tagMatureIn the Neighbourhood Ch. 03

In the Neighbourhood Ch. 03


Frank Taylor laid in his hospital bed, contemplating the events leading up to his near-heart attack. Unable to fully disclose to his doctor the reasons of the added fatigue to his aging heart due to embarrassment, he secretly was rejoicing for the situation he had found himself in. The memory of his sexy neighbours, Clara and Monica, and their hoard of huge titted friends writhing atop him as he sat in his lawn chair was nearly enough to push his heart over the edge. The doctor ensured that, after some therapy, he would be back to his old life without difficulty, although he hoped this would include more than a few visits from his lovely neighbours.

The doctor had informed him the nurse in charge of his therapy would be visiting soon; however, it had rolled into the late evening and still no sign of any nurse. Then, around 9, the door to his room opened. However, it was no average nurse to burst in the room. Dressed only in mind-bogglingly tight white nurses uniform stood Monica. Smiling seductively, Frank took in the visage which stood before him. Clearly not manufactured for utilitarian purposes in the hospital, her legs emerged from a micro-mini skirt, clad in fishnet stockings and red stilettos. Her top, a button-up white shirt, was unbuttoned to the point of revealing the red lace of the tops of her bra. Topped off with a little nurses' hat, she strutted towards him.

"Don't worry...nobody's going to bother us..." She stood at the end of his bed and picked up the chart. "This does not look good. Not one bit!" Wanting to play along with this game of hers, Frank chided

"Nurse, I don't know what to do. What would your prescription be?" She smiled again, her full lips coated in thick red lipstick.

"Well, I guess I could do a physical inspection, she what comes up from that." She walked along the side of his bed, dragging her hand along the sheets. She took note of the growing tent in her patients' blankets, and lightly stroked her hand over it, pausing momentarily at the tip, before tracing the length with her petit hand. She leaned over and whispered in his ear,

"You made quite a splash at our little pool party...maybe all my friends shouldn't come visit so much.." which she followed with a lick along his ear.

"Honey, if you're the problem, I don't want a solution." These words sounded strange to him as they left his mouth, but he maintained a confident resolution. Monica pressed her lips to his, delving her tongue deep within the old man's mouth as she reached beneath the blanket. The blonde's hand rubbed his penis through his boxers. As he began breathing heavier, she pulled her hand out, only to throw the blankets from his body and toss her left leg over his torso, leaving her positioned in a straddle over his cock. Her skirt hiked up as it were, her red thong was visible to the old man as his dick rubbed against the silk material.

Monica grabbed his hands and put them on her dd-cup breasts, guiding him in the pushing and kneading of her ample flesh.

"Do you like my tits?" She asked, to which he just nodded. "Okay, but you need to promise you'll stay with me this time." She began to unbutton her uniform, each unfastening revealing more of her huge tits. The red lace was sublime on her incredible body, her blonde hair cascading atop her shoulders. Frank grabbed her slightly-more exposed breasts, enjoying the sensation of such an incredible pair of tits in his hands. "Now, now, this isn't the final show just yet.." Monica said, reaching around her back, unclasping her brassiere.

Those breasts again, Frank thought.

"I shouldn't be so lucky," he blurted out to a giggle from his seductress.

"Well, you are, so buck up and enjoy it!" She leaned forward and knocked her tits back and forth against his face, his tongue darting out of his mouth to lick any flesh he came in contact with. She pressed her tits together against his face, now laying over his body. Sliding down his torso, she stopped when her breasts were atop his twitching penis.

"My prescription is a titty-fuck. Are you a willing patient?"

"You're the medical professional," he retorted, inwardly chastising himself for such a dry response to such a carnal statement.

Placing his penis between the soft flesh, she held her breasts together and slowly began lifting and falling, lifting and falling with the deft ability of a professional. Slowly, at first, but she progressively sped up.

Frank had never been tit-fucked before his encounter with Clara, he was still overjoyed by the act, closing his eyes as she agilely worked his shaft. She feared for a moment seeing him with his eyes closed after such a close call, but figured he wouldn't be moaning in pleasure if he were to have another near-encounter with death. As she watched his wrinkled face smile with his eyes closed, she felt a pang inside -- different than just tit-fucking some guy; she felt Frank was different. He looked down at her face and she licked her lips, pushing him over the edge. Knowing time was of the essence, she stopped the act, only to drop her mouth upon his dick. She sucked him with such precision; he thought he should nearly thank God for this vixen. Working his balls with her right hand while her lips ran up and down his shaft, Frank felt the end was near.

"I'm gonna come!" he stammered, thrusting hard into her willing mouth, at which point she deep-throated his cock, pushing him beyond his limit. His cum shot down her throat, and she quickly took her mouth off the dick, instead furiously jerking him off as he came over her face. His heavy load struck her chin and lips, with a few stray sprays hitting her nurses' hat and hair. She put her mouth over him again, sucking the remaining semen. He regarded this gorgeous face as she sucked him off, dripping with his cum, and felt he were in heaven.

His load complete, she licked her lips clean and wiping the rest off with his blanket. Positioning herself alongside his laying body, she cuddled up to the old man she had treated so kindly, her massive tits pressed against his side. Frank looked her in the eyes, feeling something he had not since his wife's passing years earlier, he kissed her, tasting his own cum on her lips, and not caring.

They then laid there for what seemed like hours, but in reality wasn't a quarter of one, only to have the silence interrupted by Monica.

"Don't scare me like that again," she said, with a hint of vulnerability to her tone.

"I'll do my best," he retorted.

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