediently but reluctantly. She unsnapped the bra at the front and her breasts surged forward and her nipples hardened almost at once. Her garter belt followed and she slid her thong down in a slow, teasing motion. When she had rolled her stockings down, David ordered her to lie on the bed and for several seconds surveyed her naked form. He stripped rapidly and mounted her.

Once again David began to kiss her neck, this time however, he began to travel down her naked shoulder and settled on her breast. He began to suck, lick and nibble at alternate intervals and as much as she tried, Julia couldn't help but to moan. His tongue action between her breasts made her tingle with excitement.

His kissing, licking and nibbling continued as he worked his way down her beautiful slim waist.

"Oh my God," repeated Julia several times as she simply gave in to her urges.

Julia felt her long slender legs being gently forced apart and David Ellingham's tongue forced its way past her pussy lips and as before, lashed her clit; the sensation made her cry out, "Oh fuck. More, please, more. Aaargh."

The sensation stopped for a second and was replaced by his hardened dick plunging deep inside her. Slowly but surely, the rhythm built with each stroke. Julia's body reacted to the pounding and she began to move in tandem. Their breathing became deeper and deeper. By now both were lost in their lust and neither cared if the whole world was watching, they were determined to see their sexual needs fulfilled regardless. Julia's juices began to build and at the same time she felt her father-in-law was close to cumming. The collision of her juices and David's hot cum made Julia give a sigh of both relief and deep satisfaction. David too, exhaled a deep sigh.

"You're a great fuck, Julia. I'm going to enjoy you for a long time," he said breathlessly and grinned. He turned Julia on her side and wrapped his arm around her kissed her. "Good night, Baby." He curled up close to her warm naked body and fell asleep. With his arm firmly around her, Julia simply remained lying on the bed until sheer exhaustion overtook her and she too, fell asleep.

Julia woke first, as the early morning sun beamed through the window. Her father-in-law had wrapped his arm tightly around her slim body, clutching her breast. She gently released herself and got out of bed, intending to dress as quickly as she could. However, before she could, David Ellingham looked up. "Where do think you're going?"

"I need to shower."

David sprang up. "That's a good idea," and with that he jumped out of bed and dragged Julia to his en suite shower.

"Please, Mr Ellingham!" she pleaded. David's frown was enough for to know she had lost the argument before it had even begun. As the jets of hot, steamy water lashed out, David pushed Julia in and he followed.

Standing behind his nude daughter-in-law, he began to massage the young woman's breasts and rub them as the soap washed off.

Julia could feel his hard cock rub against her bare arse, although he didn't force it inside.

His hands moved down her waist and towards her pussy. He forced his fingers inside, making her yelp at the tingling of her clit as it excited her. Suddenly, she was swung round and David, grabbing her blonde hair, forced her to her knees. "Start sucking you bitch, and make it good."

Julia's mouth was forced to receive the huge waiting organ and as the hot water continued to cascade around her, she was forced to bob in and out, eventually settling into a rhythm. It seemed like an eternity as her sucking and bobbing as her knees began to ache. At last, his cum poured into her mouth and going by previous experience, Julia swallowed every drop of the unpleasant liquid.

David pushed her away. "Like I said last night, you're a great cock sucker. I look forward to bedding you again. Now get dressed and I'll brief you on my rules."

Julia did as she was ordered and returned to David's bedroom where he was sitting in a chair, dressed in his silk dressing gown.

"Now, first of all, you'll never wear pants, only dresses or skirts. I want to see those lovely legs. Secondly you'll wear only sexy underwear. I intend to fuck you and your sister-in-law when ever I like and you'll fuck whoever I choose, without question or you're out on your ear. Clear?"

Julia nodded silently.

"That'll be all for now. Get out."

Once again, a humiliated Julia left without a word.

The following day, Esther Ellingham was getting out of her car and about enter her apartment when she was approached by Marie, David Ellingham's twenty year old Polish maid.

"Excuse me, Ms. Ellingham but Mr Ellingham senior requests your presence in his study."

Esther was puzzled. She had been away in London and was, as yet, unaware of what had happened to Julia. She knocked at the study door not knowing what to expect. The door was opened by David himself.

"You wanted to see me Mr Ellingham?" As with Julia, she wasn't allowed to address him in any other way.

There was a momentary silence as David studied his daughter-in-law as she stood there. She was five feet seven with curly black shoulder length hair, large breasts and long slim legs. In contrast to Julia, she wore jeans and polo neck jumper but her large breasts were obvious.

"Yes I did, or rather I wanted to see those tits."

After recovering from the initial shock Esther spoke, "Are you out of your fucking mind? Go to hell," and turned to walk out. She was a more forceful woman than Julia but nothing could prepare her for her father-in-law's response.

"Pack your bags and get out of my house and take that worthless piece of shit of a husband with you."

"You'd throw us both out? Your own son as well?"

"Let me make something clear to you. You married him in an effort to get your hands on my fortune."

Esther was about to speak but was prevented.

"Don't bother to deny it and don't give me that love crap talk. If you want a share of the fortune you'll have to 'fucking earn it." He strongly emphasised "fucking"."The honeymoon's over baby. It's your choice, a cosy life with my rules or back to the gutter without a penny. Which is it to be?"

For Esther, the passing seconds of silence seemed like hours as she tried to think. She was confused. She thought she had been clever in getting married to Paul and money. She realised now that she had seriously underestimated David Ellingham. Her thoughts were broken by David asking,"Well, what's your answer baby?"

Without a word, Esther lifted her top over her head, revealing her low cut white lace bra and her breasts straining to escape and dropped it to the floor. Her bra followed the same fate and her nipples became immediately hard.

"I thought you'd see it my way," grinned David as he groped the huge melons.

Esther closed her eyes in disgust. She couldn't understand her emotions. She had let older men than David Ellingham grope her boobs in the hope of striking it rich but for some reason she couldn't explain, now she felt cheap. It was the first time this ever happened.

Suddenly Esther felt her breasts were being licked and then sucked. The tingling made her want to moan but she managed to resist the temptation. However when his hand moved to her pussy, having unsnapped her jeans, he began to fondle it through her knickers, her resistance collapsed and she moaned deeply. "Oh my God," she repeated several times, dragging each word out with a struggle.

Esther became lost in her lust as her slim waist was licked and sucked. When her jeans and knickers were lowered, she either was unable or unwilling to resist. His hands firmly gripped her bare arse as is tongue penetrated her pussy lips and excited her clit.

"Aaargh" was all she could exclaim. His tongue lashing made her very wet. Suddenly it stopped and Esther crashed back to reality. When she opened her eyes, she could see David standing in front of her, smiling. "You smell nice, baby and you're horny as hell. I look forward to bedding you tonight."

"But Mr Ellingham, Paul!"

"Fuck him. He's only a wimp. If he wants his share of my money, he'll accept the new rules, and so will you. Be in my room at ten and wear your sexiest underwear. Now get out."

Like Julia before her, Esther left without a word but she felt angry and humiliated and what was worse, she was made to realise that she was not as clever as she thought and she had a much more cunning father-in-law than she had ever dreamed.

Later that evening, the door of David Ellingham's study was forced open and an angry John and Paul Ellingham stood before their father.

"I taught you both better manners than that," said David Ellingham with a grin, fully aware of what this was about.

"You won't get away with this, you bastard," yelled John. "You raped my wife."

"Raped? I fucked her and she was very willing and she enjoyed it. All she did was pay a day's rent."

John reached out as if to hit his father.

"Go right ahead. Before you do though, I'd advise you ask yourself one thing. Are you prepared for a life on the scrapheap? Without a penny to your name? Because that's what will happen. You two have had it soft until now but no more. It's high time you both pay your way, and your wives' bodies will do the trick."

John reddened in anger. He simply kicked the seat in front of him and left and Paul followed. David Ellingham laughed triumphantly.

Outside the study, while they could still hear their father laughing, John turned to Paul. "There must be something we can do. There must be."

Paul shook his head. "I'd doubt it very much. He's a sly bastard and with his money he'll buy anything. Maybe the lawyers can come up with something."


Later that night, David Ellingham had retired to his bedroom. He sat in his chair dressed in his silk pyjamas and dressing gown awaiting his latest sex slave.

When the knock came to the door he opened and Esther stood there in a chiffon see through robe that revealed her red lace bra and matching knickers. This sight alone gave David Ellingham a hard on as he signalled her to enter.

He sat on his bed without a word made an obvious gesture to undress. She dropped her robe to the floor and stood for a second in her sexy red number.

"And the rest."

Obediently but with reluctance, Esther unsnapped her bra, releasing her firm breasts and slid her knickers to the floor and stepped out of them. She blushed as she stood nude before her father-in-law and attempted to cover up her breasts and pussy.

"Ah ah. You haven't anything I haven't seen before. Now get on the bed."

Esther did so and her father-in-law immediately began to fondle her breasts. He massaged them almost like a professional masseur. Then he moved to her pussy and spreading her long slender legs, his tongue descended, parting her pussy lips and whipping her clit, much to her sexual excitement. Esther couldn't resist a moan as this was happening.

Her body began to tremble. David Ellingham may have been twice her age, but he knew exactly what he was doing as his gentle caresses began to build up her sexual pleasure. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," she repeated several times.

Now he could sense she was ready as he gently inserted his huge cock. His systematic pounding was, at first, slow, but gathered pace with each stroke.

Esther's body too, began to react and after a short spell, both of them were in sexual tandem. Their physical pounding caused them to sweat and draw deeper and deeper breathes. When they both finally orgasmed they exhaled "Oh fuck" in unison.

"You're just as good a fuck as your sister-in-law"

Esther was horrified. "You fucked Julia?"

"I intend to fuck both of you on a regular basis. Take it or leave it."

David again mounted his daughter-in-law and began kissing and nibbling her neck, then her shoulder and finally his mouth engulfed her nipple, licking, sucking and nibbling at intervals. The sensations aroused Esther and she moaned at his gentle touch, which, in itself took her completely by surprise. He travelled down her slim beautiful waist with the same effect.

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