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In the Office


"This was a horrible idea," she thought to herself as she walked up the stairs to the offices. Their relationship was over, and she knew that. So why did she feel as if she needed to keep running back to him whenever he called? Sighing, she opened the door and stepped into the room. There he was, sitting on one of the couches, arms stretched over the back non-chalantly. She stared at his form a moment before announcing her presence, "Hey."

"Hey," he said back, motioning for her to sit next to him.

Softly she padded across the carpeting to the end of the couch furthest from him, and sat down, crossing her legs underneath her so she could face him. He said nothing, just looked at her with those intense eyes. It made her shift uncomfortably. What in the name of the Twelve was he thinking? Her ears twitched a little, and she moved her eyes away from his gaze so as to ease some of the tension.

"I'm glad you're feeling better. I hate feeling bad about what happened between us," he started in a deep baritone. "I never meant to hurt you, you know."

Oh, she knew. She knew what his words said. But she didn't believe them. She knew that all he wanted was to have time so that he could go and fuck that Elezen woman who followed him around like a lovesick puppydog. Sure, she was beautiful in her own right, but what did she have that compared to what...She shook her head to get rid of the jealous thoughts. She knew she was better than that. "It's okay, " she said, "I've been spending a lot of time with my friends and the company, and that seems to take my mind off of things. It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be."

"That's good, " he said, trailing off. Damnit! His eyes kept staring at her, sizing her up. It made her uncomfortable...but uncomfortable in a good way.

Suddenly, he sprang up from where he was to her position, pushing her into the back of the couch as he kissed her fiercely. Hungrily, he grabbed at her head, holding her to him as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, feeling around. She grew stiff for a second before melting into his embrace, shocked at the reaction her body was making. She thought that it was over, these feelings she had for him, but suddenly...it was as if they had never been apart. She could feel the tinglings in her nether regions as he explored her mouth with his, tugging gently at the base of her hair. As her neck became exposed, he moved his kisses there, tracing figures with his tongue, and making her shudder.

"This...is such...a bad idea," she gasped breathily.

With that, he pulled back. "This is only sex, okay?"

Slowly she nodded, not caring if this lead to more. She only wanted to feel him one more time. It had been moons since she had been touched like this, and she was anxious to feel it again.

She stepped off of the couch, standing in front of him, slowly undressing. She wanted him to see her, see all of her. First came the velveteen vest, button by button. Next, her halftop, first undone at the neck and lowered to expose her breasts, pale and perky. Then she turned, slipping the leather skirt off, and then the pantalettes. She was left there with only her stockings on, and she turned over her shoulder to watch him. He stood, his big strong arms wrapping around her waist from behind, cupping her breasts. Again he began to kiss her neck, biting softly, bringing a gasp from her. As he did so, he rolled her nipples between his fingers, making them stand at attention. Her moans came louder at that. He knew how to make her pant, and he was doing it deliberately.

With one swift and sudden motion, he moved his hands under her legs, lifting her up, and throwing her forcefully down on the couch, and then climbing on top of her, still clothed. She could feel his manhood stretching against the leather of his breeches, and she moved her hands to his shirt, tugging it over his head and off. With his hands, he began to undo his belt, and she moved to the laces on his breeches, pausing to cup him in her hands before she began sliding the leather down. He was a glorious sight to behold, even when clothed, but naked. He literally made her gasp. She took him all in, from the hardened shoulders that spoke of hours of labor, to the biceps that rippled with his every movement, down to his chest, well muscled and glistening with the effort of removing his clothing in such a short amount of time. Her eyes trailed even lower, to his hips, his legs, and his cock, standing tall and proud. It brought a smile to her lips, seeing that his cock was just as arrogant as the man.

He sat up again, looking at her. "Do you miss this feeling?" he asked.

Slowly she rose to her knees, nodding, "Mhm~."

"Prove it to me," he smirked.

It was a challenge, one she was not like to lose. People wondered what she had seen in him throughout their relationship. He was arrogant, controlling, a jerk. But those were all qualities she enjoyed. She liked that he was commanding. She enjoyed it when, on occasion, he would place the collar on her neck and make her service him. She liked that he was arrogant...and it wasn't without warrant. And she especially liked when he challenged her. This was just another game.

She straddled him on the couch, maneuvering herself so that she was right over his most sensitive spot without actually touching. With this, she began to kiss his neck, biting softly, and then trailing her kisses down and over his chest. Her hands roamed on his sides, softly caressing there with her nails, making him shiver. She could feel him pulsing underneath her, and she grinned as she looked up at him with her eyes as she trailed her kisses lower.

"Those eyes...will be the death of me," he panted loudly.

"Ah, but what a sweet way to die, no?" she responded.

She slid off of him, and onto her knees on the floor in front of him, never disengaging her eyes. He was looking at her, licking his lips slowly, anticipating her next move. She felt powerful in that instant, knowing that he wanted her. It was written all over his face, and in his eyes. She wasn't proving anything, really, save for the fact that she knew how to seduce a man.

Her hands trailed down his legs, spreading them apart as they moved. She then moved close to his cock, licking the tip lightly, swirling her tongue around the head. She heard him breathe in sharply then, and she took him in her hand, lowering her mouth over the end. He moaned, and she responded in kind, moaning herself as she bobbed up and down over the length of his shaft, working him with her tongue, her lips, her hands. She cupped his balls in one hand, tickling the region between there and his backside, watching him squirm underneath her.

The sensation must have been too much for him, because he grasped her hair tightly in both hands, controlling her movements and slowing her down. She moaned softly as he made her take the whole length of him in her mouth, slowly. She could feel him hitting the back of her throat, but she kept going, taking him all in. The sight of this excited him, and he began to move her head back and forth faster and harder, fucking her mouth as if it were her cunt. She could feel her juices running down her legs from the excitement of this act. With a few more thrusts, he pulled out of her mouth, spurting his cum all over her face. She could feel it running down her cheeks toward her mouth, and she happily licked what she could from her face. He smirked at his artwork, her face painted with his cum. She left it there for a moment before reaching for her discarded shirt, and wiping the excess bits away before turning back to him.

She stood so that she could straddle him again, but he took her by the arms and threw her down on to the couch, using his immense strength to pin her underneath him.

She squirmed, trying to release herself from his grasp, but it was no use. His hands went to her thighs, forcing them apart, and his head dove between her legs. Deftly, he found her clit, and relentlessly, he began to tease her there with his tongue. She began to relax at that, only to tense up again every time his tongue flicked there, sending shivers up her spine. He moved his tongue lower, to her opening, and began to penetrate here there with his tongue. She bucked against his face, her hips rising and lowering in a steady motion, moaning softly all the while. He looked at her from his position there, buried in her cleft, and she could feel herself blush at the intimacy. He moved his tongue back to her clit, and, sensing no more resistance from her, moved his hand from her thighs to her slit, entering her. First one finger, than two. A small gasp escaped her lips as he penetrated her dripping wet pussy, and grew heavier as he began to wiggle his fingers, calling to her, while his lips and tongue teased her to the edge. She could feel the spasms coming harder and more frequently, and she dug her hands deeper into his hair, holding him there. He was unrelenting then, feeling her need, and he began to lick and suck furiously, while still maneuvering his fingers inside of her. She could feel herself writhing and moaning, unabashed in her need just then. She crested the wave of feeling, and was left in a panting, exhausted state there on the couch.

With a grunt, and without any regard to her state of exhaustion, he lifted her up from her position on the couch to throw her over the arm of the couch, face down in the cushions. "Oh, we are not finished yet, " he said raspily. She could feel her pulse quicken at those words. Unable to see his next move from her position, she could feel the excitement building.

She winced suddenly, his hand coming down hard on her upraised ass. She could tell at once that a faint trace of his hand would linger there for the next few ticks, a faint reminder of his dominance. Thwap! Again, his hand smacked her ass on the other cheek, seeming to beat her into submission. Her already wet and worn out pussy began to tingle again, dripping slowly down her legs that barely touched the ground.

Without any warning, she could feel his cock pressed up against her, daring to enter her. She moaned from the teasing, silently begging him to enter her and cease this teasing. Instead, he ran the tip of his hardness up against her lips, teasing her, and making her all the wetter. "Do you want this?" he asked. All she could do was moan her response into the couch cushions. "Good," he said smarmily. With that, he entered her fiercely, slamming his rod into her. She felt herself clutch against him, her muscles beginning to spasm against her will. Twelve, it felt good! He didn't cease his motions, slamming into her again and again. He reached out and pulled her hair, causing her to arch her back over the cushions, moaning in soft pleasure to be at his submission. With his other hand, he played with her tail, raising it slightly to expose her puckered nether hole. She could feel him trailing his finger around the rim, teasing her more with his touch. With the next thrust, he penetrated her other hole, filling her completely and utterly with his cock and his fingers. A loud cry escaped her lips, a mix between pleasure and pain. He continued his relentless assault on her pussy, taking her again and again. She could hear him panting loudly, could feel his body tense behind her, and she knew he was getting close.

His hands continued to explore her hair, her back, her neck, and on her neck they stayed the longest. She was reminded of the feel of the collar on her neck, how he could make her do as he wished with just a word. She sighed internally at the loss of this connection. She would make the best of it, however.

As his hands traced the lines of her neck, she heard his breathing change again, and she could feel his thrusts growing more furious. She as well, could feel herself being pushed back to the edge. His fingers circled her neck like the collar of old, and tightened slowly around her neck, gradually cutting off her air flow. She bucked against him then, moving her hips to move with him as he grew closer. His fingers dug into the sides of her neck painfully then, and she could tell that bruises were forming there. They blossomed on her neck like petals of a flower, seemingly delicate in their shades of blue and purple. The pain dug in more at her neck, her airway was restricted, her pussy pounded relentlessly with the onslaught of his cock. She could feel herself cumming then, clutching at his cock with her muscles. Her clutching must have pushed him over the edge as well, because in the next moment, she could feel him tense up, spurting his seed inside of her. With a groan, he pulled out of her one last time, letting the mingling of their juices slowly leak out of her. He smacked her ass one more time, and pulled her hair, making her stand to kiss him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her naked length up against him for the last time.

Without a word, he disengaged himself from her, walking slowly to his clothes, pulling them on. She followed suit, barely looking at his form as he turned from her and walked to the door. There needed to be no words. It was done. And they were parted. She slowly dressed and traced the fingerprints that were left on her neck, knowing that this would serve as a reminder of him. When they faded, so would her memory of him, except in this moment.

He said nothing as he walked out the door, leaving her there in the lobby of the offices to pick up the remainder of her things, and follow him out the door, turning the opposite way, and not looking back.

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