In The Office


She was minding her own business as usual but he had followed her. Artemis tried to avoid him for fear of losing her job. Teddy Long asked her to stay in his office while he looked for Jack Swagger. "Well, uh, where's Tiffany?" she asked.

"She's with Swagger looking for the championship. It's missing and he's having a fit. You can do this, right? I'll be right back."

He started to walk away and Artemis sighed. As she opened the door, she heard Morrison tell Teddy something and she went inside quickly. She dropped herself onto the couch then jumped back up when she heard the door open. It was John.

"Ugh, you scared me, you ass," she snapped. "Shouldn't you be with your boyfriend?"


"Oh, you're so funny. That was sarcasm incase you didn't know. You know I haven't had a boyfriend in like forever," Artemis scoffed, sitting back down.

"Is that why you're so bitter?" he asked.

"I'm not bitter. I just hate you."

"Why? Am I too perfect or what?"

"No, but you are an ass. Why are you in here? Teddy didn't tell me you could be in here so you have to leave."

"Who's going to make me? Not you, that's for sure," he teased her, sitting in Teddy's chair and tossing his Tag Team Championship on the desk.

"You have to go or I'm going to be in trouble. Should I call you're boyfriend?"

"He's not even here tonight. Incase you didn't know, we don't have a match."

Artemis took his Championship off the desk and tossed it out the door. "Now you have to get it."

"I'm not going to do it. You do it."

"Nope." She stood against the door with her arms crossed and looking up away from John.

"Why don't you look at me?"

"Because you're scary. Get out. Hurry up. Teddy said he'd be right back. Go."

"You can't look at me but you can admire Criss Angel all day? That doesn't really make sense, you know."

"Whatever. Just go."

He stood up and went to the door. Artemis moved aside then went quickly back to the couch. He turned to her and she felt a chill go up her spine, making her shiver. He went to the couch to stand in front of her. She felt her face get hot and she knew she was blushing. She was so short (about 4",10") and sitting down so she could only see his beltline and his perfect abs. He took his fur coat off then laid it next to her. Artemis found herself holding her breath when Morrison put both his hands on opposite sides of her, trapping her between him and the couch. He was looking at her with his intense, dark eyes and it was kind of scary. "I know you want me and so does everyone else so why are you playing hard to get?"

"I'm not. I just-"

"What? Don't do this to me." He took his hand off the couch and rested it on her thigh. Artemis put her hand up when he tried to kiss her.

"Wait. Teddy will be back. I'll be in trouble."

"You'll be in bigger trouble if you don't give me what I want," he snapped, suddenly grabbing her shoulder. He closed his eyes and smiled, wickedly. "I'm sorry. Did I scare you?"

"No," Artemis whispered.

"Good. Now... are you ready?" Morrison lifted her leg up so that she could rest it on the couch as he put one of his arms around her and pressed his warm body against hers. Her buried his face against her neck and Artemis shivered when she felt his hot breath on her skin. "You're so soft." The vibration of his voice tickled her but she was not about to let him know that. She wanted to push him off but some part of her would not allow it. Secretly, she was enjoying it. She had never been this close to him and the scent of this eager, horny man on top of her, excited her to the point where she would not refuse him anything. He pressed his other hand down her pants and underwear and rubbed her clit to feel how wet she was. "That was easy. You are so ready." He pulled her by her legs across the couch so that she was laying down beneath him. "Open your legs for me, you little slut. God, I'm fucking hard."

Artemis eagerly did as he asked, craving his hard cock as much as he craved putting it inside her. Morrison kneeled between her legs and pushed her shirt and bra up to squeeze her full, bouncy, tits together. She moaned quietly. "I need this. Give me your cock, Morrison," she pleaded, pulling her own hair. She grabbed at his length through his pants and wished he would pull them off already. He laid his head back as she stroked him slowly.

"Ohhh, you horny slut..." He pulled his pants open quickly and Artemis struggled with her jeans. "I'll get that for you." He was somehow able to get her pants down faster than she was. "I'm loving this more by the second." When Artemis caught sight of him holding his cock she was pleasantly surprised at how huge it was.

"Oh, wow."

"You like that, huh? I knew you would." He started to line himself up with her dripping wet pussy. He gently pushed her head back. "This is going to hurt but I want you to know that I won't be going easy on you." Artemis threw her head back and bit her lip holding back a scream when she felt a sharp pain at her pussy that she had only felt the first and last time she was fucked by someone. "Don't scream. They'll hear you," Morrison laughed as he pulled back to plow her even harder a second time. She put one hand on Morrison's arm and the other on his chest and scratched him as hard as she could. She was shocked to find herself almost crying while he continued to hump her.

"Ohhh, god, you're going to break me in half," she moaned quietly.

"Oh, you're so wet and tight. This is definitely the best pussy I've ever had." He teased one of her erect nipples with warm tongue then bit and pulled it. She gasped suddenly and Morrison chuckled wickedly. "You are such a slut." He buried his face in her neck and bit her.

"Ohhh, it's too fast. You're going too fast. It hurts."

"I told you it would."

"Come on. Slow down." Since his neck was right by her face Artemis figured she would try inflicting a little pain to get him to pay attention. She bit him hard but it was a little more than she needed to do. He grabbed at his neck and stood on his knees.

"Ah, bitch," he growled. He pulled her legs up and plowed her even harder, shoving his cock as deep as it would go. The squelching sound of her juices with his and his balls slapping against her skin brought her to the point of ecstasy and she was ready to cum.

"Ugh, no... I-"

"You're going to cum. I can feel you getting tighter on my cock. I'm so hard, I've got to explode too. I'll make you cum, if you ask me the right way," Morrison laughed.

"You mean like a slut? Whatever you want. I need to cum. Fuck me with me your cock and make me cum. Fuck my slut pussy with giant cock. I'm a slut. I'm your slut, Morrison. Faster. Ohhh, harder." He humped her as fast as he could as his cock started to jump because of her slut talk.

"Ohhh, I'm going to cum. Cum with me. Scream Morrison. Do it," he pleaded when he realized he could not hold back any longer.

"Ohhhhh, Morrison... Morrison, Morrison!!!"

He exploded in her when her pussy squeezed his cock suddenly. Artemis went limp and she relaxed. Morrison pulled out of her and sprayed his warm cum on her tits. "Mmm. It's so warm," Artemis moaned quietly.

"I would've preferred it on your face but we're at work," he chuckled, pulling his pants back up to zip them closed. Artemis pulled her bra and shirt back down and stood up to get the rest of her clothes on. When they were almost presentable the door knob rattled and they both straightened themselves out and prepared for Teddy Long to enter.

When the door opened they were a little disappointed to find that is was not Teddy but Mike, better known as The Miz. "John... we had a photo shoot. You never showed," he explained.

"Oh, yeah. I was kind of busy with this fox here." He picked his coat up off the desk and went toward the door. He turned to Artemis and smiled, "I'd be glad to do it again sometime, babe." She blushed as Morrison clicked his tongue at her and stood behind Mike who rolled his eyes at him. "What can I say, Miz?"

Mike sighed, "nothing I haven't heard before."

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