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In the Nick of Time


There are two sides to every story. One of my best friends on the internet, who uses the author name "Cattoy", submitted a story called "Nick's Babysitting Adventure". When you get a chance, please read it. To my dear Cattoy: please forgive me for butchering your wonderful story. You know I love you.


Damn, look at the time, I thought to myself, Mark's gonna kill me if I'm late again. My husband Mark was dragging me to another one of his friends' stupid parties. It wasn't that I didn't like going out; actually I enjoy dressing up in something short and slinky once in a while. As a 40 year old mother of two kids, it's nice to know I can still turn heads. Mark used to enjoy showing me off to his friends and co-workers, but lately he just seems to ignore me. He doesn't look for sex too often anymore either.

At 5'4" and 116 lbs I try to keep in shape; I run several times a week, I go to the gym and workout on the weight machines, and I play tennis down at the country club. I usually wear the briefest clothing I can get away with; mostly tank tops and hip hugger shorts or jeans. I always wear little string bikinis when swimming or sunbathing; my naturally firm breasts filling out the top nicely. My skin tans dark and even, and I rarely have to wear stockings with a dress.

I was almost finished showering when I heard a voice calling from downstairs. It must be Nicky Biggs, the 18 year old perv from down the street. He was going to be our babysitter again. Talk about testosterone overload! That boy must have a perpetual erection! Every time he comes over here, which seems to be all the time lately, he tries to sneak peeks down my blouse or up my skirt. One time, I was sunbathing topless in the back yard and I happened to look up and there he was . . . staring at me over the privacy fence. Mark likes him though, thinks he's a nice, quiet, well-mannered boy. If only he knew . . .

I finished showering and dried off quickly. I wanted to give Nick his instructions as soon as possible so I could get dressed before Mark got home. I wrapped the towel around my body and headed out into the hallway. When I reached the top of the stairs, Nick was standing at the bottom, staring up at me with a smirk on his face. I became a little self-conscious about the rather short towel I just realized I was wearing. I'll bet he's getting an eyeful right now, I thought, as I descended the stairs.

"Hi Nick, thanks for coming over. . . Mark is picking up the kids at some friends; they should be here any minute. Let me show you what they're having for dinner." I said as I walked toward the kitchen. Nick was following right behind me, probably staring at my ass.

I said to Nick, "Can you set the table, the glasses are up there", indicating a cabinet above the countertop.

"Maybe you should get them Joanie, the last time I touched my mom's crystal I broke one. Now she forbids me to even look at them." He replied, laughing.

Yeah sure, I thought, he just wants me to stretch up so my towel will fall off or something. And when did we go from Mrs. Robinson to Joanie? I've known this kid since he was in diapers. How come we're on a first name basis now? I had to stand on my tip toes to reach the cups; I could feel the towel rising up with me, a cool breeze blowing across my (probably) bare ass. I handed the cups to Nick, and then I had to bend down to get the plates out of the bottom cabinet. He probably got an even better look that time. When I turned to hand him the plates, I saw where his eyes were focused, and it wasn't on my face. The little shit.

"The kids are just having leftovers. They're in the fridge in containers, can you get them please?"

Nick opened the refrigerator door and shifted a few things around. He stood up and said he couldn't find the containers I was talking about. I sighed and went to look myself, leaning over to see if they were on the top shelf.

"Where are those damn bowls?"

Frustrated I didn't see them at first; I bent over at the waist, my legs straight, forgetting for the moment who was standing there watching me. That time I knew Nick must have seen my entire butt, because I distinctly heard him utter a 'whoa' under his breath. I needed to get away from this teenage peeping tom.

When I turned to hand him the bowls of food, he was staring dumbfounded at the lower part of my body. He was so entranced, he didn't even realize I was waiting for him to take them from me. I gave him my best "annoyed mother" look, but it didn't even register with him. When he finally took the bowls from my hands, I quickly headed back upstairs, anxious to put some clothes on.

While I was in the closet, I heard the phone ring. I had only gotten as far as putting on my thong underwear and a pair of stockings, but nothing else. I answered the phone and it was Mark. He said he was running late and that I should be ready to leave immediately as soon as he got home. Great, just what I needed, more pressure.

As I stood in the closet trying to decide what to wear, I heard a throat being cleared. Nick was standing just inside the bedroom doorway. What did he want?

"Hi Joanie, I heard the phone ring, is everything okay with Mark and the kids?"

"Everything's fine, thanks. Is dinner ready yet? You should wait downstairs for the kids, they'll be here any second."

"Oh I thought I heard you tell Mark you were glad he was running late, you couldn't decide what to wear or something."

He was eavesdropping! Now how do I get rid of him?

Nick then said, "Maybe I can help, you know, give you a real man's opinion."

A real man? Oh please, give me a break! Obviously he wasn't going to take the hint and leave. I grabbed the first thing I saw and started to put it on. It was a strapless, knee length black dress with high slits. I barely had time to pull it up and tuck my braless boobs into the top when Nick appeared at the closet entrance. I bent over again looking for some shoes and the top fell forward, revealing my breasts.

"Here, let me zip that up for you."

"That's okay Nick, I can get it, you don't need to bother."

"It's no bother at all. Believe me, it's my pleasure. Maybe you should put your shoes on first though, it might be easier than trying to bend over with that tight dress all zipped up."

I found the shoes and walked out into the bedroom so I could sit in a chair. Nick was watching intently, especially as I crossed and uncrossed my legs to buckle the straps. Because the dress was strapless and not zipped yet, the front kept falling forward, revealing most of my breasts, even the nipples showed a couple of times. How do I get rid of this kid?, I thought. Nick kept making small talk, but I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying, I just wanted to get dressed and get out of there.

At one point, Nick turned away from me, staring intently at a painting of some flowers hanging on the wall. He seemed to be fidgeting with something he was holding down by his stomach. When I finally got the shoes on, I tried to zip the dress up myself, but Nick saw me struggling and walked up behind me to work the zipper himself. My eyes were drawn to the front of his shorts, which now bulged obscenely. He was getting a woody!

Nick was fumbling with the zipper, taking an unusually long time, claiming it wasn't working right. At one point, he appeared to be tugging on the stuck zipper, when all of a sudden he "accidentally" lurched forward, pushing the front of his pants against my butt. I distinctly felt his hard cock pushing into the crack of my ass. Now he's getting cheap thrills? Finally, he got the zipper all the way up.

"Well this dress will do, thanks Nick. You can go now."

"Wow, you look great! But what else do you have? Something a little shorter would look really good with those legs. Let's see what you've got here."

Before I could object, Nick was in my closet, rummaging through my clothes. I started to walk away, when he came out holding another dress.

"Here, try this one. You'll look like a college girl going to a club. Take that one off for a minute."

Nick reached toward my back, grabbing the zipper again. He zipped it down in one single motion, all the way to the bottom. Apparently it worked just fine after all. I made a dash for the closet, but not before the top half of the dress I was wearing fell down, exposing my boobs again. As I passed Nick, I couldn't help but notice his crotch, which seemed to have grown even larger. With nothing holding it up, the black dress slipped right off my body as I ran toward the closet. Nick picked it up and threw it on the bed.

"Here ya go", he said, handing the new dress to me through the doorway.

I had no choice, Mark would be home soon, and he'd divorce me if I wasn't ready to go. I took the dress from Nick, holding my other arm across my chest in a feeble attempt to cover myself. I was so embarrassed, standing in front of our 18 year old babysitter wearing nothing more than a thong, stockings, and 4" spiked heels. How was I going to live this down?

"Turn around and you better not look!" I ordered him.

The dress Nick picked out was short all right. I hadn't worn it in years. It was a sort of pink lycra material, very thin and form-fitting. The hem barely covered my ass and my nipples were partially visible through the sheer material. I had to give him credit, for an 18 year old, Nick knew what he was doing.

"I can't wear this, it's not very formal, and Mark will probably blow a gasket if he sees me in it."

Nick was sneaking peeks around the closet door, and I finally had to admonish him, "I said don't look!"

Nick turned away again, smiling with that same evil grin, and he appeared to be fumbling again with something in his hands. Probably stole a pair of my panties, the twerp. And wasn't his shirt tucked into his pants before? For some reason, now it was on the outside, draped over the top of his waistband.

"Okay Nick, I'm coming out. This dress will have to do, even though I look like a 40 year old French whore. You can go downstairs now, I'll be right there."

"NO WAY"' he blurted out, "You look hot in that dress Joanie. I like the stockings, especially the way you can see the tops of them."

"Oh for chrissakes, is anything else showing? It's probably because I've gained weight since the last time I wore this.

"Well, you don't need to wear anything other than the dress, do you? You've got great legs and your underwear is almost non-existent anyway."

"Listen you little pervert, I have to wear underwear! I guess the stockings will have to go, I don't have time to try anything else on."

I sat on the bed, took the shoes off again, rolled the stockings off, and then put the shoes back on. This was getting exhausting, but I was finally done.

"This'll work. Now, I need one more thing. I don't suppose you'd do me a favor and reach up on the top shelf and get my purse for me? Otherwise I have to take the shoes off again and I don't think I have the strength. Do you mind?"

Grinning from ear to ear, which was a little scary, Nick agreed to get the purse for me. I walked into the closet and pointed to where it was. He stretched up to get it, his shirt rising up above his waist.

"Oh my GOD!" I shouted. Now I knew what he had been fumbling with before. He had adjusted his cock so that it would poke out the top of his shorts, hoping I would see it I'll bet.

Handing me the purse with that shit-eating grin still on his face, Nick asked innocently, "What's wrong?"

Like he didn't know! Well I wasn't going to play this game anymore so I said "Oh, nothing. It's getting late, I've gotta get going."

Before Nick had a chance to pull any more stunts, we both heard the front door open; it was Mark and the kids, thank god! I never thought I'd be so glad to see him.

"We're up here," I nervously shouted, a bit too loudly.

"I thought you'd be ready!" Mark yelled back, "We're late!!!"

I rolled my eyes, wondering which was worse, Mark the jerk or Nick the sex deviant. Looking down at Nick's exposed penis, which he hadn't made any attempt to cover up, I think I knew the answer.

"Okay Nick, fun time is over, you got your thrills, now I'm leaving. Maybe you better stay up here for now; I don't think you want Mark seeing you like that. I get to go to a party for one of Mark's friends who'll be slobbering all over me. Knowing Mark he'll want to stay all night, so you might as well make yourself at home."

When I tried to squeeze past Nick so I could get the hell out of there, he stepped even closer, causing the tip of his prick to brush my hand. I just shook my head thinking, he had to get one more in. What a pervert! He's probably going to jerk off as soon as we leave.

As soon as Mark saw me he started yelling, "Do you think you're a teenager wearing that dress? I'd tell you to go back upstairs and put on something more appropriate for your age but we're already too late. Let's just go!"

Like I said, what a jerk. Nick was probably disappointed Mark didn't make me change, he would've had another opportunity to 'help' me.

I was having a great time at the party. My dress was a big hit with all of Mark's male friends; the women wanted to kill me. So did Mark, for that matter. He got a little jealous because his friends were paying more attention to me than they were to him. I got asked to dance over and over, guys kept bringing me drinks, I was laughing and joking with all the boys. Of course, the sexual innuendos were on the rise too, and that's when Mark suggested I looked "tired" and should probably go home and get some rest.

Not wanting to cause a scene, I drove myself home. As I pulled into the driveway, I was hoping Nick was busy watching TV or playing a video game. Unfortunately, as soon as I walked in the door, he was standing right there.

"Early night? Where's Mark?" Nick asked.

"Oh he wanted to stay a little later than I did; I told him I was tired so he suggested I go home and get some sleep. So you can go home now, I'll pay you for the full night. Thanks again." Nick just stood there leering at me. I went to get the money from my purse so I could get rid of him.

"Hang on a second Joanie, how is Mark going to get home? Don't you have to go back and pick him up? You can't leave the kids here all alone in the house. I'll stay with you until its time to go get Mark. You're paying me anyway, you might as well get your money's worth. We'll hang out together!"

I didn't have a good comeback ready because I was a little drunk. And I was too tired to argue with him.

"I'm gonna go check on the kids. I'll clean up the dishes when I come back down."

I saw Nick just staring at me as I ascended the stairs, brazenly focused right on my ass. I was walking slowly, being careful not to stumble in those heels. Nick probably thought I was going slow for his benefit. The kids were tucked away and sound asleep; at least he was a good babysitter. I went to the bathroom to pee, removing my thong in the process. Whether it was because I was tired or a little tipsy, I accidentally kicked it under a cabinet and consequently I neglected to put it back on again.

I went back down to the kitchen to finish cleaning up the dishes. Nick had done some of them and left them on the counter. I picked them up and bent over to put them away in the lower cabinet. Turning my head, I saw Nick staring at me again.

"Getting a good view, perv?"

With that same smirk on his face Nick said innocently, "What do you mean, what view Joanie?"

"Never mind, forget it. I'll finish rinsing, you put the stuff away."

"No, that's okay Joanie, I'll do it, you put the stuff away, you know where it goes."

"I said I'll rinse, now give it here Nick."

"No, let me."

As we wrestled over control of the faucet, the water sprayed onto a plate Nick was holding, drenching both of us. I know he did it on purpose, the sneak! The whole front of my dress was soaked, causing it to become almost transparent. The front of Nick's shirt and shorts were all wet too.

"Here Joanie, let me dry that for you."

Nick took a towel and started to rub the front of my dress, starting with my boobs. Jeez, does this kid ever quit?

"Oh for god's sake, I have to get this off before it's ruined. Stay here Nick, I'll be right back."

"What about me? I might catch a cold. Maybe Mark has something I could wear until my clothes dry. I'll come with you."

This kid was certainly persistent. As I was walking up the stairs again, I realized Nick was right behind me, his face practically buried in my butt. Not paying attention to what I was doing, I almost stumbled on a toy car lying on one of the steps.

"Do you mind giving me some space here Nick? See what you're doing to me? I almost killed myself. Now back off a little."

When we got to the bedroom, I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I wasn't taking any chances with the teenage stalker. I took off the wet dress so that I wouldn't get pneumonia, and then looked around for something to put on. I couldn't believe my bad luck! There was nothing in there but a one piece bathing suit. That wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that the bottom half was a thong style. My choices were pretty limited, so I put the bathing suit on.

I walked out of the bathroom to see Nick standing there in one of Mark's old speedo swimsuits from his college days. I didn't even know he still had one of those left. And I couldn't believe Nick found it. His dick was stuffed in there like 10 pounds of sausage in a five pound sack. At that moment, I could have strangled Mark for keeping it.

"Couldn't you find anything else to wear?" I asked Nick.

"Well sure, but I really wanted to see how it looked on me. I've always wanted one of these. Here, let me show you up close."

Nick walked over to where I was standing, playing with his package, until the tip of his cock stuck out the narrow waistband off to one side.

"Oh for chrissakes Nick, put that thing away will ya?"

"I have a better idea. Let's see that bathing suit of yours up close."

Nick then pushed me down onto the bed on my stomach, my ass up in the air.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Get off me or I'm calling the cops."

"I don't think so Joanie. You've wanted my monster for a long time, always parading that hot little ass of yours around. Admit it, you want me don't you?"

"You're out of your mind, now get off me and get the hell out! If you don't, I'm going to tell your parents and report this to the police."

"Now Joanie, who do you think they are going to believe? I'm a geeky little nerd who never gets into trouble, I don't do drugs or drink alcohol, I get straight A's in school, I'm in the Boy Scouts, I even help old ladies cross the street. You, on the other hand, walk around town in tight pants and half shirts, you show off your tits wearing tiny bathing suits at the country club pool, you flirt with Mark's friends, you wear short dresses and no bra when you go to parties. Hell, even your own husband likes me more than he likes you. Who is everyone going to believe, huh Joanie?"

I was thinking fast, but I had to face the truth: he was right. If it came down to a he said/she said situation, nobody would believe that goody two shoes little Nicky would try to seduce a 40 year old married woman, especially one that paraded around town like a 20 year old.

I turned back over into a sitting position and said, "Alright, what do you want Nick?"

"What do you think I want Joanie? I've been dreaming of getting my hands on those tits of yours all night. I can't believe how big your nipples are! Let's have a look at them, open the top."

Resigning myself to the inevitable, I pulled the topof my bathing suit apart, allowing my breasts to spring free. Nick immediately grabbed a tit in each hand and started pinching my nipples. Then he pushed me back down on my back and crawled up on top, straddling me with his crotch against mine. His hard cock was almost completely outside the bathing suit, and he was grinding it against my thinly covered pussy lips.

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