tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn The Name of The Father Ch. 03

In The Name of The Father Ch. 03


Several months had gone by since fifty-six year old billionaire David Ellingham had imposed his new rules on his sons and their wives. His sons, twenty-eight year old twins, John and Paul had simply submitted to their father's humiliating demands, hoping that by doing so, they would safeguard their share of David Ellingham's five billion pound fortune.

John was married to Julia and Paul had married Esther. Both women were in their twenties, beautiful and in their father-in-law's eyes, gold diggers. He had insisted that all of them would live together at his mansion, in specially adapted apartments.

David Ellingham also demanded sexual services from his daughters-in-law. They had sex with their father-in-law on alternate days and sometimes they were forced to have sex with him in a threesome. They had been forced to have lesbian sex with each other and with the twenty-five year old Polish maid, Marie, all for David Ellingham's gratification. Both young women reluctantly accepted the new arrangements. They were prepared to put up with it for the sake of their luxurious standard of living, fearing that if they didn't comply, they would be penniless and homeless. Their feeble legal attempt to stop David Ellingham had backfired with the result that David had imposed his new rules. Unknown to any of them, their solicitor, thirty-eight year old Jackie Pullman had been trapped and blackmailed by David, to be his sex slave as well.

Jackie had been taped foolishly stating that the only way for John and Paul Ellingham to escape their father's clutches was to kill them. Although the tape was inadmissible in a court case, Jackie feared that any public exposure would destroy her reputation. Consequently, she submitted to a nude portrait and lesbian sex with Marie. Latterly, she had been blackmailed into sleeping with some of David Ellingham's associates. She knew some of these, were underworld criminals but there was nothing she could do since she was filmed having lesbian sex and then threatened with her husband, James, being informed. Finally though, Jackie Pullman had had enough and resolved to tell her husband everything, regardless of the consequences.

The morning she headed for his office was one she would never forget. It was then she discovered his own infidelity. She had entered his office unannounced just in time to see him fucking his young junior counsel. Now she found herself in a bitter divorce battle.

Forty-three year old Helen Rossiter, psychologist, arrived at her office at nine. Her secretary, twenty-six year old Roberta Lincoln, handed her the appointments for the day. There was also a letter from Ellingham mansion addressed to her. This intrigued her. Several months earlier she had written an assessment on David Ellingham's mental state. Helen gingerly opened the letter with some apprehension. To her surprise it was an invitation to a party, hosted by David Ellingham to celebrate his latest business acquisition. 'Strange' thought Helen. 'Why would he invite me?' Her first impulse was to reject it out of hand but her curiosity got the better of her. She was keen to meet this man and perhaps have an opportunity to assess him so she accepted.

Jackie Pullman also received an invitation and, like Doctor Rossiter, she toyed with the idea of declining but she decided to accept for wholly different reasons.

That same evening at the Ellingham mansion, David Ellingham was in his study with his friend and associate, sixty year old Jack Milton when there was a slight knock on the door and Julia entered. In obedience to her father -in-law's commands, she wore a white blouse and knee length grey skirt. "You wanted to see me, Mr Ellingham?"

Ah, Julie my dear. Good. This is my friend Jack Milton. Show him your tits, dear."

"But..." Her father-in-law's frown was enough to silence her and reluctantly, Julie unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her low cut black lace bra, which she eased up, exposing her ample breasts. Her nipples hardened upon contact with the air. While she stood their exhibiting her breasts, Julie could see that both men were hard.

"Well Jack. What do you think?"

"Magnificent," he replied, with lust filled eyes.

"Good. She's yours for tonight.

A horrified Julie looked on. She wanted to protest but knew by now it was pointless.

Mr Milton is staying tonight Julie. I expect you to extend your delights to him," he said with a grin on his face.

That night, Julie Ellingham made her way to Jack Milton's room. She knocked gently on the door. Milton opened it and guided her in. He was dressed in a silk dressing gown. He lay back on the bed and observed Julie from head to toe. She was still dressed in the same outfit as before.

"Well, I've seen your fine tits. Now let's see the rest."

Julie slowly and reluctantly unbuttoned her white blouse. As she did so, she observed her latest sex client's lust filled eyes and the licking of his lips in anticipation. She pulled the blouse from her skirt and dropped it to the floor, once again revealing her black lace bra.

"Turn round," he ordered her as she lowered the zipper of her skirt and, letting it slip to the floor, stepped out of it. This exposed the fact she was wearing flesh coloured tights and not stockings. Julie put her hands to her hips and with one combined action, she rolled both knickers and tights down, revealing her freshly shaved pussy. All this time, Julie could see the growing lust in his eyes and his hard on was huge. Julie stood before Milton, in her nakedness, with her hands on her hips. By now she knew the drill. "Exhibit your beautiful body and make them excited." Those were her father-in-law's instructions. She was used to it by now but still hated it.

Milton, meanwhile, removed his robe, revealing his nude body. He signalled Julie to come to him. As she did so, Milton grabbed her, turned her on her back and mounted her. He kissed her deeply and began to kiss her neck. He then halted and adjusting his position, he inserted his cock into her pussy and began to pound her without mercy.

Julie felt uncomfortable. Nonetheless, she endured her ordeal silently. All she could feel was pain and when he finally came, she sighed with relief. Milton quickly fell asleep. For Julie, however, it was a long night. She finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion well after midnight.


That same night, Esther Ellingham had been summoned by her father-in-law to his bedroom. There no doubt in her mind what she wanted. She was resigned to her fate.

She knocked on the door. "Come in." came the response. When Esther opened the door, she found David Ellingham lying on his bed in a silk dressing gown. Esther stood there for a moment as if awaiting instructions from her master.

"Well Esther, you know the drill. Strip naked for me."

Esther felt sick and disgusted. She could never claim she was a high moral person but she was disgusted with this old man and she was disgusted with herself for lowering herself to this pitiful grovelling state. For Esther, there was no escape or going back.

David Ellingham pressed a button on a hand held remote control and suddenly slow, sexually provocative music began to play. It was clear to Esther what the old man wanted and she'd have to make it look good.

Esther paused to collect her thoughts and listen to the beat and try to take a cue. She began by swinging her hips. She swung her back to David and then she turned her head to him and smiled teasingly as she slowly unbuttoned her black blouse. Her back was still to her father-in-law as she pulled the garment from her skirt and looking back at him teasingly, slowly eased it from her body and dropped it to the floor, revealing the straps of her black bra.

Esther swung round to face David, still smiling as her hands went to the zipper of her skirt and allowed it to slip to the floor, revealing her black knickers, imprisoned in her flesh coloured tights. Esther could see the excitement and lust in her father-in-law's eyes. Encouraged by this, she once again swung her back to him and in a slow teasing movement, unsnapped her bra. Instead of dropping it, Esther held it to her breasts and swung round facing the old man. She slowly slipped one strap, then the other from her shoulders and then with a teasing movement she allowed it to drop to the ground, exposing her firm breasts. Once again Esther swung her back to Ellingham and wiggling her arse, she placed hands on the sides of her tights and knickers and slowly eased them to the floor and turned to face Ellingham who had discarded his robe and lay on the bed naked raised his hand and signalled her to come to him.

She mounted her father-in-law. He, in turn, swung her on her back and began to kiss her passionately. He moved to her breasts, licking and sucking both of them alternatively.

Despite herself, Esther moaned as the sensation of the old man's licking of her breasts. It was too much for her though as his gentle touch down her slim waist. "Oh my God," she repeated, several times. The same thing occurred as his tongue drove deep inside her pussy and excited her clit. She felt a certain disappointment as he withdrew his tongue and mounted her again. However, it was short lived as his huge cock penetrated her pussy lips and began to pump her. The rhythm, slow at first, picked up speed at each stroke. Esther was consumed with last as the speed became more rapid and her body reacted accordingly, moving to match his rhythm. They both began to breath deeper and deeper. The heat generated from their fucking made them perspire heavily. Esther's juices began to build and at the same time she could feel her father-in-law was very close to cumming.

At last, the sensation of hot cum inside her and David's deep sigh of satisfaction brought Esther to a sexual height of satisfaction that she never thought possible. "Oh fuck," she exclaimed breathlessly. Soon, they both fell rapidly asleep.


The following morning, Esther woke to the blinding light of the early morning sun. She gently eased her father-in-law from her and headed for the shower. As she soaped her body and washed it off, Esther began to think deeply about what had happened. She had married Paul and yet her sex life was better with her father-in-law. Esther was still in deep thought when she felt a gentle sensation of her naked shoulder being kissed. Thinking it was her father-in-law, she swung round in excited anticipation only to find a nude Marie standing there smiling in the midst of the steamy water.

Esther was about to protest when suddenly Marie grabbed her head, pulled her forward and passionately kissed her. She tried to pull away but the grip of the young maid was too tight. When Esther was released, Marie pushed her head to huge breast and she was forced to suck and lick it, much to the delight of the maid.

Marie pushed Esther to the ground and the young woman pushed her bare pussy to Esther's mouth. She had no choice but to eat the young woman and satisfy with her tongue. She performed oral sex on a woman until her experiences here. Now she had become quite expert.

Marie moaned deeply with excitement as Esther's tongue lashing of her clit continued and gathered momentum. As Marie finally orgasmed she gave a deep sigh of fulfilment.

Suddenly there was a clap and Esther looked up to see David Ellingham standing there in his gown. "Bravo Marie. That was a wonderful show."

Marie grabbed a large bath towel and wrapped it around her body. "Oh thank you sir," she said smiling and left the shower.

"You're a good fuck Esther. You're even sexier in the shower. Keep it up and you'll have no problem securing what you're due. Ellingham grinned as he headed for his room, leaving Esther stunned and shocked in the still running shower.


The night of the party celebrating David Ellingham's latest acquisition finally arrived. Neither of his sons were invited. Indeed Ellingham had seen to it that they would be on long distance runs for the week. His daughters-in-law, Julie and Esther were there. He had insisted they were to serve drinks in skimpy bikinis and tiny aprons. Most of the guest didn't realise who they were. To add injury to insult they were groped and pinched all night, mostly by men and sometimes by women.

It was a strange affair. Esther and Julie were being humiliated and Marie, the maid was dressed in a long green flowing gown and stood beside Ellingham as his partner, welcoming his guests.

As Doctor Rossiter walked through the door of the large room, David Ellingham nodded discreetly to a young man in his twenties and he returned the nod. "Ah, Doctor Rossiter. It is good to meet you at last."

Helen Rossiter was a little taken aback. "I'm not sure why I was invited, Mr Ellingham. I have no interest in business."

"Nonsense. Any friend of John and Paul is a friend of mine too."

Helen felt a little uncomfortable.

Ellingham turned to the young man who was now standing beside him. "May I introduce you to my Assistant Director for corporate finance? This is William Bolton."

For a second, Helen seemed stunned. "You can't be more than twenty-five," she stuttered.

"You're right. I'm twenty-five."

"Wow. You must be very bright."

He smiled. "Well I know my job and work hard. I'd guess you're pretty smart yourself. Can I get you a drink?"

"Please," and gave him her order.

Although Helen Rossiter was in her early forties, she was still a very striking beauty. Her six foot frame sported a slim waist and large breasts. Her dark curly hair shone in the light. Her one weakness was young men, particularly handsome ones like William Bolton. She became enamoured with him almost at first sight, much to Ellingham's amusement and delight.

Jackie Pullman also arrived and Ellingham, along with Marie went over to welcome her. "Well, it's good to see you, Ms Pullman," grinned Ellingham.

"I'm not staying, Ellingham. I'm here to tell you that I'll no longer be blackmailed by you. If it's the last thing I do, I'll bring you down."

Ellingham laughed. "You're deluded, Ms Pullman. That sounded like a threat."

The anger in Jackie's face was evident. She suddenly lashed out her hand and struck Ellingham's face. "Wrong word. Fact," and turned on her heel and walked out, leaving guests gasping.

"Don't let this little nonsense spoil the evening. Please, enjoy yourselves." Ellingham signalled to one of his men and he followed him to his study.

In the meantime, Helen Rossiter and William Bolton were enjoying themselves. As the wine flowed, Helen began to let her guard down. "Oh you are handsome. If only there wasn't such a crowd."

"Privacy can be arranged."


William Bolton took her hand and the pair slipped away from the party. William led Helen upstairs to a bedroom. "This is my room. I'm staying here because I'd be over the drink limit and besides Mr Ellingham wants to go over some work with me in the morning."

Helen wasted no time as she kissed this young man. William returned her kiss with equal passion. When he put a hand behind her back and began to lower the zipper of her long dress. Helen made no resistance; indeed she encouraged the young man whispering ,"Undress me, lover."

She eased the dress from her shoulders and allowed it to fall freely to the floor. To William Bolton's astonishment, this revealed her sexy underwear of low cut black lace bra and matching knickers. What surprised him was her black garter belt and stockings.

Helen continued to kiss this young man as she removed his jacket and dropped it to the floor. When she unbuttoned his white shirt, exposing his bare young chest, she became intoxicated with lust as she kissed and licked it and then pushed him onto his bed. Helen mounted him and continued to ravish his chest. She opened and lowered his pants. Seeing the size of his cock, she licked her lips before she descended to it and sucked with relish, making William moan.

Helen suddenly stopped and raising her head, discarded her bra. She pushed her breast to William's mouth and he began to lick and suck. Helen moaned with satisfaction. While William continued sucking Helen's large breasts, she slipped her knickers from her lower body and settled herself to allow her wet pussy receive her latest lover's cock. William took her bare hips and he began to push for all his worth.

As Helen fucked William in his room, David Ellingham was conversing with some of his associates. The subject of security in the mansion came up somehow. Ellingham assured them that security was tight. He led them to a room that had electronic surveillance equipment.

"You see ladies and gentlemen, every room has cameras discreetly placed. All I have to do is press a button, the camera comes on and the room lights up. Just like this." Ellingham pressed a button and a camera flashed on revealing a near naked doctor Helen Rossiter in the throes of passion with young William Bolton.

Helen was startled when the lights came on and the sound of someone calling out in shock , "Doctor Rossiter..." drew her attention to the fact that there was an audience observing them. She could see that from the overhead monitor that was now visible.

Helen, in panic, tried to cover body with a sheet. She grabbed her dress and hastily put it on before rushing from the room to her car. For David Ellingham it was a perfect execution of his plan. 'Willy has earned his salary this month' he thought with glee. He had humiliated Helen Rossiter. Soon he would have her and Jackie Pullman out of the way permanently. He smiled at this thought.


A month had gone by since the party. David Ellingham continued his sexual exploitation of his daughters-in-law. Up to now he had fucked them both in the absence of his sons. Tonight though was going to be very different. He demanded Julie and Esther join him and Marie in another bedroom. He also demanded that John and Paul waited in another room.

Julie and Esther arrived in the room together, still wondering why their father-in-law had changed rooms. John and Paul were also seated in another room. In their case two well built men stood behind them. They were uneasy at their presence until one of them spoke. "Just relax Mr Ellingham. You're quite safe," he grinned.

In the meantime in the bedroom, Ellingham went over to Julie and Marie went to Esther. Ellingham gave a signal with his hand behind his back and in the other room John and Paul suddenly realised why they were there as a large blind ascended and suddenly they both could see their wives being undressed. It was too much for both men as they rushed to the window. They were prevented from reaching it by the two men and forced to sit down.

"You sick bastard," shouted John.

The room suddenly echoed with an eerie, chilling laugh. "Five billion pounds, boys. Five billion pounds. Think of it. What would you do for it?"

It was clearly Ellingham's recorded voice since he was stripping Julie.

Julie had worn a white blouse and blue knee length skirt. Ellingham was obviously enjoying himself as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Julie was clearly humiliated and embarrassed as she closed her eyes and turned away. Ellingham simply laughed. When he opened the last button, Ellingham parted both sides of her blouse and for a second looked as if checking to see with bra she had. It was a white lace, low cut. Ellingham showed his approval by licking his lips. As he eased the garment from her shoulders, he allowed it to hang around her skirt. Julie was about to pull it out when Ellingham shook his head. His hand went around Julie's back and unclasped her bra, allowing it to full to the ground. Ellingham's mouth descended to her breast and he began to lick, suck and nibble, making an unwilling Julie moan.

In the other room meanwhile this sight once again made John angry as he leapt up but was once again forced to sit and watch. "Nooo!..." he screamed. Paul too, leapt as he saw his wife being undressed by Marie. He was also restrained in the same manner and forced to watch Marie slowly unbuttoned Esther's red blouse and release it from her shoulders, revealing her low cut black lace bra. Unlike Ellingham, Marie unzipped Esther's short grey skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor, exposing her black knickers, encased by her flesh tights. When she had removed Esther's bra, Marie began to suck and lick her breasts ravenously.All Paul could do is look on.

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