tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn The Name of The Father Ch. 02

In The Name of The Father Ch. 02


Thirty-eight year old Jackie Pullman , barrister at law, sat in her office chair reading through the documents. The first one she read intensely. The second, she read with more speed and finally with the third she stopped and put all seven sheets on her desk as sighed with frustration. Taking off her large dark rimmed glasses and putting them on the desk, she gently rubbed her eyes. Sitting in front of her were John and Julia Ellingham as well as Paul Ellingham and his wife Esther.

"This is no use. It would never stand up in court," said Jackie.

"But it tells us that our father is unbalanced," responded John, pleadingly.

"It is simply an opinion, written down by one of your friends, Mr Ellingham. He hasn't been examined by a trained psychologist and as far as I can see there's no reason why he should be. I'm no expert, but I'd doubt if anyone could class your father as unbalanced or insane."

Paul spoke up., "But Helen Rossiter is one of the most renowned psychologists in her field."

"I'm well aware of Doctor Rossiter's reputation, Mr Ellingham. Nonetheless, I have to stress it is only an opinion. Any lawyer worth their salt would have a field day."

"But what about our wives and their humiliation?"

"It's up to them to complain. Do you wish to report it ladies?"

Both Julia and Esther bowed their heads and remained silent.

"You all have my sympathy. You really do, but there's no legal basis here. To be frank about it, the only thing I can see is shooting the old bastard," , Jackie bit her lip when she realised what she had said. "I'm sorry, but there's nothing more I can help you with. To take legal action would be a complete waste of time and money."

All four got up and left the office downcast, knowing Jackie had told them exactly what they had feared.

After they left, Jackie Pullman once again sighed in frustration. As much as she would like to help the Ellinghams, she knew that her hands were tied without a shred of credible evidence.


It was nearly a week later as Jackie was returning to her office from court. Her secretary, Janet Lee, looked up at her. "Oh Jackie, old Mr Ellingham is here to see you. I left him in your office."

"Thank you Janet," said Jackie, surprised and wondering what David Ellingham could want. She checked herself in the reception area mirror. She stood six foot tall, slim build and medium breasts. She was wearing her usual court attire of white blouse, black velvet jacket and matching short skirt and her long slender legs were encased in black tights. She walked into her office and put her brief case on the floor. David Ellingham was sitting patiently in the chair.

"Ah, Mr Ellingham. This is a surprise. What can I do for you sir?"

"Let's cut the bullshit, Ms Pullman. I'm here personally to tell you I intend to sue you, this firm, and have you disbarred."

For a moment, Jackie stood in stunned silence and then with a slight laugh spoke. "Mr Ellingham. What ever are you talking about?"

"This," and with that, David placed a small recorder on the table and pressed the play button. "To be frank about it, the only thing I can see is shooting the old bastard."

A shocked Jackie put a hand to her mouth. She couldn't deny it was her. It was exactly what she had said last week and she regretted it.

"How did you...?"

"Never mind. I'm a very powerful individual Ms Pullman."

"I meant nothing by that. It was a bad joke. That's all."

"A very costly joke, Ms Pullman and I'm sure your boss would agree with me. I'll make sure never work again. I'm sure the bar association, the press and the police would love to throw the book at you. Good day."

David got up and headed for the door.

"Wait please," begged Jackie. "Look, maybe we can come to some sort of an arrangement."

"What sort of arrangement?"

"Well, I'll do anything. Just don't ruin me, please?"

For a moment, David Ellingham stood silent in thought. "Ok, Ms Pullman. Be at my residence, straight after work, and remember, you said you'd do anything."

'Anything?' thought Jackie. Judging by what David Ellingham's sons had told him, she knew this wasn't good.

David left the building and smiled to himself as he got into his Mercedes and was driven away by his driver.

That evening, Jackie Pullman drove up the long driveway that led to the Ellingham mansion. She rand the doorbell and Marie, the twenty year old Polish maid opened the door. "Ah, Ms Pullman. Mr Ellingham said you would come by. This way please."

Marie led Jackie to a ground floor room and knocked at the door.

"Come in," came the response from the inside.

Marie opened the door and entering the room, faced David Ellingham. "Ms Pullman is here, sir."

"Thank you, Marie. Show her in," and Marie beckoned her in.

"Oh Marie?"

"Yes sir?"

Ellingham signalled to her to come over to him and her whispered something in her ear.

"Oh thank you, sir," responded with enthusiasm and delight as she left the room.

Jackie stood statuesque in her six foot frame. Her long blonde hair was tied in a bun. Her firm medium breasts were obvious through her blouse. David Ellingham admired her long slim legs. For the first time Jackie realised Ellingham was wearing a brown work coat and there was an artist's easel in the room.

"What do you want from me, Mr Ellingham?"

David Ellingham stood there with paint and brushes in hand. "Surely that's obvious Ms Pullman. I intend to paint a nude portrait of you."

"You are fucking mad!"

"Not at all Ms Pullman. On the contrary, you will find I'm quite sane. Indeed, I think it is you who have problems. Not only can I ruin you but your husband will suffer too. Now get naked. I haven't all day."

"What's my husband got to do with this?"

"I told you. I'm a very powerful man. It would be very easy for me to see you both destroyed. Now are you going to do as you're told, or do I contact the various people I know?"

Jackie was confused. One part of her wanted her to simply call his bluff and just walk out and yet from her experience of Ellingham producing that tape, she knew he was just the person not to bluff.

Jackie bowed her head and unbuttoned her black jacket, placing it neatly over a chair. Next, she slowly unbuttoned her white blouse. Ellingham watched with enthusiasm as each button was opened, gradually revealing Jackie's low cut, white lace bra that contained her straining breasts. Having pulled it from her skirt, Jackie, placed it neatly over the chair bearing her jacket. She unzipped her skirt and allowed it to slide to the floor and stepped out of it, exposing her white knickers surrounded by the waistband of her tights. She rolled these down together after slipping off her medium heels.

She was naked now. She was seldom naked in front of James, her husband and she instinctively tried to cover her breasts and pussy.

"No need to be shy, Ms Pullman. Put one foot on that chair and your elbow on your knee with your fist under your chin like so. Ellingham demonstrated exactly the pose he wanted and Jackie reluctantly obeyed.

Ellingham walked over to his "model" and untied her bun, releasing the long tresses of her hair that fell about her naked shoulders.

"Oh, that's better. That's much better," said Ellingham like an enthusiastic film director and proceeded to paint on the canvass. He wasn't really painting though. What Jackie didn't know was there were cameras strategically paced all around the room. They were in the mouths of stuffed animal heads and vents. Even the chandeliers had some. In fact they were so well placed that not one area of Jackie's nude body was missed.

Ellingham hummed to himself as he "painted" with enthusiasm. After about three quarters of an hour, he discreetly rang a buzzer that could only be heard outside.

Jackie was startled when the door to the room opened and Marie walked in. Jackie tried to cover herself.

"Back to your pose, Ms Pullman."

"But..." Jackie's voice trailed off as she saw his frown and she resumed her position.

To Jackie's astonishment, Marie quickly stripped naked. The twenty year old knelt before the thirty-eight year old and, placing one hand under Jackie's leg and the other on her hip, Marie gently inserted her tongue into Jackie's pussy and ravished her clit with relish. This wasn't a first time experience for Jackie. In college she had had several lesbian affairs. What was new was being forced into this with a male audience.

Jackie resisted moaning as long as she could. Soon however, the expert stroking by this young woman became impossible to ignore and she finally released her built up tension. "Oh my God. Oh fuck," she yelled repeatedly as her orgasm flowed.

Jackie bowed her head breathlessly and Marie stood up.

"Thank you Marie. That'll be all."

"Oh thank you sir," she responded with a smile as she quickly dressed and left the room.

Ellingham walked up behind an exhausted Jackie Pullman and dropping his pants, he gripped her bare hips and drove his hardened dick into her arse.

"No, please," she begged but to no avail as the pounding, slow at first, built up speed at each stroke. For what seemed like an eternity, Jackie's arse endured this pounding until at last, the explosion of hot cum and David Ellingham's sigh of satisfaction told her it was over.

"Like my daughters-in-law, Ms Pullman, you're a good fuck."

"So it's true. You did fuck them?"

"They enjoyed it, Ms Pullman." David Ellingham laughed.

"I'll have you up on rape and blackmail charges, Ellingham," responded Jackie, angrily, as she hurriedly dressed.

"I'd think twice about that, if I were you. Look up there."

Jackie looked up to where Ellingham pointed and staring at the stuffed tiger head, she saw the faint beam of red and comprehended its meaning.

"You perverted bastard. You filmed me?"

"There's a price to pay when you go up against me Ms Pullman and you've only just begun to pay it. I'm sure your husband will not be as understanding as I am if he sees the film," grinned David, cynically. " Be back here at the same time next week for the next instalment. Now get out of my sight."

Jackie Pullman, defeated and humiliated, ran to her car. She grabbed the wheel and, rested her head in her arms as she wept bitterly. She drove home, wondering what to tell James and more importantly, what had she got herself into.


Later that evening David summoned his sons and daughters-in-law to his study. All four were both puzzled and fearful as to he could want.

"I called you all here to let you know that your little visit to the lawyers was a complete waste of time. There is no way you can defeat me. I told you all before, all you have to do is walk out. There's nothing stopping you, except your love for money. My money that is. I told Ms Pullman there's a price to pay for going up against me, and there's a price for all of you too."

"What price?" asked Julia, anxiously.

"You'll find out soon enough," grinned David.

As they were getting up to leave, David turned to the two women. "You two, stay the night."

Both John and Paul were about to protest but something about their father's stare made them remain silent and they left for their apartments.

"Follow me," ordered David and both Julia and Esther followed him upstairs to his bedroom. "Now wait here," and he disappeared into his en suite bathroom. When he returned he sat in his chair and began to admire both his daughters-in-law, dressed in their blouses and skirts as he had earlier instructed.

"Undress each other."

Both Julie and Esther were shocked but by now realised that refusal was not an option if they were to inherit any money at all. Julie was the first to move as she stood in front of her sister-in-law and began unbuttoning Esther's blouse. Esther reluctantly imitated Julie's actions. As soon as their blouses were fully opened, Julie eased Esther's from her shoulder and allowed it to fall to the ground, revealing her very low cut red lace bra. Esther, in turn, removed Julie's blouse, also allowing it to fall to the ground and display her blue lace bra. Both women had one thing in common, their breasts were desperately trying to escape their confined space. Both bras followed and as they rolled down each other's knickers and tights, David's cock reached its maximum as it hardened.

Julie and Esther looked up to see David lying naked on the bed. "Come here Julie and suck my cock," he commanded.

Without question, Julie obeyed and positioned herself between her father-in-law's legs. She took the huge cock and engulfing it with her mouth, she began to suck. at a slow pace, that gradually built ad each stroke, Julie Ellingham bobbed her head back and forth.

"Ah, wonderful Julie. Just wonderful."

As if he couldn't speak, David simply signalled to Esther to get on top of him. He positioned her in such a way that her bare pussy was up close to his mouth and his tongue reached in, penetrating her lips and almost like waves lashing rocks, he began to work on her clit. The effect of this sensation on Esther was almost instantaneous. She began with low pitched moaning and with every third or fourth stroke of David's tongue it became louder.

"Oh my God. Ohhh," was all she could say. Soon her orgasm erupted and she gave a deep sigh of grateful satisfaction.

David himself was almost on the verge of cumming too. He pushed Esther off and grabbed Julie by her hair and turned the young woman on her back. He spread her slim legs apart and driving his hardened rod deep inside her pussy, he pounded her without mercy. Thankfully for Julie David wasn't long in cumming as he exploded inside her, the burning sensation along with the flow of her juices made Julie exclaim, Oh fuck."

For a few moments, all three simply remained there gasping for breath and collecting their thoughts.

David then positioned himself on his back between both his nude daughters-in-law and put a hand around each of them. "You both very good. It is impossible to choose between you."

He pulled Julie to him and kissed her. He did the same with Esther. Then he suddenly turned to Julie and began to nibble, suck and lick her naked shoulder, working his way to her breasts and replicated the same tongue actions. These actions excited Julie and she whimpered as the sensation made her lose all sense of reality and she didn't want it to stop, but it did as David ordered Esther to lick her sister-in-law's pussy.

"But I can't do that. We're..." Her protests were stopped by Julie's intervention.

Please, Esther, do as he says," she begged. Reluctantly, Esther gave in and did as her sister-in-law asked. Her tongue gently parted Julie's pussy lips, still soaking from David's fucking earlier and began to lick with a relish she never realised she had.

At almost the same time as Esther began licking Julie's smooth pussy, she could feel herself being lifted slightly and a tongue, presumably David's enter her own pussy and began to lick ravenously. Both young women soon became lost in their respective lusts and moaned and panted deeply.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming," yelled Julie as her orgasm began to flow. At the same time, Esther also began to orgasm as David continued to expertly satisfy her sexually.

Esther released a soft moan of satisfaction as her orgasm burst forth.

Two things struck Julie about her experience. It was the first time she had orgasmed by a woman's touch. She enjoyed that. The other was that it was the first time she had climaxed twice in such a short time. She never thought it was possible.

David once again positioned himself on his back, between his now exhausted daughters-in-law and held both of them close to him. "In the morning I shall expect you both to wake me by sucking my cock, taking turns .I'll also explain that price you both will pay. "

He turned Julie on her side and he snuggled up to her. He also pulled Esther by her hand and made her lie on her side and snuggle up to him. "Goodnight, my loves. Pleasant dreams," and went rapidly to sleep. Julie and Esther, despite their anxiety about tomorrow, followed shortly after.


The following morning, David Ellingham woke up to the delightful sensation of his cock being sucked. For a moment, he pretended to be still asleep, enjoying the sensation of his daughters-in-law sucking him off at intervals.

He opened his eyes and could see that it was Esther sucking him. "Julie, lick my balls," he struggled to say. Julie did as she was bidden and licked intently, causing David to moan loudly, especially as he was so close to cumming.

Finally with expert bobbing back and forth, Esther knew David was about to orgasm. When he did, his cum flowed like a river bursting its banks. She wanted to spit it but didn't . She swallowed the whole unpleasant liquid, fearful that if she didn't she would be out on her ear without a penny.

After a few moments, David spoke again. "I think you girls need to shower. You know where it is."

"You mean... together?" asked Julia.

"Why not? You fucked each other, didn't you? Now get in there and clean each other up." David dragged both young women to the shower and turned on the water. The initial cold water made them both scream with shock until it gave way to the warm steamy jets.

"Come on. Start soaping each other," yelled David.

Reluctantly, both women obeyed and began to cover each other's bodies with soap and then washed each other as the water cascaded around them.

David was clearly enjoying himself watching his naked daughters-in-law showering together. He observed their long slender legs as the soap washed away and what made him hard was the clashing of their large breasts as they face each other.

"Well that's good ladies, but I want a lesbian show. Start making love to one another and remember your fortune depends on it."

Both Julie and Esther thought about refusal until David stressed the fact that their fortunes depended on it. Julie embraced her sister-in-law and kissed her passionately. "Just copy what I do, Esther." Julie kissed Esther's shoulder and worked down to her breasts and began to lick and suck them, much to her delight as the shower water continued to fall around them. Esther couldn't resist moaning at her sister-in-law's gentle touch.

Julie travelled down Esther's waist, kissing, sucking and licking as she went. Soon, she was on her knees and with that same gentleness, lashed Esther's pussy lips and began to lick her clit ferociously.

Esther lost all self control.

"Oh fuck, Julie, keep going, please don't stop." Esther's words seemed to be a spur to Julie because her tongue speed picked up and Esther became ecstatic and lost in her lost. Before long, her love juices began to gather. "Oh fuck Julie, I'm cumming. I'm cumming," and as she spoke, Esther enjoyed what had to be the biggest orgasm she had ever had, leaving her completely breathless but very sexually satisfied.

Julie now stood up and as she was instructed, Esther copied Julie's actions, Kissing her deeply, then her shoulder, her breasts, her waist an finally her pussy. Esther took special delight in licking, sucking and nibbling her sister-in-law's bare pussy. She had been given sexual enjoyment by Julie and now she was determined to reciprocate that joy as she toyed with Julie's pussy, gradually developing a rhythm and eventually, just like Esther, Julie too, became totally consumed with her lust and like, Esther, she begged her to make it last.

When her orgasm finally came, Julie was also breathless but felt fulfilled. They were both brought back to Earth by David clapping his hands.

"Bravo ladies. A wonderful show. When you get dressed, come to my study and I'll explain the rules."


About three quarters of an hour later, David Ellingham sat in his study. He had deliberately kept the door open so he could observe his beautiful daughters-in-law/sex slaves as they made their way down to their appointment with their father-in-law.

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